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#1. But Sophie and Howl were holding one another's hand and smiling and smiling, quite unable to stop. "Don't bother me know," said Howl. "I only did it for the money." "Liar!"said Sophie. "I said," Michael said, "that Calcifer's come back!" That did get Howl's attention and Sophie's too. - Author: Diana Wynne Jones
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#2. Rosie squeezed my hand very tightly, as though to earn some hand-holding credits, - Author: Graeme Simsion
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#3. I'm standing here, holding a half a lemon in my hand. I'm speechless, I'm excited ... I'm a wreck. Caleb wants to be where I am. - Author: Simone Elkeles
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#4. That's not to say we were totally innocent of any public displays of affection; there was some hand-holding and the occasional hurried good-bye kiss on even days, when we had different sixth periods. - Author: Robyn Schneider
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#5. George put his hand on top of Beatrice's and felt the warmth of both the woman and her hound pulsing through his fingers. "Just because your father does not see your victory does not mean that it is none," he said softly. - Author: Mette Ivie Harrison
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#6. I remembered back to leo's burial and holding your hand. I was eleven and you were six, your hand soft and small in mine. As the vicar said 'in sure and certain hope of the resurrection of eternal life' you turned to me, 'I don't want sure and certain hope I want sure and certain Bee. - Author: Rosamund Lupton
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#7. Real disciples absorb the fiery darts of the adversary by holding aloft the quenching shield of faith with one hand, while holding to the iron rod with the other (see Eph. 6:16; 1 Ne. 15:24; D&C 27:17). There should be no mistaking; it will take both hands! - Author: Neal A. Maxwell
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#8. I am attached to my Blackberry. Sometimes, when I'm holding it, my other hand goes to my pocket automatically in search of it. - Author: Rachel Sklar
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#9. Remember...Holding someone's hand isn't the only choice...Sometimes you have to let go. - Author: Yusei Matsui
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#10. Whoever you are holding me now in hand,
Without one thing all will be useless,
I give you fair warning before you attempt me further,
I am not what you supposed, but far different."
-from "Whoever You Are Holding Me Now in Hand - Author: Walt Whitman
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#11. I pressed my hand against her hair, holding her to me, filled with the certainty that she was going to hurt me again and that I didn't have the strength to push her away before she did. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
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#12. I've always let my imagination run free, but now I try to rein it in. Things never turn out the way I imagine, so I am letting them rest. Instead, I am holding just what is in my hand. - Author: Anna White
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#13. He smiled sadly, then placed his hand around mine so we were holding the book together. "I believe that - with everything I have," he said, holding my gaze. He kissed the edge of the book because he could not kiss me. - Author: Rachel Hartman
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#14. He gently takes the lead, and I trail behind him up the narrow spiral stairway at the back of the kitchen. His hand is warm, and holding it feels like the easiest thing in the world. Too easy. I'm going to get myself in trouble. - Author: Lisa Daily
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#15. Have you not noticed that love is silence? It may be while holding the hand of another, or looking lovingly at a child, or taking in the beauty of an evening. Love has no past or future, and so it is with this extraordinary state of silence. - Author: Jiddu Krishnamurti
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#16. If I go crazy will you still call me superman? If i'm alive and well will you be there holding my hand? - Author: 3 Doors Down
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#17. Hey, give me my gun, would you?" Zane asked as he shifted, only to wince as the skin pulled.
"Why, you planning on shooting me in the ass when I turn around?" Ty asked sarcastically as he reached for the holster.
"Tempting, but you'd probably get off on it," Zane said, holding out his hand. - Author: Abigail Roux
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#18. Ivy gave the woman's hand a firm squeeze before letting it go. "What do you need?" she asked. "We're holding up." That, too, sounded like a rote reply, recited over and over again in hopes that it might somehow become the truth. - Author: Jennifer Lynn Barnes
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#19. I am remembering the soldier who are coming to my village and I am holding my machete closer. I am liking how it is feeling in my hand, like it is almost part of my body. - Author: Uzodinma Iweala
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#20. It's like I'm trying to keep the bad away with one hand while holding on to the good with the other, and it just doesn't work. It's stupid. I need both hands. So I guess I just have to spread out my arms and accept the bad with the good. - Author: Andrea Lochen
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#21. She falls asleep this time holding my hand, Eric's diamond ring cutting into my palm like the wounds of Passion from the Crucifixion. I would do that for her, I realize. Die. Be reborn. - Author: Jodi Picoult
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#22. The instructor stared at me with cold, cut-me-no-slack determination, then got into a fighting stance, holding one hand out, beckoning me.
