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#1. Elend started. "Vin!" Then, he smiled. "What took you so long?"
"I got delayed by an Inquistor and a dark god," she said. "Now hustle.

Brandon Sanderson

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#2. Like it or not, males have a tendency to wander a little bit. What you want to do is make a home so wonderful that he doesn't want to wander.

Pat Robertson

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#3. We'd considered wearing uniform but Lesley said, what with her mask and everything, she'd look like a plastic cop monster from Doctor Who. I managed to restrain myself from telling her their real name.

Ben Aaronovitch

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#4. A clear sunny day can suddenly shift to thunder and lightning, a raging storm can suddenly give way to a bright moonlit night. The weather may be inconstant, but the sky remains the same. The substance of the human mind should also be like this.

Zicheng Hong

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#5. How awfully convenient for you, regardless. And for him. He won't have to worry about you spilling his secrets."
"Yeah," Jace said. "He's terrified I'll tell everyone that he's always wanted to be a ballerina.

Cassandra Clare

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#6. Life is not logic, life is not philosophy. Life is a dance, a song, a celebration! It is more like love and less like logic.


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#7. I was so furious I was actually dizzy with it. There were so many bitchy, sarcastic observations to make, I was having a sarcasm stroke. My God! You people! You're - you're so stupid you're making my eyeballs throb. They're throbbing, dammit!

MaryJanice Davidson

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