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#1. I have never observed other effects of whipping than to render boys more cowardly, or more willfully obstinate. - Author: Michel De Montaigne
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#2. I'm not really sick of people whipping their hair. It doesn't really get old. They're fans and I love them! It's just a fun game to play. - Author: Willow Smith
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#3. For whipping cream, of course. How can you whip cream without whips? - Author: Roald Dahl
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#4. And according to her dagger, that crazy teddy-bear-strangling kid, Octavian, was whipping the Romans into a war frenzy. - Author: Rick Riordan
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#5. Lawrence has a wonderful hill in it, with a university on top and the first time I ran away from home, I ran up the hill and looked across the world: Kansas wheat fields and the Kaw River, and I wanted to go some place, too. I got a whipping for it. - Author: Langston Hughes
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#6. The folks like myself that do this for a living, we were expecting a regular campaign had built the databases, done all the new social media, learned our lessons from [Barack] Obama whipping us twice on how to do voter contact, and then Donald Trump gets in it and turns it into a national election. - Author: Melissa Harris-Perry
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#7. I think maybe 'in love' has the shelf life of whipping cream. No matter how you handle it, it goes sour. But if you're lucky, you get past 'in love' and end up just loving someone. - Author: Kristin Hannah
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#8. They seemed to fall forever. Geryon retained an iron-edged grip on the trembling Kadence, her hair whipping around them like angry silk ribbons. She didn't scream something he'd expected, but she did turn and wind her legs around him, something he had not. - Author: Gena Showalter
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#9. Deftly whipping a small tuning fork from his pocket, he struck it smartly against a pillar and held it next to Jamie's left ear. Jamie rolled his eyes heavenward, but shrugged and obligingly sang a note. The little man jerked back as though he'd been shot. - Author: Diana Gabaldon
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#10. Whenever I have even a spare second, I'm in the kitchen whipping up a batch of cookies. I make a mean batch of chocolate chippers. - Author: Karlie Kloss
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#11. He did the same in the morning and didn't mind that Steel struggled against him. Steel needed to be subdued first, but he never said no, and he always came.

Maybe Steel thought he was being punished.

Maybe he thought the whipping was forgiven. - Author: Aleksandr Voinov
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#12. The early settlers amazed her
they had pluck, they led lives of sweaty drama. Theirs was a world of corsets and whipping posts and indentured servitude. People worked the land and died in ungainly ways. Modern life, in comparison, seemed a cinch. - Author: Jennifer Vanderbes
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#13. Much of what we know about mathematics and trade comes from the Arabs. Then came stagnation, and now they're the West's whipping boy. This is a problem that cannot be solved overnight, and certainly not militarily. - Author: Brent Scowcroft
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#14. Oh, come off it," said Ron, striding over to her and whipping her results out of her hand. "Yep - ten 'Outstandings' and one 'Exceeds Expectations' at Defense Against the Dark Arts." He looked down at her, half-amused, half-exasperated. "You're actually disappointed, aren't you? - Author: J.K. Rowling
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#15. He that hath deserved hanging may be glad to escape with a whipping. - Author: Thomas Brooks
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#16. Whipping is fifty percent show and noise. - Author: Anne Rice
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#17. Looking for love is tricky business, like whipping a carousel horse. - Author: George Cukor
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#18. But isn't whipping some poor bastard's ass what Dominatrices do? I mean,at least that's what they do in pornos. Oh God, you don't want to pee on me do you? ". She shot him a dirty look and he grinned. "What? - Author: Ann Mayburn
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#19. I'm a child who was abused. I know the difference. I clearly know the difference. The whipping for correction and then their child abuse. - Author: Tyler Perry
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#20. In a novel, the hero can lay ten girls and marry a virgin for the finish. In a movie, that is not allowed. The villain can lay anybody he wants, have as much fun and as he wants cheating, stealing, getting rich, and whipping servants. But you have to shoot him in the end. - Author: Herman J. Mankiewicz
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#21. Whipping your hair means not being afraid to be yourself. - Author: Willow Smith
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#22. Nostalgia is best cured via horse whipping. - Author: Stephanie Roberts
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#23. A life without a storm would lack drama. Pounding waves of a tempestuous sea test a person's mettle. A fearless sailor climbs the rigging and shouts out at the top of their lungs into the wind and rain whipping across their face that they will not go quietly into the good night without a fight. - Author: Kilroy J. Oldster
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#24. How is the schoolmaster, the nation, to know which boy needs the whipping? - Author: Woodrow Wilson
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#25. There's no doubt that after you eat a lot of garlic, you just kind of feel like you are floating, you feel ultra-confident, you feel capable of going out and whipping your weight in wild cats. - Author: Les Blank
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#26. He kissed my lips, his skin warm in spite of the cool winter wind whipping past us. His whisper would have been lost on me before, but now I heard every word. "What do you want, Raven? - Author: Lisa Kessler
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#27. I stayed because there was no other place I could learn what I desired. Mere whipping could not keep me away from it."
