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Top 48 Quotes About Members Of A Team

#1. I'd never managed anyone before, so I don't have a lot of experience. But I'm lucky - I have a lot of team members who have a really honest relationship with me. - Author: Ben Silbermann
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#2. When you shift conversations and explore the greatness of your team members, you're likely to be a person who creates opportunities for their strength to show up on the job. - Author: John Yokoyama
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#3. Competition and rivalry between the members of a group are the antithesis of the cooperation and team play needed in an effective management group. This is why team building is an empty abstraction for a group whose leader controls with power. - Author: Thomas Gordon
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#4. It was an impressive achievement, of course, and a human achievement by the members of the IBM team, but Deep Blue was only intelligent the way your programmable alarm clock is intelligent. Not that losing to a $10 million alarm clock made me feel any better. - Author: Garry Kasparov
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#5. Maybe she didn't know exactly how to be a consort, but she knew the members of a team functioned better with acknowledgment. And these people were all part of her team now - part of her family. - Author: Nalini Singh
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#6. My team members are Hector Soto, who is a boxing promoter and Vice-president of Miguel Cotto Promotions. He runs all my business. He was the person that my father left in charge of it all. Bryan Perez is my right-hand man. - Author: Miguel Cotto
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#7. The single greatest demotivator of a team is having members who are not carrying their load. - Author: David Cottrell
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#8. Make sure you have the right team members to strengthen your culture instead of people who suck the energy out of it. You can do everything right as a leader and coach, but if you don't have positive mentors and team members in the locker room your culture and team will fall apart. - Author: Jon Gordon
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#9. Really? Kat's angry? Could it be because you're holding her captive?" The words tasted like acid.
"She attacked several members of my team."
A smile spread across my face. That's my girl. - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
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#10. All of the members of my new team have displayed in their work a strong sense of pragmatism that I promote ... While the backgrounds of principal officials are diverse, they all share a common commitment to our country, our territory and our people and agree with my governing philosophy. - Author: Donald Tsang
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#11. Band members have a special bond. A great band is more than just some people working together. It's like a highly specialized army unit, or a winning sports team. A unique combination of elements that becomes stronger together than apart. - Author: Steven Van Zandt
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#12. Effective teamwork will not take the place of knowing how to do the job or how to manage the work. Poor teamwork, however, can prevent effective final performance. And it can also prevent team members from gaining satisfaction in being a member of a team and the organization. - Author: Robert Bales
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#13. It is quite common to see team members spending a lot of time 'perfecting' things that don't really need it rather than doing an adequate job and then moving on to another task. - Author: Anonymous
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#14. If all the members of a team have synchronized their energy and they have all subordinated their egos to success of the team, then we have a functioning unit. If we have a lot of hotshots who want attention, you won't really play that well. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#15. If it annoys you when team members ask about their next promotion or talk about other job opportunities in the industry, you have motivational problems in the making. You need to build a habit of proactively seeking employee interests and suggesting follow-up steps. - Author: Martin Zwilling
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#16. Most likely Sinai was innocent and Alpha had used him as a scapegoat to cover his own ass. I needed a minute. It was hurting me to know that I'd killed one of the top members of my team and he was innocent. I'd - Author: Porscha Sterling
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#17. In the early 1990s, Target adopted some of Walt Disney's staff training and customer service initiatives. It has since developed a variety of methods - from hiring to coaching to grading performance - to ensure "team members" embody the motto "fast, fun and friendly." (See Chapter 5.) - Author: Laura Rowley
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#18. I know I touch a lot of people. I don't call myself a role model. But I am a leader. Leaders are always watched by team members & outsiders - Author: Spoken Reasons
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#19. A unique relationship develops among team members who enter into dialogue regularly. They develop a deep trust that cannot help but carry over to discussions. They develop a richer understanding of the uniqueness of each person's point of view. - Author: Peter Senge
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#20. When I look at sales teams, I start to see a pattern. The team members with a low quality of mind have lower figures and the ones with high quality of mind have higher figures. - Author: Damian Mark Smyth
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#21. You should choose a set of simple rules that govern the format of your code, and then you should consistently apply those rules. If you are working on a team, then the team should agree to a single set of formatting rules and all members should comply. - Author: Robert C. Martin
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#22. To succeed as a team is to hold all of the members accountable for their expertise. - Author: Mitch Caplan
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#23. Team learning is the Process of aligning and developing the capacity of a team to create the results its members desire. It builds on the discipline of developing a shared vision. It also builds on personal mastery, for talented teams are made up of talented individuals. - Author: Peter Senge
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#24. If you set up an atmosphere of community and trust, it becomes a tradition. Older team members will establish your credibility with newer ones. Even if they don't like everything about you, they'll say, 'He's trustworthy, committed to us as a team.' - Author: Mike Krzyzewski
