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#1. Art imitates life, but science fiction informs us about what form it will take.

Alan Joshua

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#2. Art imitates life. It's definitely helpful to feel that way. You feel that way when you're leading a show and you're on a set.

Emily Rose

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#3. At first, art imitates life. Then life will imitate art.Then life will find its very existence from the arts.

Fyodor Dostoevsky

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#4. The successful publishing house is the one that can guess ahead, not the one that imitates the past.

Helen Jacobs

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#5. Like a groupie incognito posing as a real singer, life imitates art.

Lana Del Rey

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#6. In part, art completes what nature cannot elaborate; and in part it imitates nature.


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#7. The writer of stories or of novels settles on men and imitates them; he exhausts the possibilities of his characters.

Salvatore Quasimodo

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#8. Life imitates art far more than art imitates Life.

Oscar Wilde

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#9. Life doesn't imitate art, it imitates bad television.

Woody Allen

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#10. The artist, even when he imitates nature, always feels himself to be not a slave but a demigod.

Soseki Natsume

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#11. Good painter imitates nature, bad ones spews it up.

Miguel De Cervantes

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#12. If one imitates the upright, one becomes upright. If one imitates the crooked, one becomes crooked.

Christie Watson

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#13. Art sometimes imitates life. When it does, science fiction presages what form that life may take.

Alan Joshua

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#14. The immature poet imitates, the mature poet plagiarizes,

T. S. Eliot

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#15. I feel like life imitates art, or art imitates life. I always take on roles that I'm passionate about.

Tia Mowry

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#16. While reading Kasparov's book How Life Imitates Chess on my Kindle, I idly clicked on "popular highlights" to see what passages other readers had found interesting - and wound up becoming fascinated by a section on chess strategy I'd only lightly skimmed myself.

Clive Thompson

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#17. Whoever imitates a people is one of them.

Abu Dawood

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#18. The imagination imitates. It is the critical spirit that creates.

Oscar Wilde

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#19. One who imitates what is bad always goes beyond his model; while one who imitates what is good always comes up short of it.

Francesco Guicciardini

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#20. Art may imitate life, but life imitates TV.

Ani DiFranco

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#21. Nature imitates herself. A grain thrown into good ground brings forth fruit; a principle thrown into a good mind brings forth fruit. Everything is created and conducted by the same Master-the root, the branch, the fruits-the principles, the consequences.

Blaise Pascal

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#22. do not want you to become lazy, but to imitates those who through faith and patiencet inherit what has been promised.u


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#23. I don't find any direct statements in life. My poetry imitates or reproduces the way knowledge or awareness come to me, which is by fits and starts and by indirection. I don't think poetry arranged in neat patterns would reflect that situation. My poetry is disjunct, but then so is life.

John Ashbery

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#24. Thus poetry, regarded as a vehicle of thought, is especially impressive partly because it obeys all the laws of effective speech, and partly because in so doing it imitates the natural utterances of excitement.

Herbert Spencer

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#25. There is no original or primary gender a drag imitates, but gender is a kind of imitation for which there is no original.

Judith Butler

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#26. The young mind is pliable and imitates, but in more advanced states grows rigid and must be warmed and softened before it will receive a deep impression.

Joshua Reynolds

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#27. A tree gives glory to God by being a tree. For in being what God means it to be it is obeying [God]. It "consents," so to speak, to [God's] creative love. It is expressing an idea which is in God and which is not distinct from the essence of God, and therefore a tree imitates God by being a tree

Thomas Merton

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#28. Not only does art imitate life but life imitates art. Perhaps we not only learn about life from stories, perhaps we make our lives through the stories we tell ourselves about the things that happen to us.

Ramona Koval

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#29. Art imitates Nature in this; not to dare is to dwindle.

John Updike

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#30. The sea thus enchants us like music, which, unlike language, never bears the traces of things, never tells us anything about human beings, but imitates the stirrings of the soul.

Marcel Proust

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#31. Photography can never grow up if it imitates some other medium. It has to walk alone; it has to be itself.

Berenice Abbott

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#32. We are imitating Nature, who is variable; and he who imitates her cannot be blamed.

Michael A. Ledeen

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#33. Nice,' I say, realizing only afterward that I've mimicked her, a bad habit of mine; I'm like one of those animals that imitates its predators to survive.

Melissa Bank

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#34. Art, as far as it is able, follows nature, as a pupil imitates his master; thus your art must be, as it were, God's grandchild.

Dante Alighieri

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#35. The poetry of life, the inner side of nature, rises near the surface to meet the eyes of the man who makes. The advantage gained by the carpenter of Nazareth at his bench is the inheritance of every workman as he imitates his maker in the divine - that is, honest - work.

George MacDonald

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#36. Road racing imitates life, the way it would be without the corruptive influence of civilization. When you see an enemy lying on the ground, what's your first reaction? To help him to his feet. In road racing, you kick him to death

Tim Krabbe

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#37. Nature, so far as in her lies, imitates God.

Alfred Lord Tennyson

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#38. An original writer is not one who imitates nobody, but one whom nobody can imitate.

Francois-Rene De Chateaubriand

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#39. I feel like art imitates life and life imitates art.

Tia Mowry

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#40. Look at airport security now. What started out as definite racial profiling is now where the computer picks a name. That's why you get a seven-month-old getting a pat down. [Imitates a security officer.] "Check the diapers. They're full."

Robin Williams

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#41. Life Imitates Art

Oscar Wilde

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#42. Television is much better crafted today then in the 70s. The content is less positive but I'm one of those that feel our entertainment reflects our world, it's not a driver - art imitates life.

Christopher Knight

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#43. Naturalistic art, as we know it, is an art which imitates the appearance of things, not as they are in reality, but as they appear at one moment from the point of view of a single spectator. This is the effect of perspective. Nothing of this sort existed in prehistory.

