Top 100 Quotes About Light Art

#1. In the Top 40, half the songs are secret messages to the teen world to drop out, turn on, and groove with the chemicals and light shows at discotheques.

Art Linkletter

Quotes About Light Art #736541
#2. Picturesqueness is a lost art. We may expect at anytime to hear that a collar ad is blazing its electric lights atop of the largest pyramid.

Alice Dunbar Nelson

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#3. The relentless persistence of Light eventually exhausts darkness.

David B. Lentz

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#4. The best history is but like the art of Rembrandt; it casts a vivid light on certain selected causes, on those which were best and greatest; it leaves all the rest in shadow and unseen.

Walter Bagehot

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#5. The late afternoon light came in through the curtains and made his face a study in contrasts. Chiaroscuro, she thought. The art of shadows and light.

Cassandra Clare

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#6. Art flies around truth, but with the definite intention of not getting burnt. Its capacity lies in finding in the dark void a place where the beam of light can be intensely caught, without this having been perceptible before.

Franz Kafka

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#7. One of the most beautiful things to do is to paint darkness, which nevertheless has light in it.

Vincent Van Gogh

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#8. What makes photography a strange invention is that its primary raw materials are light and time.

John Berger

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#9. We all admire the spangled acrobat with classic grace meticulously walking his tight rope in the talcum light; but how much rarer art there is in the sagging rope expert wearing scarecrow clothes and impersonating a grotesque drunk! I should know.

Vladimir Nabokov

Quotes About Light Art #782674
#10. Music and art are the guiding lights of the world.

Pablo Picasso

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#11. There is a lightness about the feminine mind
a touch and go
music, the fine arts, that kind of thing
they should study those up to a certain point, women should; but in a light way, you know.

George Eliot

Quotes About Light Art #750561
#12. The temple of art is built of words. Painting and sculpture and music are but the blazon of its windows, borrowing all their significance from the light, and suggestive only of the temple's uses.

J.G. Holland

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#13. Supreme serenity still remains the Ideal of great Art. The shapes and transitory forms of life are but stages toward this Ideal, which Christ's religion illuminates with His divine light.

Franz Liszt

Quotes About Light Art #739925
#14. A painter should begin every canvas with a wash of black, because all things in nature are dark except where exposed by the light.

Leonardo Da Vinci

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#15. You can't really appreciate a work of art until you can understand how difficult it was to create. And that's probably true of any work of art - a rock, a tree, a bird, a fish, a sunrise made of light and air.

Laurence Overmire

Quotes About Light Art #736233
#16. I sense a Threshold: Light to Silence, Silence to Light - an ambiance of inspiration, in which the desire to be, to express, crosses with the possible Light to Silence, Silence to Light crosses in the sanctuary of art.

Louis Kahn

Quotes About Light Art #729613
#17. Foster and polish the warrior spirit while serving in the world; illuminate the path according to your inner light.

Morihei Ueshiba

Quotes About Light Art #714866
#18. Glass is the most magical of all materials. It transmits light in a special way.

Dale Chihuly

Quotes About Light Art #711924
#19. All the arts are brothers; each one is a light to the others.


Quotes About Light Art #706883
#20. We know that all the arts are brothers, that each of them illuminates another, and that a universal light results.


Quotes About Light Art #703594
#21. The taste of Scotch, though Guy didn't much care for it, was pleasant because it reminded him of Anne. She drank Scotch, when she drank. It was like her, golden, full of light, made with careful art.

Patricia Highsmith

Quotes About Light Art #701996
#22. Imagination is a flame that ignites the creative spirit. Imagination lights up your mind by stoking mental fires. It can be stimulated from the outside through the senses, or from the inside through the driving power of curiosity and discontent.

Wilferd Peterson

Quotes About Light Art #694024
#23. We are beings emanating energy of multiple colors and sounds of Light.

Jacqueline Ripstein

Quotes About Light Art #691542
#24. I'm always thinking about creating. My future starts when I wake up in the morning and see the light.

Miles Davis

Quotes About Light Art #691458
#25. It's an art to live with pain ... mix the light into gray.

Eddie Vedder

Quotes About Light Art #683229
#26. What I depend on is a vigorous audience that can discover sweetness and light, beauty and truth, beyond the ability of the artist, on his own, to create them.

Orson Scott Card

Quotes About Light Art #1001708
#27. Day by day thou art making me worthy of the simple, great gifts that thou gavest to me unasked - this sky and the light, this body and the life and the mind - saving me from perils of overmuch desire.

Rabindranath Tagore

Quotes About Light Art #1117005
#28. It is to Titian we must turn our eyes to find excellence with regard to color, and light and shade, in the highest degree. He was both the first and the greatest master of this art. By a few strokes he knew how to mark the general image and character of whatever object he attempted ...

