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#1. His hands were cold as ice, but he saved us from the dead men, him and his ravens, and he brought us here on his elk." "His elk?" said Bran, wonderstruck. "His elk?" said Meera, startled. "His ravens?" said Jojen. "Hodor?" said Hodor. - Author: Anonymous
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#2. Nothing is poorer than a truth expressed as it was thought. Committed to writing in such cases, it is not even a bad photograph. Truth wants to be startled abruptly, at one stroke, from her self-immersion, whether by uproar, music or cries for help ... - Author: Walter Benjamin
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#3. Startled from a bad dream, or perhaps still in one... - Author: Courtney Maum
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#4. No one ever seems to question why the burden is all on the teacher to do the engaging, when we ask so little of the students, or for that matter, their parents." Her vehemence startled me. "I never thought of it that way," I told her. "No," she said, not unkindly. "But I promise, you will. - Author: Tony Danza
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#5. I became startled by the extraordinary difference between something whose surface is completely invisible which only makes itself present by virtue of what it reflects, and a window, which doesn't make itself apparent at all, in the ideal case. - Author: Jonathan Miller
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#6. I froze like a startled bunny. Fumbling the disk into my purse, I cut my eyes toward the hallway.

Had I locked the front door?

Of course I had. Only a moron would break into someone's house and forget to lock the door.

Damn it! I'd forgotten to lock the door. - Author: Lois Greiman
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#7. He laughed and it sounded startled and a bit rusty, as if he didn't do that very often. - Author: Amanda McCabe
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#8. Running her fingers on the scales, she sighs. "I wonder what its like to be a human?"
"Why won't you just go and find out?" the question startled her. She whirled around to come face to face with her evil aunt; Ursula. - Author: Khalia Hades
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#9. We were married for almost 45 years. We fought all the time, it wasn't a great love or anything, it wasn't a great, all-consuming passion. She was just there. A lot of people were startled because we didn't seem devoted but we were. - Author: Hugh Leonard
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#10. To say that he was not startled, or that his blood was not conscious of a terrible sensation to which it had been a stranger from infancy, would be untrue. - Author: Charles Dickens
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#11. I'm about to panic when I remember the rabbit I startled earlier today. It has to drink, too. I just have to find out where. - Author: Suzanne Collins
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#12. We want books that are written for those of us who doubt everything, who cry over the least little thing, who are startled by the slightest noise. - Author: Laurence Cosse
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#13. Professionalism in art has this difficulty: To be professional is to be dependable, to be dependable is to be predictable, and predictability is esthetically boring - an anti-virtue in a field where we hope to be astonished and startled and at some deep level refreshed. - Author: John Updike
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#14. A brief rustling that broke off short, as if startled at itself, then deadly silence, that agonising, watchful hush, fraught with its own betrayal, that stretched each minute to an excruciating eternity. - Author: Gustav Meyrink
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#15. I've lately had two spiders Crawling upon my startled hopes
Now though thy friendly hand has brushed 'em from me, Yet still they crawl offensive to mine eyes: I would have some kind friend to tread upon 'em. - Author: Colley Cibber
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#16. It took a month for the gestalt of drugs and tension he moved through to turn those perpetually startled eyes into wells of reflexive need. He'd watched her personality fragment, calving like an iceberg, splinters drifting away, and finally he'd seen the raw need, the hungry armature of addiction. - Author: William Gibson
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#17. Swiveling in his old wooden chair, the legs squeaking as if startled by the sudden movement, he glanced at the clock on the wall behind him and surveyed the time imprisoned behind its yellowed and crazed plastic dome. - Author: Hugh Howey
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#18. Startled, he blinked at her. King and queen? But he couldn't - she wasn't - well, she wasn't Sunny. And he'd been in love with one dragon his whole life. - Author: Tui T. Sutherland
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#19. Victoria jumped, startled at her presence. - Author: Latrivia S. Nelson
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#20. Here was one of the white man's most characteristic behavior patterns - where black men are concerned. He loves himself so much that he is startled if he discovers that his victims don't share his vainglorious self-opinion. - Author: Malcolm X
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#21. Who cares what most men do? I say. He looks startled. Clearly the idea of not giving a shit has failed to occur to him. - Author: Charlotte Stein
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#22. It's because we are so flooded with American culture that we're startled when we see ourselves up there on the screen. - Author: Yahoo Serious
