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Top 50 Respect Your Time Quotes

#1. I even believe if you're killing a team, you shouldn't stop. You should respect your opponents enough to play 100 percent the whole time. And by the same token, if you're getting killed by the other team, you should never quit. - Author: Sue Wicks
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#2. It's all about educating people to value you as much a they value themselves. If you respect your time, others will too. - Author: Sharon Law Tucker
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#3. Half of love is restraint. Patience and respect. Don't waste your time on the unworthy. - Author: Aleksandr Voinov
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#4. Respect the young and chastise your elders. It's about time the world was set aright. - Author: Vera Nazarian
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#5. If you persist over time, refusing to take offense, making your motive genuine, showing respect, and constantly searching for Mutual Purpose, then the other person will almost join you in a dialogue. - Author: Ron McMillan
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#6. Of course, everybody makes mistakes, and we've all been young and stupid. But people need to have a sense of respect, particularly in this business, because hundreds of people are ready to take your place at any time. Maybe some people should think about that. - Author: Sophia Bush
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#7. Confidence is something that has developed over time which is a very positive thing to gain. Respect is also very important, both giving it and receiving it from other drivers in your team. - Author: Liz Halliday
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#8. You do not owe anyone your time. When you realize that, others will respect your time much more. - Author: Martha Beck
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#9. I have always believed that if you are honest in what you do, continually reinvent yourself at the same time, and there's respect amongst your band members, then you will be respected. - Author: Nikki Sixx
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#10. I am a Muslim, because it's a religion that teaches you an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. It teaches you to respect everybody, and treat everybody right. But it also teaches you if someone steps on your toe, chop off their foot. And I carry my religious axe with me all the time. - Author: Malcolm X
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#11. Once you have a major success with assertiveness, you learn that it's a much healthier path than being a doormat to the insensitive folks. You gain respect for yourself, have more time for your priorities, and develop authentic and healthier relationships. - Author: Doreen Virtue
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#12. No woman deserves to be treated as little more than your toy. If you feel she is nothing more than a cheap hooker, where is your self-respect in spending time with her at all? And if you know she's better than that, where is your decency? You owe it to such a woman to walk away," Martin - Author: Melody Anne
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#13. We tend to think that it's up to others to respect our needs and fill them for us. But that doesn't ever work, and for the following reason:
If you have a hard time knowing what it is you really need, then how on earth can you logically expect someone else to know? - Author: Amanda Butterworth
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#14. With respect to the distribution of your time the following is what I should approve. from 8. to 10 o'clock practise music. from 10. to 1. dance one day & draw another. from 1. to 2. draw on the day you dance, and write a letter next day. from 3. to 4. read French. from 4. to 5. exercise ... - Author: Thomas Jefferson
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#15. You have to live on this twenty-four hours of daily time. Out of it you have to spin health, pleasure, money, content, respect, and the evolution of your immortal soul. - Author: Arnold Bennett
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#16. There was a time when the respect and trust my children had for me would have made you sick to your stomach. They believed I could blow on a red traffic light and turn it green. - Author: Erma Bombeck
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#17. You can't tell your kids to read if you're just watching television. They have to see you read. And in that respect, I think it's important to walk the walk. It's a wonderful shared time. - Author: Gary Ross
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#18. Earn the respect and confidence of your children through your loving relationship with them. A righteous father protects his children with his time and presence in their social, educational, and spiritual activities and responsibilities. - Author: Howard W. Hunter
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#19. Any time your life is at stake and you can't find even one woman to come forward and say, 'This is a good man,' your problem isn't what kind of woman THEY are. Your problem is what kind of men YOU are. - Author: Pearl Cleage
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#20. It is time to return to core values, time to get back to basics, to self-discipline and respect for the law, to consideration for the others, to accepting responsibility for yourself and your family - and not shuffling it off on other people and the state. - Author: John Major
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#21. Be excellent in your own terms. Do not look for approval from a single soul on this planet. Respect yourself and in time the whole world will respect you. - Author: Abhijit Naskar
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#22. Every time you make a commitment to your own self-care, self-love and self-respect and then follow through, you build trust in yourself. - Author: Miranda J. Barrett
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#23. Everybody's human-everybody makes mistakes. If you laugh it off and keep going and try to give it your best the next time around, people respect that. - Author: Benjamin Franklin
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#24. I hate feeling late. Someone else has the courtesy and respect to show up on time, and when I'm late, it's like telling them, "I don't respect you." Worst feeling in the world. It makes you really reflect on your priorities. - Author: Matthew Moy
