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Top 100 Quotes About Novelty

#1. When you meet a new friend, the world has more light in it, doesn't it? Things become more spontaneous, and more full of laughing and freedom and novelty. - Author: Coleman Barks
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#2. Of all the passions of mankind, the love of novelty most rules the mind. In search of this, from realm to realm we roam. Our fleets come loaded with every folly home. - Author: Shelby Foote
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#3. Any kind of novelty or excitement drives up dopamine in the brain, and dopamine is associated with romantic love. - Author: Helen Fisher
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#4. There is an incessant influx of novelty into the world, and yet we tolerate incredible dullness. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
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#5. At the other end of the spectrum, George Gideon Oliver King Rameses Osborne, the fourteen-year-old novelty Chancellor and future baronet of Ballentaylor and Ballylemon - a man so posh he probably weeps champagne. - Author: Charlie Brooker
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#6. Those writers who lie on the watch for novelty can have little hope of greatness; for great things cannot have escaped former observation. - Author: Samuel Johnson
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#7. Monday Night Football started in 1970, and when it started, it was something extremely special because sports had not been aired in prime time. So, it was a novelty, and a lot of people thought it wouldn't work, and, of course, it worked spectacularly well. - Author: Al Michaels
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#8. The tune was too ingrained for Mortenson to consider the novelty of this moment- an American, lost in Pakistan, singing a German hymn in Swahili. - Author: Greg Mortenson
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#9. It is not only old and early impressions that deceive us; the charms of novelty have the same power. - Author: Blaise Pascal
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#10. Time is a corrosive fluid, dissolving motivation, destroying novelty, and leaching the joy from life. - Author: Charles Stross
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#11. Our prayers at this time are prompted by the fact that the Governor of Illinois today is signing into Illinois law the redefinition of civil marriage, introducing not only an unprecedented novelty into our state law, but also institutionalizing an objectively sinful reality. - Author: Thomas J. Paprocki
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#12. Nowadays games immediately appear on the Internet and thus the life of novelties is measured in hours. Modern professionals do not have the right to be forgetful - it is 'life threatening'. - Author: Garry Kasparov
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#13. There are many ways to achieve developer happiness, but making your core business products a playground for developers seeking novelty is the path to hell. - Author: Anonymous
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#14. Innovation for holders of conventional wisdom is not novelty but annihilation. - Author: Marshall McLuhan
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#15. The very essence of the creative is its novelty, and hence we have no standard by which to judge it. - Author: Carl Rogers
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#16. No manufacturer, from General Motors to the Little Lulu Novelty Company, would think of putting a product on the market without benefit of a designer. - Author: Raymond Loewy
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#17. The word "innovate" - to make new - used to have chiefly negative connotations: it signified excessive novelty, without purpose or end. - Author: Anonymous
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#18. Music, in the best sense, does not require novelty; nay, the older it is, and the more we are accustomed to it, the greater its effect. - Author: Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
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#19. Novelty has charms that our minds can hardly withstand. - Author: William Makepeace Thackeray
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#20. As soon as we are shown the existence of something old in a new thing, we are pacified. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#21. Republicans: steely, rational, paternalistic, respectful of authority, easy to herd, the party of No. Democrats: sugary, emotional, idealistic, yearning for novelty, hard to marshal, the party of Oh Yeah, Baby, Make Mama Feel Good. - Author: James Wolcott
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#22. The first kiss and the first glass of wine are the best. - Author: Marty Rubin
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#23. you think about it, being crazy isn't such a bad place to start when you need some novelty in your life. - Author: Elgon Williams
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#24. Zeal is more often checked after long years in the same service than when novelty gives a charm to our work. - Author: Charles Haddon Spurgeon
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#25. The expansion of Europe had begun. Before it ended, in our own time, the greater part of the world, including the scattered islands of the Pacific, was to be seized by an insatiable civilization, greedy for spices or for realms of gold; for land, mere novelty, or for souls. - Author: Keith Sinclair
