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#1. Wanting to be someone else is a waste of who you are - Author: Kurt Cobain
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#2. I thought love was about caring about someone day in and day out, about being there when it's fucking amazing, and still wanting to be there when it feels like crap. i thought it was about for ever' -will, calling romeo - Author: Alexandra Potter
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#3. I think that's the beauty of love, wanting to be with someone; taste their sweetness and their fears, live their lives and be there in their death, share their ups and their downs, and most importantly, love them and grow old with them, even if they were some kind of monster. - Author: Cameron Jace
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#4. You cannot spend your life wanting to be someone else, snipping off pieces of yourself you don't like, and suddenly expect, upon reaching a goal, to be confident, self-accepting, rooted like an oak tree in your being. - Author: Geneen Roth
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#5. When I met Miller, for me it wasn't a question of wanting to meet him because it was Arthur Miller; it was a kind of astonishment that I could meet someone who was so deeply embedded in the psyche of my artistic development. - Author: Simon McBurney
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#6. We live in an age so legalistic, we find it hard to imagine someone wanting to obey their God simply because they love their God. - Author: Criss Jami
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#7. But love is something that has to be as selfish as it is unselfish. You can't make yourself love someone because you feel like you should. Just wanting to love someone isn't enough. - Author: Aprilynne Pike
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#8. There's a world of difference between insisting on someone's doing something and establishing an atmosphere in which that person can grow into wanting to do it. - Author: Fred Rogers
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#9. For years, people have re-dialed when the line was busy. They waited their turn. When I'm put on hold, I always hope that as my revenge, their other call will be someone wanting to sell them something. - Author: Letitia Baldrige
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#10. Wanting an honest opinion about my art from someone whose opinion I respect makes me feel vulnerable. It's a great space to be in. - Author: Romany Malco
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#11. Once someone's hurt you, it's harder to relax around them, harder to think of them as safe to love. But it doesn't stop you from wanting them. - Author: Holly Black
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#12. Wanting someone so much that his very presence takes your breath away is one of the most thrilling happenings in life. Not getting him in no way diminishes this. - Author: Perry Brass
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#13. One of my great mistakes coming up, since I was a kid from wrong side of the tracks, and fearful that I might be seen as wanting leadership-wise, was to be someone I was not. - Author: Kevin Allen
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#14. Everything we have today that's cool comes from someone wanting more of something they loved in the past. Action figures, videogames, superhero movies, iPods: All are continuations of a love that wanted more. - Author: Patton Oswalt
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#15. Logan changed direction, tugging me after him, his fingers laced with mine, and I was careful where I stepped, not wanting to accidentally trip and fall into someone's lap or take a header down into their food. - Author: Mary Calmes
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#16. It wasn't about mechanics; it was about a feeling, wanting to give someone something, which in turn was really gratifying. That really resonated for me. - Author: Thomas Keller
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#17. A young girl reached out to me to be her mentor one day, which I didn't really know anything about. What I did remember was what it was to be alone as an African-American dancer in the ballet world and wanting to connect with someone who looks like me. - Author: Misty Copeland
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#18. Just the desire to play a mom, wanting to play someone actually closer to who I am and where I am in my life. People are used to seeing me play the single, hot girl, which has been fun, but at the same time, this role is more akin to my natural proclivities. - Author: Essence Atkins
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#19. I wasn't one of those kids who grew up wanting to write or who read a particular book and thought: 'I want to do that!' I always told stories and wrote them down, but I never thought writing was a career path, even though, clearly, someone was writing the books and newspapers and magazines. - Author: Gayle Forman
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#20. No matter what you say, or how much you talk, someone isn't really forgiven until you can stand beside them without wanting to slap them in the face. - Author: Alan Heathcock
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#21. There is a difference in wanting someone and loving someone. - Author: Christy Warren
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#22. I don't see anything wrong in someone wanting to be famous or having sky-high ambitions. - Author: Randeep Hooda
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#23. But it feels different because wanting someone is not the same as loving her, and now I understand that Morgan does not love me. - Author: Nina LaCour
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#24. I am certain that people never forgive because they believe they have an obligation to do it or because someone told them to do it. Forgiveness has to come from inside as a desire of the heart. Wanting to is the steam that pushes the forgiving engine. - Author: Lewis B. Smedes
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#25. The essence of conversation is not which media format we choose to talk to each other with, so we don't differentiate between snaps and chats. It's just someone wanting to talk to you. - Author: Evan Spiegel
