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#1. My message to David Cameron, as the head of our government, is to seriously think again about this Robin Hood tax, the tax to help the poor by taking a little bit from the rich.

Keith O'Brien

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#2. Robin Wasserman is the author of several books, including 'Hacking Harvard,' 'Chasing Yesterday,' 'Seven Deadly Sins,' and her latest, 'Skinned.'

John Joseph Adams

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#3. I remember my first scene with Alan Rickman, and I was anxious because he is a slight 'method' actor; as soon as he is in his cloak, he walks and talks like Snape - it is quite terrifying. But I really wanted to talk to him because 'Robin Hood' was one of my favourite films.

Tom Felton

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#4. Well, bugger me," cried Jonas when he saw Richie with his bow, "is it Robin Hood or Adam Bell come to save us? Nay, it's Richie O'the Bow, hero of ballad and song!

David Pilling

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#5. Talent grips us. We are overtaken by the beauty of Michelangelo's sculpture, riveted by Mariah Carey's angelic voice, doubled over in laughter by the comedy of Robin Williams, and captivated by the on screen performances of Denzel Washington.

John C. Maxwell

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#6. My whole life, I heard, 'Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg.' It's all I heard throughout elementary school.

Robin Lord Taylor

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#7. Maid Marion, who said to Robin Hood, I will not live in a house with a Little John. Never got a dinner!

Red Buttons

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#8. Jason Todd. AKA Red Hood. Former Robin. Died nobly. Came back a bit less noble.

Tom King

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#9. Oozing Street was oddly cheerful, with flower boxes hanging from windowsills and houses painted bright colors; even the slaughterhouse that anchored it was an inviting robin's-egg blue, and I resisted an odd impulse to go inside and ask for a tour.

Ransom Riggs

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#10. I ask no comfort," Taran replied, "but the truth, be it harsh or happy."
"Ah, my sweet robin," said Orddu, "for the finding of that, nothing is harder. There are those who have spent lifetimes at it, and many in worse plight than yours.

Lloyd Alexander

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#11. He said, 'Good dog, Beaumont the valiant, sleep now, old friend Beaumont, good old dog.' Then Robin's falchion let Beaumont out of this world, to run free with Orion and roll among the stars.

T.H. White

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#12. Robin Hood: Ah, but remember faint hearts never won fair lady.

Walt Disney Company

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#13. This song goes out to Robin Williams. It's called 'Last Hope'.

Hayley Williams

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#14. Until men learn that of all human symbols, Robin Hood is the most immoral and the most contemptible, there will be no justice on earth and no way for mankind to survive.

Ayn Rand

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#15. Robin had presented him with a fake degree from a university in Athens where the puck had an old acquaintance who still got a kick out of teaching, despite hemlock rumors to the contrary.

Rob Thurman

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#16. Don't worry too much about him, Meghan. Robin Goodfellow has always been extra-ordinarily difficult to kill.

Julie Kagawa

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#17. What America needs is not Robin Hood but Adam Smith.

Rand Paul

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#18. He, who hated to hurt people, had to begin to deal with all the hurt his actions had wrought - for me, for the children, for Robin, for himself.

Katharine Graham

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#19. I was mischievous. I wasn't bad. I stole food so we could eat. My mother didn't know. I used to tell her some man gave me $10 to sweep out the yard. I was like Robin Hood. I took from the rich and gave to the poor. Me.

Mr. T

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#20. Later on, when they had all said "Good-by" and "Thank-you" to Christopher Robin, Pooh and Piglet walked home thoughtfully together in the golden evening, and for a long time they were silent.

Wendy Mass

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#21. Your legacy will be the world's inheritance, and the laughter you left us with will be the birthright of a new generation.
from a letter to Robin Williams

Michelle Franklin

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#22. Strike had not been able to guard against warm feelings for Robin, who had stuck by him when he was at his lowest ebb and helped him turn his fortunes around; nor, having normal eyesight, could he escape the fact that she was a very good-looking woman.

Robert Galbraith

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#23. A vigilante masquarading as Robin Hood? Or jus a talented thief with a taste fot the absurd?

Tiffany Snow

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#24. I love him so much it's like a thread piercing me. Punching holes. Dragging through. Stitching love into me. I'll neve robe able to untangle myself from this feeling. The color of love is surely this robin's-egg blue.

Sally Thorne

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#25. I write the music because I can't really write lyrics. But I can write chords like Robin's never heard of. So I provide the music for them to add the lyrics to.

