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#1. I do believe as human beings we are a great mass of contradictions. - Author: Ciaran Hinds
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#2. To deny that human beings are filled with anti-social passions betrays a denial of reality and a lack of self-awareness. One has to be taught nonsense for a great many formative years to believe it. - Author: Dennis Prager
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#3. Human beings have their great chance in the novel. - Author: E. M. Forster
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#4. All beings are encompassed within one all-encompassing great energy: So I understood from the coolness of this morning's passing breeze. - Author: Wumen Huikai
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#5. Human beings do not know their place and purpose. They have fallen from their true place, and lost their true purpose. They search everywhere for their place and purpose, with great anxiety. But they cannot find them because they are surrounded by darkness. - Author: Blaise Pascal
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#6. We must love all human beings, giving even our last drop of blood for all our siblings of this great human family. - Author: Samael Aun Weor
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#7. A great deal of energy is lost in the study by people who interact with non-physical beings. They get into your mind and your body by approaching you in the dream plane, promising you powers, playing on your desires. They sap your life force. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#8. We are all great beings ... I think people have lost the sense of that. - Author: Pat Barry
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#9. God bestows great gifts on human beings with perfect justice, but not All gifts we are given come from God. Some gifts come from society or culture, and it is here that problems develop. - Author: John Mark Reynolds
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#10. There is in certain living souls a quality of loneliness unspeakable, so great it must be shared as company is shared by lesser beings. Such a loneliness is mine; so know by this that in immensity there is one lonelier than you. - Author: Theodore Sturgeon
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#11. We human beings are tuned such that we crave great melody and great lyrics. And if somebody writes a great song, it's timeless that we as humans are going to feel something for that and there's going to be a real appreciation. - Author: Art Garfunkel
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#12. Everyone else on the planet, from the lowest amoebae to the great blue whale, expresses all their component elements in a perfect dance with the world around them. Only human beings have unfulfilled lives. - Author: Nicholas Lore
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#13. The great mass of human beings are not acutely selfish. After the age of about thirty they abandon individual ambition - in many cases, indeed, they almost abandon the sense of being individuals at all - and live chiefly for others, or are simply smothered under drudgery. - Author: George Orwell
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#14. Treat each other like human beings? But the other great apes have no class hierarchy. - Author: Bauvard
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#15. It is not a bad thing to desire our own good. In fact, the great problem of human beings is that they are far too easily pleased. They don't seek pleasure with nearly the resolve and passion that they should. And so they settle for mud pies of appetite instead of infinite delight. - Author: John Piper
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#16. Part of the great wonder of reading is that it has the ability to make human beings feel more connected to one another, which is a great good, if not from a pedagogical point of view, at least from a psychological one. - Author: Anna Quindlen
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#17. Yet by such worthless beings is a great nation to be governed and even made to deify their old king because he is only a fool and a maniac, and to forgive and forget his having lost to them a great and flourishing empire. - Author: Thomas Jefferson
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#18. Great writers are indecent people they live unfairly saving the best part for paper. good human beings save the world so that bastards like me can keep creating art, become immortal. if you read this after I am dead it means I made it. - Author: Charles Bukowski
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#19. It is a great pity that human beings cannot find all of their satisfaction in scientific contemplativeness. - Author: Niels Bohr
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#20. What role do we have as human beings who perceive, make decisions, laugh, and cry, in this great fresco of the world as depicted by contemporary physics? - Author: Carlo Rovelli
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#21. Human beings, each one, right through the world, go through great agonies, the more sensitive, the more alert, the more observant, the greater the suffering, the anxiety, the extraordinary sense of insoluble problems. - Author: Jiddu Krishnamurti
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#22. I and the Great Earth and all sentient beings simultaneously attain enlightenment. - Author: Stephan Schuhmacher
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#23. The ambition of most beings is just to stay alive, overeat, spend too much, and avoid hard work. I'm happy that I can achieve much more than that ... and we all die sooner or later. A death in service of a great ideal is a fine thing. - Author: Karen Traviss
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#24. Feelings, too, are facts. Emotion is a fact. Human experience is a fact. It is often possible to gain more real insight into human beings and their motivation by reading great fiction than by personal acquaintance. - Author: Eleanor Roosevelt
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#25. I want them to come away with discovering the music inside them. And not thinking about themselves as jazz musicians, but thinking about themselves as good human beings, striving to be a great person and maybe they'll become a great musician. - Author: Charlie Haden
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#26. All human beings have a great agency for being part of a team. - Author: Jim Harbaugh