There are things I desire to learn, and I can only learn them here."
I handed her the hard, dark piece of wood. "If you want me to leave, you must do worse than welts. - Author: Patrick Rothfuss
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#28. The Army of Northern Virginia was never defeated. It merely wore itself out whipping the enemy. - Author: Jubal Early
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#29. The pillory and stocks, the gibbet, and even the whipping-post, have seen many a noble victim, many a martyr. But I cannot think any save the most ignoble criminals ever sat in a ducking-stool. - Author: Alice Morse Earle
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#30. You ready to train tonight?" Kyrian
"Sure I can always use another butt-whipping. Stone didn't stuff me in a locker today or slam my head into a fountain. I was beginning to feel neglected." Nick - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#31. Your mom is right here with us, Elle. Her spirit's here giving my exhausted arm strength to keep hanging on. She's keeping the current from whipping us all to hell. She's keeping the tree shrapnel from getting anywhere near us." A small smile formed. "She's keeping us alive. - Author: Nicole Williams
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#32. Blind terror drove me on, with my flying stirrups whipping me into a frenzy. With no rider to carry I reached the kneeling riflemen first and they scattered as I came upon them. - Author: Michael Morpurgo
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#33. Listen, Alex," she says, whipping herself around and tossing that sun-kissed hair over her shoulder. She faces me with clear eyes made of ice. "I don't date guys in gangs, and I don't use drugs."
"I don't date guys in gangs, either," I say, stepping closer to her. - Author: Simone Elkeles
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#34. Money doesn't make you happy," Mom insists, whipping carrots and lettuce out of the cart. "Money doesn't make you laugh when you're lonely, or make you full of contentment on Christmas morning. - Author: Roxanne St. Claire
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#35. The quality of student work has definitely gone downhill since they discontinued the use of the whipping post.
-Silk - Author: David Eddings
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#36. Washington's adventuristic policy, whipping up international tension to the utmost, is pushing mankind towards nuclear catastrophe. - Author: Konstantin Chernenko
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#37. Good heavens, man, give them more than that! If you pay everyone what they deserve, would anyone ever escape a whipping? Treat them with honor and dignity.
The less they deserve, the more your generosity is worth. Lead them inside. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#38. The next day the weather was blown out, with whitecaps frosting the entire channel across to Lanai and the coconut palms whipping overhead like epileptic dust mops. - Author: Christopher Moore
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#39. Uh-huh," I said. "Because all you mad, evil scientists sit around whipping up batches of Pillsbury's finest during your coffee breaks. I mean, this is pathetic. - Author: James Patterson
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#40. POLONIUS : My Lord, I will use them according to their desert.

HAMLET : God's bodykins man, better. Use every man after his desert, and who should 'scape whipping? Use them after your own honour and dignity. The less they deserve, the more merit is in your bounty. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#41. The nation which can only be saved by one man and wants to be saved that way deserves a whipping! - Author: Rudolf Rocker
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#42. If we got caught being in grandma's smaller room without her or without another adult being there, we were surely in for a good old-fashioned ass whipping, Kunta Kinte style. Grandma Bertha didn't play that shit. - Author: Amina
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#43. I had a stroke in 1985 ... I called it a "stroke of luck." I said, "Life is like a train trip. You're looking out the window and everything is whipping past and you're not really seeing anything, and you need to get off the train and walk around a bit." - Author: Hugh Hefner
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#44. Lilah stood above them, tall and beautiful, her white hair whipping in the fresh breeze, her clothes streaked with gore, her hazel eyes glowing with fire.
She turned slowly to Nix and in her ghostly whisper of a voice said, I hate boys. - Author: Jonathan Maberry
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#45. Standing exposed on a rooftop, with no railing and the wind whipping about him, threatening to pull him flailing and screaming to the ground? That held no interest for him. - Author: Matt Forbeck
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#46. Hundreds of barefoot Filipinos marched on the roads through the Philippines carrying heavy wooden crosses and whipping their backs until they bled to prepare for Easter. Call me old-fashioned but I just like coloring the eggs. - Author: Jay Leno
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#47. Medievalism, with its saints and martyrs, its love of self-torture, its wild passion for wounding itself, its gashing with knives, and its whipping with rods - Medievalism is real Christianity, and the medieval Christ is the real Christ. - Author: Oscar Wilde
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#48. Well alright then," His eyes glittered. "I get my kicks whipping woman I have sex with and you're next on my list. Now I'm going to take a shower. - Author: Susan Elizabeth Phillips
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#49. Plato once wanted to punish one of his slaves and asked his nephew to do the actual whipping for he himself did not own his anger. - Author: Seneca The Younger
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#50. While a few pertinent points have to be marked, the general impression I desire to convey is of a side door crashing open in life's full flight, and a rush of roaring black time drowning with its whipping wind the cry of lone disaster. - Author: Vladimir Nabokov
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#51. Then she ripped everything from that well inside her, ripped it out with both hands and her entire raging, hopeless heart.
