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#1. One of my dad's friends from the music industry came over to our house one time and heard me sing, and he said, 'She should audition for this role I have!' So I did! It was a movie called 'The Gospel,' which I did when I was five. That was when I was like, 'I want to do this acting thing!' - Author: China Anne McClain
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#2. Percy hefted a bronze grenade. 'I hope you labelled these right.'
He yelled, 'Die, Romans!' and lobbed the grenade over the wall. - Author: Rick Riordan
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#3. She was the royal princess. She had to start acting like one. She had to stop talking about being trapped, about being handed over from one man to another. She had to start acting.
She had to start being the hero. - Author: Liz Braswell
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#4. Whatever the emotion is, I have learned over the years to give it space, which is also why I love acting. - Author: Daphne Zuniga
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#5. I try to go out for everything. I go out for any acting stuff that comes up, and voice-over stuff. - Author: Andy Kindler
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#6. I start from scratch with each movie; I wipe the slate and I certainly don't rely on some bag of acting tricks I've amassed over the years. - Author: Christian Bale
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#7. Hope doesn't come from calculating whether the good news is winning out over the bad. Its simply a choice to take action. - Author: Anna Lappe
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#8. Here is something no real celebrity will ever tell you: film acting is not very fun. Doing the same thing over and over again until, in the director's eyes, you 'get it right' does not allow for very much creative freedom ... In terms of sheer adrenaline, film has absolutely nothing on theater. - Author: Mara Wilson
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#9. In common with librarians the world over, the two women were used to dealing with a disproportionate quota of odd people acting strangely. - Author: Jose Latour
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#10. I love theatre because it's just me and the audience. It's the litmus test in acting, to be able to sustain a performance over one, two or three hours. - Author: Helen McCrory
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#11. If I had to start over, I'd pursue photography - probably to the exclusion of acting. - Author: Jessica Lange
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#12. I check all my props, everything. Acting is something I love. I have done it since I was 13 but it had completely taken over my life absolutely. - Author: Barbara Windsor
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#13. If I have things my way, over the next few years, I'm going to be doing a lot more directing and a lot less acting. That will be fun for a while. - Author: Thomas Jane
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#14. EMMETT (on being a 'mama's boy'): Poppy teases me for being a mama's boy. She ain't wrong, but my ma's worth acting stupid over. She raised me in a rough world without losing her ability to be tender. - Author: Bijou Hunter
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#15. Every success story has a parent who says, 'over my dead body.' Every success story has an old person who walks up to you and says, when you're acting the fool, 'you know I worry about you sometimes.' - Author: Bill Cosby
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#16. I'm not really one of those people who goes and writes some big back story and agonizes over characters. I think you kind of can get it. For me personally, it's just kind of more instinctive. But I don't have kind of an acting background. I fell into it accidentally. - Author: Rose McGowan
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#17. I went through a phase where I was sick of acting, I didn't want to do it anymore, I was bored with it and then I tried directing a movie and I was like: "Shoot, get back over there!" It made me appreciate acting more. - Author: Tina Fey
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#18. The rich nations of the world are acting like ancient usurers, lending money to the desperate poor on terms that cannot possibly be met and, thus, steadily acquiring more and more control over the lives and assets of the poor. - Author: William Greider
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#19. Over the years, people have asked me, 'Do you think there should be a separate category for acting in the digital realm? Or hybrid sort of awards for digital characters?' and so on. And I've always really maintained that I don't believe so. - Author: Andy Serkis
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#20. Are we acting like a couple? I'm just trying to get it straight. Cause I'm over here convinced that it's too early for mistakes. - Author: Drake
