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Top 83 Sayings About Getting Sick

#1. Nineteen eighty is almost here, thank God. the hippies are getting old, they blew their brains on acid and now they're begging on street corners all over San Francisco. Their hair is tangled and their bare feet are thick and gray as shoes. We're sick of them. - Author: Jennifer Egan
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#2. I will sell Chiropractic, serve Chiropractic, and save Chiropractic if it will take me twenty lifetimes to do it. I will promote it within the law, without the law, in keeping with the law or against the law in order to get sick people well and keep the well from getting sick. - Author: B. J. Palmer
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#3. I don't have kids. I'll probably never have kids. And I am getting sick of people behaving as though the only way a woman can be judged is by what comes out of her vagina. - Author: Debbie Johnson
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#4. Vitamins are medicine for not getting sick and going back to Heaven yet. - Author: Emma Donoghue
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#5. I find myself getting so upset because I was never able to be a good mother for my daughter or a good grandmother for my granddaughter because I was always so sick. I only hope that I can live long enough to see my granddaughter graduate. - Author: Dorothy Moore
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#6. With some diseases, like type 2 diabetes, if people get alerted early, they can take steps to avert getting sick. - Author: Elizabeth Holmes
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#7. I don't know if there is anyone who wouldn't want to play some kind of superhero. I don't know if the world is getting sick of superhero movies or not, but I think you will endlessly have actors who are intrigued by the idea of playing a superhero. - Author: Jennifer Morrison
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#8. I'm getting sick and tired of doing anything half-way. - Author: Knute Rockne
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#9. People need me. I fill them. If they can't see me for a while they get desperate, they get sick. But if I see them too often I get sick. It's hard to feed without getting fed. - Author: Charles Bukowski
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#10. The mother killing her two children in South Carolina vividly reminds every American how sick the society is getting and how much we have to have change. I think people want to change and the only way you get change is to vote Republican. - Author: Newt Gingrich
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#11. Surfing is kind of a good metaphor for the rest of life.
The extremely good stuff - chocolate and great sex and weddings and hilarious jokes - fills a minute portion of an adult lifespan.
The rest of life is the paddling: work, paying bills, flossing, getting sick, dying. - Author: Jaimal Yogis
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#12. When you don't have as much debt as we do, we don't have to worry about having this debt ceiling fight every single year. And I really think people are getting sick of having this news cycle every single year from Congress, from the Washington bubble. - Author: Katie Pavlich
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#13. Committee: A group which succeeds in getting something done only when it consists of three members, one of whom happens to be sick and another absent. - Author: Abraham Lincoln
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#14. Then I'd say that I'm fucking sick and tired of getting in the way of myself. - Author: Autumn Doughton
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#15. Sick and sicker and sickest. What was real and what was fake? Was Amma really sick and needing my mother's medicine, or was the medicine what was making Amma sick? Did her blue pill make me vomit, or did it keep me from getting more ill than I'd have been without it? - Author: Gillian Flynn
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#16. I don't like getting pushed around for being a Jew, and I don't think Christians like getting pushed around for being Christians. I think people who believe in God are sick and tired of getting pushed around, period. - Author: Ben Stein
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#17. Of course, it's no fun getting old and getting sick and dying; we all know that's coming, and it's a bore. - Author: Jerry Hall
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#18. I understand the horrors of having no insurance, but, believe me, eight hours of sleep and good meals are NOT going to prevent you from getting sick. Don't gamble with your life; it's a stupid bet. - Author: Michael Specter
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#19. He's got this thing about Canada. He says it's like America only with health care and no guns, and you can live up to your potential there and not have to worry about what society thinks or about getting sick or getting shot. - Author: Ruth Ozeki
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#20. Oh, my God. Could you quit flaunting your tits around? I'm getting so sick of looking at yours, I can hardly stand to look at my own. And, by the way, if he hasn't taken the bait yet, he isn't going to. - Author: K.I. Lynn
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#21. Right, if I told you, I'd have to kill you."