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#25. At the time of Polaroid - and I did a couple of other commercials just before I stopped doing that stuff - at that point I was at the level where they respect you and your opinion and all that sort of thing. - Author: Jim Henson
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#26. At a time when many Muslims in this country are living in fear, I want to say loud and clear that as a Christian leader I deeply respect your faith and believe that our common duty is to extend the hand of friendship, and to build bridges not walls. - Author: George Carey
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#27. I mean only respect when I say that your mother has always struck me as someone with whom the Lord might have chosen to spend some part of His mortal time - Author: Marilynne Robinson
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#28. A person that does not value your time will not value your advice. - Author: Orrin Woodward
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#29. Sometimes you have to take a break from being a crazy kid. You can't be doing that all the time. Sometimes you just have to pay respect to your own simple-ness. - Author: Sean Paul
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#30. Forcing him to talk about feelings all the time will not only make you seem needy, it will eventually make him lose respect. And when he loses respect, he'll pay even less attention to your feelings. - Author: Sherry Argov
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#31. You'll never make your mark as a writer unless you develop a respect for words and a curiosity about their shades of meaning that is almost obsessive. The English language is rich in strong and supple words. Take the time to root around and find the ones you want - Author: William Zinsser
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#32. Bring Your Greatest Asset to the Date. Respect Your Time and Theirs as a Gift. - Author: Michelle Terrell
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#33. You can be cool and at the same time respect your woman, who will hopefully become your wife, who will hopefully become the mother of your kids. America needs to get back to family values. - Author: Martin Lawrence
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#34. At some point you realize, I have dreams. I would love to be working on wonderful roles, in wonderful films, with people I respect and admire. And that will come in its time. In the meantime, "Pay attention to your work. Get better at what you do." That's my job. - Author: Ann Dowd
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#35. Just taking the time to put your mental health first, acknowledging that it deserves respect and care, and accepting help when you need it, can save your life. You are worth saving. And you are not alone. - Author: A.J. Mendez Brooks
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#36. If you can sit with your pain, listen to your pain and respect your pain - in time you will move through your pain. - Author: Bryant McGill
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#37. Don't waste your time trying to explain yourself to people that are committed to misunderstanding you. Instead, commit your time to explaining who they are to them. When you get a person to see the positive similarities you share, it begins to restore the loss of respect between you. - Author: Shannon L. Alder
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#38. The atmosphere sets the tone for what is to take place in that space at that time. Your attitude impacts the atmosphere. How is your current attitude affecting the atmosphere and your desired outcome? - Author: Bobby F. Kimbrough Jr.
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#39. You don't owe anybody the present other than yourself. Take time for you. Respect yourself and your privacy. Set boundaries. - Author: Demi Lovato
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#40. Every time you make a choice that expresses respect for life, you bring a little more love in your body, into your family, into our society, and into a world that is calling out for this blessing. - Author: John Robbins
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#41. I haven't had an orthodox career, and I've wanted more than anything to have your respect. The first time I didn't feel it, but this time I feel it, and I can't deny the fact that you like me, right now, you like me! - Author: Sally Field
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#42. If you don't respect your time, no one will respect your time. - Author: Robin Sharma
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#43. Declined. I went inside to pay cash. This had happened before, but not often. There was something about that word that sucked the self-respect out of your soul. This time it sucked out all my hope as well. - Author: James Anderson
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#44. If you do something for the first time, you will always remember it. If your Dad has something to do with it, you write about it. - Author: Billy Crystal
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#45. And for the first time in my life, I saw something new reflected in the eyes that saw me. Respect. It taught me a very valuable lesson. That dreams have power only over your own mind. But with money you can have power over the minds of others - Author: Vikas Swarup
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#46. And though you understand the pecking order and respect the judge - and even if the judge says "Great argument, Counselor Kaling, the court concurs" - you also just want to not have to plead your case all the time. I wanted to be the judge, jury, and executive producer. (See what I did there?) - Author: Mindy Kaling
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#47. Time is the great doctor of your life. You have to respect the doctor. The devouring self is the patient. Listen to the doctor. - Author: Ruben Papian
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#48. Every time you get on your knees and pray to God, 'Holy' keeps the respect and reverence while 'Father' brings Him close & intimate. - Author: Ravi Zacharias
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#49. Drugs are a waste of time. They destroy your memory and your self-respect and everything that goes along with your self esteem. - Author: Kurt Cobain
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#50. Don't waste your time to appease people who have already stumbled in you because of what you stand for. Respect their decision & move on... - Author: Assegid Habtewold
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