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Top 32 Quotes About Pedophiles

#1. The thing I love about reporting is being able to blend in with any group, whether that's neo-Nazis or pedophiles. - Author: Anderson Cooper
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#2. From New Delhi to New York, from Durban to Rio; women and
girls are been hunted down by rapists, abused by pedophiles and
emotionally decapitated by a society that is becoming increasingly
hostile to the womenfolk - Author: Oche Otorkpa
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#3. Communities do not let prostitutes, pedophiles, voyeurs, adulterers, and those who sexually prefer animals to publicly celebrate their lifestyles, so why should homosexuals get such privileges? - Author: James Dobson
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#4. As a police officer it has been my experience that pedophiles are able to operate and stay functional over long periods of time and victimize scores, even hundreds, of children, because no one wants to believe his or her own intuitions about the symptoms in the perpetrator. - Author: James Lee Burke
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#5. Because the perpetrators typically have little understanding as to why they are sexually assaulting children, they usually are unable to stop after the first assault. Abusive behavior continues until a crisis of some kind prevents further abuse. - Author: Tony Martens
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#6. The dark places will not be instinctively frightening, true, but isn't it better that children fear boogeymen than pedophiles? Isn't it better that libraries are filled to the brim with stories and not only words? - Author: Thomm Quackenbush
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#7. Just because one pedophile is a football coach, please don't turn against all pedophiles. - Author: Dana Gould
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#8. It was curious that so avowedly godless a person should keep trying to write about faith. - Author: Salman Rushdie
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#9. It's no secret that our nation's public universities want to transform American young people into a bunch of hyper-sensitive, intellectually-neutered cream puffs. - Author: Todd Starnes
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#10. People are quite clear in viewing nuns as the servants and the teachers and the supporters of the poor. You contrast that with the fact that the Vatican did virtually nothing about long-known pedophiles, and it's just too much. - Author: Gloria Steinem
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#11. People go to movies on Saturday to get away from the war in Iraq and taxes and election news and pedophiles online and just go and have some fun. I like doing movies that are fun. - Author: Samuel L. Jackson
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#12. Increasingly, the girl child is becoming an endangered specie as
pedophiles' continue to roam free in our societies terrorizing
the lives of our children and stripping them of all the joy and
excitement that comes with childhood. - Author: Oche Otorkpa
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#13. I am the pedophiles dream, a messianic Peter Pan. - Author: Marilyn Manson
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#14. What pedophiles and people who have sexual desires on children lose sight of to a terrible, terrible degree - a devastating degree - is that their victims are real people who will suffer forever whatever abuses are perpetrated on them. - Author: Jock Sturges
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#15. Why do they call it the Catholic Church? Because if they called it the Pedophiles Club, nobody would join. - Author: Mike Golden
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#16. Childhood obesity affects all pedophiles. - Author: Anthony Jeselnik
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#17. Pagans can be just as monstrous as any other group. They can be murderers, rapists, pedophiles. We need to accept that they are our problem and deal with them. We need to speak against their crimes and challenge them rather than letting our silence make us complicit. - Author: Thomm Quackenbush
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#18. I rise today in strong support of the Children's Safety and Violent Crime Reduction Act, because it is a commonsense way to protect our schoolchildren from pedophiles. - Author: Ric Keller
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#19. Malevolence takes a bite out off your spirit. Just sitting with it, just talking with people who consciously and deliberately exploit others, feels like being beaten. Over the years, l have seen many therapists burn out and leave the field entirely. [Refers to treating sex offenders, p6] - Author: Anna C. Salter
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#20. I think human arrogance will be the demise of civilization. - Author: Adam Ferrara
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#21. I don't want to paint myself as some kind of saint - that would be laughable - but I do think I've been able over the years to write humanely about subjects who are controversial and even contemptible. I've profiled pedophiles, stalkers, serial rapists, prison gang members and corrupt politicians. - Author: Robert Draper
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#22. The lack of stringent laws and the inefficient prosecution of
perpetrators have made it increasingly difficult for victims and their
families to get the justice they deserve. - Author: Oche Otorkpa
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#23. I think we are faced in medicine with the reality that we have to be willing to talk about our failures and think hard about them, even despite the malpractice system. I mean, there are things that we can do to make that system better. - Author: Atul Gawande
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#24. Victim-stancing - whereby the offender claims and believes that s/he is the real victim (one of the most prevalent sophistries in the false memory controversies) - Author: Harvey L. Schwartz
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#25. I write music just for me. I'm certainly not good enough to do it on any kind of a level but I enjoy that time because it's quiet. - Author: Alex O'Loughlin
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#26. The abuser's desire to abuse is not created by the child - it is there before the child appears - Author: Carolyn Ainscough
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#27. We've got to clear some of the room out of the prisons so we can put the bad guys in there, like the pedophiles and the politicians. - Author: Kinky Friedman
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#28. The heart seeks good but temptation resists evil & God's laws are broken to the extent of the darkness w/in an individual & those who are wicked will be brought to justice pedophiles ect. We have a choice-if we love ourselves we seek good -hate ourselves we seek evil - Author: Terry
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#29. The Republican I ran against, at the end of the campaign, had decided that I was "a friend of terrorists" and "a friend of pedophiles." That's the kind of crap they came out with. I expect that's the kind of crap they'll come out with again. - Author: Bernie Sanders
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#30. And let's stop calling them "sex offenders," as if their crimes had anything to do with sex. (Perhaps Jeffry Dahmer was a "food offender.") - Author: Mike Lew
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#31. Much as we do not permit convicted pedophiles to teach kindergarten or convicted hijackers to board airplanes, common sense dictates that individuals who have been imprisoned for plotting violence against abortion clinics should never again be permitted anywhere near such facilities. - Author: Jacob M. Appel
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#32. Most pedophiles are straight not gay. - Author: Steven Petrow
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