Joshua Reynolds

Quotes About Light Art #1097822
#29. Dreams are what guide us, art is what defines us, math is what makes it all possible, and love is what lights our way.

Mike Norton

Quotes About Light Art #1096194
#30. Heavenly Father, my body cells are made of light, my fleshly cells are made of Thee. They are Spirit, for Thou art Spirit; they are immortal, for Thou art Life.

Paramahansa Yogananda

Quotes About Light Art #1082237
#31. Art is as heavy as sorrow, as light as a breeze, as bright as an idea, as pretty as a picture, as funny as money, and as fugitive as fraud!

Barbara Kruger

Quotes About Light Art #1077371
#32. I'm pretty much looking for beauty all the time. It just seems like some days the light is better to see it.

Melodie Ramone

Quotes About Light Art #1065544
#33. One might not think of light as a matter of fact, but I do. And it is, as I said, as plain and open and direct an art as you will ever find.

Dan Flavin

Quotes About Light Art #1048385
#34. Wherever you are in the world, there's always something about the Australian light. There's something about the sharpness of it, something about the clarity of it, something about the colours of Australia. And hopefully, something optimistic about Australian painting too.

Ken Done

Quotes About Light Art #1045321
#35. A wide-angle view of sails sparkling white against a cobalt sky as light dances, silver on the water. Like art, it soothes the edge, allowing you to see something simple from a different perspective.

Laurie Nadel

Quotes About Light Art #1035047
#36. If you don't have shadows, you're not in the light.

Lady Gaga

Quotes About Light Art #1025841
#37. Art and music shine a light of meaning on ordinary life, and through them we are able to confront the things that trouble us and to find consolation and peace in their presence.

Roger Scruton

Quotes About Light Art #1018154
#38. Among the mysteries of the creative ego is how the transcendence of what artists do is their own response to the darkness of who they are, and the same personal darkness that is at odds with the art is what propels artists to the light of what they create.

Steve Erickson

Quotes About Light Art #1015698
#39. If you do not bother to take the time to compose and to light properly, then you end up with something almost less than reality. You end up without the soul, the heart, the art of the moment.

Vilmos Zsigmond

Quotes About Light Art #679910
#40. But in a still life, there is no end to our looking, which has become allied with the gaze of the painter; we look in and in, to the world of things, in their ambiance of cool or warm light, in and in, as long as we can stand to look, as long as we take pleasure in looking.

Mark Doty

Quotes About Light Art #997212
#41. The attempt to develop a sense of humor and to see things in a humorous light is some kind of a trick learned while mastering the art of living.

Viktor E. Frankl

Quotes About Light Art #954653
#42. Shadow conceals - light reveals. To know what to reveal and what to conceal, and in what degrees to do this, is all there is to art.

Josef Von Sternberg

Quotes About Light Art #952229
#43. Even in art, there is no light without shadows, and no shadows are cast without some light. Even the shadow of Adolf Hitler is accompanied by some light.

Hans Frank

Quotes About Light Art #948620
#44. In the hands of a master, light and shade is one of the great qualities of art.

John French Sloan

Quotes About Light Art #948521
#45. Science is spectral analysis. Art is light synthesis.

Karl Kraus

Quotes About Light Art #936438
#46. I'd love to live nonbiologically and move about at the speed of light and be in communication with a million people at once and create works of art that are grand and sophisticated and very human at the same time so all these types of things.

Barry Ptolemy

Quotes About Light Art #930468
#47. There's been a load of compromising, on the road to my horizon, but I'm gonna be where the lights are shining on me.

Glen Campbell

Quotes About Light Art #915516
#48. I always wanted to get into politics, but I was never light enough to make the team.

Art Buchwald

Quotes About Light Art #909681
#49. When the object is perceived as particular and unique and not merely the member of a family, when it appears independent of any general notion and detached from the sanity of a cause, isolated and inexplicable in the light of ignorance, then and only then may it be a source of enchantment.

Samuel Beckett

Quotes About Light Art #892039
#50. Objects of every sort are materials for the new art: paint, food, chairs, electric and neon lights, smoke, water, old socks, a dog, movies, a thousand other things which will be discovered by the present generation of artists ...

Allan Kaprow

Quotes About Light Art #891624
#51. Remember, light and shadow never stand still.

Benjamin West

Quotes About Light Art #169984
#52. Never run upstairs when someone's chasing you. Don't try to quick-draw a man who already has his gun out. Never light a match in the dark in a strange building. Half of staying safe is just keeping your head and being prudent.

