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#1. May I collect you, Rini? - " he said, softly pulling our lips apart. "As mine?

R.J. Gonzales

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#2. A beauty beyond words," whispered Rini, mesmerized by the view.

Jason Medina

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#3. Well, let me tell you something, darling: money, elite social status and the power they confer are every bit as wonderful as they're cracked up to be.

Elizabeth Kelly

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#4. Only those persons who have lived, really lived, are ready, welcoming, receptive, thankful to death. Then death is not the enemy. Then death becomes the fulfillment.


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#5. You be wise to stop yo' negative ways, mister.

Jason Medina

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#6. I'm very supportive of creative people being paid for the work that they do.

Matthew Weiner

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#7. I watched R.E.M. connect with the back row of a 50,000-seat venue.

Matt Berninger

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#8. The way our brain is wired, we only see what we believe is possible. We match patterns that already exist within ourselves through conditioning.

Candace Pert

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#9. For me, 'Amy' is a very dark film about love.

Asif Kapadia

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#10. Don't make me sic the Voo-doo on you.

Jason Medina

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#11. The tongues of dying men enforce attention like deep harmony.

William Shakespeare

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#12. Cemeteries can be creepy, creepy, 'specially at night.

Jason Medina

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#13. But if I was a miracle, then that came with certain obligations and privileges.
Privileges I would call on in order to end them an who'd killed me. Obligations I meant to uphold now I was free. I'd returned from the dead. And I'd bring the wrath of hell toward my enemies.

Pepper Winters

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#14. It is easy to get used to the morning news, habituated. But don't. The morning news is yours to alter.

Samantha Power

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#15. I wasn't rebellious. Maybe I was just more human than the average person.

Katie Kacvinsky

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#16. Hey, I knows things. I can take you places, but you gots to be willin' to do certain... things.

Jason Medina

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#17. You know? Ain't it ironic how we live our entire lives without the luxury of time, only to spend an eternity in death.

Jason Medina

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#18. Iffin we meant to see each other, again, it gonna happen.

Jason Medina

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#19. In the beginning there was nothing, which exploded.

Terry Pratchett

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#20. Watch it, nasty boy, or I might jest have you fixed, iffin you not careful.

Jason Medina

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#21. If you're going to establish a certain level of unreality than you have to deal with it.

Bill Sienkiewicz

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#22. She shrugged innocently at him and asked, "What I do?

Jason Medina

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