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Top 37 Quotes About Simon Says

#1. See what fun it is to do what Simon Says? Simon teased,
drawing closer toward me.

Amanda Howells

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#2. I sometimes feel I would like to do crazy things with 'Endgame,' where someone says something, but the words, instead of being spoken, are written words projected out of their mouth.

Simon McBurney

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#3. I've always been passionate about what I do and want to do it well, ... My wife says she's a widow to the computer.

Scott Simon

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#4. That ones yours,huh?"he asked,pointing to 3A."How come it just says 'Kyle'?Doesnt he have a last name?"
"Kyle wants to be a rock star,"Simon said,heading down the stairs."I think his working the one-name thing.Like Rihanna.

Cassandra Clare

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#5. The theory of the "wisdom of crowds" says that if you aggregate many different opinions from a diverse group of people, you are much more likely to arrive at the best opinion than if you just listen to one specialist.

Simon Kuper

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#6. Simon," I say, and swallow again, "you're being idiotic."
"Because I like this better than fighting?"
"There is no 'this'!" I protest.
"You slept in my arms," he says.

Rainbow Rowell

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#7. Simon-"From now on I will only adress people by nodding at them." Clary-"That's stupid why would you do that?" Simon-"Because it says that 'I am a badass, and I recognive that you too, are a badass

Cassandra Clare

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#8. And her mother says I'm handsome. That's really all her mum ever says to me. "Don't you look handsome, Simon."
What would she say to Baz? "Don't you look handsome, Basil. Please don't slaughter my family with your hideous fangs.

Rainbow Rowell

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#9. In France, they call the people who come to the theatre 'les spectateurs'; in Britain and Ireland, they are the audience, the people who listen. This does not mean the French are not interested in language. On the contrary. It actually says more about the undeveloped visual sense over here.

Simon McBurney

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#10. Go on, then," he says. "Carry on, Simon.

Rainbow Rowell

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#11. He's still looking in my eyes. Staring me down like he did that dragon, chin tilted and locked. "I'm not the Chosen One," he says.
I meet his gaze and sneer. My arm is a steel band around his waist. "I choose you," I say. "Simon Snow, I choose you.

Rainbow Rowell

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#12. Rain says everything we cannot say to one another. t is an ancient sound that willed all life into being, but fell so long upon nothing.

Simon Van Booy

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#13. My dad did teach me a very important lesson about people when he explained to me that everybody around you will have an invisible sign on their head, which says, "Make me feel important."

Simon Cowell

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#14. You can't have two fathers." "Sure you can," Simon said. "Who says you can't? We can buy you one of those books they have for little kids. Timmy Has Two Dads. Except I don't think they have one called Timmy Has Two Dads and One of Them Was Evil.

Cassandra Clare

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#15. Perhaps I had better explain," Mrs. Wiggins interrupted. "As Charles says, it's those rats again, Simon and his gang." And she quickly outlined the situation. "And now," she said, "I want to remind you that once, several

Walter R. Brooks

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#16. Maybe I should get my mom something," he said bitterly. "What says 'Thanks for throwing me out of the house and pretending I died'?" "Orchids?

Cassandra Clare

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#17. Eventually, Simon shifts his position, grunting lightly, and then says, "Nice makeover."
"Are you hitting on me?" Harrison jokes.
"All I want is to be your frienemy," Simon jokes back.
"I'm not ready for commitment," Harrison says. "Too young for that.

David Estes

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#18. These days I think people give up too easily. Everyone says it's about compromise, which it is. Love, compromise, promises, presents help. But ultimately it's about not giving up. People are led to believe that if it's not perfect then just ditch it and change it, these days. That's a mistake.

Simon Le Bon

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#19. me. "I don't know you," Edward said. "I came in just after you left," Simon said. "Simon?" Edward made the name a question, and the big man seemed to understand what was being asked. "As in whatever the fuck Simon says, you damn well better do." How colorful, I thought, but didn't say out loud.

Laurell K. Hamilton

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#20. Until now their line has been that the Tories are incapable of doing anything about poverty, and aren't interested in doing it in the first place. By contrast, Labour says, we are also incapable of doing anything about poverty, but would dearly love to do something. If we knew what.

Simon Hoggart

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#21. What you are is a fucking tragedy, Simon Snow. You literally couldn't be a bigger mess."
He tries to kiss me, but I pull back- "And you like that?"
"I love it." He says
"Because we match.

Rainbow Rowell

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#22. Your worst fears do come alive

Leanne Miranda

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#23. What do you want from me, Snow?"
"Nothing," he says. And he means it, the actual bastard.

Rainbow Rowell

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#24. I like working with sound; sound and rhythm. I like the abstract more than "What does that mean?" Nobody ever says to you, "Why did you use a harmonium?" Or "What is that ringing sound that occurs here?" The questions are always "What does that song mean?" or "What were you trying to say here?"

Paul Simon

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#25. There's one argument that says we shouldn't be putting these kids on under the age of 16. I think you've got to take it case by case.

Simon Cowell

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#26. As far as I'm concerned all theatre is physical. As Aristotle says, you know, theatre is an act and an action, and he didn't mean just the writing of it, he meant that at the centre of any piece there is an action, a physical action.

Simon McBurney

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#27. But when someone says 'Paul Simon', don't you just inevitably think of a piece of wonder bread just sittin' there on a counter top?

Paul Simon

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#28. A Book Keeper! Gods of the word, they are. Finest of the brave. You know, it's them that keep books, (he says) that know things in the end.

Simon P. Clark

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#29. Great snakes!" Penny says, snatching her hand away from me and jumping off the bed. "Fuck a nine-toed troll, Simon." She's shaking her hand, and there are tears in her eyes. "Stevie Nicks and Gracie Slick! Fuck!

Rainbow Rowell

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#30. I wouldn't wear turtlenecks. That I'm not envious of. But who knows? I might sneak out a few things and hope and pray that no one says, 'Hey, didn't you wear that when you were playing an enormous geek on TV?'

Simon Helberg

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#31. He also says I tried to throw him down a flight of stairs that year. Really, we were fighting at the top of the staircase, and I got in a lucky punch that sent him flying. Then, when my aunt Fiona asked me if I'd pushed Simon Snow down a flight of stairs, I said, "Fuck yes I did.

Rainbow Rowell

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#32. Humour is human. Why? Well, because the Philosopher, Aristotle, says so.

Simon Critchley

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#33. The truth might set you free, but there's nothing that says you have to be grateful.

Simon R. Green

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#34. Yo, zombie guys, pay attention. When it's Simon says, that means you have to do what I say. Let's be more direct. The Slayer says die, like, forever.

Christopher Golden

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#35. I'm exempt from anything I damned will feel like on the grounds that I'll kick anyone's ass who says otherwise.

Simon R. Green

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#36. Then," he says, "as my mind got functioning, everything was just beautiful. There was no right or wrong feeling, no social pressure. I believe that's what heaven's going to be like ... "
p 55

Rachel Simon

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#37. Authenticity is more than speaking; Authenticity is also about doing. Every decision we make says something about who we are.

Simon Sinek

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