Mark Zero

Quotes About Light Art #273179
#53. He lifted his shirt, and on his back was the White Rabbit, wearing his waistcoat and looking at his watch. It was just like the illustration from the book. Only standing next to him, back-to-back, was another White Rabbit wearing a leather motercycle jacket and boots and smoking a cigar.

Michael Thomas Ford

Quotes About Light Art #268134
#54. Art is not to throw light but to be light...

Kenneth Patchen

Quotes About Light Art #254227
#55. All the masterpieces of art contain both light and shadow. A happy life is not one filled with only sunshine, but one which uses both light and shadow to produce beauty.

Billy Graham

Quotes About Light Art #218169
#56. You can't make an architect. But you can open the doors and windows toward the light as you see it.

Frank Lloyd Wright

Quotes About Light Art #214738
#57. Every second vibrates within our Present moment, our now. In one split second of awareness, we can create a Life full of Light, Joy, and Love.

Jacqueline Ripstein

Quotes About Light Art #206937
#58. Impressionism; it is the birth of Light in painting.

Robert Delaunay

Quotes About Light Art #206006
#59. Art finds a way to be constructive. It becomes heat in cold places; it becomes light in dark places.

Barbra Streisand

Quotes About Light Art #205639
#60. I once saw a small child go to an electric light switch as say, "Mamma, can I open the light?" She was using the age-old language of exploration, the language of art. It was a sort of metaphor, but she was not using it as ornamentation.

Ezra Pound

Quotes About Light Art #195194
#61. The truest art I would strive for in any work would be to give the page the same qualities as earth: weather would land on it harshly; light would elucidate the most difficult truths; wind would sweep away obtuse padding.

Gretel Ehrlich

Quotes About Light Art #184728
#62. First follow Nature, and your judgment frame
By her just standard, which is still the same:
Unerring nature, still divinely bright,
One clear, unchanged, and universal light,
Life, force, and beauty must to all impart,
At once the source, and end, and test of art.

Alexander Pope

Quotes About Light Art #182614
#63. The drama embraces and applies all the beauties and decorations of poetry. The sister arts attend and adorn it. Painting, architecture, and music are her handmaids. The costliest lights of a people's intellect burn at her show. All ages welcome her.

Robert Aris Willmott

Quotes About Light Art #172339
#64. I watched as he raised his hand to run a finger down my nose to my lips, then traced my mouth.

The feather-light touch made me shiver. "What are you doing?"

"I'm drawing you, so that I'll have you in my fingertips while you are gone.

Frances Watts

Quotes About Light Art #326890
#65. There's so much art and it's gotten so flashy. In the global marketplace, having art that's shiny and has neon lights is almost what you need for anyone to notice it in an art fair situation - and art fairs seem to be more and more the only thing there is.

Jim Shaw

Quotes About Light Art #162265
#66. I thought I should make a place to bring light down into this world. All things that become realities start in that place of someone imagining them.

Andy Couturier

Quotes About Light Art #157452
#67. Dive again and again into the river of uncertainty. Create in the dark, only then can you recognize the light.

Jyrki Vainonen

Quotes About Light Art #141423
#68. All good art is seditious, but the people in authority can never recognise it. I think when you mention sedition, artists are the ones whose eyes light up thinking, 'Oh, yes, I want some of that!'

Michael Leunig

Quotes About Light Art #127902
#69. I used to stay up all night playing 'Resident Evil 2,' and it wouldn't stop until the sun came up. Then I'd walk outside at dawn's first light, looking at the empty streets of London, and it was like life imitating art. It felt like I'd stepped into an actual zombie apocalypse.

Edgar Wright

Quotes About Light Art #86155
#70. I love fashion. I love couture. I'm going to erect a shelf in my bedroom with an art light to be the spot for the shoes of the month. I want them to serve another purpose.

Sandra Bullock

Quotes About Light Art #82696
#71. Colors are light's suffering and joy

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Quotes About Light Art #49981
#72. When we speak of the perfection of art, we must recollect what the materials are with which a painter contends with nature. For the light of the sun he has but patent yellow and white lead - for the darkest shade, umber or soot.

John Constable

Quotes About Light Art #48228
#73. Dull late-afternoon light glittered on the hanging copper pots in the kitchen where the old painter sat with his wine, smoking cigarette, a letter angrily crumpled on the table in front of him.

Stephanie Cowell

Quotes About Light Art #33897
#74. The nature of light is a subject of no material importance to the concerns of life or to the practice of the arts, but it is in many other respects extremely interesting.

Thomas Young

Quotes About Light Art #27116
#75. I am deeply spiritual; I revel in those things that make for good - the things that we can do to shed a little light, to help place an oft-dissonant universe back in tune with itself ... Long live art, long live friendship, long live the joy of life!

