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Top 14 Quotes About Kush

#1. People today think ancient Egypt was ineffably cool. I blame this misconception on hieroglyphics and (to a lesser extent) on the Bangles.

Kevin Hearne

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#2. And if the liberal media and political community cannot accept that sometimes the wrong people get killed in war, then I can only suggest they first grow up and then serve a short stint up in the Hindu Kush.

Marcus Luttrell

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#3. 'The Imitation Game' is a celebration of Alan Turing's life and legacy, and Joan's final monologue is our eulogy. It's the thing we all wished we could have said to him.

Graham Moore

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#4. Business is the most powerful institution on earth today. It is more powerful than politics. Business serves us very well in some ways, but it doesn't serve us as fully as it should; it doesn't serve us fully as people.

Michael Rennie

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#5. The summer night sky over the Hindu Kush, domed by the Milky Way's mage light, was infinitely splendid. Strewn against this craggy luminosity, millions of tiny stars shone, a diamond heist gone awry.

Sherry Thomas

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#6. When God created Republicans, he gave up on everything else.

Frank Zappa

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#7. Get my kush in California, Get my dro from Arizona

Lil' Wayne

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#8. When you act dramatically in that way it often has a consequence that is very negative.

George Woodcock

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#9. I was always the strong one. I had to be. I did what I thought was right, and I always protected those I loved. I

Kassandra Kush

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#10. Nickel for my thoughts, dimes in my bed. Quarters of the kush shape the lines in my head.


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#11. Kush rolled, glass full, I prefer the better things.


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#12. Politics and friendships are like oil and water, you need a really good blender to make them work.

Kush Desai

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#13. When ordinary human beings perform extraordinary acts of generosity, endurance or compassion, we are all made richer by their example. Like the rivers that flow out of the Karakoram and the Hindu Kush, the inspiration they generate washes down to the rest of us. It waters everyone's fields.

Greg Mortenson

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#14. Every legend has one foot on the truth.

Diana Gabaldon

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