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#1. Are we doomed to it, Lord, chained to the pendulum of our own mad clockwork, helpless to halt its swing? - Author: Walter M. Miller Jr.
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#2. Buddhism cannot be true to itself until Buddhists resolve their ambivalence toward nonhuman animals and extend the full protection of their compassion to the most harmless and helpless of those who live at our mercy in the visible realms. - Author: Norm Phelps
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#3. The more helpless you are, the better you are fitted to pray, and the more answers to prayer you will experience. - Author: Ole Hallesby
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#4. There were girls at school whose families grew to a robust five or six. There were girls with seven or eight-which was thought a little enthusiastic - and then there were the pathetic ones like me, who had parents that were just helpless to it, and bred as naturally as they might shit. - Author: Anne Enright
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#5. Rest in natural great peace, this exhausted mind, beaten helpless by karma and neurotic thought, like the relentless fury of the pounding waves in the infinite ocean of samsara. - Author: Nyoshul Khenpo Rinpoche
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#6. No one likes to feel helpless. We find it psychologically unbearable and inside ourselves we may try to make ourselves part author of our misfortune rather than simply the recipient of it. - Author: Susie Orbach
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#7. It was not until we saw the picture of the earth, from the moon, that we realized how small and how helpless this planet is - something that we must hold in our arms and care for. - Author: Margaret Mead
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#8. Echo already felt like a heavy drug. The kind I avoided on purpose - crack, heroin, meth. The ones that screwed with your mind, crept into your blood and left you powerless, helpless. - Author: Katie McGarry
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#9. She captured the spot of my world's centre and sent me in elliptic rings about it, causing the ground beneath me to vanish and the breath of my lungs to disperse. I was a rock locked in helpless orbit. - Author: Richard Ronald Allan
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#10. That's a man's vital spot, the helpless thing he loves. ("Jane Brown's Body") - Author: Cornell Woolrich
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#11. The psychiatrist knows only too well how each of us becomes the helpless but not pitiable victim of his own sentiments. Sentimentality is the superstructure erected upon brutality. - Author: Carl Jung
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#12. Kenzie approached sheepishly, one half of the broken rattan in her hand. "Sorry," she said, holding up the ruined weapon with a helpless gesture. "It ... uh ... died a noble death. I can only hope it gave that thing a wicked tongue splinter. - Author: Julie Kagawa
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#13. Oh, Kali, my mother full of bliss! Enchantress of the almighty Shiva, in thy delirious joy thou dancest, clapping thy hands together. Thou art the Mover of all that moves, and we are but thy helpless toys. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#14. That is the problem with age and wisdom - it merely shows you how helpless you are. The wiser you become, the more you learn to keep your mouth shut, until eventually the grave silences you forever. - Author: Bill Bonner
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#15. Damen felt it then, the first dizzy edge of new emotion, and he let go his hold of Laurent like a man fearing a precipice; and yet was helpless. - Author: C.S. Pacat
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#16. Sometimes history cleaves and for one helpless moment stands still like the pause when the ax splits a log and the two halves rest on end waiting to fall. - Author: Barbara Kingsolver
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#17. Be brave and upright that God may love thee; speak the truth always, even if it leads to your death; safeguard the helpless and do no wrong. That is your oath. - Author: Balian Of Ibelin
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#18. Love is an activity, not a feeling ... True love is not the helpless desire to possess the cherished object of one's fervent affection; true love is the disciplined generosity we require of ourselves for the sake of another when we would rather be selfish. - Author: Stephen L. Carter
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#19. Sometimes, if she was afraid, she'd take all her fear and gather it up and turn it into anger. Anger didn't paralyze the way fear did. It was the opposite of being helpless. But it was dangerous too, because you could end up being angry all the time. - Author: Dan Krokos
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#20. However unapproachable these problems may seem to us and however helpless we stand before them, we have, nevertheless, the firm conviction that their solution must follow by a finite number of purely logical processes. - Author: David Hilbert
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#21. You feel the intense desire to do good, to do right thing. At this stage, you also feel helpless. - Author: Chin-Ning Chu
