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Top 100 Quotes About Love Is Pain

#1. Love is the beauty of this world pressed nose to nose with all its pain.

Kim Culbertson

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#2. To have someone know you so thoroughly and not want you. Is there anything more painful?

Michelle Tea

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#3. We are alike in many ways, you and I. There is darkness in us. Darkness, pain, death. They radiate from us. If ever you love a woman, Rand, leave her and let her find another. It will be the best gift you can give her.

Robert Jordan

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#4. It almost contradicts itself," she says after a moment. "It's as if there is love and loss at the same time, together in a kind of beautiful pain.

Eric Morgenstern

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#5. Suffering is primarily a
call for attention, which itself is a movement of love. More than
happiness, love wants growth, the widening and deepening of awareness and consciousness and being. Whatever prevents that, becomes a cause of pain, and love does not shirk from pain.

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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#6. Oh external worshiper, know that worship without heart is motions. Oh seeker of knowledge, know that knowledge without purification is a dangerous weapon of the ego. Oh activist, know that work without orientation of heart is fruitless. Oh lover, know that love without God is pain.

Yasmin Mogahed

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#7. Because I am in love with you. Because I cannot be around you for fear you will finally see what is written across my heart. Because the pain of you is one I cannot bear

Kiersten White

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#8. A mighty pain to love it is,
And 't is a pain that pain to miss;
But of all pains, the greatest pain
It is to love, but love in vain.

Abraham Cowley

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#9. Lack of self-worth is the fundamental source of all emotional pain. A feeling of insecurity, unworthiness and lack of valueis the core experience of powerlessness.

Gary Zukav

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#10. Pain is the biggest power of love. That's what Wireman says.

Stephen King

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#11. From what I have observed, when the anesthesia of love wears off, there is always the pain of consequences. You don't have to be stupid to marry the wrong man.

Amy Tan

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#12. There is No Pleasure without Pain

A. Dragonblood

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#13. When love comes easy, forgiving is hard and forgetting even harder.

Shampa Sharma

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#14. He put his forehead against hers.
"Alannah, my heart is yours." He said softly.
"And yet, I must hand it over to someone else for the keeping." Her last words falling to a strained whisper.

B.C. Morin

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#15. Right now in this space, I feel a brand new pull to him. I've always been drawn to his features, his brilliance, his laughter, his passion. But right now I'm attracted to his pain. It makes him human. It makes him real. It makes him something he hardly ever is to me: accessible.

Sarah Noffke

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#16. This form of love is like the pain
of childbirth: so intense
it's hard to remember afterwards,

Margaret Atwood

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#17. You have a great heart, but will only find it to be so through great pain. This is the wisdom of love, and its doubtful gift ... I have endured much suffering and still remain unbitter and unclosed.

Alison Croggon

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#18. My mediocrity is no secret;
My battles with it are

Karan Patade

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#19. Why love if losing hurts so much? I have no answers anymore; only the life I have lived. The pain now is part of the happiness then.

Anthony Hopkins

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#20. Certainly, it is. Love is love, and loss is loss. We all love, and we all die, and everyone suffers the pain of grieving. The trick is to enjoy what you have while you have it. Not run like a bunny from the good things because they might be taken away sooner than you'd like.

Lynsay Sands

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#21. Everyone wants to know how you can tell when it's true love, and the answer is this: when the pain doesn't fade and the scars don't heal, and it's too damned late. Jonathan Tropper, from The Book of Joe

Madelon Phillips

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#22. God is like a lover. Sometimes he gives you so much pain that staying alive seems like a punishment but in the next moment he shows you so much love, affection and care that you forget all your pains. Yes, the wounds can't be healed completely but god compensates it with other happiness.

Mayank Kashyap

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#23. Love is superficial when you can't understand someone's pain.

Saru Singhal

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#24. Holding pain and hurt inside is unhealthy and locks in a lot of toxic energy that works against what we really want, which is healthy love.

Stephan Labossiere

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#25. Humanity has one strength that no one has: that is we may feel the feelings, pain, jealousy, failure, love, happiness of others and identify with them, and even see the world through their own eyes.

Orhan Pamuk

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#26. It seems you didn't understand me," Rakel said, adjusting her grip on his hand. She had to spit the words out around the pain that tore through her. "When I say that love is pure, I mean it stands unrivaled in its power.