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#26. A man's integrity and novelty is his identity. - Author: Anyaele Sam Chiyson
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#27. All wonder is the effect of novelty on ignorance. - Author: Samuel Johnson
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#28. To remove this obstacle I repeat or refer to such knowledge as has come under my notice, my own previously expressed views, and also describe and exhibit my last experiments and explain their novelty and utility. - Author: Lawrence Hargrave
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#29. Culture represents a novelty in the world of nature, and it could have added an effective, unifying edge to the forces of natural selection. - Author: Richard Leakey
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#30. We do not innovate anything ... How is it that novelties are introduced which were never even thought of by our predecessors? - Author: Ambrose
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#31. Novelty, the most potent of all attractions, is also the most perishable. - Author: Andre Maurois
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#32. If being a woman is a factor politically, it's usually not because of a conscious bias, but because women are a novelty. - Author: Madeleine M. Kunin
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#33. No tempest or conflagration, however great, is harder to quell than mob carried away by the novelty of power. - Author: Marcus Tullius Cicero
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#34. The more the schemata are differentiated, the smaller the gap between the new and the familiar becomes, so that novelty, instead of constituting an annoyance avoided by the subject, becomes a problem and invites searching. - Author: Jean Piaget
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#35. Entrepreneurial creation is the generation, de novo, of novelty and surprise - freedom of choice originating in the world of ideas, and imagination beyond all concern with chemicals. The contrary view - that all ideas are determined by material relationships - is the materialist superstition. - Author: George Gilder
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#36. The pleasure of novelty is by its very nature more subject than any other to the laws of diminishing returns. - Author: C.S. Lewis
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#37. The merit of originality is not novelty, it is sincerity. The believing man is the original man. - Author: Thomas Carlyle
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#38. In a few hours, I'm going to be banished to the surface, my belongings raffled off as novelty items and my living space given to someone else - my reputation destroyed. I'd rather have your head than your soul at this point in my illustrious career. - Al - Author: Kim Harrison
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#39. It is the custom on Africa to always produce new and monstrous things.
[Fr., Afrique est coustumiere toujours choses produire nouvelles et monstrueuses.] - Author: Francois Rabelais
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#40. In my experience, not just in shooting films but in the commercials I've done, initially, it's very exciting for the community, and its a real novelty. Very quickly, though, they realize there's a buck to be had, and it becomes annoying, and they lose their patience pretty quick. - Author: John Curran
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#41. I love scandals about other people, but scandals about myself do not interest me. The have not got the charm of novelty. - Author: Oscar Wilde
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#42. Chance alone is at the source of all novelty, all creation in the biosphere. - Author: Jacques Monod
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#43. Human nature is fond of novelty. - Author: Pliny The Elder
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#44. Humanity is the desire for novelty founded upon the fear of death - Author: Henri Barbusse
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#45. See owner for mounting instructions. - NOVELTY UNDERWEAR - Author: Darynda Jones
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#46. Any person or system exposed to ceaseless novelty and change risks falling into chaos; but one that is too rigid or static ceases to grow and eventually dies. This never-ending dance between change and stability is like the anchor and the waves. - Author: Esther Perel
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#47. Novelty is both delightful and deceptive. - Author: Honore De Balzac
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#48. Nothing is more dangerous than a dogmatic worldview - nothing more constraining, more blinding to innovation, more destructive of openness to novelty. - Author: Stephen Jay Gould
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#49. Only the flexibly creative person can really manage the future, Only the one who can face novelty with confidence and without fear. - Author: Abraham Maslow
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#50. It was an irresistible novelty having a conversation about books with a stranger. - Author: Jaclyn Dolamore
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#51. Photographs shock insofar as they show something novel. - Author: Susan Sontag
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#52. I hope there is something worthy in my writings and not merely the novelty of a black face associated with the power to rhyme that has attracted attention. - Author: Paul Laurence Dunbar
