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#1. The idea is that human culture as broadly defined
art, politics, technology, religion, and so on
evolves in much the way biological species evolve: new cultural traits arise and may flourish or perish, and as a result whole institutions can belief systems form and change. - Author: Robert Wright
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#2. The Englishman wants to be recognized as a gentleman, or as some other suitable species of human being, the American wants to be considered a good guy. - Author: Louis Kronenberger
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#3. The order Chiroptera (the "hand-wing" creatures) encompasses 1,116 species, which amounts to 25 percent of all the recognized species of mammals. To say again: One in every four species of mammal is a bat. Such - Author: David Quammen
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#4. I absolutely don't think a sentient artificial intelligence is going to wage war against the human species. - Author: Daniel H. Wilson
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#5. Although Nature needs thousands or millions of years to create a new species, man needs only a few dozen years to destroy one. - Author: Victor Blanchard Scheffer
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#6. And yet she was content to pair off with this dull young adventurer in the tarnished lace! It was, he supposed, the sort of thing to be expected of a sex that all philosophy had taught him to regard as the maddest part of a mad species. - Author: Rafael Sabatini
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#7. What our species needs, above all else, is a generally accepted ethical system that is compatible with the scientific knowledge we now possess. - Author: Derek Freeman
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#8. We wonder, how do you instruct seven billion people as to the relationship to the Earth? Because unless they understand that, and relate the way they should be, the future is pretty dim for the human species. - Author: Oren Lyons
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#9. Everything starts to break down, however, when a species gains language. What we talk about isn't what we experience - we speak chiefly of interesting things, and those tend to be things that are uncommon. - Author: Brian Christian
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#10. Food culture in the United States has long been cast as the property of a privileged class. It is nothing of the kind. Culture is the property of a species. - Author: Barbara Kingsolver
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#11. For the female of the species is more deadly than the male. - Author: Rudyard Kipling
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#12. I want to challenge all of you as people of deep conscience, people who are environment stewards of the earth and oceans ... By changing what you eat, you will change the entire contract between the human species and the natural world. - Author: James Cameron
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#13. Every species has a dinner date as part of courting ritual. A woman who won't let you pay for dinner is rejecting your courtship. She may think she's playing fair, or that she's being a feminist, but a very deep level, she knows that she's crossing you off her list of possibilities. - Author: Jennifer Crusie
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#14. At this early stage in our evolution, now through our infancy and into our childhood and then, with luck, our growing up, what our species needs most of all, right now, is simply a future. - Author: Lewis Thomas
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#15. Many species of wit are quite mechanical; these are the favorites of witlings, whose fame in words scarce outlives the remembrance of their funeral ceremonies. - Author: Johann Georg Ritter Von Zimmermann
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#16. He said he didn't like my kind and I was filled with the delirious expectation that he would identify me as a common species - that there were others like myself. I controlled my excitement, but he seemed to sense it - his gaze wavered uncertainly. - Author: Steve Aylett
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#17. What we call patriotism, in other words, is a calculable force which, released by a predictable situation, will animate man in a manner no different from other territorial species. - Author: Robert Ardrey
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#18. Was Lucifer a demon determined to ruin Eve and spawn a species of monsters? Or was he a fallen angel so in love with a human woman he destroyed paradise for a kiss? We will never know. And perhaps we shouldn't ask why Lucifer tempted Eve at all, but another question: Why did she give in? - Author: Sylvia Frost
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#19. When we are in a true Reiki space, species differences melt away and profound
interspecies connections are forged. - Author: Kathleen Prasad
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#20. Just as we reject racism, sexism, ageism, and heterosexism, we reject speciesism. The species of a sentient being is no more reason to deny the protection of this basic right than race, sex, age, or sexual orientation is a reason to deny membership in the human moral community to other humans. - Author: Gary L. Francione
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#21. A child is the quickest to trust because they have no concept of the depravity of our species. - Author: Alessandra Torre
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#22. Not having children is seen as supremely selfish, as though the people having children were selflessly sacrificing themselves in a valiant attempt to ensure the survival of our endangered species and fill up this vast and underpopulated island of ours. - Author: Geoff Dyer
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#23. I think that my main criticism in that book was directed at the general assumption that adaptation characterizes populations and species, rather than simply the individuals in the populations and species. - Author: George C. Williams
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#24. The Ocean Health Index is like the thermometer of the ocean. It will allow us to take the temperature to know what is going on at the global level, trying to integrate different impacts, including overfishing, invasive species, coastal development, and climate change. - Author: Enric Sala
