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#1. Although Shanghai is on the sea, it long lacked the prosperity that Hong Kong enjoyed, so while Hong Kong became known for its exotic ocean creatures, Shanghai built its diet around more commonplace river and sea fish.

Evan Osnos

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#2. We know about man's impact on the ocean in terms of fishing and overfishing, but we don't really know much about what's happening underneath the water. And in fact, shipping has a role to play here, because shipping noise has contributed to damaging the acoustic habitats of ocean creatures.

Rose George

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#3. Light doesn't penetrate beneath the surface of the water, so ocean creatures like whales and dolphins and even 800 species of fish communicate by sound. And a North Atlantic right whale can transmit across hundreds of miles.

Rose George

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#4. The ocean was the best place, of course. That was what she loved most. It was a feeling of freedom like no other, and yet a feeling of communion with all the other places and creatures the water touched.

Ann Brashares

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#5. When you hire good people, and you provide good jobs and good wages and a career, good things are going to happen.

James Sinegal

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#6. I dip my toe into the ocean of Joy and quickly withdraw it, afraid of the sea creatures of the mind.

Martin Cosgrove

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#7. We (men) would rather lose an arm out a city bus window than tell you simply, "You're not the
one." We are quite sure you will kill us or yourself or both - or even worse, cry and yell at us.

Greg Behrendt

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#8. We've only explored about 5% of our ocean. There are great discoveries yet to be made down there - fantastic creatures representing millions of years of evolution and possibly bioactive compounds that could benefit us in ways we can't even imagine.

Edith Widder

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#9. Waves are the voices of tides. Tides are life," murmured Niko. "They bring new food for shore creatures, and take ships out to sea. They are the ocean's pulse, and our own heartbeat.

Tamora Pierce

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#10. Remember, the moon is reflected in one drop of water as it is the entire ocean-so it is with God. He is reflected in each living thing-in a grain of sand as the entire shore, one star as the whole universe. Each animal as in all creatures.

Ralph Helfer

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#11. I think sharks are beautiful creatures, and I don't think we should stop going in the ocean because of them. You drive down the road and you get in an accident, but most people end up driving down the road again. Surfing is you're going into their home and it's just a natural part of life.

Bethany Hamilton

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#12. A thick, intense fog was rolling in from the ocean, which created long, strange shadows to form like creatures of their own kind.

Keira D. Skye

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#13. Before the land rose out of the ocean, and became dry land, chaos reigned; and between high and low water mark, where she is partially disrobed and rising, a sort of chaos reigns still, which only anomalous creatures can inhabit.

Henry David Thoreau

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#14. I think the number one thing Black women and all Black people should be paying attention to is our health.

Bell Hooks

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#15. If the pull of the moon can disturb the ocean, why can't the pull of planets cause a disturbance in the mind of creatures like us.

Girdhar Joshi

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#16. To us large creatures, space-time is like the sea seen from an ocean liner, smooth and serene. Up close, though, on tiny scales, it's waves and bubbles. At extremely fine scales, pockets and bubbles of space-time can form at random, sputtering into being, then dissolving.

Gregory Benford

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#17. There are seven billion people living on Earth and countless other creatures and they all have billions of dreams, trillions of dreams or sextillions or octillions or even centillions of dreams! Earth is an ocean of dreams!

Mehmet Murat Ildan

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#18. Have times really changed? Don't we today, as always, love our children and want them to live righteously? Don't we today, as always, need God's divine protecting care? Don't we today, as always, continue to be at his mercy and in his debt for the very life he has given us?

Thomas S. Monson

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#19. Indeed, I cannot think why the whole bed of the ocean is not one solid mass of oysters, so prolific the creatures seem. Ah, I am wandering! Strange how the brain controls the brain! What was I saying, Watson?

Arthur Conan Doyle

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#20. If Lucien is determined to have her, he won't let her be sensible. That's the entire point behind seduction. Men use passion to rob gentle bred ladies of their good sense."

His Wicked Seduction

Lauren Smith

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#21. Arizona's forest fires are not waiting for April, and neither will we. That is why I am pushing for stepped up deployment for Hot Shot wildfire crews in March rather than April, in order to better prepare for the expected fires in northern Arizona.

Rick Renzi

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#22. I stood on the street, staring up at the most normal-looking house in the world. My house. I'd lived there my entire life. It was home. It was safe.
It was haunted.
The only other explanation was that I was demented. I couldn't say which I was rooting for.

D.J. MacHale

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#23. Ocean acidification is often referred to as osteoporosis of the oceans because as acidity rises, shell building creatures such as lobster, oyster, crab, shrimp, and coral are unable to extract the calcium carbonate from the water that they need to build their shells and are thus unable to survive.

Philippe Cousteau Jr.

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#24. Just as we have the power to harm the ocean, we have the power to put in place policies and modify our own behavior in ways that would be an insurance policy for the future of the sea, for the creatures there, and for us, protecting special critical areas in the ocean.

Sylvia Earle

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#25. These are the moments which are not calculable, and cannot be assessed in words; they live on in the solution of memory, like wonderful creatures, unique of their own kind, dredged up from the floors of some unexplored ocean.

Lawrence Durrell

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#26. A reckless driver is better than a scared one; ask anybody

Jenny Han

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#27. ... he discovered that the stars in the southern world were far brighter than any he had known, and that beneath the water there lived creatures so immense they created waves, as if they were masters of the ocean, and of the universe, and of fate.

Alice Hoffman

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#28. Net neutrality is the right thing for our democracy, economy, and global competitiveness. And Americans support an open Internet.

Marvin Ammori

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#29. A beach is not only a sweep of sand, but shells of sea creatures, the sea glass, the seaweed, the incongruous objects washed up by the ocean.

Henry Grunwald

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#30. Moonrise is a fabulous novel and my damn wife wrote it and that's me up there near Highlands shouting it out to the hills.

Pat Conroy

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#31. [Lord Brougham's writings on the bee's cell contain] as striking examples of bad reasoning as are often to be met with in writings related to mathematical subjects.

James Whitbread Lee Glaisher

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#32. I can't write another breakup record. That would be a real cliche.


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