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#25. When overpowering authority or leadership intervenes in a team, it can affect the team by (1) throwing the team off track, (2) decreasing the motivation of the team, (3) reducing the commitment of the team members, and (4) causing more problems than solutions. - Author: J. Richard Hackman
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#26. A good teammate is someone willing to get outside of personal thoughts and emotions, a friend who tries to understand, appreciate, and encourage other members of the team. - Author: Don Kardong
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#27. Recognition in front of peers is the strongest motivator, and berating team members in private or public is the biggest demotivator. Check your use of rewards vs. penalties, with the negatives including emotional outbursts at no one in particular, a lack of feedback and veiled threats. - Author: Martin Zwilling
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#28. A functional team must make the collective results of the group more important to each individual than individual members' goals. - Author: Patrick Lencioni
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#29. Why talk of the team when our Cricket Board is like an exclusive club with members being there for years on end? If they can stay on without performing, the players too feel they can stay in the team without too big a performance. - Author: Sunil Gavaskar
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#30. Evangelical churches often make extroversion a prerequisite for leadership, sometimes explicitly. "The priest must be ... an extrovert who enthusiastically engages members and newcomers, a team player," reads an ad for a position as associate rector of a 1,400-member parish. - Author: Susan Cain
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#31. Unfaithfulness of team members is a difficult test that may bring disappointment to a leader. - Author: Sunday Adelaja
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#32. There are plenty of team players in government who do whatever the leader says. There are too few difficult members, who have complicated minds, unusual perspectives, the toughness to withstand the party-line barrages and a practical interest in producing results. - Author: David Brooks
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#33. I've been a fan of 'The Defenders' since childhood, and Devil Slayer was always one of my favorite members of the team - especially during J.M. DeMatteis' wonderful run on the series. - Author: Brian Keene
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#34. And so a leader of a meeting must make it a priority to seek out and uncover any important issues about which team members do not agree. And when team members don't want to engage in those discussions, the leader must force them to do so. Even when it makes him or her temporarily unpopular. - Author: Patrick Lencioni
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#35. At a lot of companies founded on principles, the notion of making money is almost antithetical to the ethos of the place. From the very beginning, our business has existed to meet the needs and desires of multiple constituencies: customers, team members, vendors, shareholders, the community. - Author: John Mackey
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#36. People have to be given the freedom to show the heart they possess. I think it's a leader's responsibility to provide that type of freedom. And I believe it can be done through relationships and family. Because if a team is a real family, it's members want to show you their hearts. - Author: Mike Krzyzewski
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#37. Since there always has to be a certain number of astronauts manning the station at all times, one of the main aspects of the mission was to transport a new team to the station and bring back some members of the previous team back to Earth. - Author: Philippe Perrin
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#38. I thought I'd gotten over feeling like I need to strangle members of this team. Turns out my desire to murder Cody in a violent, dehumanizing fashion had nothing to do with the darkness. It was completely natural. - Author: Brandon Sanderson
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#39. Designers need to be more than ambassadors, they need to be fully functioning and fully aware members of strategic decision-making teams in a company. - Author: Nathan Shedroff
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#40. Generating diverse ideas requires being clear about the kind of input needed and creating multiple ways for diverse team members to share their ideas (e.g. use more than just a brainstorming session). - Author: David Livermore
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#41. There might be exceptions - and if so, you might rethink their employment - but few people really want to be mediocre. Most of your team members want to make a valued contribution - to find purpose in their work. - Author: Stephen R. Covey
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#42. The two qualities of Friendship so important for a leader to possess and instill in team members are respect and camaraderie. - Author: John Wooden
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#43. We had a policy of "no looking back". Once a decision was made, all members of our team were expected to stop talking about obstacles and instead focus intensely on solutions.

"Don't tell us all the reasons this might not work. Tell us all the ways it could work. - Author: John Wood
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#44. As economists have often pointed out, we pay doctors for quantity, not quality. As they point out less often, we also pay them as individuals, rather than as members of a team working together for their patients. Both practices have made for serious problems. - Author: Atul Gawande
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#45. A team is not a bunch of people with job titles, but a congregation of individuals, each of whom has a role that is understood by other members. - Author: Meredith Belbin
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#46. The team exists to accomplish a result. The community exists to support its members while they fulfill their purpose ... When partnerships, management teams, and organizations build communities, they tap into a greater and deeper reservoir of courage, wisdom, and productivity. - Author: Peter Gibb
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#47. I have a great race team, great grew members, awesome health care team, endocrinologist, nutritionist, and of course family and friends. It truly is a team effort, both when you are dealing with diabetes in regular life and also on the racetrack. - Author: Charlie Kimball
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#48. Here is what unsayable about us: Jonathan and I are members of a team so old nobody else could join even if we wanted them to. What binds us is stronger than sex. It is stronger than love. We're related. Each of us is the other born into a different flesh. - Author: Michael Cunningham
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