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#23. Sean settles swiftly behind me, and I'm startled by the sudden closeness of him, my back suddenly warm against his chest, the press of his hips on against me. i turn to ask him a question, and he jerks his face away from the proximity of mine. I say, Oh. Sorry. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
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#24. I had a keen delight in receiving the new ideas he offered, in imagining the new pictures he portrayed, and following him in thought through the new regions he disclosed, never startled or troubled by one noxious allusion. - Author: Charlotte Bronte
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#25. If we would only give, just once, the same amount of reflection to what we want to get out of life that we give to the question of what to do with a two weeks' vacation, we would be startled at our false standards and the aimless procession of our busy days. - Author: Dorothy Canfield Fisher
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#26. People have become so accustomed to texting that they're actually startled when the phone rings. It's like we suddenly all have Bat-phones. If it rings, there must be danger. - Author: Ellen DeGeneres
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#27. I past another telkhine, who was so startled he dropped his Lil' Demons lunch box. I left him alive - partly because he had a cool lunch box ... - Author: Rick Riordan
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#28. Every man who has at last succeeded, after long effort, in calling up the divinity which lies hidden in a woman's heart, is startled to find that he must obey the God he summoned. - Author: Henry Adams
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#29. He was startled, but there was that about him which made it impossible to show what he felt, an instant and utter reflex of stillness to counteract all outward evidence of surprise, fear, anything. - Author: Ellery Queen
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#30. He had a frozen, wide-eyed look to his face, I remember, the way some old people do, like they are perpetually startled by the monstrous surprise that is old age. - Author: Khaled Hosseini
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#31. Small children can be startled by the most mundane of noises. A car door from a distance can sound like the sky falling down when heard for the very first time. - Author: Ulysses Brave
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#32. The butterfly startled at Mary's gesture and floated up, drifting on the breeze, its wings sparkling blue and bright in the late afternoon sunshine.
Silence watched it, enthralled, and then her eyes met Michael's.
A corner of his mouth cocked up. Welcome home, m'love. - Author: Elizabeth Hoyt
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#33. Lieutenant Cranston, sitting across the tavern table from him, looked startled. "Something amiss, Captain?" "It's as I feared - we've been called back to sea early. We set sail in less than a - Author: Elizabeth Hoyt
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#34. I'm doing all this for Luke's sake. And yours."
"For my sake?" Startled out of my rising anger, I gave him a round-eyed glance.
"There's not much I wouldn't do for you, Ella," he said quietly. "Haven't you figured that out yet?"
-Jack & Ella - Author: Lisa Kleypas
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#35. Despite everything he'd learned and witnessed firsthand, it called to him as much as hunger or thirst. A movement up on the left wall of the South Door caught his attention. Startled, he reacted quickly, looking just in time to see a flash of silver. A patch of ivy shook - Author: James Dashner
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#36. She jerked away from me like a startled fawn might, if I had a startled fawn and it jerked away from me. - Author: Raymond Chandler
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#37. This is what she hated most about the on-line world, the shadows as much as the bright lights of the legal nets: too many men assumes that the nets were exclusively their province, and were startled and angry to find out that it wasn't. - Author: Melissa Scott
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#38. Looking up, he met her startled gaze. 'Let down your guard, Honor. Let me in. Let me love you.' He kissed her lips, tasted the sweetness of her breath. 'Trust me. I won't ever 'urt you. - Author: Bec McMaster
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#39. We're almost there, Oliver said. Once again Petunia was so startled that she tripped and would have fallen is Oliver hadn't caught her around the waist and pulled her upright. "You must have been far away," he said laughing. - Author: Jessica Day George
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#40. She was a little startled by seeing the Cheshire Cat sitting on a bough of a tree a few yards off. The Cat only grinned when it saw Alice. - Author: Lewis Carroll
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#41. The world in general doesn't know what to make of originality; it is startled out of its comfortable habits of thought, and its first reaction is one of anger. - Author: W. Somerset Maugham
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#42. I have been acting for over 20 years and I started in the smallest little theater that you can possibly imagine and then I very slowly built myself to this point. So it is never like there is this real sharp change or something that really startled me. It has just been very gradual. - Author: Michael Shannon
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#43. I thought it would be quieter here." [Anna] hadn't meant to say anything, but the noise startled her.
