Top 100 Quotes About The Right Fit

#1. I've been asked to endorse lots of different pieces of equipment. It's not necessarily that it's an awful thing to be asked to endorse something, because it's inherently a compliment to your skills, your abilities, on a level. But sometimes it's just not the right fit.

Wylie Dufresne

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#2. The moment is not over when you have found the right fit in your style. Begin with knowing who you really are and apologize for nothing. There are no mistakes when it comes to personal expression.

Steven Cuoco

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#3. Customers know when you are trying to sell them something if it is the right fit or not. Don't be that person

Timi Nadela

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#4. While I love musical theater, it wasn't the right fit for me. It's so competitive, and I was at such a disadvantage, having started performing when I was 17.

Jack Falahee

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#5. So many women buy these boxy, shapeless jackets. I always tell them to buy a jacket one size too small to get the right fit.

Trinny Woodall

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#6. But beauty is about finding the right fit, the most natural fit, To be perfect, you have to feel perfect about yourself
avoid trying to be something you're not. For a goddess, that's especially hard. We can change so easily.

Rick Riordan

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#7. I took on so many things and not everything was the right fit. If you do that, it can kill your brand. A partnership has to be real and authentic.

Kim Kardashian

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#8. The fit of jeans can be worlds apart from brand to brand. If you can find the right fit, skinny jeans can be very flattering.

Tim Gunn

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#9. I think the most important element of a power outfit is proper fit. The one item to focus on is a suit. If it's the right fit, you could wear it with a T-shirt and still convey the positive message.

Garrett Neff

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#10. A lot of people have the misconception that modeling is a glamourous job, and it can be. But ultimately if you don't like to stay quiet, and let people tell you what to do, and fuss on you ... it may not be the right fit. If you decide it's something you're really passionate about though, go for it!

Kelly Cutrone

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#11. There's a lot of people I'd love to work with at some point, but I think the song has to be the right thing. It has to be the right fit.

Jason Aldean

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#12. The Salton Sea is a huge dead lake south of Palm Springs. There's a town there that's the asshole of the armpit of the world. You'd fit right in.

Neal Shusterman

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#13. Ask the guys who are doing serious triathlons if there are any limits to what can be done. The limit is right here. You've got to get physically fit between the ears. Muscles don't know anything. They have to be taught.

Jack LaLanne

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#14. Today neither of our two parties maintains a meaningful commitment to the principle of States' Rights. The 10th Amendment is not a 'general assumption' but a rule of law. States rights mean that states have a right to act or not to act, as they see fit, in areas reserved to them.

Barry Goldwater

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#15. She fit
against him like a teaspoon inside a tablespoon, curves angling
together in all the right places to lock them into place with a nearly
audible click of perfection

Louisa Edwards

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#16. Doors opened everywhere. Maybe one day, the children of this world who had gone to that world to save themselves would see a door that didn't fit right with the walls around it, something with a doorknob made of a moon, or a knocker that winked. Maybe they could still go home,

Seanan McGuire

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#17. Other times you can get showy for three minutes, and that's OK with certain films. But that isn't right with an Ang Lee movie, you have to fit right in. You have to understand Ang, respect him and be part of the team and not be in charge of it - he is in charge of it.

Dennis Muren

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#18. Tsars and slaves, the intelligent and the obtuse, publicans and pharisees all have an identical legal and moral right to honor the memory of the deceased as they see fit, without regard for anyone else's opinion and without the fear of hindering one another.

Anton Chekhov

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#19. I think we're in a quiet time right now. luxury can be in the fit.

Christopher Bailey

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#20. Composing is a natural fit. As far as the creative process goes, I'd rather do this than anything else, by far. Something different happened to me when I started to write music to images. It was a feeling of excitement and connection and a sense of being in the right place that I never had before.

James Newton Howard

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#21. Perhaps the couple got married at 25 and now they're 45 and this is an option. And if a couple is still together, or perhaps finds its way back together, I like to say that it's forever. They belong together, it's a good fit, it's the right pairing. It almost gives me goose bumps.

Volkmar Sigusch

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#22. I like vintage stuff. I go through a vintage store and find things that I feel like I fit right into them because of all the years that they've been used.

