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#1. Miami Beach is where neon goes to die. - Author: Lenny Bruce
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#2. The reality is that dying isn't bad, but it takes forever. And that forever is no time at all. I know that sounds like a contradiction, or maybe just wordplay. What it really is, it turns out, is a matter of perspective.
- David Foster Wallace "Good Old Neon" (2004) - Author: David Foster Wallace
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#3. his presence lifted her, turning the world from drab to neon. A - Author: Katie Marsh
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#4. Music? Music is life! It's physical emotion - you can touch it! It's neon ecto-energy sucked out of spirits and switched into sound waves for your ears to swallow. Are you telling me, what, that it's boring? You don't have time for it? - Author: Isaac Marion
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#5. I'm a free spirit and that definitely comes from my upbringing, so it's definitely shaped me as an artist. - Author: Neon Hitch
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#6. The VIP area, which is geared to live entertainment, is a black-lit stage with a neon painting resembling New York City on the walls. It's supposed to resemble New York City, ... Look, we even have the Twin Towers on there. - Author: Mike Wells
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#7. Your father picks you up from prison in a stolen Dodge Neon with an 8-ball in the glove
compartment and a hooker named Mandy in the back seat. - Author: Dennis Lehane
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#8. I have a little gypsy palace here in New York. It's all mirrors, and I have my own garden. It's so secluded - the closest thing to a caravan I could find! - Author: Neon Hitch
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#9. In the ensuing silence, I have time to contemplate the word cute - how dismissive it is, how it's the equivalent of calling someone little, how it makes a person into a baby, how the word is a neon sign burning through the dark reading, Feel Bad About Yourself. - Author: John Green
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#10. I like to be wild, and I like to do wild, crazy things. I need excitement. At all times. Normal is not my type. - Author: Neon Hitch
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#11. Those neon light nights, couldn't stay out of fights, keeps a-haunting me in memories. There is one in every crowd, for crying out loud, why was is always turning out to be me? - Author: Waylon Jennings
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#12. It was a very comfortable and personal relationship [Cliff Martinez ].'The Neon Demon'is our third movie and the music has never been as important as for this movie. - Author: Nicolas Winding Refn
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#13. Real intimacy is a sacred experience. It never exposes its secret trust and belonging to the voyeuristic eye of a neon culture. Real intimacy is of the soul, and the soul is reserved. - Author: John O'Donohue
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#14. I love to experiment with fashion. A lot of my inspiration comes from my mom. She is fearless with fashion! I love colors and anything daring. - Author: Neon Hitch
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#15. What I really want to do is, first of all, get my music out to the world. And then I would really just like to reach other kids all over the world and tell them to believe in themselves and prove to people that you can do anything you want. - Author: Neon Hitch
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#16. ROSE FELT LIKE she had a neon sign flashing over her head - looking for a one night stand, only sex gods need apply. - Author: Mary J. Williams
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#17. I was always a bit of a showgirl; it was in my blood. I never thought I would have a career as a singer, though. - Author: Neon Hitch
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#18. I grew up in a bus, traveled with various circuses and freak shows. I was a trapeze artist, and that was my dream. We just traveled the whole world, me and my mom and my little brothers and sisters. It was an adventure. - Author: Neon Hitch
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#19. The view from the apartment's one window was of another building's gray ferroconcrete wall, which was intermittently lit by the white neon flicker from the Ringer Hut noodle shop sign across the street. As - Author: Karl Taro Greenfeld
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#20. Music is life! It's physical emotion-you can touch! It's neon ecto-energy sucked out of spirits and switched into soundwaves for your ears to swallow. - Author: Isaac Marion
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#21. Every girl needs to make an entrance. It's part of her signature. My hot pink high heels hit the sidewalk and I straightened. My blue jean skirt was brand new and had a bunch of totally rad colorful ruffles on it. My neon green top was spandex and fit like a glove. - Author: Cambria Hebert
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#22. Before the man could answer V cursed "If I have to hear all that Keanu Reeves, Matrix, I am Neo' kind of shit my head's going to explode."
"Don't you mean Neon?" Butch shot back "Cause he reminds me of the Citgo sign."