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#26. When I left Bradford and got a phone call from Dave Parnaby asking 'did I want to come back in?', I was delighted to accept. The whole buzz at the club at the moment is great for someone like me who is still learning and wanting to hopefully go into management in my own right at some point. - Author: Colin Cooper
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#27. Someone once said that blues and gospel were fraternal twins, close in spirit, neither one wanting to admit how similar they looked. - Author: Ahmir Questlove Thompson
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#28. If life can remove someone you never wanted to lose, it can replace them with someone you never dreamed of wanting. - Author: Char Sharp
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#29. I didn't have big movie offers, or any big agents wanting to work with me. I had to go grassroots, start at the bottom and go on 150 auditions before someone finally gave me a shot. - Author: Donnie Wahlberg
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#30. Because what nobody ever understood is that I, too, wanted to be a somebody. But how do you go through life wanting to be a someone and not knowing how? - Author: Debbi Fields
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#31. I let go of the notion of wanting someone to ignore the way I look in order to find me attractive, because really, what kind of relationship would that be? One where someone's only attracted to you because they're ignoring a fundamental part of you? No thanks. - Author: Stella Young
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#32. It's possible to disagree with someone about the ethics of non-violence without wanting to kick his face in. - Author: Christopher Hampton
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#33. Work was never about wanting fame or money. I never thought about that. I loved getting the job, going to rehearsal, playing someone else, hanging around with a bunch of actors. I needed that, the way you need water. - Author: Sarah Jessica Parker
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#34. This is love, and the trouble with it: it can make you embarrassed. Love is really liking someone a whole lot and not wanting to screw that up. Everybody's chewed this over. This unites us, this part of love. - Author: Daniel Handler
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#35. As a politician, you have to deal with someone wanting you to fail every day. I think I prefer being in a situation where generally people are rooting for me, and if they aren't rooting for me, they aren't out there to see my downfall. I respect the people who have the stomach for it. - Author: John Legend
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#36. I just can't imagine that people would stand for it. People are wanting to potentially elect someone who will get our troops out, so at this stage, if the draft was reinstated, I just think that people would have none of it. - Author: Elijah Wood
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#37. We all have scars. From loving someone too deeply. From wanting to protect someone too much. - Author: Kanae Hazuki
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#38. Do you think it's possible that wanting someone you can't have is your subconscious mind's way of coping? - Author: Richelle Mead
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#39. I have not idea why such a ridiculous thing happend anyway," Sin replied in the same blank tone. "I'm not usually in the habit of wanting to finish someone's leftovers."(Sin) - Author: Santino Hassell
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#40. [Louise Colet was a p]roto-feminist who committed the sin of wanting to make someone else happy. - Author: Julian Barnes
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#41. His fingers brushed the heartsfire earring on his left ear. In all the time of their estrangement, he had never removed it, wanting to feel that he still belonged to someone even if that someone no longer cared to own him. - Author: Eresse
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#42. I want to inspire the next generation. I want to be in mission control with someone younger than me wanting to break my record. - Author: Felix Baumgartner
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#43. Love is brave and generous and above all it springs from honor. In order to love someone else, you must first be true to yourself.
Love is not two people wanting or needing what the other can give.
Hester Latterly - Author: Anne Perry
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#44. You kids were all in college, and I suddenly saw that I was stuck alone with a man who, all those years later, was still wanting me to be someone I wasn't. - Author: Barbara Delinsky
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#45. All these poses of classical torture ruined my mind like a snake in the orchard. I did go from wanting to be someone, now I'm drunk and wearing flip-flops on Fifth Avenue. - Author: Rufus Wainwright
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#46. The wanting was quickly becoming aching. I didn't want to be like this anymore; constantly thinking about and wanting someone that I couldn't have but who my soul seemed to think was mine. - Author: Suzanne Wright
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#47. There's really nothing quite like someone's wanting you dead to make you want to go on living. - Author: Roger Zelazny
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#48. When you really want to find someone, it isn't that hard. I should have known all along that she wasn't looking. I feel so stupid.
There's nothing stupid about wanting to be loved. - Author: Nina LaCour
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#49. True love is wanting to spend the rest of your life with someone you would sometimes also like to strangle. - Author: Crystal Woods
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#50. You can spend so much time wanting someone and they can have absolutely no idea. - Author: Taylor Swift
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#51. Oooh, intrigue?' Sylvie said playfully. 'Want to know a secret? I am someone else. Nobody knows the real me.'