"I saw that movie too!"I said."It was like the coolest movie of all-"
He launched himself at me.
That was when his day really went downhill. - Author: James Patterson
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#23. You deserve every star in the galaxy laid out at your feet and a thousand diamonds in your hair. You deserve someone who'll run with you as far and as fast as you want to. Holding your hand, not holding you back. - Author: Jay Kristoff
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#24. Life is not a matter of holding good cards, but of playing a poor hand well. - Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
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#25. It's like waking up and finding there's a war on. Nothing's the way it used to be and it's difficult to get your balance. That's why I held Billy's hand. - Author: Glenda Millard
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#26. Carmyn drops her glass from her lips first and bites into the slice of lime she's holding in her other hand. Her lips wrap around the flesh of the fruit, and my dick flexes in earnest. I've watched women suck on me and not look nearly that seductive. - Author: Angeline Kace
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#27. Holding occasion by the hand, Not over nice 'twixt weed and flower, Waiving what none can understand, I make mine hour. - Author: John Vance Cheney
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#28. She had five tapes from him now - which meant, if her batteries lasted, she had four hundred and fifty minutes to spend with Park in her head, holding his hand. - Author: Rainbow Rowell
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#29. I thought I heard
Gansey broke off. His eyes dropped to where Adam held Blue's hand. Again his face was somewhat puzzled by the fact of their hand-holding. Adam's grip tightened, although she didn't think he meant for it to. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
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#30. A good woman's love can change even the angriest of men," he said with an easy grin. "And I had my brothers. I grew tired of holding all that rage. It was exhausting. Love, on the other hand, can give you strength when you think you have no more, and hope when there is none. - Author: Donna Grant
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#31. A common misconception about strong women is that we don't need the hand-holding, the flowers, and the nice gestures, and what I've found to be true is that it's the strong women who want it the most. - Author: Nicole Curtis
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#32. You all want to know what is my dream? Very simple. To walk along the beach, holding the hand of my lover. - Author: Michelle Bachelet
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#33. I want to be in the eye of the storm, holding your hand, and if you get sucked into it, I want to go with you. - Author: R.L. Griffin
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#34. I want to change the world with you at my side, holding your hand. I love you, Sarah, and whatever happens, I promise there won't be a day that I don't love you with all that I am. - Author: Emma Chase
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#35. Over two hundred years," Jeanne said, finishing his sentence as she shoveled a mountain of scrambled eggs onto Ambrose's plate. Her gave her a ravishing smile, and said "Marry me, Jeanne" leaning over to kiss the hand holding the serving spoon. "In your dreams," she laughed... - Author: Amy Plum
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#36. Evie: "Can we not talk?"
Jack: "But you're such a charming conversationalist. Still, if you'd prefer to simply bask in the glory of my company, I understand. You're probably overwhelmed by holding my hand and want to enjoy the moment. - Author: Kiersten White
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#37. I've been trying not to be a big baby by insisting on holding his hand in front of the angels, but the urge is strong. I don't want to embarrass him even when he's unconscious. But now that the others are gone, I sit beside him and hold his hand. It's warm, and I pull it to my chest to warm me up. - Author: Susan Ee
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#38. Sit with me, and I'll not be alone.
Hold my hand, and I'll not feel alone.