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#21. I have been acting for over 20 years and I started in the smallest little theater that you can possibly imagine and then I very slowly built myself to this point. So it is never like there is this real sharp change or something that really startled me. It has just been very gradual. - Author: Michael Shannon
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#22. When I was in high school, my parents had this power over me - if I ever lied or got caught doing something that I shouldn't be doing, then I would no longer be able to go to L.A. and continue to pursue the acting thing. - Author: Dan Byrd
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#23. Stage fright and acting blocks are just unfocused or misplaced energy. Everything is possible if you know how and where to focus to invite inspiration ... Inspiration is a sensation in the body. It can be invited upon your will and willingness to experience it taking you over.. - Author: Marjo-Riikka Makela
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#24. The best thing I ever learned when I first started acting is that you audition, and then you forget about it when you walk out the door. Even when you have a callback, you can't bank on things until you actually book that job, or your heart will just be broken over and over again. - Author: Allison Tolman
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#25. I do a lot of teen shows and voice over work for animation, so when I got the part in 'The Number 23,' it was really cool because now I get to be in a movie with Jim Carrey. Acting in this movie was really a learning experience for me. - Author: Paul Butcher
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#26. Discipline is the quality that carries over from gymnastics to acting. - Author: Mitch Gaylord
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#27. One of the things I learnt over the years is that there is a craft to writing, like there is a craft to acting. I hadn't done my apprenticeship as a writer. I did try to be a writer for hire but I'm not any good at it. - Author: Lennie James
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#28. I've had probably way too many acting classes, and you try to sort of shed - I think over a period of time, you'll shed what doesn't stick with you, and you'll hang onto those things that do. - Author: Thomas Gibson
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#29. I've gotten pretty good with a tray between acting jobs. In fact, when I got the TV show 'Gravity' I was still doing my catering work. I told my director I had to miss rehearsal because I had to work a party. He was like, 'You're on TV. You need to get over that.' - Author: Seth Numrich
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#30. When you are acting, you are just one piece of the puzzle. You don't see how everything fits together. It feels like you have less authorship over the entire product. In directing, you take the entire picture into account, so you're challenged in a different way. - Author: Misha Collins
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#31. A life being enacted onstage is a thing of utter fascination for me. And acting, it may begin out of vanity, but you hope that it's taken over by something else. I hope I've climbed over the vanity hurdle. - Author: Joseph Wiseman
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#32. Over the years, I've gotten a little bit thick-skinned when it comes to the acting thing. - Author: George Eads
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#33. I felt like the news business was a little rough for me and a little sleazy. So I glided right over into acting. - Author: Emily Procter
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#34. There are places where writing is acting and acting is writing. I'm not so interested in the divisions. I'm interested in the way things cross over. - Author: Sam Shepard
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#35. Even though Rush is not me and the situations were very different, I think, in the Rush Limbaugh thing, ESPN was criticized for not acting, and you remember that after a couple days of controversy over Rush. - Author: Gregg Easterbrook
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#36. On March 12, 2004, acting attorney general James B. Comey and the Justice Department's top leadership reached the brink of resignation over electronic surveillance orders that they believed to be illegal. - Author: Barton Gellman
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#37. I find myself, wearing a mask, pretend play acting when I go out, it's the only way I can cope with it, then when I'm home I'm exhausted and stressed from trying to be someone I'm not. I over analyze the conversations I had, thinking about what I have said and done. - Author: Tina J. Richardson
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#38. We were over in Europe all the time their posters were up. That's why I liked them. So now all of a sudden they're going to get a band hat on, and say people aren't acting the right way? - Author: Kim Deal
