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Top 100 Quotes About Rebirth

#1. Right now we have obtained a human rebirth and have the opportunity to attain enlightenment through Dharma practice, so if we waste this precious opportunity in meaningless activities there is no greater loss and no greater foolishness. - Author: Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
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#2. It's a gift to be able to imagine heaven, and a rebirth to actually glimpse it. - Author: Vaddey Ratner
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#3. Hardly has the universe stretched its wings to span
When it gathers to egg once more - Author: J. Aleksandr Wootton
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#4. When I look at my sins (and if I think they're sins, then they are sins), I can see the appeal of born-again Christianity. I suspect that it's not the Christianity that is so alluring; it's the rebirth. Because who wouldn't wish to start all over again? - Author: Nick Hornby
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#5. You drink from the source to become the source. You lose your identity in Him to become like Him."
Secrets to Divine Manifestation: Finding Your Life Purpose Through the Rebirth of Your Soul - Author: Alain Yaovi M. Dagba
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#6. When you travel, you experience, in a very practical way, the act of rebirth. You confront completely new situations, the day passes more slowly, and on most journeys you don't even understand the language the people speak. - Author: Paulo Coelho
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#7. Rebirth. I mean by this simply what happens when the child begins to realise the fact that the black does not enter through the white's front door is not in the same category as the fact that the dead will never come back. - Author: Nadine Gordimer
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#8. I believe in one God, the first and great cause of goodness. I also believe in Jesus Christ, the rebirth of the world. I also believe in the Holy Ghost, the comforter. - Author: Daniel Morgan
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#9. Don't be afraid, Queen, the blood has long run down into the earth. And on the spot where it was spilled, grapevines are growing today. - Author: Mikhail Bulgakov
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#10. This is the fourth age, the Kali Yuga, and it's a time of great darkness. At the end of this age, there's supposed to be a cosmic dissolution and then life begins anew. It's a wonderful cycle of rebirth. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#11. Keep the progress, but recover the lost values. Technically, then he's talking about renaissance: the rebirth of old ideas in a new framework. - Author: Douglas Rushkoff
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#12. You know Americans are obsessed with life and death and rebirth, that's the American Cycle. You know, awakening, tragic, horrible death and then Phoenix rising from the ashes. That's the American story, again and again. - Author: Billy Corgan
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#13. The rebirth of the soul is perpetual; only rebirth every hour could stay the hand of Satan. - Author: James Baldwin
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#14. All of our lives were a story; their magic came in their retelling. Words could give life everlasting rebirth.

I would accept this challenge. I would use my breath to give life. - Author: J. Lynn Else
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#15. The natives believed in the circle of life which consisted of three main functions or transitions in life, the birth, death and rebirth. - Author: Sally May
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#16. Samsara is the world appearance, the cycle of rebirth, the physically manifest universes and states of mind that you perceive through the medium of ego. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#17. Philosopher William Lane Craig reminds us that an infinite regress of causes is like trying to jump out of a bottomless pit. How do you start if you never reach the bottom? On the other hand, one might well ask, if every birth is a rebirth, what kamma was paid for in his first birth? - Author: Ravi Zacharias
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#18. Everywhere we shine death and life burn into something new ... - Author: Aberjhani
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#19. He felt as if he had left a stage behind and many actors.
He felt as if he had left the great seance and all the murmuring ghosts.