Cry with me, and I'll no longer suffer alone. - Author: Richelle E. Goodrich
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#39. I am standing on one side of the chasm, holding out my hand to you, yet you refuse to reach for me. - Author: Evangeline Anderson
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#40. A do-over," he softly replied, rocking them back and forth. He nibbled on her lip, his free hand gripping her waist. "This is where we argued yesterday. I want a do-over so when you think of this road, this is what you'll remember. Me holding you ... you staring into my eyes ... and us kissing. - Author: Gail McHugh
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#41. You stop fearing the Devil when you're holding his hand ... - Author: April Genevieve Tucholke
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#42. Her hand gripped his, and even amid the fear and danger he marveled at the feeling that came with the contact. If we die holding hands in this way, will we enter the next dream together? - Author: Jack Campbell
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#43. Taped on the wall was a hand-drawn picture- a stick figure with a bow on the head holding a litterbag. - Author: Suzanne Crowley
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#44. Who should I send for now?"
Using the last of his strength, Sebastian managed to drag her hand up to his mouth. "You," he whispered, holding her fingers to his lips. "Just you. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
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#45. He knows that having put his hand to the plow he must not look back, because when we are looking back, we are also holding back. - Author: Neal A. Maxwell
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#46. Ah, hand holding mine, if I hadn't needed so much of myself to shape my life, I would already have had life! - Author: Clarice Lispector
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#47. Lincoln prevailed: wearing his green shawl in the White House and gripped with melancholy, his feet constantly cold, he preserved a nation that had begun to unravel, often holding it together with nothing more than the flat of his hand and his unfaltering sense of human worth. - Author: Jerome Charyn
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#48. Look how fantastic this ring looks on my hand while it's holding your cook."
"Jesus Christ, woman. - Author: Alice Clayton
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#49. It was the first time either of them had ever held another's hand, and for them alone, the immensity of what unfolded that night was overshadowed by the perfect wonderment of fingers intertwined - as though this was what hands had always been for, and not for holding weapons at all. - Author: Laini Taylor
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#50. She greeted him with a smile, holding her hand out for him to kiss (...) Nevertheless he went to one knee and pressed his lips against her knuckles. Her flesh was warmer than he'd expected and he angered himself for enjoying the sensation. - Author: Anthony Ryan
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#51. Man to God: "I've let you down so many times."

God to man: "You weren't holding me up. I uphold you with My righteous right hand. That's how it works in this relationship. I - hold - you - up. - Author: The Skit Guys
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#52. But she has gathered that Americans, in spite of their public declarations of affection, in spite of their miniskirts and bikinis, in spite of their hand-holding on the street and lying on top of each other on the Cambridge Common, prefer their privacy. - Author: Jhumpa Lahiri
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#53. He slept under the sky, holding her hand, filling the gaps between her fingers and losing himself inside the soul in the course of counting the stars, she was hiding inside her eyes. - Author: Akshay Vasu
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#54. I decapitated with my blessed right hand the head of American Jew, Daniel Pearl, in the city of Karachi, Pakistan. For those who would like to confirm, there are pictures of me on the Internet holding his head. - Author: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed
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#55. His hand lay across my stomach as he slept soundly. I entwined my fingers with his and breathed through the warmth that seeped through my chest. Such a simple, sweet thing to do, yet holding hands in bed was incredibly intimate. - Author: N.R. Walker
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#56. I could conquer the world with just one hand as long as you were holding the other. - Author: Kira Johns
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#57. Dusk shrouds the long and useless day.
Even the hope it denied us crumbles
To nothing ... Life is a drunken beggar
Holding out his hand to his own shadow. - Author: Fernando Pessoa
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#58. Someone once told me that when you give birth to a daughter, you've just met the person whose hand you'll be holding the day you die. - Author: Jodi Picoult
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#59. That's the premise of the Saudi Arabians. He's holding the president's hand with one. In the other hand, he's got his hand in the pocket of American consumers. - Author: Ed Markey
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#60. I decry the injustice of my wounds, only to look down and see that I am holding a smoking gun in one hand and a fistful of ammunition in the other. - Author: Craig D. Lounsbrough
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#61. I do a little bit of hand-holding on the big cases. You know, like health care, I'll call over and say, "Don't worry. We've got it under control. We have the best people working on it. We're on schedule. Stay calm." So, those kinds of things. - Author: Donald Verrilli Jr.