Emma frowned. "If you kill me, you aren't getting any nookie." She wrinkled her nose. "And if you are, that's really sick. - Author: Dana Marie Bell
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#22. Guilt is such a weird feeling, a combination of sad and sick that I was getting too used to feeling. - Author: Rachel Hawkins
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#23. Everyone reaches their point in time where either they die or they get sick of doing drugs. It started getting debilitating. I enjoy my music a lot better than my drugs. - Author: Al Jourgensen
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#24. I feel like people are starting to come around and embrace rock. Because I guess they're getting sick of the stale sounds of certain electronica. They kind of get really bored with the fact that it's so self-indulgent. - Author: Jason Reece
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#25. But 'Sixteen Candles' is the only movie I could watch over and over and over without getting sick of it. - Author: Santigold
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#26. In terms of writing about horses, I fell backwards into that. I was intent on getting a Ph.D., becoming a professor, and writing on history but I got sick 14 years ago when I was 19. Getting sick derailed that plan completely. - Author: Laura Hillenbrand
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#27. And in some of the houses, people were getting old and sick and were dying, leaving others to grieve. It was happening all the time, unnoticed, and it was the thing that really mattered. What really mattered in life, what gave it weight, was death. - Author: Jeffrey Eugenides
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#28. I just got tired of being sick and tired and feeling down. Unfortunately, you don't realize this until you're getting sober but the reason why you're depressed all the time is it's the drugs that are depressing you. - Author: Steven Adler
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#29. I could spend every day getting to know you all over again, Charlie, and I don't think I'd get sick of it. - Author: Colleen Hoover
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#30. But I enjoyed getting sick, I didn't mind it at all. So in that short amount of time, I did actually go from 121 right back up to 180, which is way too fast obviously. And that resulted in some doctors visits to get things sorted out. - Author: Christian Bale
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#31. I couldn't even eat a hot dog without getting sick. - Author: Robin S. Sharma
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#32. The number-one killer in this country is heart disease. And the majority of people suffer their first major heart attack on Monday morning between eight and nine. That is the time, of course, when most people are getting ready to go to jobs that they don't like, jobs that are making them sick. - Author: Les Brown
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#33. I'll always put policy ahead of politics and I think people expect that. They're sick of the politics getting in the way of decent outcomes for people. - Author: Richard Di Natale
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#34. As a basketball fan, I get sick and tired of people talking about numbers. To me, the world is getting too materialistic. - Author: Shaquille O'Neal
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#35. When models started getting skinnier in the nineties and were becoming sick-looking, I didn't get it! I think that's sending a totally wrong message. - Author: Paul Marciano
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#36. Nobody is safe from getting hurt or sick. We all have to experience what life hands us. - Author: S.R. Ware
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#37. I think Americans are probably getting sick of us Australians trying to take their jobs. - Author: Phoebe Tonkin
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#38. To tell the people in the West not to use their cars means that these people may never see another soul for weeks and weeks nor have a way of getting a sick person to a doctor. - Author: Eleanor Roosevelt
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#39. What was wrong with her? Why did things like this keep happening to her? Love wasn't supposed to hurt, yet it felt like all she knew when it came to love was pain. Every time she opened her heart, she just got burned. Or, in this case, frozen. And she was getting sick and tired of it. - Author: Elizabeth Rudnick
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#40. When it comes to overcoming writing hurdles, getting sick is like suffering a review from a critic with an axe to grind; you can't let it get you down! - Author: Max Hawthorne
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#41. The situation was so ridiculously bad it could have been the punch line of a joke, and if I hadn't been the one getting punched, I probably would have laughed myself sick. - Author: Rachel Bach
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#42. The deadweight of his body,coupled with the aches, made him remember back to a time when he'd gotten colds or flus. Same feeling. Was it possible he was getting sick?
Made him wonder if anyone had come up with a product like Dead-quil or some shit.