He was moving from an unreality that was frightening into a reality that was unreal because it was new. - Author: Ray Bradbury
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#20. He felt his heart was going to explode, his body burned while his mind tried to reconstitute the ashes of who he once had been. - Author: Jorge Silva Rodighiero
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#21. I've had so many rebirths, I should come with my own midwife by now. - Author: Cher
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#22. Change is growth. For me it has been a very spiritual and musical rebirth. - Author: Lenny Kravitz
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#23. Convalescence is a sort of grown-up rebirth, enabling us to see life with a fresh eye. - Author: Margaret Prescott Montague
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#24. How do you plan a rebirth? I'm not sure you do. You just stand in the darkness until you can't endure it any long, and then you move forward until you're standing in the light. - Author: Questlove
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#25. He called for military supremacy, no welfare and cultural rebirth. It was a nice speech, but it sounded a lot better in its original German. - Author: Argus Hamilton
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#26. Forgetfulness of your real nature is true death; remembrance of it is rebirth. - Author: Ramana Maharshi
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#27. May the wind carry her spirit gently May the Fire release her soul, May the Water cleanse her, may the Earth receive her, May the Goddess take her in her arms and guide her to rebirth. - Author: Starhawk
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#28. Truth will always reassert itself, given a symbolic three days. Three days represents the time it takes between the crucifixion and the resurrection, between an open-hearted response to hurt and the experience of rebirth that will always follow. - Author: Marianne Williamson
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#29. There can be no rebirth without a dark night of the soul, a total annihilation of all that you believed in and thought that you were. - Author: Hazrat Inayat Khan
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#30. The wilderness is a place for spiritual rebirth. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#31. Love taught me to die with dignity that I might come forth anew in splendor. Born once of flesh, then again of fire, I was reborn a third time to the sound of my name humming haikus in heaven's mouth. - Author: Aberjhani
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#32. I am a former Kleagle [recruiter] of the Ku Klux Klan in Raleigh County. The Klan is needed today as never before and I am anxious to see its rebirth here in West Virginia. It is necessary that the order be promoted immediately and in every state in the union. - Author: Robert Byrd
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#33. After a cruel childhood, one must reinvent oneself. Then reimagine the world. - Author: Mary Oliver
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#34. All the pleasure of sin cannot be compared to the satisfaction with sweetness of life in the spirit. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#35. The little red dot of my rebirth, the Christ Consciousness, the vast galaxy within aching to be explored. - Author: Tahira Amir Khan
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#36. And it was written that no hand but his should wield the Sword held in the Stone, but he did draw it out, like fire in his hand, and his glory did burn the world. Thus did it begin. Thus do we sing his Rebirth. Thus do we sing the beginning. - Author: Robert Jordan
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#37. He has no need for faith who knows the uncreated, who has cut off rebirth, who has destroyed any opportunity for good or evil, and cast away all desire. He is indeed the ultimate man. - Author: Gautama Buddha
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#38. Death is the great disruptor; it thrusts us opposite life's mirror, invites our truthful exploration, and reveals the naked truth; from which rebirth is possible and we are free to reinvent ourselves anew. - Author: B.G. Bowers
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#39. From every ruin, life springs up again and everything that dies is born again. - Author: Isabelle Eberhardt
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#40. How long the path may be depends for any man on where he stands today and his speed of travel. These are his past and present choosing, but the beginning of the way is here and now, and karma and rebirth are the means of treading it. - Author: Christmas Humphreys
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#41. You will reach a point where you can finally go for an hour, or a day, or a week without painful reminders of absence and emptiness. Look for new awakenings. Be open to rebirth. - Author: Karen Katafiasz
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#42. Every generation, the nine daughters of Zeus are reborn, and with their rebirth are also nine Guardians. They will be marked by the gods, and given gifts to protect his treasure. Their abilities will only be unlocked when they find their muse. - Author: Lisa Kessler
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#43. My mother was the bringer of storms. The dark and the light. Death and rebirth. She was as dangerous as she was beautiful as she rode the lightning. Once a potent force of nature she had the nerve to look down on us from those lofty heights. - Author: Scarlett Amaris
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#44. Without an understanding of myth or religion, without an understanding of the relationship between destruction and creation, death and rebirth, the individual suffers the mysteries of life as meaningless mayhem alone. - Author: Marion Woodman
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#45. Each time we exhale, the world ends; when we inhale, there can be, if we allow it, rebirth and spiritual renewal. It all transpires inside of us. In our consciousness, in our hearts. All the time. - Author: Tom Robbins
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#46. A rebirth out of spiritual adversity causes us to become new creatures. - Author: James E. Faust
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#47. Having undergone that disintegration and dying of past individuals and rebirth into something vastly more powerful, all these creatures had joined millions of years before into its own early Gravemind, far more than the sum of its parts. - Author: Greg Bear
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#48. From contact comes feeling. From feeling comes reaction. This is what keeps us in the cycle of birth and death. Our reactions to our feelings are our passport to rebirth. - Author: Ayya Khema
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#49. Searching for a mind long lost I found it shaping colors and history near the cliffs of your heart. - Author: Aberjhani
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#50. Life's just a dream. It isn't real. I know that you can't see that yet. You want me to wake up but in my death I did wake up and I saw you were still sleeping. - Author: Kate McGahan
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#51. Some things scratch the surface while others strike at your soul. - Author: Gianna Carini
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#52. Our souls are transitory; one single life is fleeting. Based on some children's accounts, not all souls are immediately reincarnated. Sometimes the consciousness can choose rebirth. What a lovely thought to look upon your child and realize that he entrusted you to raise him. What a gift. - Author: Shelbi Wescott
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#53. It is not as late as you think. It is merely early - in the age of the rebirth of individualism. - Author: Ayn Rand
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#54. Like the Phoenix, we can observe in our own lives that disintegration brings with it transformation and rebirth. - Author: Donna Labermeier
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#55. If the soul is immortal then it is one with the Godhead. - Author: N.K.David
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#56. Who me? I play scales. The scales of
dead fish of oil-slicked seas. My sister
blows wind through the hollows of fallen
trees. And we are the echoes of eternity.