Jess opened the door, sick of being toyed with, wanting to get away. Her voice was flat. 'You're a girl. It's the same for all of us. - Author: Kirsty Eagar
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#52. It was a machine that required constant feeding- Henry hated the machine, and he hated himself for wanting the sort of admiration it promised, as if he had no worth unless someone was there to applaud it - Author: Libba Bray
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#53. But if you can get so interested in a conversation with someone you're in love with that you forget about wanting to kiss them, then - well then it looks as if you're safe to go ahead.. - Author: Jocelyn Playfair
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#54. When you graduate from "Being In Love" to "Loving Someone" you understand - Love is not about owning, Love is about wanting the best for them, It's about seeing or Helping them achieve great heights, with or without you. Love is not what you say, it's what you do. - Author: Drishti Bablani
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#55. Can you get a broken heart without being with someone? Can wanting to fall in love so bad make that happen? - Author: Jay Bell
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#56. Is not seeing any ugly parts in myself an ugly part? Is not wanting to forgive someone's ugly parts an ugly part in oneself?
Yeah. I didn't understand a word you said, but yeah. - Author: Francisco X Stork
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#57. Sometimes someone wanting you is the biggest aphrodisiac there is. It fills a lot of holes. - Author: Cari Quinn
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#58. But there was a leap to be made from not caring about someone to wanting to eat them. - Author: Matt Haig
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#59. If someone who is agitated comes to visit you, wanting to discuss their agitation and weigh the pros and cons of what action he should take, my suggestion is to give him the mantram album and say, "why don't you just write Rama, Rama, Rama a thousand times? - Author: Eknath Easwaran
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#60. Love is really liking someone a whole lot and not wanting to screw that up. - Author: Daniel Handler
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#61. When there is good news, and it is news , we do report it, but usually news is a record of human failure. Those wanting to celebrate human accomplishment are, as someone said, advised to go to the sports section. - Author: Linda Ellerbee
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#62. Yeah, it's so popular it's almost legal. The customers are torn between needing someone and wanting to be alone at the same time, which has probably always been the name of that particular game, even before we had the neuroelectronics to enable them to have it both ways. - Author: William Gibson
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#63. And yet here I am - torn: wanting
to pull him closer, saving him, and at the same time
wishing I could hop on the back of his motorcycle and,
for once, allow someone to save me. - Author: Katie Klein
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#64. You undo me, Savannah. Every time I look at you, I feel like a teenager. I can't stop thinking about you, or wanting to touch you. I've never wanted to kiss someone so badly or so often. It's overwhelming to be so thoroughly captivated by someone so much better than me. And you are better than me. - Author: Ayden K. Morgen
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#65. Possessiveness was hot. A man who staked his claim, marked his territory. It wasn't about lack of trust. It was about belonging to someone. It was about them having pride in that and wanting everyone to know it, especially you. - Author: Kristen Ashley
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#66. I feel like I walk a very fine line between wanting someone to be open and vulnerable and honest with me and the listeners, but not wanting anyone to ever feel like I'm exploiting them. - Author: Alison Rosen
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#67. You think it can't get worse than wanting someone and not having them, but it can. You can want someone, have them, and want them more. Still. Always. You can never get enough. - Author: Michelle Hodkin
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#68. You mustn't wait for someone to rescue you, ... A girl expecting rescue never learns to rescue herself. Even with the means, she'll find her courage wanting. - Author: Kate Morton
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#69. You know," he said, "I keep wanting to say that it's like Simon Snow threw up in here ... but it's more like someone else ate Simon Snow - like somebody went to an all-you-care-to-eat Simon Snow buffet - and then threw up in here. - Author: Rainbow Rowell
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#70. And I know -I just know- you can remind me what it feels like to have someone look at me and love me with wanting me to be something else. - Author: Amy Reed
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#71. Banning someone for wanting to ban others is an inappropriate response. - Author: Corri Wilson
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#72. It's hard to tell the difference sometimes, between what's real affection and what's someone wanting to take advantage of you. But when you feel the real thing ... well, you'll know. - Author: Richelle Mead
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#73. I identify with someone wanting something to work out, but not being able to get through the rocks to the river. - Author: Emile Hirsch
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#74. People came at me with all sorts of offers, wanting to make me into a hard-core Cher. I had no desire for any amount of money to be reformed for someone's vision, because in the end, that's what you got: your clay in someone else's hands. - Author: Patti Smith
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#75. You can love someone without wanting to be with them. Just like you can want to be with someone before you love them. - Author: Jamie McGuire
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#76. In my experience, falling in love has little to do with wanting someone. It is much more enticing to me to be wanted. Without - Author: Jodi Picoult
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#77. I would far prefer to be in someone's arms than just in their head. - Author: D.S. Mixell
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#78. And eternity is a long time. So if you have to spend it with someone I could see wanting to spend it with someone impossible ... but interesting ... - Author: Meg Cabot
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#79. The most important basis of any novel is wanting to be someone else, and this means creating a character. - Author: Antonio Tabucchi
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#80. i struggle so deeply
to understand
how someone can
pour their entire soul
blood and energy
into someone
without wanting
anything in

-i will have to wait till i'm a mother - Author: Rupi Kaur
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#81. I'd been wanting to work with James McAvoy since I was in drama school. I suppose there are parallels in that we're Scottish, we went to the same drama school and share the same agent, but aside from that, he's someone I've looked up to. - Author: Emun Elliott
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#82. douleur, one of the many French words that do not translate into English well, which means "the pain of wanting someone you cannot have. - Author: Martha Hall Kelly
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#83. I came up in battling and just wanting to compete. Even if you had no real problem with someone, you just wanted to compete. - Author: Joe Budden
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#84. Wanting someone else to eat the things you have cooked is the same as wanting that person to know you.