Channing Tatum

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#23. There are only two reasons why you should ever be asked to give your youngsters. One is defense of our homes. The other is the defense of our Bill of Rights and particularly the right to worship God as we see fit. Every other reason advanced for the murder of young men is a racket, pure and simple.

Smedley D. Butler

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#24. I like Yorkshire terriers. They're good to wash your car with. They fit right in the bucket.

Billiam Coronel

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#25. It doesn't escape him that the rock holding it up is the perfect fit for his fist. Or how easily one of those needle spokes would slide right through the girl's eye like Jell-O.

Lauren Beukes

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#26. I've spent most of my life trying to wear a persona that didn't quite fit and when I started writing books, it was like finally becoming the right person.

Meg Rosoff

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#27. To me, it's just like, if you have talent, and you're lucky enough to find where you fit, and you work with the right people, it's not exalted at all.

Campbell Scott

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#28. All of a sudden I'm an actor, and I spend a decade trying to fit in and realising that I didn't, really. Sometimes in the right circumstances, with the right people, it felt OK. But other times it was a bit more jobbing. I didn't fit the mould, somehow.

Paddy Considine

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#29. The apartment was decorated in pinks, ranging from a deep shade bordering on red to a pale, near-white cream. Her blood probably fit right in until it started drying to an ugly shade of brown.

Seanan McGuire

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#30. I would not wish to live in a world where I could not express my honest opinions. Men who deny to others the right of speech are not fit to live with honest men.

Robert G. Ingersoll

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#31. I've lived in Forest Hill Village, Riverdale, Summerhill, The Annex and Cabbagetown. Finding the right neighbourhood fit in Toronto is only slightly less tricky than finding the right partner to share it with.

Andy Barrie

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#32. Fundamental, Bible believing people do not have the right to indoctrinate their children in their religious beliefs because we, the state, are preparing them for the year 2000, when America will be part of a one-world global society and their children will not fit in.

Peter Hoagland

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#33. Being an actress is similar to trying to fit in with the popular kids in high school. You're expected to drive the right car, wear the right clothes and say the right things.

Lauren Ambrose

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#34. There may be a hundred thousand men in an army, who are all equally free; but they only are naturally most fit to be commanders or leaders, who most excel in the virtues required for the right performance of those offices.

Algernon Sidney

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#35. Sales managers should track the number of first meetings with "right fit" prospects a sales person is engaged in on a monthly basis ... This metric alone will serve as a powerful, early-warning system to sales performance.

Adrian Davis

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#36. But the outsider in May, the one from Briery Swamp who had never fit quite right, kept her tucked safely in her nook.

Jodi Lynn Anderson

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#37. I don't know where he begins and where I end, but maybe that's the glory of who we've become. We begin and end together. We're a puzzle that fits perfectly together, where we fit nowhere else. And right now we're seeking peace in the only place we know to look - each other.

Lisa Renee Jones

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#38. The right belief is like a good cloak, I think. If it fits you well, it keeps you warm and safe. The wrong fit however, can suffocate.

Brandon Sanderson

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#39. Their fingers seemed to fit together in just the right way- effortlessly clasped,like perfect complements.

Nicholas Sparks

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#40. You are FAR too fabulous to cling to someone or something that doesn't fit you, doesn't want you, or doesn't belong to you. While you're clinging to the WRONG thing, you're letting the RIGHT thing slip right through your fingers!

Mandy Hale

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#41. Perhaps that was the point; life, if you did it right, meant learning and changing. If you didn't, you died- or stopped growing - which amounted to more or less the same thing. So I would slide in and out of different roles until I discovered the one that fit me best.
-Deuce, (183)

Ann Aguirre

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#42. I was pleased when the picture was over I fit in all right and I spoke well enough as I said before, cause I was scared to death there for a minute. I mean, you're doing a scene with somebody like that or they're watching you or something, you'd better come up with something.

Rod Steiger

Quotes About The Right Fit #549414
#43. Questions are places in your mind where answers fit. If you haven't asked the question, the answer has nowhere to go. It hits your mind and bounces right off. You have to ask the question - you have to want to know - in order to open up the space for the answer to fit.