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#22. Parenthood, like death, is an event for which it is nearly impossible to be prepared. It brings you into a new relationship with the fact of your own existence, a relationship in which one may be rendered helpless. - Author: Rachel Cusk
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#23. Donald Lydecker: Alcoholism is not a disease, it's a failing. You've turned it into a church. You worship the altar of self-pity. I come to these rooms for one reason, to remember what I don't want to become ... helpless, impotent, and weak. - Author: James Cameron
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#24. Honour forbid! at whose unrivall'd shrine 105 Ease, pleasure, virtue, all our sex resign. Methinks already I your tears survey, Already hear the horrid things they say, Already see you a degraded toast, And all your honour in a whisper lost! 110 How shall I, then, your helpless fame - Author: Alexander Pope
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#25. Battle not with Hello Kitty lest ye become Hello Kitty; and if you gaze into the abyss the abyss gazes into you with huge eyes and a helpless disposition. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#26. The earthquake cannot be subpoenaed. The typhoon will not bend under indictment. They sent the killer of Prince Jones back to his work, because he was not a killer at all. He was a force of nature, the helpless agent of our world's physical laws. - Author: Ta-Nehisi Coates
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#27. When we're anxious, disconnected, vulnerable, alone, and feeling helpless, the booze and food and work and endless hours online feel like comfort, but in reality they're only casting their long shadows over our lives. - Author: Brene Brown
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#28. Evil devastates any possibility of an intellectual response; the tools of the rational intellect are as helpless incoping with the aftereffects of evil as it was in preventing it. - Author: Paul Levy
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#29. Without the family, we are helpless before the State. - Author: G.K. Chesterton
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#30. He'd come back, all open and helpless, and I suppose that's what won her around in the end. But it was so sad, because it was being himself that he found so difficult to cope with. - Author: Melvin Burgess
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#31. In video games, one of the most helpless against injustice can even mighty. - Author: Glenn Greenwald
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#32. It is natural to feel helpless when attempting the impossible. - Author: George Hammond
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#33. So often parents of abused children feel helpless. When a child falls, and scrapes her knees parents can erase the hurt by kissing it and putting a Band-Aid on it, but not so with the pain of sexual abuse. - Author: Erin Merryn
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#34. To cut off the sinner from all reliance upon himself, his merits and his powers; and throw him, naked and helpless, into the hands of the Holy Spirit to lead him to Christ in faith; should be the one great aim of the ministry. - Author: Ichabod Spencer
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#35. There is a darkness coming that not even Starclan can prevent. And when it comes, we will be helpless to protect the Clans. Helpless even to protect ourselves. - Author: Erin Hunter
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#36. Bound and helpless to do anything but moan, she gave in to the unraveling until she fell apart with a pleasure so intense it felt like dying, like the universe had ceased to exist because nothing could ever be this perfect again. - Author: Nicolette Hugo
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#37. Certainly I'm angry at the way Indians have been treated and continue to be treated. But I don't think it's a helpless emotion. - Author: Sherman Alexie
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#38. Man himself is helpless to detach himself from the gnawing guilt of a heart weighed down with the guilt of sin. But where man has failed, God has succeeded. - Author: Billy Graham
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#39. We manufacture anger to give ourselves the illusion of power when we feel weak and helpless. - Author: Sophie Hannah
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#40. God gave us the gift of life. It is the most precious gift ever. To be unarmed is to be helpless to protect that gift; that is outright irresponsible. - Author: Ted Nugent
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#41. For most of the history of our species we were helpless to understand how nature works. We took every storm, drought, illness and comet personally. We created myths and spirits in an attempt to explain the patterns of nature. - Author: Ann Druyan
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#42. The logic of the photograph is neither verbal nor syntactical, a condition which renders literary culture quite helpless to cope with the photograph. - Author: Marshall McLuhan
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#43. Love is not instant. Infatuation is instant. Love is a thing that begins with the most shallow of roots that reach the depths of our souls only after we've given ourselves up to the helplessness of it. And when it's true love, we are truly helpless. - Author: Inglath Cooper
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#44. How does it feel to be helpless, Led?