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#62. I'm not sure what I ever did without you," he said, holding me up with one hand and unbuckling his belt with the other, "but I don't ever want to find out. You're everything I've ever wanted, Pigeon. - Author: Jamie McGuire
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#63. Life is not always a matter of holding good cards, but sometimes, playing a poor hand well. - Author: Jack London
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#64. Even in a million different pieces, Eleanor could still feel Park holding her hand. - Author: Rainbow Rowell
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#65. What sort of work do you do?"
Lifting her skirts with one hand, still holding the owl in the other, she started for the cottage. "Quickening. Citizens of this spacetime call it clockwork magic."
--- - Author: Sharon Lynn Fisher
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#66. Kenzie approached sheepishly, one half of the broken rattan in her hand. "Sorry," she said, holding up the ruined weapon with a helpless gesture. "It ... uh ... died a noble death. I can only hope it gave that thing a wicked tongue splinter. - Author: Julie Kagawa
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#67. On the small scale, 'Ico,' I think, actually delivered a small new thing: holding a character's hand and really feeling like your job is to rescue this person, and establishing a personal connection. - Author: Warren Spector
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#68. Can't bring back time. Like holding water in your hand. - Author: James Joyce
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#69. Spacewalking trumps everything. Viscerally, it is a phenomenal place to be; to be able to glance right and see the world, glance left and see the universe, and realise for a moment that you're holding on to your known existence with one hand. That's the thing. - Author: Chris Hadfield
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#70. Holding someone's hand was always my idea of joy. - Author: Clarice Lispector
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#71. Danny, give me the phone." Isobel thrust her hand out for the receiver. "And you can forget the five bucks."
"I was gonna charge you three-fifty anyway," he said, holding the phone just out of reach. "He knew he hadn't dialed the wrong number, so I had to tell him you were on the crapper. - Author: Kelly Creagh
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#72. I can absolutely assure you that birth is nothing like holding an ice cube in your hand for a minute and breathing through the "pain. - Author: Cassi Clark
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#73. Did the Almighty, holding in his right hand truth, and in his left hand search after truth, deign to proffer me the one I might prefer, in all humility, but without hesitation, I should request search after truth. - Author: Gotthold Ephraim Lessing
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#74. Will you accompany me in this dance?" he said, bowing and holding out his hand.
"No, thank you." Miri smiled.
The prince frowned and looked and the chief delegate as if for assistance.
Miri laughed self consciously. "I, uh, I was teasing. - Author: Shannon Hale
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#75. If your rod weighs six ounces, your reel nine, and your line another ounce or two, it means that you are holding a pound of weight in your casting hand - much of the time at arm's length - all the time you fish. Try carrying a pound of butter around that way for four or five hours. - Author: Ted Trueblood
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#76. Lucas Delos," he said, holding out his hand.
"Don't you hate this kid?" Jerry asked Helen candidly as he shook the offered hand. - Author: Josephine Angelini
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#77. The Librarian was not familiar with love, which had always struck him as a bit ethereal and soppy, but kindness, on the other hand, was practical. You knew where you were with kindness, especially if you were holding a pie it had just given you. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#78. He bowed, still holding her hand, and then, without a word, released it, and marched out, very dignified. It was another fine tragic effect, but Cleone, when the door closed behind him, broke into an hysterical laugh. She was rather amazed, and a little apprehensive. - Author: Georgette Heyer
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#79. It felt as though I had been holding on to Sally all these years, by the tips of my fingers. Just holding on. She was like a moth, fragile and fleeting. One rough breath, one lurch , one tiny movement of your hand and she'd fly away from you. - Author: Belinda Jeffrey
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#80. Managing is like holding a dove in your hand. Squeeze too hard and you kill it, not hard enough and it flies away. - Author: Tommy Lasorda
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#81. There was a general sense that if you were going to get close enough to a CBS executive to tweak his nose, you'd only have one hand free because you were holding your own. - Author: Howard Hesseman
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#82. Look ... at ... me ... he whispered. The green eyes found the black, but after a second, something in the depths of the dark pair seemed to vanish, leaving them fixed, blank, and empty. The hand holding Harry thudded to the floor, and Snape moved no more. - Author: J.K. Rowling
