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#1. Recurrent descent into insanity is not a wholly attractive feature of capitalism.

John Kenneth Galbraith

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#2. It turns out that all the "magic" of cognition depends, just as life itself does, on cycles within cycles of recurrent, "re-entrant," reflexive information-transformation processes

Daniel C. Dennett

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#3. A search for justification and the impossibility of justification are recurrent motifs in the philosophy of Sartre. His philosophy is one of the incarnations of problematism and of the ambiguity of contemporary thought (for Man does seem, to the contemporary mind, to be ambiguous).

Jean-Paul Sartre

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#4. Culture's essential service to a religion is to destroy intellectual idolatry, the recurrent tendency in religion to replace the object of its worship with its present understanding and forms of approach to that object.

Northrop Frye

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#5. What's distressed me, and I think is one of the major reasons we get recurrent intensifying crises, is we seem to have lost our capacity for outrage. And it's only people getting outraged that produces really positive social change.

William K. Black

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#6. A reasonable estimate of economic organisation must allow for the fact that, unless industry is to be paralysed by recurrent revolts on the part of outraged human nature, it must satisfy criteria which are not purely economic.

R. H. Tawney

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#7. We used to call it recurrent airplay when someone had a hit.

Michael Bolton

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#8. I was afraid the staff would laugh at me - and as frightened as I was, the thought of derision frightened me even more. In retrospect, it was a life-threatening deception, somewhat along the lines of hiding recurrent chest pains from one's cardiologist from embarrassment. Nearly

Elyn R. Saks

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#9. Before familiarity can turn into awareness the familiar must be stripped of its inconspicuousness; we must give up assuming that the object in question needs no explanation. However frequently recurrent, modest, vulgar it may be it will now be be labeled as something unusual.

Bertolt Brecht

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#10. Maybe the only thing that hints at a sense of Time is rhythm; not the recurrent beats of the rhythm but the gap between two such beats, the gray gap between black beats: the Tender Interval.

Vladimir Nabokov

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#11. Next, the psychiatrist's report must demonstrate how the claimant relives the traumatic event in one of the four following ways: recurrent and intrusive distressing recollections of the event;

John D. Roche

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#12. A style is the consequence of recurrent habits, restraints, or rules invented or inherited, written or overheard, intuitive or preconceived.

Paul Rand

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#13. This is my endlessly recurrent temptation: to go down to that Sea, and there neither dive nor swim nor float, but only dabble and splash, careful not to get out of my depth and holding on to the lifeline which connects me with my things temporal.

C.S. Lewis

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#14. It is not the universal and the regular that characterize the individual, but rather the unique. He is not to be understood as a recurrent unit but as something unique and singular which in the last analysis can be neither known nor compared with anything else.

C. G. Jung

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#15. The Puritans' sense of priorities in life was one of their greatest strengths. Putting God first and valuing everything else in relation to God was a recurrent Puritan theme.

Leland Ryken

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#16. In a word, mythology is a search; it is something that combines a recurrent desire with a recurrent doubt, mixing

G.K. Chesterton

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Like the ocean, life ebbs and flows with the occasional rip
Kamil Ali

Kamil Ali

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#18. Democracy is the recurrent suspicion that more than half of the people are right more than half of the time.

E.B. White

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#19. Mannerism, especially when it takes the form of recurrent word or phrase, is by no means easy to represent; there is but a hair's breadth between the point at which the reader delightfully recognizes is as a revealing habit of speech, and the point at which its iteration begin to weary him.

Mary Lascelles

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#20. That recurrent dream had the quality of not being remembered except within the dream itself

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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#21. The bat-and-ball problem is our first encounter with an observation that will be a recurrent theme of this book: many people are overconfident, prone to place too much faith in their intuitions.

Daniel Kahneman

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#22. I possess everyone who sleeps in the motor court, roam their memories, and embed recurrent nightmares that will destroy their sleep for weeks after I've departed them."
"I'd prefer a free continental breakfast.

Dean Koontz

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#23. One learns to accept the fact that no permanent return is possible to an old form of relationship; and, more deeply still, that there is no holding of a relationship to a single form. This is not tragedy but part of the ever-recurrent miracle of life and growth.

Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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#24. Searching for wisdom in historic events requires an act of faith - a belief in the existence of recurrent patterns waiting to be discovered.

Daniel Kahneman

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#25. There's no beginning to the farmer's year, / Only recurrent patterns on a scroll / Unwinding ...

Vita Sackville-West

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#26. Recurrent memories of Henry Schoonmaker were the most exciting thing to happen in her conscious mind these days.

Anna Godbersen

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#27. For while the subjects of poetry are few and recurrent, the moods of man are infinitely various and unstable. It is the same in all arts.

John Drinkwater

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#28. The word crisis- is from the Greek, meaning a moment to decide.- The recurrent moments of crisis and decision when understood, are growth junctures, points of initiation which mark a release from one state of being and a growth into the next.

Jill Purce

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#29. When men talk about the agony of being men, they can never quite get away from the recurrent theme of self-pity. And when women talk about being women, they can never quite get away from the recurrent theme of blaming men.

Pat Conroy

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#30. Even if he was happier in Asia than he'd been in Latin America, the wanderlust still worked on my father's insides like a disease. One of the most recurrent memories of my childhood is of him sitting in his armchair in the evenings, poring over atlases the way other fathers read newspapers or books.

Scott Anderson

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#31. Potable, n. Suitable for drinking. Water is said to be potable; indeed, some declare it our natural beverage, although even they find it palatable only when suffering from the recurrent disorder known as thirst, for which it is a medicine.