As she fell, hair whipping her face, Celaena thrust her hands toward the skinwalkers.
"Surprise," she hissed. The world erupted in blue wildfire. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
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#52. The Lady of Spring must love you dearly."
"As a teamster loves his mule that carries his baggage," said Cazaril bitterly, "whipping it over the high passes. - Author: Lois McMaster Bujold
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#53. How long y' think it'll take t'git that wild streak out im?"
"Well, Brother Tiggins, that'll depend on how long he can weather the leather. - Author: Mars Hill
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#54. I got to play with Nintendo's Wii, yes it's a funny name and not very revolutionary but it was fun whipping your arms around. - Author: Olivia Munn
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#55. Romance tends to be the whipping boy of genre fiction. - Author: Lauren Willig
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#56. I'm running as if the force of the wind whipping around my body will be enough to keep all the pieces of me from crumbling. - Author: Beth Revis
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#57. The life is a whipping top. When it ends the spin, life ends! - Author: Deyth Banger
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#58. There's no sense in whipping a tired horse, because he'll quit on you. More horses are whipped out of the money than into it. - Author: Eddie Arcaro
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#59. Today we fight. Tomorrow we fight. The day after, we fight. And if this disease plans on whipping us, it better bring a lunch, 'cause it's gonna have a long day doing it. - Author: Jim Beaver
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#60. She and Yoshiko crisscrossed in the water, grinning crazily at each other, spray whipping their feces. - Author: Rick Hautala
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#61. We made one film called Thy Neighbor's Wife in which I got flogged at the public whipping post for adultery. I did my best acting in that film, I guess. - Author: Cleo Moore
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#62. I crave white on white and black, but my thoughts race in glorious technicolour, prodding me awake, whipping away the warm blanket of invisibility every time it sears to smother my mind in nothing. - Author: Sarah Kane
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#63. Most baby books also tend to romanticize the mother who stays at home, as if she really spends her entire day doing nothing but beaming at the baby and whipping up educational toys from pieces of string, rather than balancing cooing time with laundry, cleaning, shopping and cooking. - Author: Susan Chira
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#64. And then he saw the chains, snapping down through the clouds to crack thunderously on the horizon. Hundreds of chains, impossibly huge, black, whipping in the air with explosions of red dust, crisscrossing the sky. Horror filled his soul. - Author: Steven Erikson
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#65. By whipping himself he protected himself against whipping by someone else. - Author: John Steinbeck
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#66. The Beltway media went into caroming-off-the-walls hysterics over Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, whipping itself into a flaming casserole even as Clinton's standing with the American people remained upright and firm, so to speak. - Author: James Wolcott
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#67. I wore glasses, no music, and I won - I think it was - fifth place. I got a whipping the same day. My mother whipped me for something. Destroyed my ego completely. - Author: Elvis Presley
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#68. It's possible to keep drawing this moment out, any moment, hammering it thinner and thinner like beaten gold, like iced chablis, whipping it, whipping it to cheap perfume, each word blown to aneurysm. - Author: Susan Mitchell
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#69. So we're talking into death? (Alix)
Gods, I hope not. I don't have on the right boots for it. These are only good for a mild ass-whipping. (Devyn) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#70. I can play the trumpet. Before I became an actor, I wanted to be the next Louis Armstrong. I started young and got to grade seven. When I turned 13, everyone started whipping out guitars, looking cool and joining rock bands, so I stopped playing. - Author: Douglas Booth
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#71. Forget the fake syrupy stuff. Melt down a bar of chocolate, mix it into some warmed up whipping cream, and put it on top of ice cream. Add some sprinkles, and you've got a delicious treat. - Author: Blake Lively
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#72. A grifter's got an irresistible urge to be the guy who's wise. There's nothin' to whipping a fool. Hell, fools are made to be whipped. But to take another pro. Even your partner, who knows you and has his eye on you. That's a score! No matter what happens. - Author: Donald E. Westlake
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#73. Who is this vague "they" we blame for so many of our problems? "They" is the obscure party we use as our whipping boy to camouflage the fact that we - you and I and other specific human beings just like us - have to start doing things differently. "They" can't fix anything. We can. - Author: Price Pritchett
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#74. The rain continued. It was a hard rain, a perpetual rain, a sweating and steaming rain; it was a mizzle, a downpour, a fountain, a whipping at the eyes, an undertow at the ankles; it was a rain to drown all rains and the memory of rains. - Author: Ray Bradbury