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#83. I don't want romance and stolen kisses and sweetness and hand holding. I want something so big it's like two planets colliding, with an aftershock that I feel for the rest of my life. - Author: Kirsty Eagar
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#84. When you meet the girl who'll be sitting on the front porch holding your hand when you're eighty, you don't let a thing like cool dismissive looks, big brothers, or fucking rules stand in your way. - Author: Jen Frederick
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#85. Why did I become a writer? Because I grew up in New York City, and there were seven newspapers in New York City, and my family was an inveterate reader of newspapers and I loved holding a paper in my hand. It was something sacred. - Author: H. G. Bissinger
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#86. The continually moving mind is philosophically symbolized by the avatar Fudo Myo-o, the Wisdom King, often depicted holding a sword in one hand for cutting through ignorance, and a rope in the other for tying up passions. - Author: Yagyu Munenori
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#87. If i fall your catching me" Piper said as she grabbed Jasons arm
"Uh ... sure" Jason hoped he wasn't blushing
Leo stepped out next "Your catching me too superman, but i ain't holding your hand"
- The Lost Hero, Aeolus place - Author: Rick Riordan
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#88. A balanced dieT to make you die with a tea, consists of holding two bags of cookies on each hand and a voracious hunger to consume. - Author: Ana Claudia Antunes
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#89. Remember guls," preached Mrs. Gulbenk, always holding the most perfect red tomato in her hand for all of us to admire, "you can fry 'em, bake 'em, stew 'em, and congeal 'em. A good wife and mutha will always have a tomata on hand.: - Author: Susan Gregg Gilmore
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#90. Abby opened the box, and looked up at me, tears in her eyes. "You always know just what to get. It's perfect," she said, her graceful fingers touching the three birthstones of our children. She slipped it on her right ring finger, holding out her hand to admire her new bauble. - Author: Jamie McGuire
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#91. I believe in the Yves Saint Laurent woman who either has her hands in the pockets of her pantsuit or is holding her lover's hand. She doesn't need a bag. - Author: Carine Roitfeld
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#92. Curse false-hand-holding boys! - Author: Lauren Myracle
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#93. I think you'd melt like sugar on my tongue. What do you think?" She laughed a little, holding on to my shoulders. "I think I'm melting now." "I think you are. I think you're going to melt all over my fucking hand and I'll lick it off after. Are you loud, little Plum? When you come are you wild? - Author: Christina Lauren
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#94. Vomiting isn't bad either, take note. It is, in certain more obvious respects, a show of force. I have always liked this story 'A man holding with one hand to a one-way sign is vomiting into the gutter, another man goes past near him and tells him: "If you only knew how much I agree with you. - Author: Jean Fremon
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#95. Life would never be perfect or hold no trials, but He who loved us in our darkest hour would see us through while holding us in the palm of His hand - completely safe and secure - only asking the that we trust and obey. - Author: Shauna Williams
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#96. Many books open with an author's assurance of order. One slipped into their waters with a silent paddle ... But novels commenced with hesitation or chaos. Readers were never fully in balance. A door a lock a weir opened and they rushed through, one hand holding a gunnel, the other a hat. - Author: Michael Ondaatje
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#97. He took my hands, holding them between us. "Please, just do this for me. Don't ask questions." he turned my hand over and kissed my palms. "Don't ask to be hurt. Don't fight. Just love me." His voice was soft enough to turn stone to putty, and all desire to defy him left me. - Author: C.D. Reiss
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#98. Actually, science has determined that a flipped coin is not strictly a fifty-fifty proposition," said Ajay. "Surprisingly, the coin will return to whichever side you're holding faceup in your hand before it is flipped, exactly fifty-one percent of the time. - Author: Mark Frost
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#99. How pleasant it is to spend an evening in this way! I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading!"
"Spoken like one who has never known the ecstasy of holding a still-beating heart in her hand. - Author: Seth Grahame-Smith
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#100. Mr. Beck, I'm Detective Reynolds," she said, holding out her hand. Sebastian eyed it warily. " You going to actually break my finger this time?" he asked, narrowing his eyes at her. She rolled her eyes at him. " Not if I don't have to. - Author: Andria Large
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