Sigfried Giedion

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#44. The magnetic force is animate, or imitates a soul; in many respects it surpasses the human soul while it is united to an organic body.

William Gilbert

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#45. Any spirit that permits compromise with the world is a false spirit. Any religious movement that imitates the world in any of its manifestations is false to the cross of Christ and on the side of the devil.

Aiden Wilson Tozer

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#46. Habit, if wisely and skillfully formed, becomes truly a second nature; but unskillfully and unmethodically depicted, it will be as it were an ape of nature, which imitates nothing to the life, but only clumsily and awkwardly

Francis Bacon

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#47. Talent imitates, but genius steals.

T. S. Eliot

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#48. In their perverted way all humanity imitates you. Yet they put themselves at a distance from you and exalt themselves against you. But even by thus imitating you they acknowledge that you are the creator of all nature and so concede that there is no palace where one can entirely escape from you.

Augustine Of Hippo

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#49. I used to be a huge fan. "The Simpsons" taught me a lot about filmmaking. It imitates film, but it's drawn, so everything is super clear

Dagur Kari

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#50. Music imitates (represents) the passions or states of the soul, such as gentleness, anger, courage, temperance, and their opposites.


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#51. Far from being a paradox, this invitation is more reasonable than that of our modern gurus, who ask their disciples to imitate them as the great man or woman who imitates no one. Jesus, by contrast, invites us to do what he himself does, to become like him a perfect imitator of God the Father.

Rene Girard

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#52. Perhaps the least cheering statement ever made on the subject of art is that life imitates it.

Fran Lebowitz

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#53. Wickedness arrays itself in fair garments, and imitates the language of holiness; but the precepts of Jesus, like His famous scourge of small cords, chase it out of the temple, and will not tolerate it in the Church.

Charles Haddon Spurgeon

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#54. Art imitates nature not in its effects as such, but in its causes, in its 'manner,' in its process, which are nothing but a participation in and a derivation of actual objects, of the Art of God himself.

Paul Claudel

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#55. In one particular chapter in Ulysses, James Joyce imitates every major writing style that's been used by English and American writers over the last 700 years - starting with Beowulf and Chaucer and working his way up through the Renaissance, the Victorian era and on into the 20th century.

Frederick Lenz

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#56. Life imitates art, but clumsily, copying its movements when it thinks it isn't looking.

Neil Gaiman

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#57. We may state the question thus: - Imitation imitates the actions of men, whether voluntary or involuntary, on which, as they imagine, a good or bad result has ensued, and they rejoice or sorrow accordingly. Is there anything more? No, there is nothing else. But


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#58. Art imitates life and, sometimes, life imitates art. It's a weird combination of elements.

Bruce Willis

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#59. No form of art repeats or imitates successfully all that can be said by another; the writer conveys his experience of life along a channel of communication closed to painter, mathematician, musician, film-maker.

Storm Jameson

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#60. The immature artist imitates. The mature artist steals.

Lionel Trilling

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#61. At the beginning of all growth, everything imitates.

Pramoedya Ananta Toer

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#62. Life imitates art but art intimidates life.

Dana Gould

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#63. He who imitates what is evil always goes beyond the example that is set; on the contrary, he who imitates what is good always falls short.

Francesco Guicciardini

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#64. Commodified fantasy takes no risks: it invents nothing, but imitates and trivializes. It proceeds by depriving the old stories of their intellectual and ethical complexity, turning their action into violence, their actors to dolls, and their truth-telling to sentimental platitude.

Karen Haber

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#65. Life imitates art
but badly.

Edward Abbey

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#66. The immature artist imitates. Mature artists steal.

Lionel Trilling

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#67. Art not only imitates nature, but also completes its deficiencies.


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#68. Mercy imitates God and disappoints Satan.

Saint John Chrysostom

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#69. Honour's a sacred tie, the law of kings,
The noble mind's distinguishing perfection
That aids and strengthens virtue where it meets her
And imitates her actions where she is not:
It is not to be sported with.

Joseph Addison

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#70. Art imitates life. Life imitates high school.

Brad Holland

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#71. The Ruffed Pandanga of Borneo and Rotherham spreads out his feathers in his courtship dance and imitates Winston Churchill and Tommy Cooper on one leg. The padanga is dying out because the female padanga doesn't take it too seriously.

Mike Harding

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#72. Life imitates art and art imitates life until both imitate imitation - Reality TV.

Brian Spellman

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#73. There are three arts which are concerned with all things: one which uses, another which makes, and a third which imitates them.


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#74. Here, precisely here, man imitates God: God granted Himself the work of creation, as the highest delight, and He demands that man, too, be a creator of prosperity and the harmonious course of things. And this they call dull!

Nikolai Gogol

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#75. "Art Imitates life," of course, is that phrase by Oscar Wilde. I called that song "Art Imitates Life" because Oh No was in the studio and he actually came up with that hook. When I was trying to figure out a name for the record, it just kind of made sense.

Talib Kweli

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#76. The parrot's so funny. He imitates me and I don't even realize he's doing it. I'm walking around the house talking to myself and whistling and the next day he's said something I've said ... it's scary you know?

Mick Ralphs

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#77. Grace imitates modesty, as politeness imitates kindness.

Joseph Joubert

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#78. I'm an actor, and I keep observing people and their reactions to figure out what they are thinking. There's only so much you can do on your own, so you have to keep learning. Art imitates life.

Preity Zinta

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#79. For the Chinese, the Greeks, the Mayans, or the Egyptians, nature was a living totality, a creative being. For this reason, art, according to Aristotle, is imitation; the poet imitates the creative gesture of nature.

Octavio Paz

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#80. The theater has been called the pulse of the people.

Abigail Adams

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