K.M. Shea

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#27. Bitter, bitter was the pain, and wilder and wilder grew her song, for she sang of the Love that is perfected by Death, of the Love that dies not in the tomb.

Oscar Wilde

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#28. For every day that there is sunshine, there will be days of rain, it's how we dance within them both that shows our love and pain.

Joey Tolbert

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#29. The pain is what you make of it. You have to find something in it that yields. I understood my guiding imperative as: keep bleeding, but find some love in the blood.

Leslie Jamison

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#30. People don't know. We don't know ourselves so we tell ourselves what we really know is other people. We could say the depth of pain we feel for the lovers who've left us is because we knew them so well.

Emma Forrest

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#31. God is not attracted to mountaintops or church steeples. God is drawn to suffering, and the dark places it surfaces, which is why sharing pain freely feels very much like love, and may be the same thing. (207)

Keith Ablow

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#32. Pain is painful but an essential ingredient of life. Suffering is optional.

Debasish Mridha

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#33. You can't easily break out of this cycle of love. It's always here and there up and down.. pain and joy, this wonderful feeling of being in love, which will come to an end later, is so dominating through your entire life. And you cannot escape it.

Till Lindemann

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#34. Pain is the biggest power of love.

Stephen King

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#35. saying goodbye isnt hard, but saying it to something you care about is whats hard, because you dont want to forget the emmotional pain and happiness they caused in you're life.


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#36. We ought to recognize that our greatest battle is not with one another but with our pain, our problems, and our flaws. To be hurt, yet forgive. To do wrong, but forgive yourself. To depart from this world leaving only love. This is the reason you walk.

Wab Kinew

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#37. Sometimes, hope is even harder to bear than grief.

Claudia Gray

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#38. Love is stronger than pain. In the parking lot behind the Dartbridge Library.

Virginia Bergin

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#39. The point of life isn't to avoid pain. The point of life is to be alive! To feel things. That means the good and the bad. There'll be pain. But also joy, and friendship and love. And it's worth it, believe me.

John J. Stephens

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#40. Pain is the mind. It's the thoughts of the mind. Then I get rid of the thoughts, and I get in my witness, which is down in my spiritual heart. The witness that witnesses being. Then those particular thoughts that are painful - love them. I love them to death!

Ram Dass

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#41. I believe that in a way, sadness is happiness for there can be no wrong without right, no light without dark, no success without failure, no relief without pain, no love without hatred and no Snow White without the evil queen.


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#42. Marriage is the legal method devised to end love without pain.

Tom Morrison

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#43. What is it like? Manon asked quietly. 'To love.' 'It was like dying a little every day. It was like being alive, too. It was joy so complete it was pain. It destroyed me and unmade me and forged me. I hated it, because I knew I couldn't escape it, and knew it would forever change me.'-Asterin/Manon

Sarah J. Maas

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#44. Attachment strangles freedom and clarity and makes us a puppet to our desires and cravings; attachment is the root of suffering, a root that if left unattended grows into a tree which drops the fruits of anger, greed, envy, dispersion, competitiveness, ego and pain

Evan Sutter

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#45. I think sometimes when we find love we pretend it away, or ignore it, or tell ourselves we're imagining it. Because it is the most painful kind of hope there is.

Rae Carson

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#46. Sitting on my bed with all these things I used to love but not loving them anymore, I just wanted to set them on fire. That's when I knew I was never going to be all right again.

Wendy Walker

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#47. Life is a beautiful journey, full of joy and pain
You never know when it will end, don't let a moment pass in vain ...
In the whole ruckus of life, nothing had I gained,
I just wanted freedom, no more did I wanted to be chained ...

Mehek Bassi

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#48. Like us, animals feel love, joy, fear and pain, but they cannot grasp the spoken word. It is our obligation to speak on their behalf ensuring their well-being and lives are respected and protected.

Sylvia Dolson

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#49. You may know the pain of possessing and dependency, reducing persons to objects, but this is not love. Love doesn't attempt to bind, ensnare, capture. It is light, free of the burden of attachments. Love asks nothing, is fulfilled in itself. When love is there, nothing remains to be done.

