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Top 52 Quotes About Moving Far Away

#1. Venice is like doing acid. If you can't take it with you after you either come down or move away, you were never really there in the first place. - Author: Anne Alexander
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#2. Even in these first days together, it is very clear that this feeling of mine for the stranger has trumped all the other adventures in my life. It has shuffled everything and everyone else I thought I was moving toward or away from. - Author: Marlena De Blasi
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#3. I'm ultimately not so much of a professor as a progresser. And I'm ready to move away from what I consider to be this weird mid-century dream that I feel pulls us as a country, and us as a culture, backward. - Author: Christopher Bollen
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#4. I would like to do a movie where the moments could be extended and you could have the freedom of that, but I'm not precious, if it moves the story and doesn't take away from it. - Author: Courteney Cox
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#5. That's what all art's about - a sense of moving away from boundaries that you can't in real life. Like a dancer is always trying to fly, really - to do something that's just not possible. But you try to do as much as you can within those physical boundaries. - Author: Kate Bush
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#6. When mind is quiet, all is Self. When mind moves the world arises. So be Still, throw away everything and be Free. - Author: H.W.L. Poonja
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#7. God honored and blessed America as few nations in history. However, in recent years the nation has been moving away from its religious heritage. - Author: Billy Graham
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#8. I had turned away from the picture and was going back to the world where events move, men change, light flickers, life flows in a clear stream, no matter whether over mud or over stones. - Author: Joseph Conrad
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#9. I don't know when Owen began moving his hand away from the back of my head, but it's slowly moving down my back, making my arms and legs feel so weak, I question their existence. - Author: Colleen Hoover
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#10. Isn't it strange how we move out lives for another day? Like skipping a beat, what if a great wave should wash us all away? - Author: Dave Matthews
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#11. One of the most common reasons people renovate their homes is a change in their lifestyle - an upcoming wedding, a new baby, or grown children moving away. - Author: Candice Olson
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#12. I think something that I can't name about our media has made us move away from that kind of specificity and that kind of curiosity. - Author: George Saunders
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#13. With the illusion stripped away, I could see that we were part of an ocean of light. We are light flowing, moving, and transmuting shape similarly to the way that water morphs into steam and ice and snow. - Author: Jonathan Talat Phillips
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#14. What is good for you creatively is usually bad commercially. You thrive financially by sticking to a series and not fiddling about too much. You do yourself harm by moving away from the series and the genre. By trying things not based in that particular mode of writing, you will just lose readers. - Author: John Connolly
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#15. People are are moving away from the fossil fuel-based economy, to a more renewable economy. That is what is called the 'transition town' movement. There are three hundred towns in Britain that are making this transition. Taking energy from solar power, from wind power, from water power. - Author: Satish Kumar
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#16. Julie Christie was absolutely amazing in Away From Her. Brilliant movie. It was the moving story of a woman who forgets her own husband. Hillary Clinton calls it the feel good movie of the year. - Author: Jon Stewart
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#17. It feels as though we're going in slow motion. I think we'll never get away. But eventually the Ferris wheel is far enough away that it could be a moving constellation. - Author: Lauren DeStefano
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#18. I feel as if my every move is being controlled by some kind of incredibly long arm that's reaching out from somewhere far away, and that my life has been nothing more than a convenient passageway for all these things moving through it. - Author: Haruki Murakami
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#19. We look at distant exploding stars called supernovae, and we've developed techniques to measure how far away they are and how fast they're moving away from us. - Author: Adam Riess
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#20. No matter where I am in my life, no matter what I am doing, I will never be far from you in my heart. I may be moving on, but I'm not moving away from you. You will always be in my soul, a part of my present, and a fleeting dream for my future." ~Emma Ranstein - Author: Lindsay Detwiler
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#21. Tis not for golden eloquence I pray,
A godlike tongue to move a stony heart
Methinks it were full well to be apart
In solitary uplands far away,
Betwixt the blossoms of a rosy spray,
Dreaming upon the wonderful sweet face
Of Nature, in a wild and pathless place. - Author: Frederick Tennyson
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#22. Paradise was always over there, a day's sail away. But it's a funny thing, escapism. You can go far and wide and you can keep moving on and on through places and years, but you never escape your own life. I, finally, knew where my life belonged. Home. - Author: J. Maarten Troost
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#23. By and large, the world wants to move away from the nuclear era. The question is how fast and how far. In a world of sovereign nation-states, I can't rationalize any number above zero. If it's more than zero, you have to acknowledge every nation has the right to have them. - Author: George Lee Butler
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#24. It is possible that a picture will move far away from Nature and yet find its way back to reality. The faculty of memory, experience at a distance produces pictorial associations. - Author: Paul Klee
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#25. Coming from Ireland, it's quite hard to do a startup because you're culturally so far away from what everyone else is doing. In the Bay Area, it's much easier. It's the equivalent of an actor or actress moving to Hollywood. - Author: John Collison
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#26. We make a mistake forsaking England and moving out into the periphery of life. After all, Taormina, Ceylon, Africa, America
as far as we go, they are only the negation of what we ourselves stand for and are: and we're rather like Jonahs running away from the place we belong. - Author: D.H. Lawrence
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#27. It is hard to hold on to friendships when people move away to another state or to another world. - Author: Anne Roiphe
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#28. The minute we put aside our self-righteousness and move away from being the aggrieved, then we are on a healing process. - Author: Stephen Richards
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#29. Happiness is a vector. It can only be defined by the speed at which you're moving away from pain. - Author: Neal Shusterman
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#30. When my husband Charles passed away in 2000, I took over as chair of our family's foundation. As I was mourning his loss, I also had to keep the foundation moving forward and to chart a course into what was then a very male-dominated philanthropic world. - Author: Lynn Schusterman
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#31. Dying only means moving into a nicer house.
