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Top 39 Quotes About Novellas

#1. I write novellas, short books, whatever. I set out to write a good story not write a dictionary. - Author: Jason E. Hodges
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#2. You ought to try eating raw oysters in a restaurant with every eye focused upon you - it makes you feel as if the creatures were whales, your fork a derrick and your mouth Mammouth Cave. - Author: Lillian Russell
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#3. We get ourselves in trouble because it's a cheap way to get attention. Trouble is a faux form of fame. It's easier to get busted in the bedroom with the faculty chairman's wife than it is to finish that dissertation on the metaphysics of motley in the novellas of Joseph Conrad. - Author: Steven Pressfield
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#4. I basically wrote five books with 'Night Soldiers,' called them novellas, and came in with a 600-page manuscript. - Author: Alan Furst
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#5. Don't call me a dinosaur. It isn't fair to the dinosaurs. What did a dinosaur ever do to you? - Author: Jim Butcher
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#6. I only respond to Telemundo when it's about novellas, in regards to music or movies they have nothing to do with it; that's mine. - Author: Jencarlos Canela
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#7. Aren't I lucky, to have survived so much bad luck. - Author: Ashleigh Brilliant
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#8. Intoxicating" - Shannon - Author: Scarlett Avery
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#9. What your mind sees when you close your eyes marks the entrance to an endless universe: your imagination. - Author: Stephen Helmes
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#10. I couldn't put it down." - ERIN D - Author: Scarlett Avery
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#11. Over the top sex - Actionjackson - Author: Scarlett Avery
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#12. I write novellas because I don't like loose sprawling prose. - Author: Jim Harrison
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#13. Lemme tell you a Titan truth. An hour ago, you were a virgin," he declared.
"Yes, of course," I confirmed. In his possessive dream world. I loved being a part of that world. - Author: Misty Kayn
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#14. Where the telescope ends the microscope begins, and who can say which has the wider vision? - Author: Victor Hugo
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#15. All our bright minds," Feynman said sardonically, "and we can't figure how to stop the enemy from dumping dirt on us." Freeman said with delicate precision, "We are hothouse flowers, really. Not made for the blunt edge of war." Nods - Author: Gregory Benford
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#16. There's one hole in every revolution, large or small. And it's one word long - PEOPLE. No matter how big the idea they all stand under, people are small and weak and cheap and frightened. It's people that kill every revolution. - Author: Warren Ellis
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#17. 'Dark Gods,' T. E. D. Klein's book of four novellas, felt like a godsend - even if it came from a deformed god, one that lurked beneath our sidewalks. - Author: Victor LaValle
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#18. So this book, while continuing the Psy-Changeling storyline - because nothing is ever static in this world - is also a walk through the interconnected lives of many of the characters who've become important to us over the past books and novellas. With - Author: Nalini Singh
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#19. I think that I do separate myself a fair amount. And I don't feel like I am representing women. That's up to however people interpret it once they sort of see it. - Author: Joan Allen
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#20. About myself I have no great illusions. I know what I am. I know what I'm good at. I know what I ain't. I'm always hoping to surprise myself. But I do have a love of music and I do love to communicate it, and that's the best I can do, really. And I can raise a good family, too. - Author: Keith Richards
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#21. Hear the other side. - Author: Saint Augustine
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#22. I never really cared too much for people who made fun of themselves. There's so many people out there that do a really good job with that. Why add to it?" Georgie - Struggles of the Women Folk - Author: T.M. Brown
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#23. The Seduction Factor was a very hot and romantic series." - Colorado Cowgirl - Author: Scarlett Avery
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#24. I've written 26 books and novellas as Molly O'Keefe. I moved through three different Harlequin lines and into single-title romance with Bantam writing under that name. Fun fact: It's not my name, and it's not even one I picked. - Author: Molly O'Keefe
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#25. I love to go to the places where things happen. I like to walk the walk and see how the light falls and what winter feels like. - Author: David McCullough
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#26. I would love to be erased from our association with Pearl Jam or the Nymphs and other first time offenders. - Author: Kurt Cobain
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#27. I admire a lot of Spanish filmmakers and actors. I grew up watching a lot of Spanish films and novellas, and there's just so much talent out there. - Author: Julie Gonzalo
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#28. I have written more than 100 novels and novellas since 1983 - I was first published in 1985. There was an overlap of three years with my teaching career, but finally I felt good enough about my writing career to quit teaching and write full time. - Author: Mary Balogh
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#29. It shouldn't surprise you, then, that notes written by internists read like novellas (ones in which we're paid by the word), while a colleague of mine jokes that a typical post-op surgical note reads something like "Feeling well and doing swell. - Author: Robert Wachter
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#30. Now it's like my whole body is suddenly in revolt. No more. Not one day more. Not one more hour. My body wants sex. - Author: Ruby Redhead
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#31. The biggest segment of our audience is 18 to 34, and, believe it or not, they still speak Spanish, and they still watch novellas and soccer games and news. - Author: Randy Falco
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#32. My heart is strong,
I will not fail,
I won't be wronged,
I will prevail. - Author: Alexandra Lanc
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#33. Love Scarlett Avery's books period!" - Nonna8359 - Author: Scarlett Avery
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#34. What childishness is it that while there's breath of life in our bodies, we are determined to rush to see the sun the other way around? - Author: Elizabeth Bishop
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#35. No one, none of us have rights. There is no destiny. We have responsibilities to ourselves and each other. We have responsibilities and the choice whether or not we live up to those responsibilities. - Author: Brian Fatah Steele
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#36. I had the drive to pursue speedskating and I found a sport that I was good at. If I'd got into cycling, I would just be another has been. - Author: Eric Heiden
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#37. When I think of Tokyo Story, yeah, it is like a novella. That doesn't mean it's not great. Some of my favorite Tolstoy works are his novellas. - Author: Paul Auster
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#38. I grew up Spanish, so I grew up watching a lot of novellas. - Author: Julie Gonzalo
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#39. Philosophy and hunger: quite a combination. - Author: Dawid Sierakowiak
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