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#25. Discovering new species is a passion. A day without collecting plants is painful for me. - Author: Corneille Ewango
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#26. If enough species are extinguished, will the ecosystems collapse, and will the extinction of most other species follow soon afterward? The only answer anyone can give is: possibly. By the time we find out, however, it might be too late. One planet, one experiment. - Author: E. O. Wilson
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#27. Species evolve exactly as if they were adapting as best they could to a changing world, and not at all as if they were moving toward a set goal. - Author: George Gaylord Simpson
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#28. A man, who can, in cold blood, hunt and torture a poor, innocent animal, cannot feel much compassion for the distress of his own species. - Author: Frederick The Great
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#29. As a species, we tend to be doers, forever shaping and reshaping the world to better suit our purposes. - Author: Mariella Frostrup
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#30. We deny the right of any portion of the species to decide for another portion what is and what is not their 'proper sphere.' The proper sphere for all human beings is the largest and highest which they are able to attain to. - Author: Harriet Taylor Mill
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#31. Evolution has no long-term goal. There is no long-distance target, no final perfection to serve as a criterion for selection, although human vanity cherishes the absurd notion that our species is the final goal of evolution. - Author: Richard Dawkins
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#32. Ever since there have been people, there have been explorers, looking in places where other hadn't been before. Not everyone does it, but we are part of a species where some members of the species do-to the benefit of us all. - Author: Neil DeGrasse Tyson
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#33. The construction of the nuclear doomsday machine - and its continued maintenance and development since the mid-twentieth century - is surely one of the most astounding acts of collective insanity in the history of the human species. - Author: Richard L. Currier
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#34. Evolution does not necessarily reward intelligence. With no natural predators to thin the herd, it begins to simply reward those who reproduce the most and leave the intelligent to become an endangered species. - Author: Mike Judge
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#35. Humans are a social species more than any other, and in order to build a community, which for some reason humans have to do in order to live, we have to solve the communication problem. Language is the tool that was invented to solve that problem. - Author: Daniel Everett
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#36. But the characteristic that is truly special about our species ... [is] our ability to model our world and understand both it and where we fit into its overall scheme ... - Author: Arthur C. Clarke
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#37. I am not very proud of being an human being; in fact, I distinctly dislike the species in many ways. I can readily conceive of beings vastly superior in every respect. - Author: H.P. Lovecraft
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#38. We're dead as a species if we don't tell stories, because then we don't know who we are. - Author: Alan Rickman
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#39. Why is it not just as likely that there were as many small general nearly at first as now, and as great a disproportion in the number of their species? - Author: Asa Gray
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#40. No good can come from a species at war with itself. - Author: Becky Chambers
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#41. Would the Gardners and the workers at the Yerkes Primate Center be remembered dimly as legendary folk heroes or gods of another species? Would there be myths, like those of Prometheus, Thoth, or Cannes, about divine beings who had given the gift of language to the apes? - Author: Carl Sagan
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#42. The human species, according to the best theory I can form of it, is composed of two distinct races, the men who borrow and the men who lend. - Author: Charles Lamb
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#43. The roast meat the animal had snatched was only a semblance. It was more than food, it was a meal not for human witness, a tangle of viscera, a species of human sacrifice - as if Emerence were feeding the actual person to the dog, along with all her fond memories and feelings. - Author: Magda Szabo
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#44. He who is unconscious of the ties which connect him with every individual of his species feels no obligation to make sacrifices for their welfare or happiness. - Author: Benjamin Robbins Curtis
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#45. Eradication of this unquenchable shrub [tamarisk] will save water, lower salinity levels and create a more congenial habitat for the Southwest Willow Flycatcher and a number of other riparian species. - Author: Wayne Allard
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#46. We can spend billions of dollars bailing out a fiscally irresponsible nation that doesn't want to work hard or be financially intelligent, but to propose that same amount to ensure the survival of our species is actually up for debate? - Author: Bill Hargenrader
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#47. He could not feel at ease with gourmets and hedonists; they were a hostile species. - Author: Paul Bowles
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#48. The way to understand how different species evolved is to think about the niches that they fill in an ecosystem - basically, how they make a living. - Author: Steven Pinker
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#49. We are committed with our lives to building a different model and a different future for humanity, the Earth, and other species. We have envisaged a moral alternative to economic globalization and we will not rest until we see it realized. - Author: Maude Barlow
