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#1. These ... xistential qualms you suffer, they just mean you're truly human. - Author: David Mitchell
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#2. Comics speak, without qualm or sophistication, to the innermost ears of the wishful self. The response is like that of a thirsty traveler who suddenly finds water in the desert - he drinks to satiation. - Author: William Moulton Marston
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#3. If a mosquito has a soul, it is mostly evil. So I don't have too many qualms about putting a mosquito out of its misery. I'm a little more respectful of ants. - Author: Douglas Hofstadter
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#4. When the world changed, people were different. Towns closed, cities were boarded up, communities abandoned, their governments collapsed. They seemed to have no qualms that were obvious to you or me about walking away from what they called a useless pile of rubbish, and never looking back. - Author: Alexis Wright
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#5. It's funny what actors take issue with. Some won't do parts where animals are in jeopardy; some won't ever play anyone remotely unlikable - 'Heroes only, please.' Some won't do violence. I have no such qualms. - Author: Rob Lowe
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#6. I would return to the Blackadder character if the opportunity came up. I have no qualms about that at all. - Author: Rowan Atkinson
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#7. I didn't have any qualms. I'm used to taking my clothes off in front of strangers. I've done it since I was 14 - with my mother's adult education art classes. She liked to paint and I went along as a life model. - Author: Alex Kingston
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#8. I brought off everything I set my hand to, I moved at ease in the field of the intellect, I got on excellently with women, and if I had occasional qualms, they passed as lightly as they came. - Author: Albert Camus
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#9. And he had no qualms whatsoever about prying into someone's private thoughts and experiences. And no guilt about hoarding his own. - Author: Nora Roberts
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#10. Go for it without qualms and forget about the naysayers. - Author: Veronika Carnaby
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#11. If a doctor said you had stomach cancer, would you consult Rush Limbaugh for a second opinion? Of course, that sounds like nonsense, but many Americans have no qualms about listening to political commentators and untrained activists when it comes to even more complex scientific questions. - Author: Kurt Eichenwald
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#12. Indian films are always very passionate and romantic, and so long as the scene is done well aesthetically, I have no qualms doing it. - Author: Shilpa Shetty
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#13. If China's expansion into Africa and Russia's into Latin America and the former Soviet Union are any indication, Silicon Valley's ability to expand globally will be severely limited, if only because Beijing and Moscow have no qualms about blending politics and business. - Author: Evgeny Morozov
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#14. To be capable of embarrassment is the beginning of moral consciousness. Honor grows from qualms. - Author: John Leonard
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#15. I have qualms and wonder what a qualm would look like if you painted it
probably like a bowl of melting ice cream or a dish of Jell-o just before it sets. - Author: Gloria Whelan
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#16. You'll see certain Pythagorean whose belief in communism of property goes to such lengths that they pick up anything lying about unguarded, and make off with it without a qualm of conscience as if it had come to them by law. - Author: Desiderius Erasmus
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#17. It was my experience the only people who didn't tread cautiously with badasses were kids. They adored badasses and had no qualms approaching or engaging them in conversation. Badasses were kid magnets, and if the badass was a true badass, he had no qualms about this either. - Author: Kristen Ashley
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#18. America ... just a nation of two hundred million used car salesmen with all the money we need to buy guns and no qualms about killing anybody else in the world who tries to make us uncomfortable. - Author: Hunter S. Thompson
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#19. I'd definitely pose nude again. No qualms. I actually had my breasts done again. Just updated, like new tires. - Author: Jessica Hahn
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#20. If modern painters feel qualms about applying the term "masterpiece" to describe a work of capital importance, this is because it has come to convey a notion of perfection: a notion that leads to much confusion when applied to artists other than those who made perfection their ideal. - Author: Andre Malraux
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#21. If some incarnation of evil as unambiguous as Hitler appeared again, I would have no moral qualms about killing the enemy. But in the modern world of moral murkiness, I prefer to keep my hands as clean of enemy blood as possible. - Author: Sam Keen
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#22. It is all too evident that our nation, and the governments of other countries, require all the help they can get in order to fight the War on Terrorism against people who have no qualms about taking the lives of innocent men, women, and children. - Author: Jim Sensenbrenner
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#23. Whereas many philosophers and theologians appear to possess an emotional attachment to their theories and ideas ... scientists feel no qualms about suggesting different but mutually exclusive explanations for the same phenomenon. - Author: Frank J. Tipler
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#24. I have no qualm about the quality of the contemporary repertory, - Author: John Bonham
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#25. Society has no qualms about a masseuse who is paid for touching people, or about laborers, or professional athletes or dancers, all of whom make a living with their bodies. Why should we make an exception for sex? - Author: Sydney Biddle Barrows
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#26. Being in a state of grace is all very well, but I imagine even Joan of Arc had qualms when they lit the first brand. - Author: Diana Gabaldon
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#27. For when it is in the hope of making a priceless discovery that we desire to receive certain impressions from nature or from works of art, we have qualms lest our soul imbibe inferior impressions which might lead us to form a false estimate of the value of Beauty. - Author: Marcel Proust
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#28. I have no qualms about saying I am more confident in the medical treatment in America. The breast cancer survival rate is 20 per cent higher than in the UK. - Author: Koo Stark
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#29. Even people who feel perfectly comfortable investing in the stock market and owning their own homes often have qualms about individual medical accounts or Social Security private accounts. - Author: Jacob Hacker
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#30. Fleury had succeeded (but only with difficulty) in overcoming certain qualms as to whether selling one's life as dearly as possible, or even putting it up for sale at all, was, in fact, the wisest course - Author: J.G. Farrell
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#31. I love hard; I love who I love, and I don't make any qualms about it. - Author: Khloe Kardashian
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#32. Don't make me punch you again, because I swear to God, I will." That elicited a smirk. His face still had a slight shadow where I'd gotten him. "I also have no qualms about going for your man bits again."