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#75. I take a cruel joy in seeing you tremble and writhe beneath my whip, and in hearing your groans and wails; I want to go on whipping without pity until you beg for mercy, until you lose your senses. - Author: Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch
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#76. I think country music is a champion of women. That stuff coming out of Nashville now wants to see a woman looking good in the kitchen whipping up some biscuits. - Author: Ketch Secor
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#77. Be proud to be a decent American rather than a wanker whipping up fear. - Author: Michael D. Higgins
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#78. When the Indians saw us whipping our children, they thought at first that we must hate our children, but then they thought, no, no one can hate his child. They decided it must be a religious rite, to make the child hate this world and long for the next. We're a strange vicious people. - Author: Isabel Miller
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#79. All I can do is lie here, brain turning somersaults. It's nights like these when memories stir, whipping themselves into stiff peaks of pain. - Author: Ellen Hopkins
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#80. My dear young lady, when you are in love, and jealous, and have been flogged by the Inquisition, there's no knowing what you may do. - Author: Voltaire
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#81. I grew up in a school system ... where nobody understood the meaning of learning disorder. In the West Indies, I was constantly being physically abused because the whipping of students was permitted. - Author: Harry Belafonte
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#82. you don't have the luxury of whipping out your dicks and seeing who's bigger - Author: Alanea Alder
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#83. But sooner or later, no matter who you are, life uses everyone as its whipping boy. - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#84. I remember there was actually a sexual thrill ... you hear that little pop and pull their heads of and hold their heads up by the hair. Whipping their heads off, their body sitting there. That'd get me off. - Author: Edmund Kemper
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#85. That depends," I said, whipping off the cloth. "If you think it's a deadly performing spider
you're right! - Author: Darren Shan
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#86. A storm was brewing. The wind has picked up and a mass of purple clouds was coming in from the West. It felt good to have my hair whipping around my head. I thought it might feel good to have hail beat down on me. Sometimes storms outside are the only relief for storms inside ... - Author: Elizabeth Chandler
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#87. While the archetype of the tinker is generally the whipping person in classical bedtimes stories, this particular individual was a tinker by trade and just happened to be economically disadvantaged. - Author: James Finn Garner
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#88. Now that I'm a dad, I'm practicing what I call 'one- handed cooking,' because I've got something more important in my other arm. I'm whipping up lots of frittatas and omelets. - Author: Curtis Stone
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#89. This time, his gaze fixed on her and stayed. The wind blew, whipping her skirts about her ankles, as if he'd called up a gale with the intensity of his stare. - Author: Courtney Milan
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#90. I suppose whipping you into place didn't do anything for my chances seen as you obviously have an ego as swollen as a horse's rigid dick. - Author: Suzanne Wright
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#91. Or whipping its rough surface for a trout ... - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#92. Use every man according to his desert and who should 'scape whipping? Use them after your own honor and dignity, the less they deserve ... the more merit in your bounty. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#93. In these home affairs things I think occasionally it's the duty of politicians on both sides to turn round to the tabloids and right-wing newspapers and say 'you have your facts wrong and you're whipping up facts which are inaccurate - Author: Kenneth Clarke
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#94. The Romantics were whipping boys of the New Criticism, but they appealed to me anyway. I was recalcitrant. It was clear to me that they had thought innovatively. - Author: M.H. Abrams
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#95. Hijo de puta," Steady cursed, whipping off his shirt to press it to the wound in Fido's chest. "I don't know dick about canine physiology, Mac. - Author: Julie Ann Walker
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#96. Use every man after his desert, and who should scape whipping? - Author: William Shakespeare
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#97. Whipping and abuse are like laudanum: you have to double the dose as the sensibilities decline. - Author: Harriet Beecher Stowe
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#98. The probability of the people in power being individuals who would dislike the possession and exercise of power is on a level with the probability that an extremely tender-hearted person would get the job of whipping-master in a slave plantation. - Author: Frank Knight
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#99. Children are to be won to follow liberal studies by exhortations and rational motives, and on no account to be forced thereto by whipping. - Author: Plutarch
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#100. You've got to stop whipping a dead horse sometime. - Author: Jim Knight
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