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#39. It's never me saying, 'When is my day over?' It's more, 'When do they legally have to get me off of the lot, based on when I have to be back the next day?' The first call is a big thing in the acting world and in the union world. There needs to be a 12 hour period, and I need it. - Author: Stephen Amell
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#40. There are more things to worry about in the world than a messed-up audition. It's out of your hands. So often, it's not down to acting abilities but something an actor has no control over. So go in, be prepared, do your job, and go and enjoy the rest of your day. - Author: Gregg Sulkin
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#41. I was always drawn to performing. I took improv and acting classes during the summers and was involved in middle and high school plays. But when I discovered indie and punk music in high school, those things sort of took over. - Author: Carrie Brownstein
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#42. The experience of having a child does crack you wide open. I felt like I suddenly had to rebuild the skin that I'd grown over the years before having a child. Perhaps that might be quite interesting in terms of acting. - Author: Anne-Marie Duff
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#43. I grew up with horses when I was a kid in Argentina. I like them. I respect them. I'm careful around them. You never know what they're going to do. They're endlessly interesting. I've had some good acting partners that were horses over the years. - Author: Viggo Mortensen
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#44. She would've been torn between acting cool and nonchalant and wanting to geek out over the experience. - Author: Hugh Howey
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#45. My experience of singing, as an actor, was that there's a different creative feeling of freedom. The acting thing is a bit more defined and cerebral. I can see why people would want to cross over. If you have so much freedom on stage then perhaps you want to be confined a bit, and vice versa. - Author: Orlando Bloom
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#46. I think that story wins out over acting and that the thing as a whole is more important than the performances therein. - Author: Ben Mendelsohn
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#47. I love acting because you don't have to do the same thing over and over again, every day, and that's what attracted me to wanting to do this for a living. So to be given an opportunity to create something completely different and live that out is the dream. It's incredibly rewarding. - Author: Jennifer Morrison
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#48. When Orson Welles was acting in 'Compulsion,' the director Richard Fleischer let him just take over and direct the courtroom scenes. To be able to see Welles - who knew more about directing than anyone - direct himself and the other actors, it was unbelievable and unforgettable. - Author: Robert Osborne
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#49. Acting is not very good for relationships - but very good for when they are over. - Author: Hugh Dancy
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#50. I'm over the Oscar thing. I feel that if you really want an Oscar, you're in trouble. It's like wanting to be married - you'll take anybody. If you want the Oscar really badly, it becomes a naked desire and ambition. It becomes very unattractive. I've seen it. - Author: Bill Murray
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#51. Many people think voice over artists just read, there's much more to it. Without acting beats, scene study and improving skills, you won't make it. - Author: Tara Strong
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#52. It's whether they have a vision and whether they're able to communicate it. The best director is just someone who gets over-excited about doing it - they don't even have to know much about camera or acting. - Author: Colin Firth
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#53. You know, for the record, I hate to take orders. But! I realize I'm in over my head. You have no idea how much I hate all this supernatural garbage. So I'm willing to listen to you, but you better start acting like I'm a person and not some mindless blow-up doll. (Amanda) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#54. My first paid job was delivering newspapers. The first paid acting job I got was dressing up as Edam cheese and handing out leaflets on London's Oxford Street. I got pushed over by these little herberts and given a good shoe-in. - Author: Jason Flemyng
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#55. My dad teaches me. He teaches me everything. He's been acting for over 30 years, so he knows a lot. - Author: Kodi Smit-McPhee
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#56. We're in the doing business, or acting business and creating business. We're not in the results business, so we don't have any control over what the result is. - Author: Thomas Jane