I figured eating your own cooking is a way of getting to know yourself. - Author: CLAMP
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#85. This was, I realized, a beautiful planet. Maybe it was the most beautiful of all. But beauty creates its own troubles. You look at a waterfall or an ocean or a sunset, and you find yourself wanting to share it with someone. - Author: Matt Haig
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#86. Few ground rules: If you've killed someone, I'm calling the cops. If you are dealing drugs, I'm calling the cops. If you are wanting me to buy Girl Scout cookies, I'm calling the cops. Anything else, I'll help you with. - Author: J.C. Nelson
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#87. When you are wanting to comfort someone in their grief take the words 'at least' out of your vocabulary. In saying them you minimise someone else's pain ... Don't take someone else's grief and try to put it in a box that YOU can manage. Learn to truly grieve with others for as long as it may take. - Author: Kay Warren
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#88. Wanting someone to notice you all the while praying no one does. - Author: Tarryn Fisher
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#89. It is true that I had wanted to die , but that is peculiarly different from regretting having been born. Overwhelmingly, I was enormously glad to have been born, grateful for life, and I couldn't imagine not wanting to pass on life to someone else. - Author: Kay Redfield Jamison
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#90. I don't think you can describe your ideal girl. A big part of that is just meeting someone and really clicking with them and wanting to hang out with them all of the time. - Author: Aziz Ansari
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#91. I have friends, some of whom are spectacularly good writers, who really want someone to edit them. I don't register that impulse. It's like the impulse for wanting a dog. - Author: Fran Lebowitz
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#92. A lot of people have said that the main thread in my work is loneliness or just wanting to create a world with someone who doesn't really have much in their life, so maybe I'm looking for someone who's lonely and wants to try to create something with me as a subject for my videos. - Author: Laurel Nakadate
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#93. And that's what's wrong with the world.." "Man, woman, straight, gay. There's nothing wrong with wanting someone. We're all adults. - Author: Lindsey Kelk
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#94. He was covered with a healthy pelt that had some men drooling and wanting him to be their leather daddy. He just shook his head at them. He didn't do that sort of shit. If you wanted someone to boss you around and tell you what to do, then go visit your parents." - Lon Taylor - Author: Renae Kaye
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#95. I can't deal with someone wanting to take a relationship backward or needing space or cheating on you. - Author: Taylor Swift
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#96. Whatever you want, at any moment, someone else is getting it. Whatever you have, someone else is longing for. - Author: Laura Lippman
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#97. If you're able to arrange a trial period with a new hire, do it. It will give both of you a chance to make sure the position is a good fit - and can help you avoid being in the awkward situation of wanting to fire someone three or four weeks in. - Author: Kathryn Minshew
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#98. Wanting someone isn't the same as loving them, though," he said. "You know? It doesn't mean the same thing. - Author: Robin Benway
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#99. The point is, as death gets closer - what's so wrong with wanting someone you love to live forever? - Author: Brad Meltzer
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#100. While there is nothing wrong with physical desire per se, and wanting a partner who you consider to be physically attractive, you should also understand that if you are serious about finding that special someone and perhaps growing old with them, looks fade but character does not. - Author: Stephen Richards
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