To depend on something that fails you?

There's no more running from who you are; no one to hold you together anymore.

You're alone now--

The ghost of Tokyo has come for you all. - Author: Rick Remender
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#45. Maybe that's what praying is all about. Maybe it's not just asking God to forgive us for bad things or asking Him for good things. Maybe it's just the act of praying and feeling that there's someone up there listening that makes us feel better and less helpless. - Author: Sarah Darer Littman
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#46. Outcast on a cold star, unable to feel anything but an awful helpless numbness. I look down into the warm, earthy world. Into a nest of lovers' beds, baby cribs, meal tables, all the solid commerce of life in this earth, and feel apart, enclosed in a wall of glass. - Author: Sylvia Plath
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#47. Never does one feel oneself so utterly helpless as in trying to speak comfort for great bereavement. I will not try it. Time is the only comforter for the loss of a mother. - Author: Jane Welsh Carlyle
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#48. We will not refuse to help the helpless or lift up the fallen, but we will reuse to wallow in the mud because of our sympathies. - Author: Ernest Holmes
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#49. Why, lies are like a sticky juice overspreading the world, a living, growing flypaper to catch and gum the wings of every human soul ... And the little helpless buzzings of honest, liberal, kindly people, aren't they like the thin little noise flies make when they're caught? - Author: John Dos Passos
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#50. Everybody had to conform, find a mold to fit into. Doctor, lawyer, soldier
didn't matter what it was. Once in the mold you had to push forward. Sussex was as helpless as the
next man. Either you managed to do something or you starved in the streets. - Author: Charles Bukowski
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#51. Here is the tragedy: when you are the victim of depression, not only do you feel utterly helpless and abandoned by the world, you also know that very few people can understand, or even begin to believe, that life can be this painful. - Author: Giles Andreae
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#52. Jews are not part of a European ruling class imposed on helpless natives, but are caught up in a tragedy in which two peoples are struggling for the same piece of land. - Author: Jack Schwartz
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#53. There is nothing more helpless and irresponsible than a man in the depths of an ether binge. - Author: Hunter S. Thompson
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#54. It conjured up an image of fate, not blind at all but equipped with sentient 20/20 vision and intent on grinding helpless mortals between the great millstones of the universe to make some unknown bread. - Author: Stephen King
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#55. A true believer, indeed, need never draw a weapon, need never rise in argument, or howl in fury, or make fists, or roll in a mob to crush some helpless, innocent enemy. A true believer needs none of those things. How much of the world insists on living this lie? Blinking, - Author: Steven Erikson
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#56. Pure and intelligent women can be deceived and misled by the baser sort, their very innocence and experience making them credulous and the helpless tools of the guilty and bold. - Author: Catharine Beecher
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#57. If he heard her, he gave no indication, just went on about "men who take advantage" and "helpless women" and "fates worse than death." Sophie wasn't positive, but she thought she even heard the phrase "roast beef and pudding". - Author: Julia Quinn
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#58. Since the election, since the formation of a government, the death in Iraq has increased. The United States stands by, helpless to do anything about it. That's the reality, not George Bush's revisionist history! - Author: Mark Shields
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#59. Well, your God is silent and sleeping while the Japanese are busy torturing and killing us Koreans. We are as helpless as flies and it is getting worse as the war goes on. - Author: Sook Nyul Choi
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#60. In fact, the mothers of all her girl friends impressed on their daughters the necessity of being helpless, clinging, doe-eyed creatures. Really, it took a
lot of sense to cultivate and hold such a pose. - Author: Margaret Mitchell
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#61. The helpless ecstasy of loosing himself in her charm was a powerful opiate rather than a tonic. - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
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#62. Every child is so helpless - just to survive he has to be political, he has to accept whatsoever the parents are saying. - Author: Rajneesh
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#63. The power of women! I've never felt so full of mysterious power. Men are a joke.