We have only gone into the next room.
We still are what we have always been.
We aren't far away. We are only on the other side of the pathway. - Author: Kerry Okines
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#32. In the sunny world, with its small things moving too fast, I shy away from light and in the attic cuss the dark. - Author: Andre Alexis
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#33. Moving away from someone or something Is like taking a step back to see better when you are too close to capture the details. - Author: Rajuda
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#34. He pushed that thoughts away. He didn't like painful memories. Keep moving
that was his motto. Don't dwell in things. Don't stay in one place too long. It was the only way to stay ahead of the sadness. - Author: Rick Riordan
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#35. Pale sunlight, pale the wall. Love moves away. The light changes I need more grace than I thought. - Author: Rumi
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#36. Corporate performance management systems and processes are gradually moving away from a static, unidirectional, and time-bound avatar to a more dynamic, continuous, and interactive state. - Author: Pearl Zhu
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#37. By now it was clear that Howl was in a mood to produce green slime any second. Sophie hurriedly put her sewing away. "I'll make some hot buttered toast," she said. "Is that all you can do in the face of tragedy??" Howl asked. "Make toast! - Author: Diana Wynne Jones
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#38. I see the demographics increasing, and by that I mean the notion of social acceptance is growing, not decreasing; I think the notion of fiscal responsibility is growing, not decreasing. And Republicans seem to be moving further away from those two categories than closer. - Author: Gary Johnson
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#39. Have no fear of the future. Let us go forward into its mysteries, tear away the veils which hide it from our eyes, and move onwards with confidence and courage. - Author: Winston Churchill
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#40. When you move away from where you grew up, I think you tend to have even more pride of where you came from. - Author: Kristopher Belman
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#41. I left home when I turned 17 and ran away to New York. I did a lot of moving. I was based in New York and country-hopping, so I was always 'the new girl'. - Author: Sarah Roemer
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#42. I want to get away from it all. Move to the sticks. Montana. Hundreds of miles from civilization. Get a cabin in the snow. Curl up with some cute girl. Say stuff to her like, Scream all you want, sugar. Ain't nobody gonna hear you! - Author: David Spade
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#43. I think it's one of the most natural things for any human to do is to be able to run because it's that flight or fight reaction you have. You either fight or you run away. It's just a natural way for us to move, - Author: Zola Budd
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#44. If someone feels negative about the way society or culture seems to be going, what it probably suggests is that it's just moving away from the state that they are comfortable with or used to. It's understandable why someone would feel that way. - Author: Chuck Klosterman
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#45. And so I'm saying that, yes, colonialism was terrible, and I describe it as a legacy of wars, but we ought to be moving away from that by now. - Author: Wangari Maathai
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#46. There are two ways of extending life : firstly by moving the two points "born" and "died" farther away from one another ... The other method is to go more slowly and leave the two points wherever God wills they should be, and this method is for the philosophers. - Author: Georg C. Lichtenberg
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#47. If you ask me, over time, I am a believer in the Indian financial saving story getting stronger; a lot more savers are moving money away from gold and real estate into banks, mutual funds, insurance and equities. - Author: Uday Kotak
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#48. We have to move away from the entirely ad-supported business because the needs of it means that it has to keep driving into privacy, and that's not good for anyone because we all need to have something about us that is secret from some people. - Author: Andrew Keen
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#49. The further jazz moves away from the stark blue continuum and the collective realities of Afro-American and American life, the more it moves into academic concert-hall lifelessness, which can be replicated by any middle class showing off its music lessons. - Author: Amiri Baraka
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#50. This act demonstrates graphically a turning away the past and moving ahead. You now get to refresh your time in a friendly way by running with the watch instead of against it or away from it. - Author: Joe Henderson
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#51. Sometimes I know what my characters are moving away from or toward; more often I just wait and see. For instance, though I knew Sinkler in 'The Trusty' was going for water, I did not know that he would meet a fetching young farm wife until I got him into her front yard. - Author: Ron Rash
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#52. Healing comes when we move away from the darkness and walk towards the light. - Author: Dieter F. Uchtdorf
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