Maybe you've heard of us.
We do rebirths, revolts, and resurrections. - Author: Saul Williams
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#57. Since the baptismal rebirth takes place only with the one Bride of Christ, where could he be born who is not a son of the Church? - Author: Cyprian
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#58. The was something about churches that she found unsettling. Everything seemed overly concerned with death, as if someone had forgotten that the basis of the religion for which they'd been built was a rebirth. - Author: Melissa Grey
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#59. Here. Where I am anonymous and alone in a white room with no history and no parading. So I can make something unknown in the shape of this room. Where I am King of Corners. - Author: Michael Ondaatje
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#60. You will be reborn. You will come from the inner to the outer again. This process goes on indefinitely. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#61. If all with doubts about the factual basis of their religion will but commit to their resolution through direct and unfettered inquiry, our country - and with it the world - will see a rebirth of Liberty, - Author: Thomas Paine
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#62. You are a fluid metaphor for existence. You are your own death and your own rebirth. Here is forever. It never changes. We bring perpetual oblivion until we change the world. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#63. Who needs to be a Phoenix for rebirth? One simply requires themselves and an instrument to clean the slate and start over, perhaps create their own world where everything is better.. - Author: TheBakaViolinist
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#64. Let the juices that are stirred into new life flow at this creative bloodletting of our artistic beings. (Zoltan Galos) - Author: Z.J. Galos
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#65. Oh yes! ... The sweet summons of God to man. That's when He calls you up to His arms. And it's the most beautiful thing, a rebirth, a new life. But, just the same I'm in no rush to find out. - Author: Oscar Hijuelos
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#66. Think: the hero prolongs himself, even his falling
was only a pretext for being, his latest rebirth. - Author: Rainer Maria Rilke
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#67. They have to know, for we know , that reincarnation is real. - Author: N.K.David
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#68. To fashion an inner story of our pain carries us into the heart of it, which is where rebirth inevitably occurs. - Author: Sue Monk Kidd
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#69. The immortality of great art seems bound up with the inevitable loss of its original surface meaning and its rebirth in the spirit of every new age. - Author: Anton Ehrenzweig
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#70. When readers close the covers on 'Running the Rift,' I want them to understand that it is not a genocide novel but rather a story of hope and rebirth. - Author: Naomi Benaron
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#71. Some call it progress, regeneration, rebirth. Many people call it other things. - Author: John Stanley
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#72. Following dark winter's strife, a warm air rises, teemed with life. Birth, rebirth, as the waiting die. Old love, new love sprouts wings to fly. - Author: Phar West Nagle
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#73. America desperately needs a moral rebirth. We need to implore God's blessings on our country and ask Him to forgive our sinfulness and restore our moral perspective. - Author: Donald Wildmon
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#74. A farewell to my shadow is not my death; it's my rebirth in darkness. - Author: Munia Khan
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#75. For each of us, there comes a time when we must awaken and become what we were born to become. - Author: Seth Adam Smith
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#76. The old man began to lose heart at this endless return of chains, this rebirth of shackles, this proliferation of suffering, which the more resigned began to accept as proof of the uselessness of all revolt (171-172). - Author: Alejo Carpentier
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#77. She died
this was the way she died;
And when her breath was done,
Took up her simple wardrobe
And started for the sun.