Wraths head turned "Shut the fuck up. All of you. - Author: J.R. Ward
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#23. Wrinkles appeared and disappeared as he squinted his eyes and relaxed them, like someone peering into a strobe light, police car-top beacon, flashing neon beer sign. - Author: Dennis Vickers
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#24. One can take a neon tube and simply paint it black on the front. So it would read as a black letter or a line, but it would also read as neon because there would be light coming from behind that black letter. - Author: Glenn Ligon
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#25. My ancestors are all crazy. My great-great-granddad, he was the last man to live in a cave in Nottingham. - Author: Neon Hitch
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#26. I didn't go to school, because I never stayed anywhere long enough, so I was completely closed off from the outside world. I had no idea about anything. - Author: Neon Hitch
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#27. I wanted to get into art. I did some neon stuff. I worked in, not computer-generated, but computer manipulation of pictures. - Author: Giorgio Moroder
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#28. American culture is one that is so easily in denial. We have such a strange dichotomy, so hypocritical. The truth can be blaring in neon letters but our culture will find a reason not to hear what the truth is. - Author: RuPaul
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#29. Georges Claude made a fortune from his neon signs, but lost most of it in the 1930s with hair brained schemes to make electricity using the temperature difference between the top of the ocean and its icy depths. He almost ended his career imprisoned for life. - Author: Bill Hammack
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#30. The one thing I've always liked about that boy. As much as I hate his body language screaming he owns you, with him next to you ain't no one gonna mess with my little girl.It may as well be written on his chest in neon lights. - Author: Elizabeth Reyes
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#31. I had an idea for a technologically advanced luxury watch. I got involved in digital art and neon painting and put on shows of my work. - Author: Giorgio Moroder
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#32. In the distance, a Benz motor sounds. A neon light wraps itself around the driver and the winter that beats in his heart. His heart stays cold. stays melting. - Author: Gwen Calvo
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#33. A city that was to live by night after the wilderness had passed. A city that was to forge out of steel and blood-red neon its own peculiar wilderness. - Author: Nelson Algren
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#34. Silly me, here I was thinking we needed big neon signs that said Here We Are, Shoot Us Please on top of the roof. - Author: Julie Kagawa
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#35. Elle Fanning was fifteen when we started [The Neon Demon]. She turned seventeen during the shoot. Four weeks before Cannes, she turned eighteen. She had her prom at Cannes. - Author: Nicolas Winding Refn
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#36. In "Drive," there's a heightened male edge. In "Only God Forgives," it was almost crawling back into the womb of the mother. And now with "The Neon Demon," being reborn as a 16-year-old girl. - Author: Nicolas Winding Refn
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#37. Objects of every sort are materials for the new art: paint, food, chairs, electric and neon lights, smoke, water, old socks, a dog, movies, a thousand other things which will be discovered by the present generation of artists ... - Author: Allan Kaprow
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#38. Neon signs don't consume much power, but they look like they do. A cousin of fluorescent lighting, neon is actually quite energy efficient. A neon tube glows coolly when high-voltage, low-amperage electrical power excites the gas within it. - Author: Virginia Postrel
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#39. I'm two hours late when I pull in to the driveway. It won't matter that I'm always on time. People never see how good you are. Fuck up once, and it's like you are wearing a neon sign. - Author: Corrine Jackson
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#40. man who designs neon signs for a living and whose most passionate interest is cars? Before I met Ben, I was one of those girls who was deliberately, prettily - Author: Liane Moriarty
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#41. Some people are stupid that they actually think that there are thick neon lines separating good and evil. - Author: Tahereh Mafi
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#42. Story guys are like life highlighters. Your life is all these big blocks of gray text, and then a story guy comes in with a big ol' paragraph of neon pink so that when you flip back through your life, you can stop and remember all the important and interesting places. - Author: Mary Ann Rivers
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#43. If God didn't prefer for us to drink at night, he wouldn't have made neon! - Author: Tom Robbins
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#44. I hiked around town, the air sweet and dry, and was sort of overwhelmed by the perfection of it
the old courthouse, the train depot, Mount [Jumbo] and Mount Sentinel rising up, the neon bars, the funky festivity of a college town . - Author: Garrison Keillor
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#45. I think 'Beyond the Blue Neon' is the best I've ever done. - Author: George Strait
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#46. When it's mutual, a man and a woman know, instinctively, wordlessly. They may do nothing about it, but the knowledge of that shared desire is out there in the world - as obvious as neon, saying: I want you, I want you, I want you. - Author: William Boyd
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#47. Humans give stuff away all the time, practically tattooing their darkest secrets in neon on their skulls for anyone to see. Perverse fuckers. If they shouldn't think about it, they do. If they should think about it, they don't. - Author: Karen Marie Moning
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#48. Risk is relative. And relative to the imminent planetary 'game over' neon sign that's starting to flicker above our children's heads, just as they are preparing for a full life ahead ... now that's what you call risk! - Author: Dave Hampton
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#49. No matter how much they tried to dress her up with neon and family entertainment she [Las Vegas] was still a whore. - Author: Michael Connelly
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#50. The best brothels in Bangkok seem to have a weakness for Greek names,' [Liz] commented acidly and got out. Harry looked up at a large neon sign proclaiming that the motel was called Olympussy. - Author: Jo Nesbo
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#51. He held up his hand, and in it was ...