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#53. What has happened to us has happened to everyone or only us; if to everyone, then it's no novelty, and if only to us, then it won't be understood. From, The Book of Disquiet - Author: Fernando Pessoa
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#54. Novelty is an essential attribute of the beautiful. - Author: Benjamin Disraeli
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#55. I'm a creature of routine, and I hate feeling incompetent, so I avoided novelty and challenge. Making an effort to push myself in that way has brought me surprising boost. - Author: Gretchen Rubin
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#56. Some degree of novelty must be one of the materials in almost every instrument which works upon the mind; and curiosity blends itself, more or less, with all our pleasures. - Author: Edmund Burke
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#57. Whoever thou art that, not content with a moderate condition, imaginest happiness in royal magnificence, and dreamest that command or riches can feed the appetite of novelty with perpetual gratifications, survey the Pyramids, and confess thy folly! - Author: Samuel Johnson
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#58. novelty is the single most effective way to capture a person's attention. - Author: Carmine Gallo
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#59. Only play into a variation in which your opponent is strong if you have your own personal novelty ready! - Author: Edmar Mednis
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#60. She felt the way she always did when she was traveling, as though she was enjoying the novelty but would be happiest when she could consider it all from the vantage point of home, with her suitcase unpacked ... - Author: Anna Quindlen
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#61. We have a disturbing cultural appetite for novelty, and it seems to me wrong each new laureate should dislodge the ideas of his or her predecessor, especially when they're still unfolding. - Author: Louise Gluck
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#62. Therefore, when I considered this carefully, the contempt which I had to fear because of the novelty and apparent absurdity of my view, nearly induced me to abandon utterly the work I had begun. - Author: Nicolaus Copernicus
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#63. Novelty in all things is charming. - Author: Ovid
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#64. Being up on something is a way of dismissing it. To espouse any point of view is a danger - it might leave us stuck with last year's cause. Prized for their novelty alone, ideas, gimmicks, trends become equivalent, interchangeable. - Author: Edmund White
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#65. He was permanently impressed by the most irrelevant banalities and impossible to impress with real novelty, meaning, or conflict. And he was too moronic to be properly self-loathing
so it was my duty to loathe him instead. - Author: Jonathan Lethem
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#66. Good writing is full of surprises and novelties, moving in a direction you don't expect. - Author: Iris Murdoch
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#67. The new is a guest in the house of the old. - Author: Marty Rubin
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#68. Still, the novelty of any letter or package was sufficient that no one suggested opening it until the full measure of enjoyment should have been extracted from speculation about its contents. - Author: Diana Gabaldon
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#69. The secret of successful fiction is a continual slight novelty. - Author: Edmund Gosse
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#70. Survival prospects are poor for an animal that is not suspicious of novelty. - Author: Daniel Kahneman
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#71. The novelty wears off. - Author: J.A. Pierre
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#72. Only those works which are well-written will pass to posterity: the amount of knowledge, the uniqueness of the facts, even the novelty of the discoveries are no guarantees of immortality ... These things are exterior to a man but style is the man himself. - Author: Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte De Buffon
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#73. What was striking about Ms. Wilson, and was also true of the other outsiders who volunteered their time that day, was that she spoke to us prisoners with great respect, as if our lives ahead had hope and meaning and possibility. After all these months at Danbury, this was a shocking novelty. - Author: Piper Kerman
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#74. There is no tyranny so hateful as a vulgar and anonymous tyranny. It is all-permeating, all-thwarting; it blasts every budding novelty and sprig of genius with its omnipresent and fierce stupidity. Such a headless people has the mind of a worm and the claws of a dragon. - Author: George Santayana
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#75. Novelty is to love like bloom to fruit; it gives a luster which is easily effaced, but never returns. - Author: Francois De La Rochefoucauld
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#76. Old men love novelties; the last arriv'd Still pleases best; the youngest steals their smiles. - Author: Edward Young
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#77. Try novelties for salesman's bait, For novelty wins everyone. - Author: Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