"The wind in the trees," Bran said. "And there are some birds that stay year-round. Sometimes when the wind is still and the cold is upon us, the quiet is so deep you can feel it in your bones. - Author: Patricia Briggs
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#44. Frodo drew himself up, and again Sam was startled by his words and his stern voice. 'On the Precious? How dare you?' he said. 'Think! Would you commit your promise to that, Smeagol? It will hold you. But it is more treacherous than you are. It may twist your words. Beware! - Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
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#45. Everyone stopped to blink at that for a second. I mean, come on. Impaled by a guided frozen turkey missile. Even by the standards of the quasi-immortal creatures of the night, that ain't something you see twice.
"For my next trick," I panted into the startled silence, "anvils. - Author: Jim Butcher
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#46. What's your heritage, anyway? I said irritably, backing away, putting more space between us. He regarded me blankly, looking startled by the personal question, and as if he lacked a frame of reference for one. - Author: Karen Marie Moning
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#47. Earth Day gathered up those strands, and dozens more, and knitted them together in the public consciousness as "environmental" issues. The nation was pretty startled when 20 million people hit the streets. Congress, which had adjourned for the day to go back to its districts, was blown away. - Author: Denis Hayes
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#48. A large and ridiculous gunner told me that I looked like an out-of-work chorus boy. He was very startled when I told him that was exactly what I was, but that I found it easier to get work as a naval officer, a job requiring considerably less talent. - Author: William Donaldson
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#49. Truths that startled the generation in which they were first announced become in the next age the commonplaces of conversation; as the famous airs of operas which thrilled the first audiences come to be played on hand-organs in the streets. - Author: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
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#50. Romeo was late. Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo ... I snorted. It was so loud it startled a girl at a nearby table.
- Rimmel - Author: Cambria Hebert
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#51. In one swift motion she's out of his arms twirling about. Startled and then ecstatic, she feels lighter than air, laughing in spite of herself. Light hearted, she keeps spinning feeling the stress and pain strip away from her. She was surprised by how confident she felt. How alive. - Author: Solange Nicole
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#52. She padded toward Han, barefoot, like a faerie startled out of a forest bower, bewitching mix of clan and flatland beauty. - Author: Cinda Williams Chima
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#53. Once you have become permanently startled, as I am, by the realization that we are a social species, you tend to keep an eye out for the pieces of evidence that this is, by and large, good for us. - Author: Lewis Thomas
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#54. I must confess it was very unexpected and I am very startled at my metamorphosis into a chemist. - Author: Ernest Rutherford
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#55. She was so quiet. So reflective. And she could erase herself, her spirit, with a swiftness that truly startled, when she knew the people around her could not respect it. - Author: Alice Walker
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#56. Why should we be startled by death? Life is a constant putting off of the mortal coil - coat, cuticle, flesh and bones, all old clothes. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
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#57. Obama, startled that components of government behave as interest groups, seems utterly unfamiliar with public choice theory. It demystifies and de-romanticizes politics by applying economic analysis - how incentives influence behavior - to government. - Author: George Will
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#58. ... you look like a loved person. It always shows on people's faces. The ones who discover love when they are much older always look startled. The loved ones expect it from other people. - Author: Marie Mutsuki Mockett
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#59. Jace told me once you'd walk all over my heart in high-heeled boots, and it hasn't stopped me.
Isabelle gave a little gasp of startled laughter. "He said that? And you stuck around?"
