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#1. ...every harsh word spoken, every such act or even thought doesn't just disappear - it hangs around somewhere in totality and some day it boomerangs to haunt us. - Author: Veena Nagpal
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#2. The Muslim Brotherhood, or 'the Brotherhood' for short, is an Islamic group founded in Egypt in 1928. It has been pursuing a secret campaign to take over the government since its creation. - Author: Richard Engel
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#3. The discriminations that are found in the Muslim majority countries are more Cultural than Islamic.
I have always said to the Muslim women, please do not nurture the victim mentality. Stand up for your rights. - Author: Tariq Ramadan
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#4. When I walked out of the house with hijab on, i felt beautiful in the eyes of Allah. I felt protected, shielded - i just felt somebody was watching over me'
- Nadia, a reverted Muslim - Author: Na'ima B. Robert
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#5. I am concerned if 25 percent of Americans think that President Obama is a Muslim. I mean, it's obviously a lack of knowledge. But also, it's for the Muslims as well, you know, because a small numbers of Muslims have really painted a very negative image of Islam. - Author: Najib Razak
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#6. In the Muslim world, much of it, they cannot conceive of something coming out of the United States that wouldn't be sanctioned by the government, because in their countries, everything is sanctioned by the government. - Author: Bill Maher
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#7. You would have realized that it wasn't Mumtaz, a muslim, a friend of yours, but a human being you had killed. I mean, if he was a bastard, by killing him you wouldn't have killed the bastard in him; similarly, assuming that he was a Muslim, you wouldn't have killed his Muslimness, but him. - Author: Saadat Hasan Manto
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#8. I became, suddenly, not just a Muslim in faith. I became a Muslim in politics. Somebody whose politics were pre-defined by one interpretation of Islam. - Author: Maajid Nawaz
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#9. I use myself as a template for my comedy. So first my background as a Muslim man, my being a doctor, I talk about my family quite a lot, my kids. Anything that resonates with me I talk about. The important thing is it should be able to work in a family setting. - Author: Riaad Moosa
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#10. There are no Muslim ghettos in the U.S. - Author: Elliott Abrams
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#11. The whole history of the 20th century is a history of resistance groups which are either nationalist or, in large parts of the Muslim word, religious groups. - Author: Tariq Ali
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#12. I myself am Muslim and I stand on the side of an open society. - Author: Bassam Tibi
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#13. All the members of terrorist organizations, even those that portray themselves as Muslim organizations ... they are all Darwinists. - Author: Harun Yahya
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#14. The search of knowledge is an obligation laid on every Muslim. - Author: Anonymous
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#15. My great blessing is my son, but I have daughters. I have white ones and Black ones and fat ones and thin ones and pretty ones and plain. I have gay ones and straight. I have daughters. I have Asian ones, I have Jewish ones, I have Muslim ones. - Author: Maya Angelou
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#16. In Muslim societies men's bodies just weren't seen as posing the same kind of threat to social stability as women's. Getting - Author: Geraldine Brooks
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#17. Hindu-Muslim unity, khaddar and removal of untouchability are to me the foundation of Swaraj. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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#18. We are Muslims. My father would pawn off his Muslim in-laws as Hindus just so that he could get free pancakes. - Author: Aasif Mandvi
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#19. It was 1989, and the word 'Muslim' wasn't even really used in Britain at the time; you were either black or Asian. - Author: Leila Aboulela
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#20. Nationalist, anti-European, anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim public political figures, seem a worrying picture of a possible European future. We could still fall back into pre-Europe ... and it worries me. - Author: Tony Judt
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#21. You'll be pleased to hear, Christopher, that I am no longer a Muslim liberal but an atheist [ ... ] I find that it obviates the necessity for any cognitive dissonance. - Author: Ayaan Hirsi Ali