Oh, God.
The neon-pink vibrator, glowing in the dark now. It was following her, stalking her, all the way down the yellow brick road to hell. - Author: Jill Shalvis
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#52. I don't believe in trying to be somebody you're not - just be a bigger, better version of yourself. - Author: Neon Hitch
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#53. I think redheads have more fun than blondes. - Author: Neon Hitch
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#54. The night before I left Las Vegas I walked out in the desert to look at the moon. There was a jeweled city on the horizon, spires rising in the night, but the jewels were diadems of electric and the spires were the neon of signs ten stories high. - Author: Norman Mailer
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#55. The neon dust falls slowly, filtering through the stone canyons, settling on hats and fire hydrants, collecting on delicatessen awnings, filling the shopping carts and rickety baby carriages of the rag pickers with soft powdery snow. - Author: Donald O'Donovan
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#56. The day I was born, my house burnt down; the day I left home, the Twin Towers burnt down; and I lived in a jungle in India at 15. - Author: Neon Hitch
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#57. Additionally, you can paint a neon sign over our heads that says, 'Easy meal, follow the flashing lights. - Author: Julie Kagawa
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#58. On my first evening in the back country, I skipped down the porch steps of the farmhouse-leaving my father inside and the radio playing and my small suitcase decorated with neon flower stickers unpacked-and wandered towards the upside-down school bus I'd spied from an upstairs window. - Author: Mitch Cullin
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#59. There's so much art and it's gotten so flashy. In the global marketplace, having art that's shiny and has neon lights is almost what you need for anyone to notice it in an art fair situation - and art fairs seem to be more and more the only thing there is. - Author: Jim Shaw
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#60. The world is exploding in emerald, sage, and lusty chartreuse - neon green with so much yellow in it. It is an explosive green that, if one could watch it moment by moment throughout the day, would grow in every dimension. - Author: Amy Seidl
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#61. I feel weird without lipstick. Even after the first time I wore a really neon pink or a really bright red, I felt really strange without it there. My lips are a main feature, so I feel naked without them. - Author: Marina And The Diamonds
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#62. We are entering the Dark Ages, my friend, but this time there will be lots of neon, and screen savers, and street lighting. - Author: Edward St. Aubyn
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#63. I'm obsessed with neon sneakers. - Author: Rob Kardashian
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#64. The trapeze was my first love. To me, it's normal. It's all I've ever known. But when I see other people's upbringings, I think, 'Hmm ... mine was rather unconventional. Quite different!' - Author: Neon Hitch
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#65. He took comfort in the neon signs, the wild strands of jazz creeping out of clubs whenever happy swells of people pushed through the doors in their finery. - Author: Libba Bray
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#66. My hair is such a statement that it's like a neon sign asking for trouble. - Author: Natasha Lyonne
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#67. The wind howled about the bus, and the wipers slooshed heavily back and forth across the windshield, smeering the city into a red and yellow neon wetness. It was early afternoon, but it looked like night through the glass - Author: Neil Gaiman
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#68. Organic? I grew up on Angel Delight. We didn't have anything in the house if it wasn't neon! - Author: Dylan Moran
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#69. When I came in this morning, I'd had a plan. I was going to walk in there, throw that receipt in his pretty little face, and tell him to shove it. But then he'd looked so goddamn sexy in that charcoal Prada suit, and his hair stuck up like a neon sign screaming, Do Me. - Author: Christina Lauren
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#70. You should hear what my parents wanted to call me. It was between Brown Rice, Neon Hitch and Z. Ziggurat Zanzibar Zandorf. I'm not joking. Imagine fitting that on my passport! - Author: Neon Hitch
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#71. They are usually multi-talented, with dozens of ideas streaming across the "high-def" screen of their minds in a moving sort of neon, pulsating display of enticing, seemingly impractical options for making contributions to humanity. Creative - Author: Jo Ann Brown-Scott
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#72. New York was the glamorous town that you only see now in old movies and on Broadway stages. The sky was lit up with dancing neon signs. It was safe to walk out in the streets. - Author: Art Buchwald
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#73. My thoughts are so clear that I wouldn't be surprised if he could see them blazing above my head like a neon sign outside a fish and chip shop. I fancy you. - Author: Jenny Downham
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#74. Everyone always noticed Ashley. She was like a flashing neon sign for anyone with an ounce of testosterone. - Author: Nicholas Sparks
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#75. Chase him down and stall for time. I need two more minutes. "
"Chase him down? How? The Neon has a flat."
"With your own two feet!"