Jessye Norman

Quotes About Light Art #19568
#76. A lot of festivals can be a jumble of electronic music and rock and roll, and everything's all mixed up - some things are more performance art or light shows or dance parties, and then you'll have a singer-songwriter stuck in the middle to make the changeovers easier.

Jenny O.

Quotes About Light Art #521635
#77. The wonder of imagination is this: It has the power to light its own fire.

John Landis Mason

Quotes About Light Art #674330
#78. The short story is the art form that deals with the individual when there is no longer a society to absorb him, and when he is compelled to exist, as it were, by his own inner light.

Frank O'Connor

Quotes About Light Art #664424
#79. We speak of profane arts; but there are none properly such; every art is holy in itself; it is the son of Eternal Light.

Esaias Tegner

Quotes About Light Art #652254
#80. Enemies of art are the opposite of the Sun; they emit darkness instead of light!

Mehmet Murat Ildan

Quotes About Light Art #650691
#81. His knowledge was not far behind
The knight's, but of another kind,
And he another way came by't ;
Some call it Gifts, and some New Light.
A lib'ral art, that costs no pains
Of study, industry, or brains.

Samuel Butler

Quotes About Light Art #643989
#82. One thing a man must have: either a naturally light disposition or a disposition lightened by art and knowledge.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Quotes About Light Art #638063
#83. The brightest stars don't necessarily give the most light.

Marty Rubin

Quotes About Light Art #621116
#84. It is high time that we realized that it is pointless to praise the light and preach it if nobody can see it. It is much more needful to preach the art of seeing.

Carl Jung

Quotes About Light Art #617389
#85. Through depression and many other dark low emotions, our Light dims and our immune system declines along with it. White blood cells are the physical Light of our body.
Colors can be used to heal, restore and to uplift us.

Jacqueline Ripstein

Quotes About Light Art #562727
#86. I take pleasure in working with the non-art photographs that reside in public archives, essentially authorless and owned by the world itself, because I find the world of fine art photography to be pretty silly and pretentious.

Michael Light

Quotes About Light Art #560217
#87. Artists make art. Singers sing. Players play. Gypsies travel. Music lights fires everywhere. It's like oxygen!

Ann Wilson

Quotes About Light Art #557341
#88. The artist vocation is to send light into the human heart.

George Sand

Quotes About Light Art #524041
#89. Poetry is more than just art, it's like super glue to a broken heart. It can also be a light when your life seems a little dark.

Delano Johnson

Quotes About Light Art #9472
#90. My first memory is of light
the brightness of light
light all around.

Georgia O'Keeffe

Quotes About Light Art #516060
#91. Mother of light! how fairly dost thou go Over those hoary crests, divinely led! Art thou that huntress of the silver bow Fabled of old? Or rather dost thou tread Those cloudy summits thence to gaze below, Like the wild chamois from her Alpine snow, Where hunters never climbed
secure from dread?

Thomas Hood

Quotes About Light Art #506645
#92. Light is impressionism.

Gae Aulenti

Quotes About Light Art #504790
#93. Art is not cozy and it is not mocked. Art tells the only truth that ultimately matters. It is the light by which human things can be mended. And after art there is, let me assure you all, nothing.

Iris Murdoch

Quotes About Light Art #480435
#94. In your light I learn how to love. In your beauty, how to make poems. You dance inside my chest where no-one sees you, but sometimes I do, and that sight becomes this art.

Jalaluddin Rumi

Quotes About Light Art #472819
#95. We consume our art like moths. We gather, momentarily, around wherever the biggest, brightest light seems to be. So these days, the most successful art is the art that can elicit the quickest visceral reaction from the largest group of people.

Michael Gungor

Quotes About Light Art #472463
#96. Much of life becomes background, but it is the province of art to throw buckets of light into the shadows and make life new again.

Diane Ackerman

Quotes About Light Art #440286
#97. Thou art My light and My light shall never be extinguished; why dost thou dread extinction? Thou art My glory and My glory shall fadeth not; thou art My robe and My robe shall never be outworn.


Quotes About Light Art #432723
#98. Who speaks of art speaks of poetry. There is not art without a poetic aim. There is a species of emotion particular to painting. There is an effect that results from a certain arrangement of colors, of lights, of shadows. It is this that one calls the music of painting

Edouard Vuillard

Quotes About Light Art #430388
#99. Friendship is above all the art of allowing the soft light of love to fall upon even our darkest sides." - Anne Lamott

Erica Miles

Quotes About Light Art #369161
#100. Art is a song of the soul that is sung by the light of the heart with the color of emotion and appreciation.

Debasish Mridha

Quotes About Light Art #367300

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