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#22. Long before 9/11 and the war in Iraq, a lot of people hated the United States and the West. But what the Iraqi war seems to have done, at least in ... I mean, I'm just reporting what I see from the people on the ground, is that it has silenced many pro-American forces in the Muslim world. - Author: Yaroslav Trofimov
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#23. I think that Hassan Nasrallah is the best leader in the Muslim world. - Author: George Galloway
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#24. One of the challenges that happened in Europe is that in accepting many Muslim people they didn't explain to them that those countries have particular values like equality of all people before the law. Islam does not accept people are equal before the law. - Author: Mark Durie
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#25. There are individuals who are working very hard to promote fear and antagonism towards Islam and Muslims in this country. It's fueled, in part, by the first African-American president that we have. Obama's father was a Muslim and people have used this to arouse hostility against him. - Author: Feisal Abdul Rauf
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#26. It is interesting to note that an overwhelming majority of citizens in the world's three largest democracies have different religions: India (81 percent Hindu), the United States (76 percent Christian), and Indonesia (87 percent Muslim). Two of them have elected women as leaders of their government. - Author: Jimmy Carter
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#27. Although I come from a family who are Muslim - my mother is Egyptian, my father is Palestinian - my mother only puts a veil on her head when she has a bad hair day. - Author: Yasmine Al Masri
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#28. What's my audience? British society. Am I received relatively well? Yes. Is there within that ... if you break it down, challenges with Muslim communities? Of course there are. - Author: Maajid Nawaz
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#29. That there are limitations to the Jewish response of humor when Jews today face murderous, humorless terrorists in the Middle East or the cowardly politicians of Europe seeking the votes of their increasingly Muslim electorates. - Author: Joseph Epstein
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#30. When you help people, don't wait around to hear them say, "Thank you." A lot of times we do good things, but in the back of our mind we're hoping to get some appreciation. But if you make your intentions pure, and you expect only from Allah, He will take more care of you than you could ever imagine. - Author: Nouman Ali Khan
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#31. I've said before: If Osama bin Laden was a Christian, Iraq was the Christmas present he always wanted but never expected his parents to give. It validated for the Muslim world virtually all of bin Laden's rhetoric. He had always said the Americans will destroy any strong Muslim regime, and we did. - Author: Michael Scheuer
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#32. I have come not to disturb or destroy any faith, but to confirm each in his own faith - so that the Christian becomes a better Christian, the Muslim, a better Muslim, and the Hindu, a better Hindu. - Author: Sathya Sai Baba
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#33. In the name of the rule of law, democracy and human rights, we cannot accept that the rights of individuals (Arab or Muslim) be trampled upon, or that populations are targeted and discriminated against in the name of the war against terrorism. - Author: Tariq Ramadan
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#34. Anyone who relinquishes a single inch of Jerusalem is neither an Arab nor a Muslim. - Author: Yasser Arafat
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#35. A "communist/socialist/progressive" is an oxymoron, like an "atheist/evangelical Christian/Muslim." - Author: Hendrik Hertzberg
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#36. If many regard Islam as a religion of the sword, Muslims down through the ages have spoken of the West's Crusader mentality and ambitions. Therefore for Muslim-Christian relations, it is less a case of what actually happened in the Crusades than how they are remembered. - Author: Sven Lange
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#37. There are enough fools in Washington to destroy the country without any help from Muslim terrorists. - Author: Paul Craig Roberts
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#38. Cracking India by Bapsi Sidhwa reveals the upheaval of partition through the eyes of a child, "Lame Lenny," a young Parsi girl crippled from polio. Lenny's world is her beloved and beautiful Hindu ayah and her ayah's many Muslim admirers, the cook Imam Din, and the Untouchable gardener. - Author: Nancy Pearl