Maurice Gibb

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#26. It was interesting doing impressions as somebody else doing impressions. Normally, I'll do a voice, and it's me doing the voice. To have to be Robin Williams doing the voice was an interesting sort of study in getting into somebody's head.

Chris Diamantopoulos

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#27. If I were a teacher, I would like to teach freshman English - so I could be the Robin Williams type in Dead Poets Society. I wanna be that guy. I couldn't teach seniors because they'd be smarter than me.

Jake M. Johnson

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#28. My Mom and Dad did it pretty good, so I know it can work. The foremost thing I would say about working with Robin and Sean is that they were devoted to this project and devoted to their characters. You can't ask for any more from talented actors like that.

Nick Cassavetes

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#29. Robin was laughing in the slightly grudging manner of a woman who is entertained, but who wishes, nevertheless, to make it clear that the goal is well defended.

Robert Galbraith

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#30. I admired and valued Robin as a colleague and friend and as one of the greatest parliamentarians of our time. His wife Gaynor and his two sons are in our thoughts and prayers.

Gordon Brown

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#31. A leg?" repeated Detective Inspector Eric Wardle on the end of the line. "A fucking leg?"
"And it's not even my size," said Strike, a joke he would not have made had Robin been present.

Robert Galbraith

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#32. I wonder if Batman would save Robin over his girlfriend of the week. (The Dark Knight gets around, man.)

Adam Silvera

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#33. I don't love comedy but I can watch someone who's kind of interesting forever. I think a waitress who's having a bad day is a lot more fun than Robin Williams doing forty minutes of material.

Bruce McCulloch

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#34. Robin Simon, a sociology professor at Florida State University and researcher on parenting and happiness, told The Daily Beast in 20083 that parents experience lower levels of emotional well-being, less frequent positive emotions and more frequent negative emotions than their childless peers.

Jessica Valenti

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#35. Robin is a handsome ephebic boy, usually shown in his uniform with bare legs. He is buoyant with energy and devoted to nothing on earth or in interplanetary space as much as to Bruce Wayne. He often stands with his legs spread, the genital region discreetly evident.

Fredric Wertham

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#36. I do remember,' explained Christopher Robin, 'only Pooh doesn't very well, so that's why he likes having it told to him again. Because then it's a real story and not just a remembering.

A.A. Milne

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#37. People look up to Jacques Mesrine as if he were a Robin Hood, stealing from the rich, but he never gave anything back to anybody.

Vincent Cassel

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#38. In the quiet of the garden then the robin shook his worm, and swallowed its life from the light into darkness with the quick indifference of a god.

Chris Cleave

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#39. We'll have Superman for President, let Robin save the day.

Jethro Tull

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#40. When I was a kid, it was a little bit exciting working with Peter Weir and Robin Williams, but that faded pretty quickly for me.

Robert Sean Leonard

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#41. This is so funny," said Ellen, noticing the seating arrangement. "Isn't this funny? Tom, come sit next to Robin. Griffin, sit next to Laura."
I stood up and sat next to Robin while Griffin brought his chair over to Laura.
"That's better," said Ellen. "Isn't that better?

Daniel Amory

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#42. Robin and Matthew had just two months to go before the wedding. There was still time.

Robert Galbraith

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#43. Now when the primrose makes a splendid show, And lilies face the March-winds in full blow, And humbler growths as moved with one desire Put on, to welcome spring, their best attire, Poor Robin is yet flowerless; but how gay With his red stalks upon this sunny day!

William Wordsworth

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#44. Language is power that gets abused all the time, Robin, but we've got real enemies out there somewhere and until they're out of the picture, I won't get knotted up over people who don't get all the words right. It's a waste of energy.

Tim Eldred

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#45. Friendship," said Christopher Robin, "is a very comforting thing to have.

A.A. Milne

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#46. I have always loved you, princess" Robin Goodfellow promised, his green eyes shining in the darkness. "I always will. And I'll take whatever you can give me.

Julie Kagawa

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#47. Keep in mind that in the whole long tradition of storytelling, from Greek myths through Shakespeare through King Arthur and Robin Hood, this whole notion that you can't tell stories about certain characters because someone else owns them is a very modern one - and to my mind, a very strange one.

Michael Montoure

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#48. Good job, Robin," she quipped. I glared. There is no reality, no train of thought, no plane of existence where I am not the goddamned Batman. I kept this to myself, of course. Batman doesn't tell others he's Batman. Everyone just knows it. And they should. I

R.R. Virdi

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#49. Rule number one of monster hunting," Cody said. "There are no coincidences."
"No, that's rule number two," Robin said. "Rule number one is, 'Kill it before it eats you.