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#27. But shitty human beings sometimes make great art. - Author: Jerry Heller
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#28. One thing alone I charge you. As you live, believe in life! Always human beings will live and progress to greater, broader and fuller life. The only possible death is to lose belief in this truth simply because the great end comes slowly, because time is long. - Author: W.E.B. Du Bois
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#29. Breath is life, and the intermingling of breaths is the purpose of good living. This is in essence the great principle on which all productive living must rest, for relationships among all the beings of the universe must be fulfilled; in this way each individual life may also be fulfilled. - Author: Paula Gunn Allen
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#30. Tralfamadorians don't see human beings as two-legged creatures, either. They see them as great millepedes - with babies' legs at one end and old people's legs at the other, - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
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#31. There are some great human beings out there. That's all I can say. - Author: Natalie Cole
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#32. The soil needs the seed and the seed needs the soil. The one only has meaning with the other. It is the same thing with human beings. When male knowledge joins with female transformation, then the great magical union is created, and its name is wisdom. Wisdom means both to know and to transform. - Author: Paulo Coelho
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#33. All great artists know that part of their task is to light up the distance between two human beings. - Author: Nadeem Aslam
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#34. It is a great mystery that though the human heart longs for Truth, in which alone it finds liberation and delight, the first reaction of human beings to Truth is one of hostility and fear! - Author: Anthony De Mello
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#35. Sociability belongs to the most dangerous, even destructive inclinations, since it brings us into contact with beings the great majority of whom are morally bad and intellectually dull or perverted. - Author: Arthur Schopenhauer
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#36. There are things so deep and complex that only intuition can reach it in our stage of development as human beings. And to Poe ... well, a great logician could be an enemy to him, what he called conventional world reason. - Author: John Astin
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#37. With women, you always have to make an educated decision to figure out what they're thinking. It's not one that's necessarily sympathetic, always. Of course, we're all human beings, but the gender thing is big thing. And a great thing. - Author: Will Oldham
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#38. Family likeness has often a deep sadness in it. Nature, that great tragic dramatist, knits us together by bone and muscle, and divides us by the subtler web of our brains; blends yearning and repulsion; and ties us by our heart-strings to the beings that jar us at every movement. - Author: George Eliot
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#39. Captain Dan Miller about space: It is full & silent...It is like a woman with a secret. I felt as if I were seeing something of myself...I felt as if I were somehow connected to these great beings. - Author: Lynne Branard
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#40. Everyone is an artist. Everyone is creative in their own way and that that creativity is a great thing. It's a human thing and it needs to be nurtured and it can help us go down life's path and help us to become deeper, richer, more satisfied human beings. - Author: Rainn Wilson
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#41. Surely, life is not merely a job, an occupation; life is something extraordinarily wide and profound, it is a great mystery, a vast realm in which we function as human beings. - Author: Jiddu Krishnamurti
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#42. Even when you write it, someone's got to play it. So if you can play it and bypass all the rest of the things, you're still doing as great as someone that has spent forty years trying to find out how to do that. I'm really pro-human beings, pro-expression of everything. - Author: Ornette Coleman
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#43. Unceasing change turns the wheel of life, and so reality is shown in all it's many forms. Dwell peacefully as change itself liberates all suffering sentient beings and brings them great joy. - Author: Amartya Sen
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#44. Justice, sir, is the great interest of man on earth. It is the ligament which holds civilized beings and civilized nations together. - Author: Daniel Webster
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#45. Enlightenment gives profound joy of the heart and a great love for the fellow beings. - Author: Amit Ray
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#46. The biggest straitjacket is all the prejudices that we carry around, and all the fears. But what if we just surrender to the fear? There are things greater than fear. The great, wonderful quality of human beings is that we can overcome even absolute terror, and we do. - Author: Isabel Allende
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#47. Mankind must work continually to produce individual great human beings - this and nothing else is the task ... for the question is this : How can your life, the individual life, retain the highest value, the deepest significance? Only by living for the good of the rarest and most valuable specimens. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#48. To be a great artist, you need to know yourself as best as you possibly can. I live my life and delve into my own psyche. It's more about exploring how I feel rather than making pale imitations of something that came before. We are unique beings, and the way we look at things is our own. - Author: Bat For Lashes
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#49. San Francisco is one of the great cultural plateaus of the world - one of the really urbane communities in the United States - one of the truly cosmopolitan places and for many, many years, it always has had a warm welcome for human beings from all over the world - Author: Duke Ellington