Clayton Christensen

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#44. The ending has to fit. The ending has to matter, and make sense. I could care less about whether it's happy or sad or atomic. The ending is the place where you go, "Aha. Of course. That's right."

Carrie Jones

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#45. Directors didn't know what to do with me in college. I didn't really sound like a belter. I didn't look like a soprano. But in New York, I was in the right place at the right time, where my unusualness fit the bill.

Jessie Mueller

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#46. One thinking it is right to speak all things, whether the word is fit for speech or unutterable.


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#47. I feel like my head is finally the right size. I feel like it finally fits around my mind.

Walter Kirn

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#48. Dorian offered a lazy grin in return, believe it or not, this ship has an unnatural number of attractive men and women on board. You'll fit right in, and fit in with the cranky immortals, I suppose.

Sarah J. Maas

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#49. I throw myself into him, letting him fill the empty hollow places being away from him. I'm already wrapped around him, but I push closer. He tightens his hold on me. Honestly, if I could fit myself into his skin and rest in-between his bones, right now, I would.

Samantha Towle

Quotes About The Right Fit #622493
#50. I bet women bend right over this desk for you," I lean forward and place my hands on the desk and drop one shoulder seductively. "I bet they're all, 'Oh, Sawyer, it's so big. I don't think it's gonna fit.' Newsflash for you. They're lying. It always fits.

Jana Aston

Quotes About The Right Fit #673108
#51. The warrior for the True, the Right,
Fights in Love's name;
The love that lures thee from that fight
Lures thee to shame:
That love which lifts the heart, yet leaves
The spirit free,-
That love, or none, is fit for one
Man-shaped like thee.

Aubrey Thomas De Vere

Quotes About The Right Fit #677730
#52. If you feel you have the right key, you try to make some phrase or sound that will fit.

Jan Garbarek

Quotes About The Right Fit #677792
#53. The gears of God don't turn unless all the pieces fit right.

Lauren Oliver

Quotes About The Right Fit #691293
#54. A hero sacrifices for the greater good. A hero is true to his or her conscience. In short, heroism means doing the right thing regardless of the consequences. Although any person could fit that description, very few do. Choose this day to be one of them.

Brandon Mull

Quotes About The Right Fit #699964
#55. Honestly, if you don't fit in then you're probably doing the right thing.

Lights Poxlietner

Quotes About The Right Fit #706331
#56. They made an oddly joined puzzle, but the pieces fit in the right craggy places.

Erika Swyler

Quotes About The Right Fit #707547
#57. Man was mark'd
A friend in his creation to himself,
And may, with fit ambition, conceive
The greatest blessings, and the highest honors
Appointed for him, if he can achieve them
The right and noble way.

Philip Massinger

Quotes About The Right Fit #719668
#58. You can't BREED at a place where you can't BREATHE. Therefore, FIX yourself where you FIT.

Israelmore Ayivor

Quotes About The Right Fit #749441
#59. That's what I love about Aibileen, she can take the most complicated things in life and wrap them up so small and simple, they'll fit right in your pocket.

Kathryn Stockett

Quotes About The Right Fit #783085
#60. If there are any limits to what can be done. The limit is right here (in your head). You've got to get physically fit between your ears. Muscles don't know anything. They have to be thought.

Noah Hawley

Quotes About The Right Fit #785523
#61. I thought of the bowl of water my mother taught me to look into. It was true, everything a person ever needed to know was right there in a single bowl small enough to fit in the palm of one hand.

Alice Hoffman

Quotes About The Right Fit #818671
#62. All of us are seeking a home, and I don't mean where we were born, or where we now live and have things, but where we can do the big things, the right things. Where we belong, where we fit, where we're loved."--Tennessee Williams, "Follies of God: Tennessee Williams and the Women of the Fog

James Grissom

Quotes About The Right Fit #880081
#63. Freedom is not the absence of limitations and constraints but it is finding the right ones, those that fit our nature and liberate us.

Timothy Keller

Quotes About The Right Fit #884298
#64. Your attitude measures up to the two requirements of love. You want to go to bed with her and can't, and you don't know her very well. Ignorance of the other person topped up with deprivation, Jim. You fit the formula all right, and what's more you want to go on fitting it.