We're so weak physically, so helpless with things. Still, even today. But we're stronger than they are. We can stand their cruelty. They can't stand ours. - Author: John Fowles
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#64. Huge blocks of ice, weighing many tons, were lifted into the air and tossed aside as other masses rose beneath them. We were helpless intruders in a strange world, our lives dependent upon the play of grim elementary forces that made a mock of our puny efforts. - Author: Ernest Shackleton
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#65. It is not reasonable that he who does not shoot should hit the mark, nor that he who does not stand fast at his post should win the day, or that the helpless man should succeed or the coward prosper. - Author: Plutarch
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#66. Like a moth to a flame we become helpless to the beautiful ghosts that true love sheds. - Author: Ryan O'Neal
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#67. Even though He wants our help, values our help, and calls for our help in changing the world, our all-powerful God is not helpless - even without us. - Author: Nik Ripken
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#68. Rarely they rise by virtue's aid who lie plunged in the depth of helpless poverty. - Author: Juvenal
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#69. The Court stands against any winds that blow as havens of refuge for those who might otherwise suffer because they are helpless, weak, outnumbered, or because they are nonconforming victims of prejudice or public excitement. - Author: Hugo Black
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#70. I looked in vain for LaRoue, my cruelty toward her now in me like a splinter, where it would sit for years in my helpless memory, the skin growing around; what else can memory do? It can do nothing; It pretends to eat the shrapnel of your acts, yet it cannot swallow or chew. - Author: Lorrie Moore
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#71. Young girls are like helpless children in the hands of amorous men, whatever is said to them is true and whatever manipulation on their bodies seems like love to them, sooner or later, they come back to their senses, but the scars are not dead inasmuch as her spoiler lives. - Author: Michael Bassey
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#72. The ancients believed in Fate because they recognized how hard it is for anyone to change anything. The pull of past and future is so strong that the present is crushed by it. We lie helpless in the force of patterns inherited and patterns re-enacted by our own behavior. The burden is intolerable. - Author: Jeanette Winterson
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#73. The 12th System can protect you from the pain that afflicts your body, but it's helpless against the pain that crushes your soul. - Author: Rick Yancey
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#74. It is our care for the helpless, our practice of loving kindness, that brands us in the eyes of those who oppose us. - Author: Tertullian
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#75. You're no longer a wallflower, nor a virgin, nor the helpless child who had to endure life with the Maybricks. You're a viscountess with a sizable fortune, and a scoundrel of a husband. Whose rules will you adhere to now? - Author: Lisa Kleypas
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#76. Some things are really necessaries of life in some circles, the most helpless and diseased, which in others are luxuries merely, and in others still entirely unknown. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
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#77. Helpless as a burning city, / how can I ignore that the extremes / of pleasure are fire storms / that leave a vacuum into which / dangerous feelings (tenderness, / affection, l o v e) may rush / like gale force winds. - Author: Marge Piercy
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#78. Because of the way society sets them up, women never again experience the need to develop independence - until some crisis in later life explodes their complacency, showing them how sadly helpless and undeveloped they've allowed themselves to be. - Author: Colette Dowling
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#79. When Jesus looked at the harassed and helpless multitudes, apparently his concern was not that the lost would not come to the Father. Instead his concern was that his followers would not go to the lost. - Author: David Platt
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#80. If your options are closing-in around you and you feel panicked, scared and helpless, this is the time for action. - Author: Bryant McGill
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#81. This was the torment and insanity, the enjoyment of angels, when he was helpless in Silas's hands. "Frighten me," Dominic whispered. - Author: K.J. Charles
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#82. This perception that the only people that come to Crown are helpless victims and we are just sitting there preying on them, you know, I reject that absolutely and that does upset me. And I think that that is, you know, that is a spin line from the latte set, which is completely wrong. - Author: James Packer