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#39. If the culprits are Muslim, they have twisted the teachings of Islam. Whoever performed, or is behind, the terrorist attacks in the United States of America does not represent Islam. God is not behind assassins. - Author: Muhammad Ali
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#40. A Muslim is a person who follows Allah's laws without question. Sharia is our law. No interpretation is needed, nor are laws made by men. Allah is the only lawmaker. - Author: Abdul Sattar Abu Risha
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#41. Moderation is part of faith, so those who accuse Muslim schools of fostering fanaticism should learn a bit more about Islam. - Author: Cat Stevens
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#42. Buddha was not a Buddhist. Jesus was not a Christian. Muhammad was not a Muslim. They were teachers who taught Love ... Love was their religion - Author: Anonymous
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#43. We've seen those results in generations of Muslim immigrants - farmers and factory workers, helping to lay the railroads and build our cities, the Muslim innovators who helped build some of our highest skyscrapers and who helped unlock the secrets of our universe. - Author: Barack Obama
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#44. It's quite common for a Sufi mystic to cry in ecstasy that he's neither a Jew, a Christian, nor a Muslim. He is at home equally in a synagogue, a mosque, a temple, or a church because when one's glimpsed the divine, one's left these man-made distinctions behind. - Author: Karen Armstrong
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#45. If you are teaching Muslim sixth formers in a school, and you tell them they can't have their God and Darwin, there is a risk they will choose their God and be lost to science. - Author: Martin Rees
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#46. The Muslim Era of Hegira, which marks the flight of the Prophet from Mecca, corresponds to Friday, 16 July AD 622. - Author: Norman Davies
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#47. Christian, Jew, Muslim, shaman, Zoroastrian, stone, ground, mountain, river, each has a secret way of being with the mystery, unique and not to be judged - Author: Rumi
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#48. We certainly love the Muslim people. But that is not the faith of this country. And that is not the religion that built this nation. The people of the Christian faith and the Jewish faith are the ones who built America, and it is not Islam. - Author: Franklin Graham
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#49. There's a big film industry in Egypt, and quite a big one in Syria, and there's a big Muslim community in Paris. - Author: Ridley Scott
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#50. The Muslim population in India is, largely speaking, not radicalised. From the beginning, they were always very secular-minded. - Author: Salman Rushdie
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#51. Islam is a vibrant faith. Millions of our fellow citizens are Muslim. We respect the faith. We honor its traditions. Our enemy does not. Our enemy doesn't follow the great traditions of Islam. They've hijacked a great religion. - Author: George W. Bush
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#52. The Muslim Brotherhood is a religiously conservative group. They are a minority in Egypt. They are not a majority of the Egyptian people, but they have a lot of credibility because all the other liberal parties have been smothered for 30 years. - Author: Mohamed ElBaradei
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#53. Speaking as somebody with three sisters and a very largely female Muslim family, there is not a single woman I know in my family or in their friends who would have accepted the wearing of a veil. - Author: Salman Rushdie
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#54. We want to be, I think, an example for the rest of the Arab world, because there are a lot of people who say that the only democracy you can have in the Middle East is the Muslim Brotherhood. - Author: Abdallah II Of Jordan
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#55. It's no surprise that the Bush administration's bullying swagger and blithe ignorance have caused much of the Muslim world to hold the U.S. in rock-bottom regard. - Author: Graydon Carter
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#56. Fox News's Bill O'Reilly refuses to show the Muslim cartoons on The O'Reilly Factor, saying he doesn't want to offend anyone's religion. Someone should tell him those endless interviews with prostitutes from the Bunny Ranch and porn stars aren't high on Christians' list of enjoyable viewing either. - Author: Ann Coulter
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#57. The Muslim Brotherhood is the parent organization of extreme ideology. They are the godfather of all terrorist organizations. They spread it all over the world. - Author: Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi
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#58. I was the person, I think, who first said the evening of September 11 that we shouldn't hold this against the Arab community, the Muslim community. We should focus on the individuals and that groups that were involved and not participate in group blame. - Author: Rudy Giuliani
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#59. When Pakistan was carved out of India's rib in 1947, it was assumed by some that Bollywood's Muslim stars would defect to the new state and thus boost the Lahore film industry. But Lollywood did not happen. - Author: Tariq Ali
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#60. Our Muslim friends must learn from previous waves of immigration. - Author: Edward Leigh
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#61. But also, the practical reality that in order for us to identify homegrown violent extremism and prevent it or root it out before it takes action, we are going to need the cooperation of Muslim communities in this country. - Author: Marco Rubio
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#62. I figure if people don't want to make the distinction between a Muslim and a terrorist, then why should I make a distinction between good scared white people and racists? - Author: Aasif Mandvi
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#63. I will say that if there is anything like God Or Truth on earth, Hindu-Muslim unity is also possible. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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#64. The Muslim leaders swallow the advice of the Western powers and bodies like the IMF and World Bank, even when it is bad for their countries and they know this. - Author: Abu Bakar Bashir
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#65. The logic of freedom of religion implies freedom to be an atheist, even though, from a historical perspective, this has not been accepted in the Muslim world. - Author: Tariq Ramadan
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#66. The name "Pakistan" was formed as an acronym of Muslim majority regions in India: Punjab, Afghani Province, Kashmir, Sindh and Baluchistan. - Author: Firas Alkhateeb
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#67. Muslim immigrants like himself encounter prejudice here [in U.S.] but also find political and religious freedom. - Author: Tom Gjelten
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#68. The Ottoman Empire was in decline, held back from modernization by a conservative Muslim priesthood. - Author: Ken Follett
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#69. Current Muslim memories and anger about the Crusades are a twentieth-century creation, prompted in part by 'post-World War I British and French imperialism and post-World War II creation of the state of Israel. - Author: Rodney Stark
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#70. There are a lot of Christian fundamentalists; there are a lot of Muslim extremists. Every religion - Mormonism - has something way on the side that's completely using the religion as some weird backbone for their twisted faith. It has nothing to do with their religion. - Author: Patrick Wilson
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#71. The leaders who we admire who have been able to bring great change in the past - Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela - they're all inspirational religious leaders and smart tacticians. It would be nice to find the Muslim Gandhi, wouldn't it? - Author: Dennis C. Blair
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#72. Verily, the word of Allah teaches us, and we implicitly believe it, that for a Muslim to kill a Jew, or for him to be killed by a Jew, ensures him immediate entry into Heaven and into the august presence of Allah. - Author: Ibn Saud
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#73. The Muslim Brotherhood and the Salifist parties are a real force in the Egyptian society. - Author: Ahmed Zewail
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#74. The reality in Iraq is that we are creating new terrorists and severely damaging the public impression of the United States in the Muslim world. - Author: Sherrod Brown
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#75. When liberals equate criticizing Islamic doctrine with anti-Muslim bigotry, it leaves a vacuum that is too frequently filled by genuine right-wing anti-Muslim bigots who are even more disagreeable. Who gets stuck in the middle? Ex-Muslims. - Author: Ali A. Rizvi
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#76. The fundamentalists of every faith remain blind to the truth that the "sigh within the prayer is the same in the heart of the Christian, the Muslim, and the Jew." I have seen this unity with my eyes, heard it with my ears, felt it with all my being. - Author: David James Duncan
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#77. The world's oldest university, University of Karaouin, was established by a Muslim woman in Fez, Morocco in 859 - Author: Firas Alkhateeb
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#78. I am convinced that Christian fundamentalism is a far greater threat to this country than Muslim terrorists could ever be. - Author: Mel White