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#50. Dance training can't be separate from life training. Everything that comes into our lives is training. The qualities we admire in great dancing are the same qualities we admire in human beings: honesty, courage, fearlessness, generosity, wisdom, depth, compassion,and humanity. - Author: Alonzo King
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#51. In all the great religious systems, there are divine beings who represent the feminine face of the divine. - Author: Marianne Williamson
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#52. Simply see that you are at the center of the universe, and accept all things and beings as parts of your infinite body. When you perceive that an act done to another is done to yourself, you have understood the great truth. - Author: Laozi
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#53. I like to work on New Year's Eve. It has a nice spirit; a nice feel about it. If you are all about the 'year-end' thing at all, then laughing with fellow human beings is a great way to start the new year. - Author: Paula Poundstone
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#54. When we read stories of heroes, we identify with them. We take the journey with them. We see how the obstacles almost overcome them. We see how they grow as human beings or gain qualities or show great qualities of strength and courage and with them, we grow in some small way. - Author: Sam Raimi
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#55. Socrates said the perfect society would be based on a great lie. People would be told that lie from the cradle, and they would believe it, because human beings need to make order out of chaos. - Author: Anne Frasier
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#56. So on we tramped, three small dots on a big mountain, mere specks, beings of no importance. In creating this world, God showed that he was a great mathematician; but in creating man, he got his algebra wrong. Puffed up with self-importance, we are in fact the most dispensable of all his creatures. - Author: Ruskin Bond
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#57. So the lion is the law-breaker. Just as to the primitive man the lion is the lawbreaker, the great nuisance, dangerous to human beings and to animals, that breaks into the Kraal at night and fetches the bull out of the herd: he is the destructive instinct. - Author: Carl Jung
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#58. The great gift of human beings is that we have the power of empathy, we can all sense a mysterious connection to each other. - Author: Meryl Streep
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#59. The great thing about behavioural psychology and economics is that they help us to see that there are actually pretty good reasons why human beings swing from greed to fear, and why we're not really calculating machines or utility-maximisers. - Author: Niall Ferguson
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#60. Great vision communication usually means heartfelt messages are coming from real human beings. - Author: John P. Kotter
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#61. It is, in fact, a great mistake to think we must suppress observations of human differences if we are to do justice to human dignity. The dignity of the person is not touched by such observations, for the dignity of human beings as persons is not an object of observation but of recognition. - Author: Robert Spaemann
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#62. In private life, human beings spend a great deal of time in seclusion behind closed doors (e.g., in bathrooms and bedrooms) and other partitions designed to shield their bodies from prying eyes. Scientists have determined that too much visual monitoring can be harmful to human health. - Author: David B. Givens
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#63. You philosophers are lucky men. You write on paper and paper is patient. Unfortunate Empress that I am, I write on the susceptible skins of living beings. - Author: Catherine The Great
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#64. Nature is the great power we have to submit to, but living beings are the ones we should dominate. - Author: Erich Fromm
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#65. What's popularly known as the evolution of consciousness, in other words that the expansion of cognitive repertoire that occurs in human beings, which has always been a great puzzle to evolutionary theory, I believe, occurred in the presence of a kind of catalyst for the human imagination. - Author: Terence McKenna
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#66. It is a good thing to be a great sinner. Or should human beings allow Christ to have died on the Cross for the sake of our petty lies and our paltry whorings - Author: Isak Dinesen
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#67. Great demons lived between the stars, and in them, beings immense in power and size, who sucked the marrow from suns and sang songs that drove galaxies mad. There - Author: Max Gladstone
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#68. If we want a great future in this world, we have to take God at his word, and God makes it really clear that society and civilization is held together by the glue of families ... This is where the next generation of human beings are incubated and nurtured and matured - in homes. In families. - Author: Kirk Cameron
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#69. Take your well-disciplined strengths, stretch them between the two great opposing poles, because inside human beings is where God learns. - Author: Rainer Maria Rilke
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#70. No person is great in and of themselves; they must touch the lives of other great beings that will inspire them, lift them, and push them forward. - Author: Chris Brady
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#71. The massive quantities of radiation that would be released in a war fought with nuclear weapons might, over time, cause such great changes in the human gene pool that following generations might not be recognizable as human beings. - Author: Helen Caldicott
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#72. As the natural coherence of the world vanishes, there's a guilt that grows great and angry in the basement of our beings. - Author: Laurens Van Der Post
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#73. All life is linked together in such a way that no part of the chain is unimportant. Frequently, upon the action of some of these minute beings depends the material success or failure of a great commonwealth. - Author: John Henry Comstock