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#57. I would like to be going all over the kingdom ... and acting everywhere. There's nothing in the world equal to seeing the house rise at you, one sea of delightful faces, one hurrah of applause! - Author: Charles Dickens
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#58. I suddenly became aware over the last couple of years that I'm in my sixties. I never thought about it. I thought I'd better start acting my age or find roles that are going to be interesting to me in the sexagenarian repertoire, because it's not what you do in your forties or fifties. - Author: Geoffrey Rush
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#59. The universe has become not only conscious and aware of itself but capable in some respects of choosing its path into the future
though all three, the consciousness, the knowledge, and the choice, are dispersed over a vast crowd of beings, acting both individually and collectively. - Author: Thomas Nagel
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#60. Do not grieve over someone who changes all of the sudden. It might be that he has given up acting and returned to his true self. - Author: Socrates
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#61. My first acting gig was a skit for Jay Leno on 'The Tonight Show.' It was this Barbie commercial where I got to pour mud all over Barbie dolls and watch the heads pop off. It was so exciting, a lot of fun. - Author: Brie Larson
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#62. Acting manifested as the primary focus over the years but now I am stirring the pot once again with my voice. - Author: Janine Turner
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#63. I have the opportunity to learn about the fashion world, and I appreciate it as an art form ... But I never want it to take over my acting. - Author: Lupita Nyong'o
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#64. I'm an entertainer, so in whatever form I entertain ... The thing about being a rapper is that you have more control over your form, whereas with acting you have to compromise a lot. - Author: Method Man
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#65. I think sometimes soap acting gets an unfair label for being bad and over the top. The lessons I learned there were so valuable. Seeing yourself every day on television, you learned what worked and didn't work, what was bad acting and what wasn't. Memorizing scripts became second nature. - Author: Dylan Bruce
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#66. Honestly, I wish I'd known just how hard it is and how competitive the acting world is. I took my time; I went at my own pace. That's been helpful over the years, but also, I didn't quite realize how incredible everyone else was going to be: the level of competition and everyone's skill. - Author: Max Von Essen
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#67. Groucho Marx, in his later days, gave me the best review I've ever had and probably will ever have. I changed a light bulb over his bed, and when I came off of his bed with the used one after putting the new one in, Groucho said, 'That's the best acting I've ever seen you do.' - Author: Elliott Gould
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#68. The physical element of a role is something I'm super familiar with, and I love it. I've definitely made the transition into acting over doubling, just because I needed to make it clear to myself, so that I fully committed. - Author: Zoe Bell
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#69. Children all over the world do ridiculous, borderline dangerous things, and no one around them questions it, because it's ingrained in their culture. So it was with child acting in Southern California. - Author: Mara Wilson
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#70. I don't like to intellectualize about my acting. I don't sit around and study the pages of a script over and over again. - Author: Genevieve Bujold
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#71. Acting is just a process of relaxation, actually. Knowing the text so well and trusting that the instinct and the subconscious mind, whatever you want to call it, is going to take over. - Author: Anthony Hopkins
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#72. Music I can discover a part of myself that I haven't been able to for a long time, and acting is the opposite. I'm in love with both of them and I would never choose one over the other. - Author: Tammin Sursok
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#73. Now that was one thing, but from an actor's point of view, this poor young man, crying from the moment I opened the door to the moment he left. Now if an actor did that they would say he's over-acting. - Author: Rod Steiger
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#74. When it comes to acting, you really have to create movement which in some ways is dancing. And dancing, I feel is very important to act as well. I wouldn't put one over the other. - Author: Harry Shum Jr.