Probably not. - Author: J.R. Ward
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#43. And I'm here to tell you, the reaction that I'm getting around the country, people are sick and tired of this word in Washington, compromise. This is why nothing ever gets done. - Author: Herman Cain
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#44. I miss you terribly. You see, you always talk about getting cure of our romance, and I did my best to help! But now you have me definitely and hopelessly 'contaminated' to the extent that I am sick at heart. Strangeley, I do not want to be cured! I love you completely. - Author: Leslie Maitland
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#45. People never think anything is anything really. I'm getting goddam sick of it. - Author: J.D. Salinger
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#46. I really think that people are getting fed up with the computer generated music. I think it had a little time where it was new and it kind of worked, but it's so overdone that people are getting sick of it, and are turning back to real music. - Author: Jason Reeves
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#47. The style, which is something I take to heart, is getting on my nerves horribly. It frustrates and torments me. I have days when Iam sick about it and nights when it gives me a fever. The more I go at it the more I find myself incapable of conveying the Idea. - Author: Gustave Flaubert
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#48. It wasn't like I was expecting Senior year to be some amazing experience. If anything, I was prepared for it to be pretty much a letdown. Everyone would be looking ahead to college and getting sick of seeing the same faces we've been looking at for the last three years. - Author: Jenny O'Connell
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#49. We're paying more for the privilege of getting sick and dying early. Once again, it makes no sense. And once again, no one in Washington is talking about how to fix it. - Author: Michael Bloomberg
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#50. Getting seasick?" the inspector asked him at one point.
"No. Just sick of myself."
"Because every now and then I realize what a stupid shit I am to go along with some of your brilliant ideas. - Author: Andrea Camilleri
Sayings About Getting Sick #1185255
#51. Believe me, if I start getting sick, you'll be the first to know since I'm sure it'll be all over you. (Alix) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Sayings About Getting Sick #1209421
#52. You listen to your favorite song just until you're almost getting sick of it, and then it's so fun to rediscover it after a couple of months. - Author: Anna Kendrick
Sayings About Getting Sick #1213415
#53. Ever heard of a demon getting sick?" Zavid
'Of humans? All the time. It's what we live for" Livia - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Sayings About Getting Sick #1217753
#54. It was comparable to getting sick from bad ventilation - Author: Alice Munro
Sayings About Getting Sick #1226576
#55. The economy is getting tough yet we all needs to be happy. It may be difficult to get a job yet we needs to be happy. We may not have money in our pocket yet we needs to be happy so what can you offer to make someone happy even when you don't have a job, money or gifts to offer.
Just Smile ... - Author: Anthony Iwuchukwu
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#56. Flu is easily transmitted, so if you are working with sick people - who are most at risk for getting seriously ill - you ought to be vaccinated. I am not really equipped to say whether it should be the law or not. - Author: Michael Specter
Sayings About Getting Sick #1306855
#57. Everyone has a doctor in him or her; we just have to help it in its work. The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well. Our food should be our medicine. Our medicine should be our food. But to eat when you are sick, is to feed your sickness. - Author: Hippocrates
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#58. You can't sit down in a bachelor's house without getting sick with cooties from the dirt and built-up grime, but you can eat off the barrel of his gun. - Author: Deb Baker
Sayings About Getting Sick #1352994
#59. A man can take a little bourbon without getting drunk, but if you hold his mouth open and pour in a quart, he's going to get sick on it. - Author: Lyndon B. Johnson
Sayings About Getting Sick #1369845
#60. I'm sick of this. Call me what you like, say I'm without honor, I don't care. I'm not getting on any more horses to whack you people with a stick. - Author: Tamora Pierce
Sayings About Getting Sick #1378295
#61. I am getting sick of people. I am falling in love with things. They hold their tongues ... - Author: Fanny Fern
Sayings About Getting Sick #1398498
#62. The sort of lifetime achievement stuff that I'm getting now is kind of like Tom Sawyer's funeral because they all know I'm sick. I am getting buildings named after me and awards and stuff. - Author: Sam Simon
Sayings About Getting Sick #1410547
#63. It's just something I'll have to live with... The possibility of getting sick. Not knowing if I'll live another two years or forty years. I keep telling myself, I could walk outside and get hit by a bus. That's the way life is. Just surviving another day comes with its own risk. - Author: Tess Gerritsen
Sayings About Getting Sick #1422799
#64. I was getting sick and tired of being lectured by dear friends with their little bottles of water and their regular visits to the gym. All of a sudden, we've got this voluntary prohibition that has to do with health and fitness. I'm not really in favor of health and fitness. - Author: Barbara Holland
Sayings About Getting Sick #1445220
#65. How's Alison getting on?'