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#50. Only one kind of species of animals bites the hand that feeds them - mankind. - Author: Fakeer Ishavardas
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#51. I remember my first lecture on my first day in evolutionary biology, how populations and species change. I sat thinking, 'Why doesn't everyone know this?' I look back on it almost in horror: I came so close to not knowing how exciting our world is. - Author: Elise Andrew
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#52. One of the most interesting things for me in playing another species is that you want to make them different enough to be alien but have enough human qualities to be relatable. This really forces you to look at what it is to be human from a totally new perspective! - Author: Jaime Murray
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#53. Our world is fast succumbing to the activities of men and women who would stake the future of our species on beliefs that should not survive an elementary school education. - Author: Sam Harris
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#54. Gradually, by selective breeding, the congenital differences between rulers
and ruled will increase until they become almost different species. A revolt
of the plebs would become as unthinkable as an organized insurrection of
sheep against the practice of eating mutton. - Author: Bertrand Russell
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#55. A man does not please long when he has only species of wit. - Author: Francois De La Rochefoucauld
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#56. The vulgarity of inanimate things requires time to get accustomed to; but living, breathing, bustling, plotting, planning, human vulgarity is a species of moral ipecacuanha, enough to destroy any comfort. - Author: Thomas Carlyle
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#57. And once an intelligent robot exists, it is only a small step to a robot species - to an intelligent robot that can make evolved copies of itself. - Author: Bill Joy
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#58. Thus evolved some members of the Core - not altruists, but desperate survivalists who realized that the only way ultimately to win their never-ending zero-sum game was to stop the game. And to stop the game they needed to evolve into a species capable of empathy. - Author: Dan Simmons
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#59. In this room we understand why this war might be fought ... it's about our common belief that no one has the right to tell two creatures that they cannot love each other
no matter what their species. - Author: Deborah Harkness
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#60. I think midwifery was developed by people with common sense, people who were close to nature, and people who observed other species of mammals and saw that there were lessons there to be learned. - Author: Ina May Gaskin
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#61. Despite the differences between our species and cultures, there is an order that we all share. The development of a civilization is a scripted event. Minds join together to create new technologies, on its own against threats from the outside, that civilization crumbles. - Author: Becky Chambers
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#62. If ever there was a fish made to endure, it is the Atlantic cod ... But it has among its predators - man, an openmouthed species greedier than cod. - Author: Mark Kurlansky
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#63. Every day on this planet some species that doesn't draw the attention of humans goes extinct. - Author: Liu Cixin
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#64. My trust is solely in God. And I trust men only because I trust God. If I had no God to rely upon, I should be like Timon, a hater of my species. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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#65. Both humans and dogs love to play well into adulthood, and individuals from both species occasionally display evidence of having a conscience. - Author: Jon Winokur
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#66. Taught to regard a part of our own Species in the most abject and contemptible Degree below us, we lose that Idea of the dignity of Man which the Hand of Nature had implanted in us, for great and useful purposes. - Author: George Mason
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#67. England and America owe their liberty to commerce, which created a new species of power to undermine the feudal system. But let them beware of the consequences: the tyranny of wealth is still more galling and debasing than that of rank. - Author: Mary Wollstonecraft
Quotes About Species #8436
#68. New York means many different things to me. It certainly means cheesecake, more species of cheesecake than I ever knew existed: rum, orange, hazelnut, chocolate marble, Italian, Boston, and of course, New York. - Author: David Frost
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#69. You know, quite a few species of fish require two or more sexual partners ... - Author: Kristen Schaal
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#70. I love the idea of species fluidity, I guess, the sense of the maiden inherent in the swan or seal, the youth inherent in the bear or deer. After all, human beings are animals. - Author: Delia Sherman
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#71. In the area of species protection, we should concern ourselves with what is right as opposed to what might be easier, or popular in the short term. - Author: Richard Leakey
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#72. Laughter is one of the very privileges of reason, being confined to the human species. - Author: Thomas Carlyle
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#73. It's the flock, the grove, that matters. Our responsibility is to species, not to specimens; to communities, not to individuals. - Author: Sara Bonnett Stein
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#74. We became acutely aware of the profound healing that is needed in our species. We knew with conviction that what we were doing, as women and men together, was confronting the cultural dynamics that are killing us all- killing women and men, killing our children, killing the planet. - Author: William Keepin
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#75. We're under some gross misconception that we're a good species, going somewhere important, and that at the last minute we'll correct our errors and God will smile on us. It's delusion. - Author: Farley Mowat