Her little figure at the gate
The angels must have spied,
Since I could never find her
Upon the mortal side. - Author: Emily Dickinson
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#78. Life is a cycle, a great wheel that turns throughout time: we are born, we live, we die, and (if we are lucky) we are reborn - Author: Robyn Bachar
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#79. Thus ended the first and adventurous part of his existence.
What followed was so different that, but for the reality of sorrow which remained with him, this strange part must have resembled a dream. - Author: Joseph Conrad
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#80. Nature is bent on new beginning
and death has not a chance of winning ... - Author: Rosy Cole
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#81. The future is certain for those who follow dharma. Those who don't follow dharma are pushed back again and again into the net of rebirth. They are drawn back to the same planes of attention, or lower. It could happen to you! - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#82. And the game begins anew. - Author: Neil Gaiman
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#83. The syrup of lilies hangs thick and sweet in the air, its cloying scent the traditional mask of death and rebirth: ashes and incense, rain and dirt, and something like rosin. It's the scent Hector associates with God. The scent of heavenly things. - Author: Kimberly Morgan
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#84. I don't believe in hell. The idea that a supreme being would make hell is ridiculous. An eternity of pain that results in no learning, reformation or rebirth is a nauseating idea. It's one of the reasons I left Christianity. I simply could not accept that version of God. - Author: Anne Rice
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#85. I think that no matter how old or infirm I may become, I will always plant a large garden in the spring. Who can resist the feelings of hope and joy that one gets from participating in nature's rebirth? - Author: Edward Giobbi
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#86. In every life, there was death and rebirth and continuity. - Author: Mary Alice Monroe
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#87. Nietzsche says that we will live the same life, over and over again. God - I'll have to sit through the Ice Capades again. - Author: Woody Allen
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#88. He was a phoenix of blood, rising from the ashes of those who had fallen and suffered before him. - Author: Nenia Campbell
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#89. I love you today. I will love you tomorrow. I will love you always. Because when we are reborn, I will fall in love with you again and again and again.
- Faye Hall, from an untitled script - Author: Faye Hall
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#90. There's a rebirth that goes on with us continuously as human beings. I don't understand, personally, how you can be bored. I can understand how you can be depressed, but I just don't understand boredom. - Author: Dustin Hoffman
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#91. Without the death of winter, there is no rebirth of spring. - Author: Laura Kaye
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#92. Gut it is will move us from the gutter .. to the rebirth of real men. - Author: Keorapetse Kgositsile
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#93. Jews know the Palestinians. And they know they're not really different. And they know they are from the same background. And they know if they coordinated that they could be an economic success and a real basis for a rebirth in the Middle East. - Author: Russ Feingold
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#94. Look to the east," she said, "for always, while the light dies in the west, there is the promise of rebirth from the east. - Author: Marion Zimmer Bradley
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#95. I like the dry-cleaners. I like the sense of refreshment and renewal. I like the way dirty old torn clothes are dumped, to be returned clean and wholesome in their slippery transparent cases. Better than confesssion any day. Here there is a true sense of rebirth, redemption, salvation. - Author: Fay Weldon
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#96. As long as Green Lantern is still dealing with fear, it's going to be relevant. 'Rebirth' really grew out of 9/11. 9/11 happened, and then two years later, I was writing about fear. It was obviously connected. - Author: Geoff Johns
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#97. Can't call 'em zombies anymore," sighed Manny. He seemed almost wistful. "Now we gotta be all politically correct. It's like the Cold Wars never happened. - Author: David S.E. Zapanta
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#98. This estate is called a Phoenix. It's not a municipal venture, it's a social rebirth, a statement of a sincere belief that decent conditions make a decent community, and I'm - Author: Margery Allingham
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#99. Out of the ashes of the music business, comes the rebirth of the musician business. - Author: John Perry Barlow
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#100. Our knowledge, experience, and wisdom can assist us in gaining more from this life, which will correctly set up our next life. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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