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#75. When thou shewest Respect to any one, see that thy Submissions be proportionable to the Homage thou owest him. There is Stupidity and Pride in doing too little; but in over acting of it, there is Abjection and Hypocrisy. - Author: Max Frisch
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#76. When I started acting, I was told over and over again, 'You're no good.' But I said to myself, 'You've got to keep it up.' - Author: Salma Hayek
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#77. Do I have any potential as an actor? I don't know. I'm still wondering. But acting has kind of taken over. - Author: Christian McKay
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#78. To know a person's character you must at least have talked with him, and unless you are gifted with remarkable intuitive insight you are not likely to know much about him unless you have seen him living and acting over a considerable period of time. - Author: Aldous Huxley
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#79. I uprooted my life from Australia and came over to America with the idea of pursuing my acting career. I wasn't really sure where I would end up. I threw caution to the wind. - Author: Penelope Mitchell
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#80. As Charles Darwin once wrote, a tribe with many people acting like givers, who "were always ready to aid one another, and to sacrifice themselves for the common good, would be victorious over most other tribes; and this would be natural selection. - Author: Adam M. Grant
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#81. A lot of times people will say, 'Well, gosh, you're really good; you should try acting!' And I say, 'Come on! I'm thesping my little guts out over here.' - Author: Jim Cummings
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#82. I played baseball in college, and then I went to Russia to study acting and played some pro ball over there. - Author: Jon Bernthal
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#83. Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal. Live this day as if it were your last. The past is over and gone. The future is not guaranteed. - Author: Wayne W. Dyer
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#84. The point is to explore whatever may be helpful for thinking, understanding, and acting responsibly over long periods of time. - Author: Stewart Brand
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#85. I used to have a lot of philosophies of acting; they all fell apart over the years. - Author: Alan Arkin
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#86. I don't push my luck. I don't worry about the results and therefore everything seems to work out well. That's something I've learnt over the years. The whole thing about the acting business is that it's a hit-or-miss game so I keep my distance from it. - Author: Anthony Hopkins
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#87. I was changing a light bulb over Groucho Marx's bed, so I took my shoes off, got on his bed and changed the bulb. When I got off the bed he said: 'That's the best acting you've ever done.' - Author: Elliott Gould
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#88. Except that night didn't change my life. I changed it. I have to stop acting like I have no control over these things. Like I'm letting them just happen to me. These are my choices. For better or worse. - Author: Hannah Harrington
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#89. I've always known from the beginning of my acting career that you only get an acting job if you've got something to learn about it. If you don't do it well, you'll be condemned to doing the same role over and over and over again. If you do it mediocre, you'll have to do it again. - Author: Lance Henriksen
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#90. I wasn't even going to do acting. I don't know how it even happened, to be honest. I was going to go into psychology or something like that. Or business. And then some moment of madness took over and I decided, 'Oh, I'm gonna go to London and try to be an actor.' - Author: Amrita Acharia
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#91. If someone pulls me down, I pull them down, as I don't feel I should live my life in the way other people want me to. If they have a problem with my films, I can rip off their films, be it comedy or their family dramas, which are low on content and have over-theatrical acting. - Author: Emraan Hashmi
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#92. I graduated from school for graphic design, and I started to get into acting class just to get over severe fright. I was an extremely shy person. I could barely say hello to anybody. - Author: Trevor Donovan
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#93. He knows that there's no better way in the world to aggravate somebody who's trying to make it hard for you than by acting like you're not bothered. - Author: Ken Kesey
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#94. Acting and the navy seem to balance each other out - I've not surrendered over to the complete process of the navy, nor have I surrendered to the ego-driven process of acting. - Author: Mark Hadlow
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#95. With acting, there are a lot of subtleties and non-verbals involved. If someone is over there, getting eaten by a shark, there's a non-verbal way of how to act that. There's a certain nuance to acting that does not come intuitively to me. It's something I still have to learn. - Author: Mark McGrath
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#96. All the arts, music, the visual arts, acting and dancing arts, cooking arts, and I believe sports, will save the human race because they can leap over barriers, religions, leap over barriers of race, politics. - Author: Pete Seeger
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#97. Acting is wonderful, but it's not pulling in the type of money that I want. It's not bringing in the type of money that I am used to or the type of money that is going to supply my lifestyle. I'm a leisure girl; I like to be over in Italy or in Europe, you know shopping or vacationing, you know. - Author: LisaRaye McCoy-Misick
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#98. Personal dignity begins by accepting responsibility for our actions, acting humbly, and extending compassion to other people. Personal humility requires choosing living with quietness of the heart over living in the depths of animosity, despair, and discord. - Author: Kilroy J. Oldster
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#99. You are relying on a waiting on other people in acting and films, so to be able to have something that I have full creative control over is really very therapeutic. - Author: Mia Wasikowska
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#100. The drugs took over and she fell asleep then.
Only her face was visible, the medical equipment acting as some hideous hijab for her. - Author: Ruth Ahmed
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