Ambrose Bierce

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#32. He woke once more to external reality, looked round him, knew what he saw- knew
it, with a sinking sense of horror and disgust, for the recurrent delirium
of his days and nights, the nightmare of swarming indistinguishable sameness.

Aldous Huxley

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#33. The horror no less than the charm of real life consists precisely in the recurrent actualization of the inconceivable

Aldous Huxley

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#34. Life is a system of recurrent pairs, the poison and the antidote being eternally packaged together by some considerate heavenly druggist.

Mary McCarthy

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#35. It would seem that Caesar's recurrent and deep-rooted fault was his concentration in pursuing the objective immediately in front of his eyes to the neglect of his wider object. Strategically he was an alternating Jekyll and Hyde.

B.H. Liddell Hart

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#36. A recurrent theme of this book is that luck plays a large role in every story of success;

Daniel Kahneman

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#37. So you begin to wonder if Leonia's true passion is really, as they say, the enjoyment of new and different things, and not, instead, the joy of expelling, discarding, cleansing itself of a recurrent impurity.

Italo Calvino

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#38. From this haunting feeling of being not wanted, which remained a recurrent haunt through life, I found two ways of escape, both of which in changing form also persisted. One was the invention of gods, the other was personal efficiency in work.

Anna Louise Strong

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#39. Purification and redemption are such recurrent themes in ritual because there is a clear and ubiquitous need for them: we all do regrettable things as a result of our own circumstances, and new rituals are frequently invented in response to new circumstances.

Susan Cain

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#40. Witch-hunting misogyny is fiercely recurrent in this nation, even if its forms vary with the ages.

Patricia J. Williams

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#41. We all have such fateful objects
it may be a recurrent landscape in one case, a number in another
carefully chosen by the gods to attract events of specific significance for us: here shall John always stumble; there shall Jane's heart always break.

Vladimir Nabokov

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#42. The prisoner's recurrent, sporadic dreams of escape were simply that - spurious vagaries dismissed almost as quickly as they blossomed in Schkirt's feverish mind.

Stanley Goldyn

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#43. After the success of Buddenbrooks, he married and fathered six children. Yet the surviving diaries tell us of recurrent sexual problems - and of Katia Mann's extremely sympathetic response to them

Philip Kitcher

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#44. The great and recurrent question about Abroad is, is it worth the trouble of getting there?

Rose Macaulay

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#45. Two days prior to the Herrick operation I repaired a double cleft lip, resected a recurrent cancer of the mouth, corrected lop ears in a child, and closed a burn of the buttocks.

Joe Murray

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#46. In respect of the recurrent emergence of the theme of sex in the minds of [Joyce's] characters, it must always be remembered that his locale was Celtic and his season spring.

John Munro Woolsey

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#47. Empire as located its existence not in the smooth recurrent spinning time of the cycle of the seasons but in the jagged time of rise and fall, of beginning and end, of catastrophe.

J.M. Coetzee

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#48. If you find yourself plagued by a recurrent worry, train yourself to think of something else. Your conscious mind can concentrate on only one thought at a time, and driving the negativity away will free you up to move forward again.

Harvey MacKay

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#49. Plant diseases, drought, desolation, despair were recurrent catastrophes during the ages - and the ancient remedies: supplications to supernatural spirits or gods.

Norman Borlaug

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#50. The spiritual discipline of simplicity is not a lost dream, but a recurrent version throughout history. It can be recaptured today. It must be.

Richard J. Foster

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#51. Lillian's recurrent dream of a ship that could not reach the water, that sailed laboriously, pushed by her with great effort, through city streets, had determined her course toward the sea, as if she would give this ship, once and for all, its proper sea bed.

Anais Nin

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#52. The idea of the Eternal Return can be fully grasped only by a man endowed with several chronic, hence recurrent infirmities, and who thus has the advantage of proceeding from relapse to relapse, with all that this implies as philosophic reflexion.

Emil Cioran

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#53. I realized that if I wanted to truly talk about vastness and the sublime and scale and the West - recurrent themes in my overall work - I needed to engage with the vast ocean that is Los Angeles.

Michael Light

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#54. Rachel was a girl who depended on small, recurrent rituals - that was one of the things he'd come to know about her, and his very ability to identify so specific a trait made him proud of his own capacity for tenderness.

Richard Yates

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#55. I was somewhat put out to find that recurrent projections in the mind of the images of either of them, Jean or Suzette, did not in the least exclude that of the other. That was when I began to suspect that being in love might be a complicated affair.

Anthony Powell

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#56. It is not extraordinary that the extraterrestrial origin of women was a recurrent theme of science fiction.

Kingsley Amis

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#57. One gets recurrent thoughts about things he had insisted upon and about matters he formed opinions!

Dada Bhagwan

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#58. Recurrent floods of sadness and anger gradually wash away the rubble of the defunct relationship, leaving only the bits of treasure: the remembered moments of real communion, a new understanding of your own mistakes, a clear picture of the dysfunctions you will never tolerate again.

Martha Beck

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#59. There was even a recurrent idea in America about an education that would leave out history and the past, that should be a sort of equipment for aerial adventure, weighed down by none of the stowaways of inheritance or tradition.

F Scott Fitzgerald

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#60. When a country is largely owned by foreigners, there is a recurrent and almost irrepressible social demand for expropriation.


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#61. Public service and respect for ideas is a recurrent theme in both the American and Australian sides of my family.

Bill Drayton

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