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#83. The most helpless person is the one who is helpless in reforming himself. - Author: Ali Ibn Abi Talib
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#84. Holden found one helpless little hand that closed feebly on his finger. And the clutch ran through his body till it settled about his heart. Till then his sole thought had been for Ameera. He began to realise that there was some one else in the world, ... - Author: Rudyard Kipling
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#85. A trap closed around my heart, and in that moment, I was helpless. Whether she loved me for my money or myself, whether she loved me at all, whether her heart was even available for the winning ... none of it mattered. I was smitten to the core. - Author: Julianne Donaldson
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#86. Of her own experience she had no memory of the thing happening; but in her instinct, which was the experience of all mothers of wolves, there lurked a memory of fathers that had eaten their new-born and helpless progeny. - Author: Jack London
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#87. The elimination of individual capitalists and the replacement of private capitalism by state capitalism in Russia has not in the least altered the typical helpless and authoritarian character structure of the masses of people. - Author: Wilhelm Reich
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#88. - but Surge was not mad, had never been completely drained of his compassion and he could never forget, nor could he since then look upon the helpless and the innocent with anything less than outrage and a desire for justice. - Author: John Spencer
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#89. Yet after night fall most any layover here, it seemed that they ended up cruising the bleak arterials of dismal L.A. backwaters, seeking out of some helpless fatality the company of lowlifes of opportunity. - Author: Thomas Pynchon
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#90. He was a little boy, and she was grown up. She huddled by the fire not daring to move, helpless and guilty, a big woman. - Author: J.M. Barrie
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#91. Helplessness is such a rotten feeling. There's nothing you can do about it. Being helpless is like being paralyzed. It's sickness. The cure calls for a monumental effort to stand up and start walking somewhere, anywhere. But that takes some doing. - Author: Chuck Barris
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#92. They toured the new hospital, the renovated and expanded McVeigh Home, and the (named without apparent irony) Bay View Home for the Blind and Helpless. - Author: Alan Brennert
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#93. Say, what is life? 'Tis to be born,
A helpless Babe, to greet the light
With a sharp wail, as if the morn
Foretold a cloudy noon and night;
To weep, to sleep, and weep again,
With sunny smiles between; and then? - Author: John Godfrey Saxe
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#94. But the moment our eyes meet, I'm right back under his spell, a helpless hunk of steel to his irresistible magnet. - Author: Alyson Noel
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#95. The Q I loathe and despise, the Q every single writer I know loathes and despises, is this one: 'Where,' the reader asks, 'do you get your ideas?' It's a simple question, and my usual response is a kind of helpless, 'I don't know.' - Author: Ayelet Waldman
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#96. If you were not a sinful, polluted, helpless, and miserable creature, this Savior would not be suited to you, and you would not be comprehended in his gracious invitations to the children of men. - Author: Archibald Alexander
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#97. If the bureaucracy is not checked, it will tend to build, in the name of peace, a defense against every conceivable contingency - so much 'security' that 'the secured' are without resources - helpless and hopeless. - Author: Leonard Read
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#98. Like a feather in a dust storm, with no direction The Raven flies through life, helpless and omitted Until night declares and the wind expires. Then it flies to the land of stones and etchings And becomes an Ember, breaking away - Author: Jessica Sorensen
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#99. I was teaching in one of the universities while the country was suffering from a severe famine. People were dying of hunger, and I felt very helpless. As an economist, I had no tool in my tool box to fix that kind of situation. - Author: Muhammad Yunus
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#100. The Smile won Matthew extra time before bed, extra Christmas pudding, extra anything he wanted. Adults were helpless to resist The Smile.
Matthew gave his all to this particular smile. Butter melted. Birds sang. People slipped about dazed amid the butter and birdsong. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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