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Top 30 Quotes About Meet Someone Special

#1. If you're going to be a fucking rock star go be one. People don't want to see the guy next door on stage; they want to see a being from another planet. You want to see somebody you'd never meet in ordinary life. - Author: Lemmy Kilmister
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#2. Sometimes we meet someone and feel like we have known them all our lives. - Author: Avijeet Das
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#3. Ask any guy if sex is important in a relationship and the one who says no is lying. I just haven't met that guy yet. When you meet him, let's get him in to the Smithsonian - he's that special and rare. - Author: Steve Harvey
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#4. We meet a lot of people along this journey. Some of them are sonsabitches and some are special. When you find the special ones you don't take a moment for granted, because you never know when your time with them is gonna be up. - Author: Kim Holden
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#5. My favorite is when you go to Afghanistan and you meet the special forces guys, and they look like these heavily armed surfers. These guys are the best. You see guys dressed as full Afghans, but then wearing a Yankees hat. - Author: Robin Williams
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#6. There have been times when I've made special arrangements to meet people in music, film, business or politics, and I'll continue to do so if the people are sincere. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#7. Now, for the first time, he's seeing that there really is a way out of this, and it's all so simple. You don't have to run away. You just meet somebody special and step sideways into a parallel universe. - Author: Irvine Welsh
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#8. Strive to make every person feel special. After all, every person you meet is made in the image of God. - Author: Joel Osteen
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#9. Culture is like the sum of special knowledge that accumulates in any large united family and is the common property of all its members. When we of the great Culture Family meet, we exchange reminiscences about Grandfather Homer, and that awful old Dr. Johnson, and Aunt Sappho, and poor Johnny Keats. - Author: Aldous Huxley
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#10. I can feel things - tap into emotions. When I meet a new person, I know their life straight away. I suppose you could call it a special intuition, but it's my number one quality, and I'm always 99.9 percent right. If I don't like someone, it always turns out to be for a good reason. - Author: Suzi Quatro
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#11. When you meet someone you really like and connect with, I think that's very special, and not to be taken for granted. - Author: Aziz Ansari
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#12. Like all good citizens, the elderly and people with disabilities want to eradicate waste and fraud from government, but helping people with special needs meet their basic needs doesn't fit this description. - Author: Joni Eareckson Tada
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#13. They had that special grace, that special spirit that says, 'Give me a challenge and I'll meet it with joy. on Challenger disaster - Author: Ronald Reagan
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#14. I love life. There's always something to overcome, new people to meet ... You've just got to find your bliss and go after it. That's where the drive is, that's how you find your special place. - Author: Jim Stynes
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#15. I like girls who are natural because I am natural in everything I do. If I meet a girl who is snobby and wants special treatment, she's not going to get it from me because she hasn't earned it. But I've been basically lucky because I've mostly met nice girls-and that's what attracts me. - Author: River Phoenix
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#16. If you ever meet someone who thinks they are so special, the best thing to do is smile. You don't have to say anything. Be friendly and then go do
your best. That will make you special, too! - Author: Jeff Hutchins
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#17. For a long time, it was like I was part of some special forces unit: I'd land, meet everyone, five minutes later I'd have to do some amazing work, then - boom! - I'm out again. You know, playing supporting parts takes courage. - Author: John C. Reilly
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#18. Mulder, I want you to meet your new assistant. Special Agent Dana Scully, Fox Mulder.'
'An assistant? Nice to know I'm suddenly so highly regarded.' Mulder turned to Scully. 'Who did you tick off to get stuck with this detail, Scully? - Author: Les Martin
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#19. Once in a lifetime, you meet that special someone. That someone that took your breath away every single time. That someone that caused your heart to shatter into a million shards and fall like rain. - Author: Amy Lane
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#20. And it was so special, and to tell you the truth that's how I feel about the whole thing, I mean when I meet someone that has watched the show, and it has brought such joy to them, it just makes you feel so good. - Author: David Selby
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#21. Amber wanted to see special operations open to women and she believed they all should have a shot at going to Ranger School but only if there were no shortcuts, no dumbing down of any of the requirements, the same standards for everyone. And everyone would have the chance to meet them. T - Author: Gayle Tzemach Lemmon
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#22. Not every person you meet in life will become a close friend or lover. Some you will find hard to get along with or impossible to like. But these people, too, teach you the precious lesson of who you do like, so that you will appreciate those special people even more. - Author: Marie Kondo
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#23. I meet these kids in the street and they're shaking. But I' saying, 'I'm honored to met you.' It makes me cry. It's beyond special - Author: Noel Gallagher
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#24. When I was 14, I entered British Vogue's annual talent contest and got a special mention. I went up to London to meet the editors and wrote about it in my high school magazine. - Author: Hamish Bowles
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#25. I want the public to know that it will be an honor for me to meet them and spend a few special moments with all those who helped me through my filmed career. - Author: Tony Curtis
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#26. Lisa, have you ever met anyone and then known within minutes that he's the most special person you're ever going to meet in your life? - Author: Judith McNaught
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#27. We travel so far only to land where we are. We imagine other lives, only to meet who we are. We seek out love in special ways, only to find everyone is special. Humbly, we can't avoid this journey ... - Author: Mark Nepo
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#28. But having people meet my family was a secret fear. It would be like taking someone to a dark room to show them my anal fissures, and you can't just go introducing everybody to your anal fissures. Only special people get to see such as that. - Author: Harrison Scott Key
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#29. Six hundred and forty fish later, the only thing I know is everything you love will die. The first time you meet someone special, you can count on them one day being dead and in the ground. - Author: Chuck Palahniuk
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#30. Sometimes in life - very rarely, I might add - you meet someone and you know instantly they're going to mean something special to you. - Author: Anonymous
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