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Top 40 Quotes About Paternity

#1. Many men no longer want to be identified just by their jobs, said Bengt Westerberg, the country's former deputy prime minister. - Author: Emily Matchar
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#2. Words There is no good father, that's the rule. Don't lay the blame on men but on the bond of paternity, which is rotten. To beget children, nothing better; to have them, what iniquity! - Author: Jean-Paul Sartre
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#3. Many of the historical proverbs have a doubtful paternity. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#4. And the game of dominoes is much like life: You gotta play the bones you've pulled. It don't matter if you got seven doubles in your damn hand. - Author: S.B. Redd
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#5. The earth we inhabit is an error, an incompetent parody. Mirrors and paternity are abominable because they multiply and affirm it. - Author: Jorge Luis Borges
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#6. I will not be taking a paternity test, ever! - Author: Oprah Winfrey
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#7. Paternity is based anyhow only upon conviction: I am convinced, therefore, I am the father. - Author: Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
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#8. How sad that men would base an entire civilization on the principle of paternity, upon the legal owership and presumed responsibility for children, and then never really get to know their sons and daughters very well. - Author: Phyllis Chesler
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#9. Paternity is a long way from fatherhood. - Author: James MacDonald
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#10. Pastor McFucking Bride this ... Pastor McFucking Bride that. Fuck him! - Author: S.B. Redd
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#11. I had a friend who got pregnant at age 14 and wasn't quite sure who the father was.
Her paternity test went a little something like this: "If it comes out black, its Darwin's and if it comes out white its Ray's."
This is how things were done in the trailer park. - Author: Kate Madison
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#12. Some men just aren't cut for paternity. Better they should realize it before and not after they become responsible for a son. - Author: Lois McMaster Bujold
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#13. However precise the results offered by paternity testers, the truth was recognized by societies that flourished long before they appeared: that fatherhood means more than genes alone. - Author: Steve Jones
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#14. You don't get it, Tess. I can't have you."
"But you do have me," I whispered. - Author: J. Lynn
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#15. You will never see as many great women investors or traders as men. Period. End of story. - Author: Paul Tudor Jones
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#16. Commenting on paternity establishment programs: What these millions of children want and need is not a name on a form or a promise that the sheriff will arrest these guys if they don't pay child support. What they want and need is in-the-home, love-the-mother fathers, ... - Author: David Blankenhorn
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#17. To my surprise, I was successful in making Malachi believe she was his he knew he had been sleeping with me unprotected so he never questioned Rhilee's paternity. This - Author: Caramel Cocayne
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#18. I suppose that's an inevitable part of human existence, but in the bosom of a close family it can, at least, be endured. For the homeless, there is no relief. Without family or friends there's only the pain. - Author: Peter Kirby
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#19. [About gorillas] You take these fine, regal animals. How many (human) fathers have the same sense of paternity? How many human mothers are more caring? The family structure is unbelievably strong. - Author: Dian Fossey
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#20. the best society hardly anyone can be certain who their father is. - Author: Winston Graham
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#21. I go in alone, for there is no one for me, but I don't care, I tell myself; I'd expected no one.
- Ruth - Author: Carol Matas
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#22. There were a lot of Romneys. There was the Romney who was ; going to be better on gay rights than Ted Kennedy; now there's the Romney who checks with Rick Santorum on that issue. - Author: Barney Frank
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#23. It was never my intention to marry anybody. Economics are basically the only reason to get married, but I'm very glad I did it. - Author: Helen Mirren
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#24. People want to hear what I have to say and respect what I say. - Author: Jennifer Capriati
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#25. Distinctive facial features of a parent are poor people's paternity test. - Author: Mokokoma Mokhonoana
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#26. I should brush my hair more. - Author: Anna Chancellor
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#27. Much Madness is Divinest Sense, to a Discerning Eye ... - Author: Emily Dickinson
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#28. I think a child should be allowed to take his father's or mother's name at will on coming of age. Paternity is a legal fiction. - Author: James Joyce
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#29. Our souls are like those orphans whose unwedded mothers die in bearing them: the secret of our paternity lies in their grave, and we must there to learn it. - Author: Herman Melville
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#30. But my parents had taught me that everybody deserved respect, no matter if they were pansies or not, and to tell the truth, I was nothing to write home about in the physical looks department. - Author: Robert McCammon
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#31. Though it might have its momentary alarms, paternity is not an exciting vocation. - Author: Henry James
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#32. It's more important you learn what to make movies about than how to make movies - Author: J.J. Abrams
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#33. That's not me. I wouldn't [take paternity leave.] Quite frankly, I would have said C-section before the season starts. I need to be at Opening Day. I'm sorry. - Author: Boomer Esiason
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#34. Superfecundation is the term used when twins are conceived from sperm from different men if a woman has had more than one partner during a menstrual cycle. It is not known how often this happens, but if suspected, then paternity can be checked by DNA testing (Terasaki et al 1978). - Author: Diane M. Fraser
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#35. I turned right onto the A410 which went north with suspiciously Roman straightness toward Aymestrey, which is less a village than a diorama of the last six hundred years of English vernacular architecture stretched along either side of the road. - Author: Ben Aaronovitch
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#36. Artistic paternity is as wholesome as physical paternity. Moreover, - Author: G.K. Chesterton
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#37. Characters written in 1990 would be acting like idiots if they were cast into the present. For example, the reader might wonder: Why isn't she texting? Where's her cellphone? Can't she have a simple paternity test? For God's sake, look on the Internet and check him out! - Author: Lisa Jackson
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#38. Happiness is being served with a paternity suit on your 75th birthday. - Author: Johnny Carson
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#39. People ask me what I'd most appreciate getting for my eighty-seventh birthday. I tell them, a paternity suit. - Author: George Burns
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#40. Paternity, paternity. Let's think about this. This discriminates against the childless. So you get a year off because you produce a brat. If anything if you have a child you should work more because your brat's going to annoy me at the restaurants. - Author: Greg Gutfeld
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