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#1. Many Americans have a romanticized view of trains, rooted in a bygone era of elaborately adorned rail cars lit by flickering gas lamps and pulled by smoke-belching steam locomotives.

Alan Huffman

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#2. I kind of romanticized what it was like to be a writer and director when I was in my early twenties. Working as a production assistant knocked that right out of me.

Bill Hader

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#3. Like most Eastern Europeans, he was not amenable to the socialist ethic so many Israeli leftists still romanticized, despite the proven failure of Communism to solve any of the world's problems and its unenviable success in inventing many new ones.

Naomi Ragen

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#4. The more romance novelists that are out there, making romanticized ideas of vampirism for the kids, the more people want to see a real action movie, putting the bad guys where they belong, as the bad guys, and looking for a hero to come along and defend our very souls.

Corey Feldman

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#5. When I'm singing 'Deanna,' for example, which I sing pretty much every night, it brings forward a kind of imagined, romanticized lie about this particular person, which I find really comforting and exciting to sing about.

Nick Cave

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#6. I romanticized domesticity for a while, and loved having a shopping list of groceries stuck to the fridge for the first time.

Liberty Ross

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#7. Did Raiders have enemies? Oh God! Of course they did! I read the stories. Maybe they weren't romanticized. Maybe the sea was filled with perils. Maybe he'd looted and pillaged and now it was payback time. And he was out there in nothing but breeches!

Kristen Ashley

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#8. The world must become romanticized, and in that way we find again its original meaning for us.


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#9. I've always romanticized the late '40s and '50s - the cars, jazz, the open roads and lack of pollution. Now there are more vehicles, less hitchhikers, more billboards and power lines and stuff. People wrote wonderful long letters that took months to receive, and now everything is email.

Garrett Hedlund

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#10. While the romanticized ideal of universal public education resonates with the cognoscenti who oppose vouchers, poor urban families just want the best education for their children, who will certainly need it to function in our high-tech and advanced society.

Clarence Thomas

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#11. The American notion of family is perhaps the most romanticized, deep-rooted, and misery-producing fantasy of the last hundred years.

Joy Browne

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#12. I've always been one of those people who romanticized cooking, but the few attempts I'd made in my life resulted in friends' contorted faces as they desperately tried to say something nice about the "dish" they were eating.

Drew Barrymore

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#13. Vampires have been romanticized, and this is bringing it right back to being vampiric. I think there's something sexy and raw about that.

Oliver Jackson-Cohen

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#14. Nora said, "I thought vampires drank virgin blood. They hypnotize ... they turn into bats ... " Setrakian said, "They are much romanticized. But the truth is more ... how should I say?" "Perverse," said Eph. "Disgusting," said Nora.

Guillermo Del Toro

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#15. When we learn to deal directly with our complaints and difficulties, romanticized ideas about the spiritual path are no longer meaningful. We see that what is important is to take responsibility for ourselves, and to always be aware of our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Tarthang Tulku

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#16. Love is a mental illness, an obsessive-compulsive disorder romanticized!

Eric Jerome Dickey

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#17. I'm very used to playing the tomboy or the sarcastic cynic. That's my go-to. Playing the vulnerable of a real girl that's in real womanlike situations, where it's romanticized, I'm a little nervous about it.

Kristen Bell

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#18. I really romanticized being pregnant. Then I realized, this is awful!

Marcia Cross

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#19. Bootleggers were romanticized by people like F. Scott Fitzgerald, for example. Gatsby is a bootlegger. And they were not thought of as evil criminals in the newspapers, either. There was a certain amount of affection for them.

Pete Hamill

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#20. Americans in 1763 lived always in the shadow and presence of death. Death was not yet romanticized as it would be in the 19th century, nor yet sanitized as it would be in the 20th century.

Colin G. Calloway

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#21. We have errantly romanticized love as something we freely get verses something we sacrifice for in the giving.

Craig D. Lounsbrough

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#22. Freedom is a human concept. We have these very romanticized, sentimentalized notions of freedom. And for species - monkeys and other creatures - freedom is a pretty risky, complex proposition that's not always for their benefit.

Thomas French

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#23. evidently there was such a thing as "the childhood best friends law," by which any relationship involving two such individuals was immediately forgiven regardless of circumstance and then romanticized beyond any reasonable human being's suspension of disbelief.

Alice Keats

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#24. You have to understand for my whole life I have been romanticized by this other side of the fence. This whole darker, egotistically, sort of mean world. I fully embraced that world and three or four years ago I completely walked away from that world, literally.

Shane Bunting

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#25. When you live outside prison walls, it may seem like life inside has a romanticized veneer on it, like you're watching a movie or reading a novel. When you live it, the veneer comes off.

Nesly Clerge

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#26. I love history. I'm very interested by it and I think it's great to have a movie that brings it alive in a way. It's sort of that romanticized version of it.

Ben Stiller

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#27. My comedy is romanticized laziness.

Jim Gaffigan

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#28. There is that romanticized idea of what a bookstore can be, what a library can be, what a shop can be. And to me, they are that. These are places that open doors into other worlds if only you're open to them.

Ruth Reichl

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#29. There was something about the idea of Russia that I found very intriguing, and I think I had romanticized it a lot.

Anthony Marra

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#30. It's funny how the ruthless, murderous gangster has really been romanticized by the media. I mean, I grew up watching the 'Godfathers' and 'Scarface,' and they were the coolest. They're just really interesting stories with great characters. They're rock stars.

Elena Satine

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#31. The world must be romanticized. In this way the originary meaning may be found again.


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#32. As might be expected, he was given to bouts of very purposeful ignorance, and tended to pass over the harsher truths of human nature in favor of those that could be romanticized by whimsy and imagination.

Eleanor Catton

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#33. P.S. I offer a topic for discussion. The past is nothing more than the present romanticized, while the future is history with imagination. Any thoughts?

Scott Wilbanks

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#34. He adored New York City. He idolized it all out of proportion ... no, make that: he - he romanticized it all out of proportion. Yes. To him, no matter what the season was, this was still a town that existed in black and white and pulsated to the great tunes of George Gershwin.

Woody Allen

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