Vimala Thakar

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#50. Beyond the pain, anger and unforgiveness, there is only one thing; love. This is where the magic happens

Renae A. Sauter

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#51. That's life for you," said MacDunn. "Someone always waiting for someone who never comes home. Always someone loving some thing more than that thing loves them. And after a while you want to destroy whatever that thing is, so it can't hurt you no more.

Ray Bradbury

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#52. Death is but a transition from this life to another existence where there is no more pain and anguish. All the bitterness and disagreements will vanish, and the only thing that lives forever is love.

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

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#53. When you know what pain is, and when you have to make a choice, you learn that it is a decision. People think it's a fairytale thing, love and happiness, but you have to work hard. And then - you feel it deeply.

Mary J. Blige

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#54. Elli-" Neve lies down next to him. "It is not easy being friend with someone who has depression. Not because it's a burden, but because you love them. So their pain becomes your own." She rests her hand on his chest. "You really expect me to just sit by and do nothing ?

Nelou Keramati

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#55. Contrary to what we may have been taught to think, unnecessary and unchosen suffering wounds us but need not scar us for life. It does mark us. What we allow the mark of our suffering to become is in our own hands.

Bell Hooks

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#56. It's so difficult to love another person and yourself for who they are and not what they do or who they could be. To stay in this moment and know it in all its pleasure and its pain. The world is a beautiful place. How often do we say this aloud?

Vicki Forman

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#57. Love is a pain in disguise, a scorpion lying in wait for just the right moment to strike and inject you with its poison before scuttling off into the shadows.

Ellen Hopkins

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#58. The pain of losing people you love is the price of the ticket for getting to know them at all.

Jill McCorkle

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#59. To know yourself as the Being underneath the thinker, the stillness underneath the mental noise, the love and joy underneath the pain, is freedom, salvation, enlightenment.

Eckhart Tolle

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#60. When it comes to pain, love, joy, loneliness, and fear, a rat is a pig is a dog is a boy.

Ingrid Newkirk

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#61. I wish that you will find love. It is the only thing in life that makes the pain of being alive bearable.

Lucinda Riley

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#62. Sure relationships include arguments, but pain is not a side-effect of love.

Tyler Oakley

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#63. The incentive to peacemaking is love, but it degenerates into appeasement whenever justice is ignored. To forgive and to ask for forgiveness are both costly exercises. All authentic Christian peacemaking exhibits the love and justice-and so the pain-of the cross.

John Stott

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#64. Falling in love is like leaping from a cliff. Your brain screams that it's not a good idea and that hurt and pain will inevitably come to you. But your
heart believes you can soar, glide and fly.

Marie Coulson

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#65. Love is the pain of pleasure," I forced between sniveling sobs, "and pain is the pleasure of love.

Courtney Lane

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#66. What is love but a pain we choose?

Erin Bow

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#67. What if?..
What if I am all to see?
What if life is only this? And Ignorance is bliss?
What if love is only pain? And nothing can be gained by living everyday
And there is no better way?
What then?

Melody Carlson

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#68. Love is a many-splendored thing," she says. "But it is also a pain in the ass.

Cynthia Hand

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#69. I'm definitely a romantic, I don't think life is really worth all the pain and effort and struggling if you don't have somebody that you love very much

Chet Baker

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#70. Love is full of pain and mistakes. That's what makes it interesting and that's why we explore relationships in literature. That whole 'love is never having to say you're sorry' crap is just that, crap. Love is learning how to say you're sorry.

Richard Paul Evans

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#71. We are faithful as long as we love, but you
demand faithfulness of a woman without love, and the giving of
herself without enjoyment. Who is cruel there
woman or man?

Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch

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#72. It is not the pain from the present that is killing you, but all your repressed feelings from the past that adds weight to it.

Linda Alfiori

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#73. Some say pain is the greatest motivator ... I say it's love.

Solange Nicole

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#74. Inspirational Psychology includes the practical application of identifying the thoughts and mistaken beliefs that cause us pain, along with a contemplative practice to discover our true nature, which is Love.

Lee L Jampolsky

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#75. love is nothing but an overrated emotion that brings nothing but pain to those unfortunate enough to suffer from it.

Carole Mortimer

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#76. Love has a heavy load of possibilities. You can't have it without some measure of pain. They go together with an inseparable bond in this world. But it's worth it. I promise you, the treasure is worth the pain.