J.S. Hope

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#50. Everything you could imagine Robin Williams being, he was and more.

Roberto Aguire

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#51. I had the pleasure, as Robin said, to live a childhood dream as many young Americans and Puerto Rican children live that play youth baseball. And I feel honored and very thankful for that opportunity.

Nolan Ryan

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#52. Careful, Prince. We wouldn't want to spill any royal blood today. I promise you, as long as you follow my command, you will remain safe. ~ Nadia from Robin Danner's The Princes Bound

Robin Danner

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#53. Val and Ruth had been friends forever, for so long that Val was used to being the overshadowed one, the "normal" one, the one who set up the witty one-liners, not the one who delivered them. She liked that role; it made her feel safe. Robin to Ruth's Batman. Chewbaca to her Han Solo.

Holly Black

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#54. He made an enormous contribution to British politics in opposition and in government [on Robin Cook]

John Prescott

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#55. But nothing will fill your heart with a greater sense of regret than lying on your deathbed knowing that you did not live your life and do your dreams." Robin

Robin S. Sharma

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#56. When you watch Robin Williams, you can see a lot of Jonathan Winters. Robin is the first one to admit that; he worshiped Jonathan Winters.

Gilbert Gottfried

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#57. This is my heart on CRACK. Robin when she sees Creek

Diane J. Reed

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#58. Doctor: 'I am not a hero.
Robin Hood: 'Well, neither am I, but if we both keep pretending to be, perhaps others will be heroes in our name. Perhaps we will both be stories and may those stories never end.

Mark Gatiss

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#59. Robin Goodfellow is a very old faerie. Not only that, he has ballads, poems, and stories written about him, so he is very near immortal, as long as humans remember them. Not to say he is immune to iron and technology-far from it. Puck is strong, but even he cannot resist the effects.

Julie Kagawa

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#60. Up rose Robin Hood

Howard Pyle

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#61. All the guys in the locker room will give me a hard time and call me Robin Thicke or call me Justin Bieber.

Chandler Parsons

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#62. You must always remember... You are braver than you believe, Stronger than you seem, and Smarter than you think." ~Christopher Robin

Brandy Lynn

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#63. Me? Die? Didn't they tell you, princess? I'm Robin Goodfellow.

Julie Kagawa

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#64. Birds are so much wiser than we! A robin builds a nest for robins. A seagull builds a nest for seagulls. They don't copy each other - or build themselves nests as described in The Birds' Decorating Magazine.

Dorothy Draper

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#65. There you are, Ariadne," said Robin. "The whole plot of your next novel presented to you. All you'll have to do is work in a few false clues, and - of course - do the actual writing.

Agatha Christie

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#66. Ruth does love Jesus, same way she loves Lincoln, Robin Hood, Martin Luther King, and Nat. Handsome men who fight for justice.

Samantha Hunt

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#67. And yet, something inside you is so horrible or you're such a coward or whatever the reason that you decide that you have to end it. Robin Williams, at 63, did that today.

Shepard Smith

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#68. Twelve years after Robin's death, no one knew any more about how he had ended up hanged from a tree in his own yard than they had on the day it happened.

Donna Tartt

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#69. It's not that I don't care," said Robin. "It's just that I don't want to know."

She knew too much already. This was real life, kicking her in the face, and she wanted nothing to do with it.

Jami Attenberg

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#70. Christopher Robin nodded. "Then there's only one thing to be done," he said. "We shall have to wait for you to get thin again." "How long does getting thin take?" asked Pooh anxiously. "About a week, I should think.

A.A. Milne

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#71. Captain Blood, Robin Hood, Don Juan -Flynn had played them all. Sometimes if the mood struck him, he'd even played them well.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips

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#72. Knowing what I know today about how deeply the word feminist threatens the existing social compact, to say radical feminist now seems to me almost redundant. (Robin Morgan)

Clara Bingham

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#73. If you outlaw half a million people you make martyrs of them. For example, if you outlaw Robin Hood, it is all very well, but if you outlaw a whole group of people around Robin Hood, then Robin Hood and his merry men become legends.

Baldur Von Schirach

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#74. Robin Williams learned technique. He has the technique of being funny.

Paul Mooney

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#75. Comedians have varying levels of training. It can range from classically trained actors (like Robin Williams) to people who took comedy classes to folks who just started doing it. That's the beauty of comedy: it's close to a pure meritocracy.

Ted Alexandro

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#76. In spring more mortal singers than belong
To any one place cover us with song.
Thrush, bluebird, blackbird, sparrow, and robin throng ...

