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#1. How good Mrs. West could have written such books and collected so many hard works, with all her family cares, is still more a matter of astonishment! Composition seems to me impossible with a head full of joints of mutton and doses of rhubarb.

Jane Austen

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#2. Gone are the days when the old country doctor would drive out to your house and amputate your infected leg for a basket of goose eggs and a rhubarb pie.

Cuthbert Soup

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#3. Rhubarb, I would have proposed when you were in pigtails and bobby sox.

Dee Tenorio

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#4. Thanks to Lana Turner, Eleven Eleven, The Nation, LIT Magazine (USA), Critical Quarterly (UK), Beautiful Outlaw Press, no press, The Capilano Review, cv2, Rhubarb and Centre A Gallery (Canada).

Erin Moure

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#5. John Glenn's father, known as Herschel, was mostly deaf from injuries in World War I. To help out at home, young Glenn sold rhubarb all over town from the family garden.

Bill Dedman

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#6. Never rub another mans rhubarb

Jack Nicholson

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#7. Human growth is not like rhubarb. It can be nurtured and encouraged but it cannot be forced.

Andy Hargreaves

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#8. My aunt grows special rhubarb in dark sheds. They keep it dark and warm all winter and harvest it by candlelight and it's the best stuff. She sells it for a fortune, btw.

Sophie Kinsella

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#9. I got two older brothers and two younger sisters, and we grew up in the country, and we were a little feral. So as long as the car didn't end up in the rhubarb and you didn't get caught for doing whatever you were doing, you were fine.

Diego Klattenhoff

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#10. We hand the meat over to Greasy Sae in the kitchen. She likes District 13 well enough, even though she thinks the cooks are somewhat lacking in imagination. But a woman who came up with a palatable wild dog and rhubarb stew is bound to feel as if her hands are tied here.

Suzanne Collins

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#11. If you take cranberries and stew them like apple sauce, it tastes much more like prunes than rhubarb does.

Groucho Marx

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#12. Rest, with nothing else, results in rust. It corrodes the mechanisms of the brain. The rhubarb that no one picks goes to seed.

Wilder Penfield

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#13. Unless it was about to cause you bodily harm, rot your rhubarb on the stalk, or carry off your children, weather ought either to be celebrated or ignored.

Tom Robbins

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#14. Rhubarb: essence of stomach ache.

Ambrose Bierce

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#15. Well, art is art, isn't it? Still, on the other hand, water is water! And east is east and west is west and if you take cranberries and stew them like applesauce they taste much more like prunes than rhubarb does. Now, uh ... now you tell me what you know.

Groucho Marx

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#16. If you want to make a [rhubarb] pie from scratch, first you have to create the universe.

Carl Sagan

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#17. A square egg in a dish of lentils won't make a marrow bend with the wind, nor will it make rhubarb grow up the milkmaid's leg.

Les Dawson

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#18. I want a dish to taste good, rather than to have been seethed in pig's milk and served wrapped in a rhubarb leaf with grated thistle root.

Kingsley Amis

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#19. If I could eat only one thing for the rest of my life, it would be rhubarb fool, which I make with ginger and a hint of elderflower cordial.

Sebastian Faulks

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#20. You will find the Americans much as the Greeks found the Romans: great, big, vulgar, bustling people more vigorous than we are and also more idle, with more unspoiled virtues but also more corrupt.

Harold Macmillan

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#21. Hobbs and Sutcliffe. More than any other players in those years they raised the status of the professional cricketer.

Stephen Chalke

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#22. Coquetry, it's a triumph of the spirit over the senses.

Coco Chanel

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#23. I was anxious to deal with this shadow by myself alone -- and to this day I don't know why I was so jealous of sharing with any one the peculiar blackness of that experience.

Joseph Conrad

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#24. Superficial efficiency seems cheaper at first, but it costs more the long run, with the cost being pushed off onto someone other than the one who saves a few bucks.

Matt Perman

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