Kingsley Amis

Quotes About The Right Fit #887216
#65. right" way to be Chicana/o also could be a hegemonic discourse and exclusionary of those who do not fit. They recognized the possibility of multiple hegemonic structures and the danger of policing claims to identity.

Dolores Delgado Bernal

Quotes About The Right Fit #912512
#66. I myself prefer being called Cassie. It's so much friendlier and less pretentious than Cassandra, don't you think? ... I think both fit you right fine. One is elegant and graceful, the other fun and lively.

Karen Witemeyer

Quotes About The Right Fit #915580
#67. Clothing creates the illusion that bodies fit an aesthetically pleasing norm. And that illusion depends on getting the fit right. Garments that bunch, pull, or sag call attention to figure flaws and often make people look worse than they would without clothes.

Virginia Postrel

Quotes About The Right Fit #916418
#68. Those of us who believe in the right of any human being to belong to whatever church he sees fit, and to worship God in his own way, cannot be accused of prejudice when we do not want to see public education connected with religious control of the schools, which are paid for by taxpayers' money.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Quotes About The Right Fit #936514
#69. Fear of the right type can be beneficial to the people of God (see Prov. 1:7), but the fear of man's hostile intentions seldom fits that category.

Max Anders

Quotes About The Right Fit #959767
#70. Why don't you want a boyfriend?"
"I don't know. Maybe I do. I'd just have to meet the right guy. Someone who isn't ordinary. Someone who get someone I fit perfectly with. I want heat, chemistry, an undeniable connection. You know what I mean? I want it all. I'm done with ordinary and mediocre.

Jessica Park

Quotes About The Right Fit #965939
#71. Freedom is not so much the absence of restrictions as finding the right ones, those that fit with the realities of our own nature and those of the world.32 So the commandments of God in the Bible

Timothy Keller

Quotes About The Right Fit #977039
#72. Well, I came the second year. I mean I just fit right in. They wrote a great person and I'm so lucky that I got to be part of the family.

Aida Turturro

Quotes About The Right Fit #989996
#73. Somehow Chinese toxins fit right in with the Don's taste in gear. Austrian shotgun shells, Cuban baseball bats, Israeli silencers, Russian things he could only guess at - the Don was known for his upscale mob accessories.

Bruce Rousseau

Quotes About The Right Fit #992815
#74. Openness is also an acceptance that just as you have the inherent right to create your life as you see fit, so others have the same right with their own lives, even if their design differs from yours greatly.

Stephen Richards

Quotes About The Right Fit #996078
#75. Garp was a natural storyteller; he could make things up, one right after the other, and they seemed to fit. But what did they mean?

John Irving

Quotes About The Right Fit #1000936
#76. Even at the time, I realised this couldn't be right, that this interpretation didn't fit with the rest of the lyrics. But that wasn't an issue with me. The song was about what I said, and I used to listen to it again and again, on my own, whenever I got the chance.

Kazuo Ishiguro

Quotes About The Right Fit #1011516
#77. Then Jack takes me in his arms, and although I am still distraught, I cannot help but notice how well I fit in them, my head perfectly right for the crook of his neck.

Alex Flinn

Quotes About The Right Fit #1025927
#78. The Universe will now be set right. Made over to fit my unique view of what should be. Let Nihilism reign supreme!

Jim Starlin

Quotes About The Right Fit #1027274
#79. I've done 33 Sherlock Holmes stories and bits of them are all right. But the definitive Sherlock Holmes is really in everyone's head. No actor can fit into that category because every reader has his own ideal.

Jeremy Brett

Quotes About The Right Fit #1031644
#80. The theory that religion is a force for peace, often heard among the religious right and its allies today, does not fit the facts of history.

Steven Pinker

Quotes About The Right Fit #1040641
#81. Finding a job that is a good fit is as much about you selecting the right company as it is about them selecting the right candidate.

Miles Anthony Smith

Quotes About The Right Fit #1050465
#82. Do not, she urged her inner vixen, look at the way those blue jeans fit his lean legs. Do not notice how he's filled out in all the right places.

Scarlett Scott

Quotes About The Right Fit #1089721
#83. Women would then need to resort to the ballot box to request that protection - assuming the majority sees fit to give them the right/privilege to vote.