"I don't doubt you for a second, Missy. - Author: Chelsea M. Cameron
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#33. God, she can destroy me with just a look. I've faced horrors that no man or woman should have to see and faced them without qualms, but this woman and her two daughters bring me to my knees. - Author: Kristen Proby
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#34. Even if my mother had no qualms of conscience concerning ownership of negroes, her sense of duty carried her far beyond the mere supplying of their physical needs, or requiring that they render faithful service. - Author: John Sergeant Wise
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#35. The same electorate that is unhappy with [Pennsylvania's] GOP Sen. Rick Santorum appears to have some qualms with Rendell. - Author: Stuart Rothenberg
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#36. To have reservations is to show true leadership. To have certainty without question, to lead people to battle with no qualms, or to prosecute without hesitation are qualities of a tyrant. - Author: Laura Kreitzer
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#37. And what I have, what I am, is enough, was always enough for me, and as far as my dear little sweet little future is concerned I have no qualms, I have a good time coming. - Author: Samuel Beckett
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#38. None of them had it. They had no qualms about stealing, but they needed to be told. They liked to be told, and Viktor Chemmel liked to be the teller. It was a nice microcosm. - Author: Markus Zusak
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#39. Jem's face showed brief indecision on the ethics of withholding his own dime, but his innate courtesy won and he shifted his dime to his pocket. I did likewise with no qualms. - Author: Harper Lee
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#40. Calumny is like counterfeit money; many people who would not coin it circulate it without qualms. - Author: Diane De Poitiers
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#41. They were generally run by young men who mocked authority and preached egalitarianism yet had no qualms about ordering everyone else around and stealing their comrades' girlfriends. - Author: Frans De Waal
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#42. Scratch any father, you find / Someone chock-full of qualms and romantic terrors, / Believing change is a threat ... - Author: Phyllis McGinley
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#43. I looked at the place with my heart beating as I had known it to do in the dentist's parlor. - Author: Henry James
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#44. The key to success is having no qualms about failure. - Author: Richelle E. Goodrich
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#45. Mullets and questionably tight pants aside, the best music in the world was '80s rock, and I had no qualms about admitting it. I didn't want music that was maudlin and depressing - I wanted music that put me in a good mood and made the world look a little bit brighter. - Author: L. H. Cosway
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#46. No - the trampling, driving extravert, the one who always feels impelled to Do Something and is never inhibited by doubts or qualms, by sympathy or sensibility. - Author: Aldous Huxley
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#47. I've never been a collector - just a consumer - and these days unless a book is signed to me by another author, I don't normally have any qualms about passing it to a friend or donating it to the library. - Author: Rick Riordan
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#48. Besides, I already knew you didn't have any moral qualms about breaking and entering. - Author: Richelle Mead
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#49. Now you should have no qualms about leaving that village. That place isn't fit for kappa anymore. - Author: Susumu Katsumata
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#50. She was like a bride-to-be who begins to feel her sickening qualms as the day approaches, and dares not speak her mind because so many preparations have been made on her behalf the happiness and convenience of so many good people would be put at risk. - Author: Ian McEwan
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#51. We all dream; it is a mystery in which all humankind participates. I realize this is an assumption, but it is one that I have no qualms in asserting as fact: the dream is an experiential universal for humanity. - Author: Andrew D. Chumbley
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#52. Dean: God exists without qualms. As we roll along this way, I am positive beyond doubt that everything will be taken care of for us - that even you, as you drive, fearful of the wheel - the thing will go along of itself and you won't go off the road and I can sleep. - Author: Jack Kerouac
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#53. Now I have shed my first blood. I feel no qualms, no pride, no remorse. There is only a weary indifference that will follow me throughout the war. - Author: Audie Murphy
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#54. In American religious history, theological qualms tend to get pushed aside when politics intervenes. - Author: Rick Perlstein
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#55. He gave a dark chuckle. "But you're not, so you had absolutely no qualms about kneeing me in the groin, right?"
"I hit your thigh!"
"Oh, please. A man doesn't need that long to recover from a knee to the thigh," he replied, his voice full of skepticism. - Author: Kiera Cass
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