Robert Frost

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#77. Here." Sam came over, stripped down to his boxers. "Hunch forward and put your head down."
Robin looked at him. "My safe word is monkey.

Suzanne Brockmann

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#78. The earliest witch-trial in the British Isles shows animal sacrifice. In 1324 in Ireland Lady Alice Kyteler 'was charged to haue nightlie conference with a spirit called Robin Artisson, to whom she sacrificed in the high waie .ix. red cocks'.[610]


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#79. I do, said Robin in a ringing voice, looking straight into the eyes, not of her stony-faced new husband, but of the battered and bloodied man who had just sent her flowers crashing to the floor.

Robert Galbraith

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#80. Are you all right, Robin?'

'Yes, I promise I am.' She hesitated, then said, almost defiantly, 'Cormoran's been great.

Robert Galbraith

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#81. The stubborn fool is walking now, and even challenged Robin to a sparring match this afternoon. I stopped them, of course, though Robin was only too happy to fight him, the idiot.

Julie Kagawa

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#82. With 'Good Will Hunting,' Miramax made certain the recruited audience wasn't expecting to laugh at Robin Williams like they normally do. From my limited experience, you can really blow test screenings by conducting them in the wrong way.

Gus Van Sant

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#83. This is Robin Hood in reverse. These tax cap proposals favor those with the most expensive properties. We are spreading the taxes to those with some of the least expensive property.

Clementa C. Pinckney

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#84. I met Robin Williams a few times, and he was a beautiful guy.

Bill Hader

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#85. I grew up as a huge comic fan and a huge Batman & Robin fan. I watched all the TV shows, went to all the movies - I even had the lunch box; man, I was in!

Jesse McCartney

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#86. All superheroes had pretty much the same problem. Batman was flash and sexy compared to Bruce Wayne and even Robin was a lot cooler than Dick Grayson. As for Superman, well. It was a fucking miracle that Clark Kent had never committed suicide.

Will Christopher Baer

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#87. She's just tried to bloody knife me, Robin!"
"Well, she didn't manage it, did she?" commented Robin, busy with the kettle.
"Ineptitude," said Strike incredulously, "is no fucking defense under the law!

Robert Galbraith

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#88. I always wanted to be Robin Hood or John the Baptist when I was growing up.

Bear Grylls

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#89. Trying to please everyone can be very hard, but, like 'Shrek' or 'The Simpsons,' 'Robin Hood' manages to entertain adults and children at the same time, but in different ways.

Richard C. Armitage

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#90. We hold one another close in this, our last moment and kiss. Your goodbye is in our lips, good luck wishes shine in those robin's egg blue eyes.

J.D. Holiday

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#91. Bloody hell, things are bad when you want to be a robin more then yourself

Rae Earl

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#92. I showed up like his sidekick, and if Batman and Robin had followed us in, I doubt anyone would have noticed. We were that cool. Honest.

Max Turner

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#93. If you spot anything, or you think of anything I haven't, tell me, won't you?" This was rather thrilling: Robin prided herself on her observational powers; they were one reason she had secretly cherished the childhood ambition that the large man beside her was living.

Robert Galbraith

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#94. Robin: I'm sure you've learnt to bake, but you have not learned to handle Much. The phrases that you need my lady, are "No", "No you can't", and "No, get out of here before I throw something at you".

Robin McKinley

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#95. Robin Hood is often seen as the hands-on-hips, archetypal, tally-ho hero. But, realistically, the one calling the shots wouldn't be at the front shouting about it. He'd be the one you don't expect.

Jonas Armstrong

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#96. I remember Robin [Williams] walked up to me after the last take and said, "Thanks boss! We nailed it!" That will probably be one of the best moments of my life.

Roberto Aguire

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#97. I have tons of rescuing fantasies based on the movies I saw when I was growing up. I wanted to be Robin Hood and the Three Musketeers and the Scarlet Pimpernel.

Harold Ramis

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#98. Everyone liked Robin. He liked Robin. How could he fail to like her, after everything they had been through together? However, from the very first he had told himself: this far and no further. A distance must be maintained. Barriers must remain in place.

Robert Galbraith

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#99. Sadly, this is the same old Republican story of Robin Hood in reverse - tax cuts for the rich while programs for average and low income Americans suffer.

Jose Serrano

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#100. It's just another of Robin's sayings. Like, 'Holy strawberries, Batman, we're in a jam! Or, Holy Kleenex, Batman, it was right under our nose and we blew it!

Karen Marie Moning

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