Timothy Sandefur

Quotes About The Right Fit #1102376
#84. I do not know why we are indulging in a fit of psychosis right now, but so help me, I will throw your crackbrained ass out the window if you don't stop right there.

Thea Harrison

Quotes About The Right Fit #1122284
#85. I don't wear the see-through shirts or anything too glittery. I come from that '90s school of rap. Fitted caps, because I got a big head, so snapbacks don't fit me right.

Meek Mill

Quotes About The Right Fit #1127556
#86. One of the things I do to stay healthy and fit is to make sure I exercise every single day. Aside from eating right and getting enough sleep, exercise keeps me trim and boosts my energy.

Martha Stewart

Quotes About The Right Fit #1150294
#87. We lose keys and we find keys and we get new keys. We just have to find the ones that unlock the right doors. Sometimes, we have keys, but we don't know what door they fit. That can be the hardest part, putting the right key in the right door.

Dan Groat

Quotes About The Right Fit #1163745
#88. No one has to learn to spell to talk, right? You see a little kid holding a conversation with an adult. He probably doesn't know the words he's saying, but he knows where to fit them to make what he's thinking logical to what you're saying.

Ornette Coleman

Quotes About The Right Fit #1171996
#89. Right after I did 'The Fountain,' I wanted to go make a documentary or something that was less constructed - more natural. I was searching for a project, and sniffing around, 'The Wrestler' fit right in.

Darren Aronofsky

Quotes About The Right Fit #1172215
#90. I was grabbing at whatever piece was in the big pile, trying to jam it in, but it never fit right. Then I finally tried the piece that had always been right under my hand, and it fit perfectly. All the other pieces fell into place after that. You're that piece, and I need you to finish my puzzle.

Tara Carr

Quotes About The Right Fit #1178690
#91. Strange - we are always inhabiting more than one realm of existence - but they all fit in if the art is right.

Lorine Niedecker

Quotes About The Right Fit #1209146
#92. If you're a Christian, Jew or Muslim, you're equally an American. That's the great thing about America, is the right to worship the way you see fit.

George W. Bush

Quotes About The Right Fit #1209397
#93. In ballet, I felt that no matter how good I was, if I didn't have the right body type or if I didn't fit a certain mold there was nothing I could do.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Quotes About The Right Fit #1240225
#94. Even for the people in the business who are real music lovers it's really about putting things in the right boxes, and my style doesn't fit into a box.

Teddy Thompson

Quotes About The Right Fit #1255269
#95. The Christian and the Materialist hold different beliefs about the universe. They can't both be right. The one who is wrong will act in a way which simply doesn't fit the real universe. Consequently, with the best will in the world, he will be helping his fellow creatures to their destruction.

C.S. Lewis

Quotes About The Right Fit #1255946
#96. People have shapes.All we do and say and think and believe cuts outlines around us like a jigsaw.And sometimes, you run into a person who seems to fit right beside you in the picture.Someone who sticks out where you dent in and zigs where you zag.

Ben Stephenson

Quotes About The Right Fit #1256591
#97. Race horses are like golfers, you're never sure how they're going to come out of the stalls. It's just - hopefully the horses come out of the race all right, just fit and ready to go again in the near future, but 3rd was good. It's paid for its hay.

Lee Westwood

Quotes About The Right Fit #1261128
#98. Remember how it was when we kissed? Armfuls and armfuls of light thrown right at us. A rope dropping down from the sky. How can the word love and the word life even fit in the mouth?

Jandy Nelson

Quotes About The Right Fit #1268839
#99. She fit her hand around the curve of his whiskered jaw. "I'm sorry. But I knew you would not leave otherwise - "
"Damn right I would not have left," he said gruffly. "Don't you understand what you mean to me? You are everything. Never doubt that. My place is with you, only you.

Monica McCarty

Quotes About The Right Fit #1293267
#100. You make the puzzle work. Without you, we're just a bunch of pieces that look like we belong together, but no matter how hard we try to hold on to each other, we fall apart. You're the glue. You're the fifth piece that makes everything fit just right.

Catherine Gayle

Quotes About The Right Fit #1346418

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