Miranda Shisler

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#77. Why is there ever this perverse cruelty in humankind, that makes us hurt most those we love best?

Jacqueline Carey

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#78. Someday we will forget the hardship, and the pain its cause us; we will realise, hurt is not the end. lessons appear to teach us strength, we learn happiness is an inside job and to cure our insanity we must not fear what is to come, but believe in what we've been taught.

Nikki Rowe

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#79. Call me later, you'd said, so I could call you later, at night, and it is those nights I miss you, Ed, the most, on the phone, you beautiful bastard.

Daniel Handler

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#80. If we deny love that is given to us, if we refuse to give love because we fear the pain of loss, then our lives will be empty, our loss greater.

Margaret Weis

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#81. The main motive for "nonattachment" is a desire to escape from the pain of living, and above all from love, which, sexual or non-sexual, is hard work.

George Orwell

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#82. And yet, I have not wronged you, have I? Indeed if there is anyone I may have sinned against, it is me. That desiring you as I do, needing you as I do, I still let you go.

Ama Ata Aidoo

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#83. To love is to risk the pain of loss. But it's a risk that's worth taking.

Deirdre Martin

Quotes About Love Is Pain #167850
#84. For those constantly full of joy, they sometimes feel a little guilty for always feeling so good. That guilt is compassion: it flies in with an attempt to share one's joy with others who do not have it.

Criss Jami

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#85. When I hear other people's stories, I like to believe that they contribute to my 'Encyclopedia of Human Experience.' The stories I hear help me expand my definition of what love is, what pain feels like, what sacrifice means, what laughter can do.

Sarah Kay

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#86. Producing the vibration of love is based on your ability to feel deep pain ... go into those feelings ... and to find peace once again.

Barbara Marciniak

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#87. God is love. Love is always present, surrounding us; guiding, growing, and teaching us. Even in the midst of total chaos, pain, and dysfunction, love is calling us to a higher experience and expression.

Iyanla Vanzant

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#88. There is no shame in loving: it is the sign of a generous heart, and pain the price of an open soul.

Alison Croggon

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#89. First love is an astounding experience and if the object happens to be totally unworthy and love not really love at all, it makes little difference to the intensity of the pain.

Angela Thirkell

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#90. Your life is nothing more than a love story. Between you and God. Nothing more. Every person, every experience, every gift, every loss, every pain is sent to your path for one reason and one reason only: to bring you back to Him.

Yasmin Mogahed

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#91. Love is the key to a massive change. Love unconditionally and everything else will fall in place. Love is like a medicine that cures all pain.

Alisha Broughton

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#92. Nothing can fill the gap when we are away from those we love, and it would be wrong to try to find anything ... It is nonsense to say that God fills the gap; he does not fill it, but keeps it empty so that our communion with another may be kept alive, even at the cost of pain.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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#93. A broken heart is probably tougher the second time around but just remember those pieces will come together again. The hurt and pain will fade. You will then remember how strong you are. You will thank a broken heart someday, remember that.

Aline Alzime

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#94. There is this pain of love. You experience it some moments. It starts like a strange gnawing at your heart. It then slowly spreads. Spreads to the whole body. You fall deeply into it. This feeling.

Avijeet Das

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#95. I never want to fall in love again,
Loneliness is vastly under rated.
On and off causes so much pain,
Vanity is why I still waited.
Every time I try to get close,
You close yet another door.
Our story is a ridiculous prose,
Understand I won't take anymore.

Ritoban Chakrabarti

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#96. I know my name now. Love Warrior. I came from Love and I am Love and I will return to Love. Love casts out fear. A woman who has recovered her true identity as a Love Warrior is the most powerful force on earth. All the darkness and shame and pain in the world can't defeat her.

Glennon Doyle Melton

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#97. Each man is master of his own death, and all that we can do when the time comes is to help him die without fear of pain.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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#98. There is no balm of Gilead, No salve, no soothing ointment To stay the pain of one who's had In love a disappointment
Unless it be that healing lotion Of fixing on a new devotion.

Richard Armour

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#99. This must be
what love is:

a pain so radiant
it cuts through all others.

Sara Eliza Johnson

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#100. There is a continuity in our lives - a strain of music that flows through it all, unaltered by death or pain. It is true that in the face of pain and death, we are very small. But in the face of life and memory and love, even death is very small.

Yael Shahar

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