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Top 35 Quotes About Public Affection

#1. Well, if you don't want me to show you affection in public-"
"Do," he interrupted. "Please. Touch me. All the time. All ways. - Author: Heather Crews
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#2. There is, in any art, a tendency to turn one's own preferences into a monomaniac theory. - Author: Pauline Kael
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#3. they had merely acquired
a shared affection for funerals
the way some people
love public holidays: - Author: Thabo Jijana
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#4. Paul loves me with unconditional warmth, his affection public and obvious, his arms pulling me into him, his mouth littering my body with frequent kisses. - Author: Alessandra Torre
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#5. Go fuck yourself! - Dan said genuinely pissed off.
I've found that I'm a little shy for such blatantly public display of self-affection. Besides, I like to be wined and dined before I have my way with myself. I'm an old-fashioned kind of guy. - Author: Suzanne Brockmann
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#6. Please, Eve, these public displays of affection must stop. I have a reputation."
"Keep it up, ace, and I'll give you a public display of affection that'll have you limping for a week."
"Now I'm excited. - Author: J.D. Robb
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#7. Well the wedding in the words of the Archbishop of Canterbury was a fairy tale and there was a huge public impress, investment of goodwill, affection and indeed money in this Institution. It was a huge success at the time. - Author: Anthony Holden
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#8. The English have this extraordianry respect for longevity. The best example of this was Queen Victoria, a most unpleasant woman who achieved a sort of public affection simply by living to be an enormous age. - Author: Malcolm Muggeridge
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#9. If you are in the same place today as you were yesterday, you are a backslider. - Author: Smith Wigglesworth
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#10. Interviewing Hugh McIlvanney, I got to read lots of his stuff again. I'm a big fan of his writing. - Author: Sebastian Coe
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#11. When Duncan did arrive a half hour later, I hugged him and didn't let go. He seemed a little embarrassed to be receiving such a public display of affection. After all, he did try his very best to barbeque me once. But that didn't matter now. - Author: B. Alston
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#12. Affection would not be affection if it was loudly and frequently expressed; to produce it in public is like getting your household furniture out for a move. It did very well in its place, but it looks shabby or tawdry or grotesque in the sunshine. - Author: C.S. Lewis
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#13. I'm not one for big public displays of affection, anyway. Straight, gay, whatever. - Author: Melissa Etheridge
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#14. A few weeks before the jubilee began in 2002, Queen Elizabeth died, and the public outpouring of grief and affection, with hundreds of thousands of people queuing for hours to pass by her coffin, showed how widely and deeply loved she was. - Author: William Shawcross
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#15. In the mind of The English, kissing in the rain, as well as other public displays of affection, belongs to the category of soft porn. Sane people don't do soft porn in public. Only animals do. And aliens. - Author: Angela Kiss
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#16. My main concern is meeting with public because my main commitment, main interest is promotion of human value, human affection, compassion and religious harmony. - Author: Dalai Lama
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#17. True giving happens when we give from our heart. - Author: Muhammad Ali
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#18. We begin our public affection in our families. No cold relation is a zealous citizen. - Author: Edmund Burke
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#19. If it's public, it's not bonding. - Author: Will Advise
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#20. Even Stravinsky does not evoke the same public affection as Verdi. - Author: Charles Rosen
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#21. If you're not doing something different, you're not doing anything. - Author: Sam Phillips
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#22. But she has gathered that Americans, in spite of their public declarations of affection, in spite of their miniskirts and bikinis, in spite of their hand-holding on the street and lying on top of each other on the Cambridge Common, prefer their privacy. - Author: Jhumpa Lahiri
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#23. I once believed in causes, too. Had my pointless point of view. Life went on no matter who was wrong or right. - Author: Billy Joel
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#24. The kindness and affection from the public have carried me through some of the most difficult periods, and always your love and affection have eased the journey. - Author: Princess Diana
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#25. Does this public display of affection with my daughter on my front porch mean I'm stuck with you now?" he asks, opening the screen door for Harper.
I'm not sure if I should laugh, so I hold back. "I'm afraid so. - Author: Trish Doller
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#26. The public has always had affection for gay entertainers. The time was right for an out gay entertainer. - Author: Julian Clary
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#27. That's not to say we were totally innocent of any public displays of affection; there was some hand-holding and the occasional hurried good-bye kiss on even days, when we had different sixth periods. - Author: Robyn Schneider
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#28. I want to know what it feels like to kiss a guy. And you've had a lot of practice, so I know you're a good kisser.
Are you simultaneously complimenting me and calling me a whore? - Author: Abigail Roux
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#29. Every diminution of the public burdens arising from taxation gives to individual enterprise increased power and furnishes to all the members of our happy confederacy new motives for patriotic affection and support. - Author: Andrew Jackson
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#30. I was actually telling people that - by harnessing the atom - we could enter a new era of unlimited power that would do away with the need to dam our beautiful streams. - Author: David R. Brower
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#31. A public library is the most enduring of memorials, the trustiest monument for the preservation of an event or a name or an affection; for it, and it only, is respected by wars and revolutions, and survives them.
[Letter to the Millicent (Rogers) Library, February 22, 1894] - Author: Mark Twain
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#32. I always wanted so much glamour in my life, so I have always been obsessed with class, and from dating a few people who were from old money and a few from new money in my 20s, I just sort of became obsessed with this idea of clueless rich people. - Author: Natasha Leggero
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#33. At this time, about the only thing that was still regarded as perverted was a public display of affection toward one's wife. - Author: John Maddox Roberts
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#34. Flo hated how public an event affection inevitably became. Marrying in a church while scrutinized by dozens of people struck her as a barbaric custom. - Author: Enid Shomer
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#35. Bad Dixie! No more sex for you! - Author: Abigail Roux
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