Quotes About Muslim #114921
#79. I as a Muslim believe deeply in the differences that are within Islam. But I also take seriously the idea that we have to come to know one another. - Author: Eboo Patel
Quotes About Muslim #114747
#80. A perfect Muslim is he from whose tongue and hands mankind is safe. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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#81. I have not seen any Christian sparrow or Muslim lion or Jewish elephant! Animals are lucky as they have not yet invented the religion! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
Quotes About Muslim #110861
#82. The struggle in the Holy Land is no longer Palestinian versus Israeli, or Muslim versus Jew. It is between those who seek peace and extremists who promote terror. - Author: George W. Bush
Quotes About Muslim #109240
#83. All immigrants bring exotic customs and attitudes, but Muslim customs are more troublesome than most. - Author: Daniel Pipes
Quotes About Muslim #108439
#84. The international community is pushing things forward in Bosnia ... but it is doing it at expense of the Muslim people. I feel it as an injustice, these are the things that I cannot live with. - Author: Alija Izetbegovic
Quotes About Muslim #107029
#85. Saying of the Prophet
Obligation to Learn
The pursuit of knowledge is obligatory on every Muslim. - Author: Idries Shah
Quotes About Muslim #103342
#86. He who becomes a Muslim does so in his own interest. - Author: Abu Bakr
Quotes About Muslim #101902
#87. What kind of Muslim are you? The question seems odd, but for those who seek to divide and conquer Islam, the answer has become increasingly important. Even more disturbing are the labels we assign ourselves. - Author: Yasmin Mogahed
Quotes About Muslim #101216
#88. We have dealt with the Arab/Muslim problem in the American media in every single way but through comedy. Hollywood has always been lagging behind comedy ... We can make fun of ourselves, too, and I'm inviting us to laugh with us - and all the misconceptions. - Author: Bassem Youssef
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#89. To me, every fundamentalist Muslim, no matter how peaceable in his own behavior, is part of a murderous movement and is thus, in some fashion, a foot soldier in the war that bin Laden has launched against civilization. - Author: Daniel Pipes
Quotes About Muslim #818
#90. [Taliban spokesman on Malala Yousafzai]
Malala Yousafzai targeted and criticized Islam. She was against Islam and we tried to kill her, and if we get a chance again we will definitely try to kill her, and we will feel proud killing her. - Author: Shahidullah Shahid
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#91. Even those who claim the Bible's inerrancy make distinctions between Scriptural edicts, sensing that some passages - the Ten Commandments, say, or a belief in Christ's divinity - are central to Christian faith, while others are more culturally specific and may be modified to accommodate modern life. - Author: Barack Obama
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#92. There's a love of rhetorical skill in the Muslim world. Osama bin Laden doesn't just go on tape cassettes and say, 'America sucks.' He recites poetry; he finds things that 'America sucks' rhymes with. - Author: P. J. O'Rourke
Quotes About Muslim #85804
#93. I really didn't grow up religious, and I didn't grow up acknowledging my Muslim identity. For me, I was a British Pakistani. - Author: Maajid Nawaz
Quotes About Muslim #85590
#94. I'm working at trying to be a Christian, and that's serious business. It's like trying to be a good Jew, a good Muslim, a good Buddhist, a good Shintoist, a good Zoroastrian, a good friend, a good lover, a good mother, a good buddy - it's serious business. - Author: Maya Angelou
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#95. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live. - Author: Winston Churchill
Quotes About Muslim #83727
#96. What we need to do is lead an international coalition which includes very significantly the Muslim nations in that region who are going to have to fight and defend their way of life. - Author: Bernie Sanders
Quotes About Muslim #83542
#97. Today, the Muslim world is the poorest of the global powers. - Author: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
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#98. I'm not talking about reforming is to reform the #Muslim minds & the Muslim understandings of the texts. - Author: Tariq Ramadan
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#99. Radical Muslims fly planes into buildings. Radical Christians kill abortion doctors. Radical Atheists write books. - Author: Hemant Mehta
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#100. The Middle East is now filled with death and destruction and that was the aim of Neo-Conservatives who planned this destruction of seven Muslim nations in five years and they are on schedule and the final nation in their sights to destroy is the Islamic Republic of Iran. - Author: Louis Farrakhan
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