He leaned in toward her ... "I would consider it an honor. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#60. She slammed down the phone. The sharp bang shattered my heart like a bottle hitting the sidewalk - Author: Susan Crandall
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#61. The man who has acquired the habit of study, though for only one hour every day in the year, and keeps to the one thing studied till it is mastered, will be startled to see the way he has made at the end of a twelvemonth. - Author: Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton
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#62. Yet somehow the thing that startled me most, after a week or two had passed, was that I had in fact survived. - Author: Arthur Golden
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#63. And then, one morning, you're startled to discover that you no longer feel this terrible burden. What a surprise to notice that the angst has disappeared. Why on that particular day? Why not later, or sooner? It's the totalitarian decision of our body. - Author: David Foenkinos
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#64. A sound startled him, and to his everlasting irritation, his body jerked. The nurse was standing at the foot of the bed. Did they all have to creep around? He was going to insist bells be sewn onto everyone's clothes so he was aware of them approaching. - Author: Lorraine Heath
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#65. I remember it as if it were today ... seeing him [Che] framed in the viewfinder, with that expression. I am still startled by the impact ... it shakes me so powerfully. (On his iconic photo of Che Guevara) - Author: Alberto Korda
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#66. Lord, catch me off guard today. Surprise me with some moment of beauty or pain so that at least for the moment, I may be startled into seeing that you are here in all your splendor, always and everywhere, barely hidden, beneath, beyond, within this life I breathe. - Author: Frederick Buechner
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#67. Ildiko had been tempted more than a few times to cross her eyes and watch their reaction.
"Don't even think about it, wife. You'll notice half of them are sharpening or cleaning their weapons. All I need is for someone to inadvertently slice themselves open because you startled them. - Author: Grace Draven
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#68. I realized that were I to paint flowers small, no one would look at them because I was unknown. So I thought I'll make them big, like the huge buildings going up. People will be startled; they'll have to look at them - and they did. - Author: Georgia O'Keeffe
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#69. What word or expression do you most overuse? Re-reading a collection of my stuff, I was rather startled to find that it was 'perhaps. - Author: Christopher Hitchens
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#70. I'm simply interested in what is going to happen next. I don't think I can control my life or my writing. Every other writer I know feels he is steering himself, and I don't have that feeling. I don't have that sort of control. I'm simply becoming. I'm startled that I became a writer. - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
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#71. We should always endeavor to wonder at the permanent thing, not at the mere exception. We should be startled by the sun, and not by the eclipse. We should wonder less at the earthquake, and wonder more at the earth. - Author: G.K. Chesterton
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#72. Are you here to kill me? The question startled her, but with the day I was having, I thought it was justified. - Author: Kalayna Price
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#73. You're used of taking care to people."
The edge in his voice attracts my attention, and I glance up at him.
"What is it?" I ask, startled by his wary expression.
"I want to take care of you." His luminous eyes glow with some unnamed emotion. - Author: E.L. James
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#74. I wondered why I was so startled by the encounter when there was something that seemed utterly inevitable about the moment. Not in any grand, destined sense; just in the quiet, stubborn way that unfinished business has of imposing its will on the unwilling. - Author: Emily Giffin
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#75. His cold, unmoving face startled me, but the warmth from his hands left me curious and longing for more of his touch. - Author: Magan Vernon
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#76. Sabrina leaned in and pressed her lips to Puck's. There was a little static shock that startled her and she stepped back with her hands on her mouth. - Author: Michael Buckley
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#77. Evan's head was filled with the sound of water. He thought of the ghost in the grass, her blue dress and bare feet. He thought of the way the doves had flown up into the sky all in a ruse, startled by gunfire, and then all he could think was that despite everything that happened, he was alive. - Author: Alice Hoffman
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#78. I wrapped a movie called 'Zombieland,' in which I was constantly under assault by zombies, then flew to New York, still very much in character. With my daughter at the airport I was startled by a paparazzo, who I quite understandably mistook for a zombie. - Author: Woody Harrelson
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#79. Did you know," he said, his breath warm on my cheek, "that that is the first time anyone has ever told me they loved me?" Startled, I did the only thing I could think of - I kissed him again. "You'd better get used to hearing it more often, because I plan on saying it to you an awful lot. - Author: Aimee Carter
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#80. Startled, I flinched "What are you doing?"
"Keeping you from going postal."