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#78. The novelty we want is always close to the familiar. - Author: Mason Cooley
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#79. History is not the proper midden for digging up novelties. Perhaps that is one reason why a nation bent on novelty ignores it. - Author: Wallace Stegner
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#80. Legislative novelty is not necessarily fatal; there is a first time for everything. - Author: John Roberts
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#81. Human beings are attracted to novelty: to probe the 'adjacent possible.' We didn't stay in the caves. We didn't stay on the planet, and soon we won't stay within the limitations of our biology. We move forward. We transcend our limits. We go to the moon, and we create the Internet. - Author: Jason Silva
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#82. Inherent tendency to seek out novelty and challenges, to extend and exercise their capacities, to explore, and to learn. - Author: Daniel H. Pink
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#83. He somehow saw that to her being drunk had its whole long sentimental history, whereas to him it was a freakish novelty. - Author: Alan Hollinghurst
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#84. He who lives to see two or three generations is like a man who sits some time in the conjurer's booth at a fair, and witnesses the performance twice or thrice in succession. The tricks were meant to be seen only once; and when they are no longer a novelty and cease to deceive, their effect is gone. - Author: Arthur Schopenhauer
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#85. The hapless wit has his labors always to begin, the call for novelty is never satisfied, and one jest only raises expectation of another. - Author: Samuel Johnson
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#86. Their eyes are full of kindness as each feels the full effect of novelty after a short separation. They are drawing a relaxation from each other's presence, a new serenity. - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
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#87. It is natural selection that gives direction to changes, orients chance, and slowly, progressively produces more complex structures, new organs, and new species. Novelties come from previously unseen association of old material. To create is to recombine. - Author: Francois Jacob
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#88. When we have read a book or poem so often that we can no longer find any amusement in reading it by ourselves, we can still take pleasure in reading it to a companion. To him it has all the graces of novelty. - Author: Adam Smith
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#89. The beautiful always retains the freshness of novelty, while the astonishing soon grow tiresome. - Author: August Bournonville
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#90. Avoid the profane novelty of words, St. Paul says (I Timothy 6:20) ... For if novelty is to be avoided, antiquity is to be held tight to; and if novelty is profane, antiquity is sacred. - Author: Vincent Of Lerins
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#91. The radical novelty of modern science lies precisely in the rejection of the belief, which is at the heart of all popular religion, that the forces which move the stars and atoms are contingent upon the preferences of the human heart. - Author: Richard Adams
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#92. There is little novelty in the detective who cannot solve himself. - Author: Ben H. Winters
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#93. Time limits tend to turn everything predictable and mundane into a novelty. - Author: Rhian J. Martin
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#94. The religion of the corporate world is novelty. What is new is always right. - Author: Corinne Maier
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#95. The journalistic tradition so exalts novelty and flashy discovery, as reputable and newsworthy, that standard accounts for the public not only miss the usual activity of science but also, and more unfortunately, convey a false impression about what drives research. - Author: Stephen Jay Gould
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#96. Accustomed to trace the operation of general causes, and the exemplification of general laws, in circumstances where the uninformed and unenquiring eye perceives neither novelty nor beauty, [the scientist and natural philosopher] walks in the midst of wonders. - Author: John Herschel
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#97. There was so much unrecognized novelty in the collection that at one point18 upon opening a new drawer Conway Morris famously was heard to mutter, 'Oh fuck, not another phylum.' The - Author: Bill Bryson
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#98. Conversely, high-reactive children may be more likely to develop into artists and writers and scientists and thinkers because their aversion to novelty causes them to spend time inside the familiar - and intellectually fertile - environment of their own heads. - Author: Susan Cain
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#99. I'm old, but I'm not good enough to be jaded. - Author: John Feinstein
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#100. Powerful men tire of their toys easily. And the novelty of a pet doesn't last forever. After a while even the prettiest things become ordinary. - Author: Kate Jarvik Birch
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