"You mean exercise? - Author: Becca Fitzpatrick
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#76. The first thing that matters: I am a child of the eighties. I grew up in a neon wonderland of talking horses, compassionate bears, hair that didn't move in a stiff wind, and the constant threat of nuclear war. - Author: Seanan McGuire
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#77. All that was missing was a neon sign that read EVIL AND CONFLICTED ABOUT IT with a flashing arrow pointing at his head. - Author: Ilona Andrews
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#78. Mom: 'You could have neon green hair, and it wouldn't take away how beautiful you are,' she said
Clara: 'You're my mother. You are legally required to say that'. - Author: Cynthia Hand
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#79. I began to feel like I was wearing a sign on my forehead that said FUCKED UP in big neon letters. - Author: Marya Hornbacher
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#80. Some people in the town did not seem to care about the festival and were watching football on TV. The players were dotted about in neon green. They looked unreal, the way they might be seen by the forgotten man in the moon and the rabbit if they were watching the floodlit pitch forlornly from above. - Author: Olivia Sudjic
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#81. My home has a split personality. Some of the rooms are very French antique. Think Aubusson rugs, turquoise ceramic jugs, sandbag pillows, and broken birdcages. The other half is very Aztec. Neon ikat fabric pillows, vintage books piled up to the ceiling, and shutters from Bali. - Author: Poppy Delevingne
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#82. The Heart is a lonely hunter with only one desire! To find some lasting comfort in the arms of anothers fire ... driven by a desperate hunger to the arms of a neon light, the heart is a lonely hunter when there's no sign of love in sight! - Author: Carson McCullers
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#83. People don't want to be healed. They want a nice juicy wound that will show well when they put neon lights around it. - Author: Kenneth Patchen
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#84. Neon lights, moonlight, flickering streetlamps, and shadow through the bedroom window blanket us in an ever-changing quilt. Pearl wraps her arms around my middle and lays her head on my chest. I drink from the bottle of whiskey, both uncomfortable and comforted at the same time. - Author: Logan Ryan Smith
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#85. I could hear everything, together with the hum of my hotel neon. I never felt sadder in my life. LA is the loneliest and most brutal of American cities; New York gets godawful cold in the winter but there's a feeling of wacky comradeship somewhere in some streets. LA is a jungle. - Author: Jack Kerouac
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#86. I'm out here to represent the gingers, the gypsies, and the outcasts. Because I am all of the above, and I'm all about having a great time. - Author: Neon Hitch
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#87. I would add entertainment media cheerleader Wolf Blitzer, CNN's Pentagon sycophant in Kuwait City, a representative of the neon press, neon being that colorless, inert gas that lights up on command. - Author: Stan Goff
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#88. God didn't give Moses ten fortune cookies in a to-go box. God didn't lead the Israelites through the wilderness with a neon all-you-can-eat sign. And God doesn't speak to people in bathrooms, public or otherwise. - Author: Geoffrey Wood
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#89. This is life, in all its gruesome, lovely, neon-lit glory. - Author: Nuala Casey
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#90. You can't party all the time - especially in January! - Author: Neon Hitch
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#91. As for today's music, Nicki Minaj is killing it. She's an amazing artist. - Author: Neon Hitch
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#92. Mount Kilauea spilled glowing lava like cords of orange neon-lighting from seemingly nowhere. In the blackness that engulfed the night, electric heat lit flowing streams that fell into the sea, disappearing in a cloud of steam with a sizzling splash. - Author: Victoria Kahler
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#93. My dad brought me Michael Jackson and Madonna and said, "This is ALL you need to know!" - Author: Neon Hitch
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#94. I just think it was time [in THe Neon Demon]to do a film about women. But not just women, I wanted to do a movie about a teenage girl. It was a great counter to the masculinity of "Drive." - Author: Nicolas Winding Refn
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#95. I'm not one for neon colors. - Author: Ashley Wagner
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#96. This is the thing no one prepares you for where disaster are concerned. There is no ominous black cloud, no spooky chill, no neon sign that flashes: Stop! Please! Go back to bed! There's something really really dreadful waiting to happen around the corner! I beg of you, do not continue! - Author: Sarah-Kate Lynch
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#97. It is the neon epic of Saturday night. - Author: Don DeLillo
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#98. After the film it was raining, a light steady rain. Ruthless neon on the wet streets like busted candy. - Author: Denis Johnson
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#99. Hey, Max," I whispered. "I love you, too."
The smile that lit up his face was brighter than the neon lights radiating from the London Eye. But mine felt even brighter.
Like my future. - Author: Cassidy Calloway
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#100. I wrote ... Neon Ballroom in that time where I hated music, really everything about it, I hated it. - Author: Daniel Johns
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