Conway snorted. 'Tucked up in the sick room like she's dying in some season finale. Little fadey voice on her and all. She's having a great old time. - Author: Tana French
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#66. A lot of people in my life are getting sick or potentially going to get sick from tobacco. - Author: Jeremy London
Sayings About Getting Sick #1507112
#67. The average American worker gets something like 14 days of paid vacation. In my school, you'd use up ten of those taking care of your kids on teacher professional days, then tack on a couple more for kids getting sick. - Author: Hanna Rosin
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#68. Mike Knox, I am also getting real sick of this! Your problem isn't me staying away from your girl ... Your problem is your girl staying away from me! - Author: CM Punk
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#69. Even in high school, I'd tell my mom I was sick of swimming and wanted to try to play golf. She wasn't too happy. She'd say, 'Think about this.' And I'd always end up getting back in the pool. - Author: Michael Phelps
Sayings About Getting Sick #1521724
#70. Teens aren't just interested in getting laid. I won't believe that's all they're interested in. I have four younger sisters and they're sick of being shown how they're supposed to react in bed. - Author: Linda Fiorentino
Sayings About Getting Sick #1531067
#71. The feelings that we equate with love-feeling sick, feeling insecure, not eating-that's just lust getting in the way. It's your ego saying, 'I want to get laid' and 'I hope she likes me more than I like her.' Love is something that should be there in 20 years' time. - Author: Simon Cowell
Sayings About Getting Sick #1543573
#72. I guess I'm happy that I'm getting the attention. Otherwise, I'd just be playing in a local bar in front of my family members, and I'm sure they'd get sick of that in no time. - Author: Gavin DeGraw
Sayings About Getting Sick #1547950
#73. I said that the oceans were sick but they're not going to die. There is no death possible in the oceans - there will always be life - but they're getting sicker every year. - Author: Jacques-Yves Cousteau
Sayings About Getting Sick #1562175
#74. A well-known writer said writing is like getting sick to your stomach. You throw up and clean up afterward. - Author: Maija Rhee Devine
Sayings About Getting Sick #1586655
#75. It's just what people do when they're getting old, when they're sick of themselves and their life; they think of money and take care of themselves. - Author: Jean-Paul Sartre
Sayings About Getting Sick #1638069
#76. I'm really sick of anthems. Every song has to be a very big singalong thing - it feels very Eighties. There are a lot of 'whoah whoa whoahs,' this stadium thing. You're even getting that from some of the 'folk' groups. I can't stand it. - Author: Oscar Isaac
Sayings About Getting Sick #1675864
#77. I took this 'how to build computers' course basically because I'm sick and tired of getting ripped off by cheesy computer companies. Software baffles me. I like hardware. I used to change my own oil, and now I want to build my own computer so I can have what I want. - Author: Pat Cadigan
Sayings About Getting Sick #1687422
#78. I've been to location shoots in Mexico before, and everyone ends up getting sick. - Author: Ann Rutherford
Sayings About Getting Sick #1695005
#79. Most days, I'm out there, I'm enjoying what I'm doing. I love my job, I love my life, some days I get up, I'm sore, I'm on the edge of getting sick, I'm like, just beat up, and I don't want to go out. I just kind of make myself go out there and do it. - Author: Mirinda Carfrae
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#80. The art of being sick is not the same as the art of getting well. - Author: Tony Snow
Sayings About Getting Sick #1767265
#81. I don't get how it's okay to keep someone alive once they're sick - but not okay to stop them getting sick. I just don't get that. - Author: Elizabeth Pisani
Sayings About Getting Sick #1767961
#82. One night, I drink too many toasts with vodka, and once in my blameless, virtuous life, I wind up getting sick in a decorative urn. The price? My sister's eternal condemnation." "Not condemnation. But eternal teasing? Definitely. - Author: Claudia Gray
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#83. My mother was a professional sick person; she took a lot of pain pills. There are many people like that. It's just how they are used to getting attention. I always remember she's the daughter of alcoholics who'd leave her alone at Christmas time. - Author: Jim Carrey
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