"You're doing it wrong. - Author: L.B. Gregg
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#81. The separate water foundations, park benches, bathrooms and restaurants of the Jim Crow South startled me. These experiences motivated my lifelong study of the status of African Americans and the sources of improvement in that status. - Author: James Heckman
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#82. He laughed, and the sound startled me. I turned back, taking in the sight of his hair blowing in the wind and the huge smile on his face. He looked so carefree. And his laugh...oh, Lord, his laugh. It melted my heart a little and chipped away at the carefully constructed wall I'd built. - Author: Kelley R. Martin
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#83. It isn't true what they say about mothers. We don't hate our sons'
girlfriends. The sleazy ones - maybe. But we're mostly delighted and a little startled when a wonderful girl loves our son. And relieved the son is smart enough to love her back. I'm grateful,
Beth. - Author: Angela Morrison
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#84. Smeagol,' said Gollum suddenly and clearly, opening his eyes wide and staring at Frodo with a strange light. 'Smeagol will swear on the Precious.'
Frodo drew himself up, and again Sam was startled by his words and his stern voice. 'On the Precious? How dare you?' he said. 'Think! - Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
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#85. Elena startled both of them by flying up so quickly that Stefan had to grab her by the waist to keep her from shooting toward the ceiling.
I thought you had gravity!"
So did I! What do I do?"
Think heavy thoughts!"
What if it doesn't work?"
We'll buy you an anchor! - Author: L.J.Smith
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#86. Gansey sat behind the wheel, wearing both his Aglionby uniform and an electric expression that startled Blue. It was wide-awake and glittering, a match struck just behind his eyes. She'd seen this vivid Gansey before, but usually only when they were alone. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
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#87. The machine demanded access codes. As he entered the first, a faint whispering sound startled him, causing him to snatch up the sweep laser. All was silent again. It had sounded like metal on metal. Could he have imagined it? He listened intently. - Author: Christina Engela
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#88. I hadn't thought about that."He pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. "Curiouser and curiouser."
Startled, I glanced at him. "I say that sometimes."
Even with his face tight with worry, Dad managed to look a little amused. "It's from Alice in Wonderland. Appropriate, don't you think? - Author: Rachel Hawkins
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#89. So I was startled when Parker lifted me into his arms and strode out of the room and to a car parked right outside. - Author: Rochelle Paige
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#90. Right there, in front of everyone, I threw my arms arond his neck and mashed my mouth against his. He was startled for a second, then his strong arms wraped around me so tightly I could hardly breathe.
"ZOMG," I heard Nudge whisper. - Author: James Patterson
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#91. Mattia was startled to find that he still had instincts, buried beneath the dense network of thoughts and abstractions that had woven itself around him. - Author: Paolo Giordano
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#92. I have designed my style pantomimes as white ink drawings on black backgrounds, so that man's destiny appears as a thread lost in an endless labyrinth. I have tried to shed some gleams of light on the shadow of man startled by his anguish. - Author: Marcel Marceau
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#93. Mass, time , magnetic moment, the unconscious: we have grown up with these symbolic concepts, so that we are startled to be told that man had once to create them for himself. He had indeed, and he has: for mass is not an intuition in the muscle, and time is not bought ready-made at the watchmaker's. - Author: Jacob Bronowski
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#94. hates to be startled, or scared, or surprised. - Author: Emily McLeod
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#95. I was also startled by the fact that research participants consistently described both joyfulness and gratitude as spiritual practices that were bound to a belief in human connectedness and a power greater than us. - Author: Brene Brown
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#96. One of those professional drivers hit one of those blockade barriers. It was the first car accident I have ever been in, so I was a little startled. - Author: Matt Hasselbeck
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#97. He wasn't much of a dancer, but he knew it, and the faces he pulled when he danced gave him a perpetually startled look-as if he were, at regular intervals, surprised to find himself dancing. - Author: E. Lockhart
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#98. It is true that I am often startled and even angered and repulsed by the strange directions and provocative content of new forms that seem to pop up every few months. - Author: David Rockefeller
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#99. I think that one is constantly startled by the things that appear before you on the page when you're writing. - Author: Shirley Hazzard
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#100. Even when adults do feel their safety to be threatened, we may not be able to see this on the surface. Infants will react in a fashion as if they were endangered, if they are disturbed or dropped suddenly, startled by loud noises, flashing light - Author: Abraham Maslow
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