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#76. We're a fast-moving, needy species. - Author: Theophilus London
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#77. It seems to me, that the only Objects of the abstract Sciences or of Demonstration is Quantity and Number, and that all Attempts to extend this more perfect Species of Knowledge beyond these Bounds are mere Sophistry and Illusion. - Author: David Hume
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#78. We don't protect our young, and we tolerate predators of our own species. - Author: Andrew Vachss
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#79. I absolutely believe the species, the planet and the Universe can't survive if we function on hate. - Author: Wayne Dyer
Quotes About Species #36254
#80. (Gray) Davis said yesterday that he is going to fight like a Bengal tiger, which I believe is also an endangered species. - Author: Jay Leno
Quotes About Species #32831
#81. If vampires were a separate species, and they were into genetic engineering, what would they engineer for? - Author: Octavia E. Butler
Quotes About Species #32386
#82. If the Devil says you cannot pray when you are angry, tell him it is none of his business, and pray until that species of insanity is dispelled and serenity is restored to the mind. (p. 175) - Author: Brigham Young
Quotes About Species #30794
#83. In them was not the savage blankness of the reptile species. Instead there was something far worse - burning, unquenchable rage mixed with the self-mocking irony of great intelligence. - Author: Whitley Strieber
Quotes About Species #30243
#84. When a child is starving, a family may not be able to think about long-term sustainability or damage to ecosystems that support endangered species. - Author: Helene D. Gayle
Quotes About Species #30057
#85. Each species may have had its origin in a single pair, or individual, where an individual was sufficient, and species may have been created in succession at such times and in such places as to enable them to multiply and endure for an appointed period, and occupy an appointed space on the globe. - Author: Charles Lyell
Quotes About Species #29818
#86. Survivor species tend to have huge populations, so they can afford to lose many individuals and still survive as a species. They also tend to be small. If you're small, you need less food - which is great in a situation where famine is everywhere. - Author: Annalee Newitz
Quotes About Species #29100
#87. Because men, compared to male chimps, have such relatively small testicles (large testicles indicate a species where many males mate, one after the other, with the same female), we might guess that promiscuous societies were uncommon in the immediate human past. - Author: Carl Sagan
Quotes About Species #26353
#88. If we, as a species, are the ultimate product of Darwinian selection, then so, too, is this incredible disease that lurks inside us. - Author: Siddhartha Mukherjee
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#89. Every day we, as a species, do so much to destroy Creation's ability to give us life. But that Creation continues to do everything in its power to give us life anyway. And that's true love. - Author: Julia Hill
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#90. Moreover, the concern of some that moving DNA among species would breach customary breeding barriers and have profound effects on natural evolutionary processes has substantially disappeared as the science revealed that such exchanges occur in nature. - Author: Paul Berg
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#91. Few problems are less recognized, but more important than, the accelerating disappearance of the earth's biological resources. In pushing other species to extinction, humanity is busy sawing off the limb on which it is perched. - Author: Paul R. Ehrlich
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#92. The vast majority of species that are vanishing, we haven't even discovered yet. How can you possibly put them back in nature if the ecosystem is gone? - Author: E. O. Wilson
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#93. The various processes of belief acquisition which are native to a species include ones which may allow for the reliable pick-up of information, which, in turn, allows individual members of the species to successfully negotiate their environment and satisfy their various desires. - Author: Hilary Kornblith
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#94. I had a linguistics professor who said that it's man's ability to use language that makes him the dominant species on the planet.That may be. But I think there's one other thing that separates us from animals. We aren't afraid of vaccuum cleaners. - Author: Jeff Stilson
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#95. PALM, n. A species of tree ... of which the familiar "itching palm" ("Palma hominis") is most widely distributed ... This noble vegetable exudes a kind of invisible gum, which may be detected by applying to the bark a piece of gold or silver. - Author: Ambrose Bierce
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#96. Much as we might wish to believe otherwise, universal love and the welfare of the species as a whole are concepts which simply do not make evolutionary sense. - Author: Richard Dawkins
Quotes About Species #22542
#97. Animals form an inalienable fragment of nature, and if we hasten the disappearance of even one species, we diminish our world and our place in it. - Author: James A. Michener
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#98. The struggle for existence never gets easier. However well a species may adapt to its environment, it can never relax, because its competitors and its enemies are also adapting to their niches. Survival is a zero-sum game. - Author: Matt Ridley
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#99. Greed has been with human beings forever. We have a number of things in our species that you would call 'the dark side,' and greed is one of them. If you don't put certain structures in place or restrictions on those parts of our being that come from that dark place, then it gets out of control. - Author: Michael Moore
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#100. About the time you might start to think that science fiction - the real stuff, not the species of fantasy that goes under the name - is really dead, along comes a story by Cory Doctorow. - Author: Lois Tilton
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