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#74. The disappointed one speaks. I searched for great human beings; I always found only the apes of their ideals. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#75. It may be important to great thinkers to examine the world, to explain and despise it. But I think it is only important to love the world, not to despise it, not for us to hate each other, but to be able to regard the world and ourselves and all beings with love, admiration and respect. - Author: Hermann Hesse
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#76. Anything created by human beings is already in the great book of nature. - Author: Antoni Gaudi
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#77. We're a diverse society, and I think the TV is doing a great job in showing that we're all human beings, that we can all get along, that we can all be together, and I think that's a marvelous thing. - Author: Billy Graham
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#78. When I say that human beings are just gene machines, one shouldn't put too much emphasis on the word 'just.' There is a very great deal of complication, and indeed beauty in being a gene machine. - Author: Richard Dawkins
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#79. Human beings who leave behind them no great achievements, but only a series of small kindnesses, have not had wasted lives - Author: Charlotte Gray
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#80. Something that made you believe there was a God but he didn't make miracles. He created beings and gave them the power to make miracles, miracles both great and small. - Author: Kristen Ashley
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#81. What nourishes us at home and in school is what inspires us. When we get awareness and learn about the great potential that we all human beings have, we are able to discover our leadership. - Author: Vicente Fox
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#82. I soon came to understand that drink, tobacco and prostitutes were all great means if dissipating (even for a few moments) my dread for human beings. I came even to feel that if I had to sell every last possession to obtain these means of escape, it would be well worth it. - Author: Osamu Dazai
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#83. How vast is eternity! - It will swallow up all the human race; it will collect all the intelligent universe; it will open scenes and prospects wide enough, great enough, and various enough to fix the attention, and absorb the minds of all intelligent beings forever. - Author: Nathanael Emmons
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#84. In other centuries, human beings wanted to be saved, or improved, or freed, or educated. But in our century, they want to be entertained. The great fear is not of disease or death, but of boredom. A sense of time on our hands, a sense of nothing to do. A sense that we are not amused. - Author: Michael Crichton
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#85. It can be easy to love all beings from a distance; it can be a great challenge when we have to live with them. - Author: Gil Fronsdal
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#86. He who pretends to look on death without fear lies. All men are afraid of dying, this is the great law of sentient beings, without which the entire human species would soon be destroyed.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712 - 1778)
French philosopher and writer. - Author: Jean-Jacques Rousseau
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#87. Imagination does not become great until human beings, given the courage and the strength, use it to create. - Author: Maria Montessori
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#88. But the makers of legend have seldom rested content to regard the world's great heroes as mere human beings who broke past the horizons that limited their fellows and returned such boons as any man with equal faith and courage might have found. - Author: Joseph Campbell
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#89. All of us who are human beings are in the image of God. But to be in his likeness belongs only to those who by great love have attached their freedom to God. - Author: Diadochos Of Photiki
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#90. When the Bible used that very expression about fighting with principalities and powers and depraved hypersomatic beings at great heights (our translation is very misleading at that point, by the way) it meant that quite ordinary people were to do the fighting. - Author: C.S. Lewis
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#91. Mother Earth is very talented. She has produced Buddhas, bodhisattvas, great beings. - Author: Nhat Hanh
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#92. There is today a frightful disappearance of living species, be they plants or animals. And it's clear that the density of human beings has become so great, if I can say so, that they have begun to poison themselves. And the world in which I am finishing my existence is no longer a world that I like. - Author: Claude Levi-Strauss
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#93. From our human experience and history, at least as far as I am informed, I know that everything essential and great has only emerged when human beings had a home and were rooted in a tradition. Today's literature is, for instance, largely destructive. - Author: Martin Heidegger
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#94. I believe in standardizing automobiles. I do not believe in standardizing human beings. Standardization is a great peril which threatens American culture. - Author: Albert Einstein
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#95. Human beings only learn by observing and copying. What does this really mean? It means that your friends will only tell you that your ideas are great once you succeed and never before that. Expecting someone's approval is a waste of time. - Author: Robin Sacredfire
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#96. A great Awakening has begun. People around the world are opening their eyes to their own spiritual natures. They are beginning to see who they truly are and what they have always been-beings with an eternal past and a glorious future. - Author: Betty Eadie
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#97. There might be a class of beings, human once, but now to humanity invisible, for whose scrutiny, and for whose refined appreciation of the beautiful, more especially than for our own, had been set in order by God the great landscape-garden of the whole earth. - Author: Edgar Allan Poe
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#98. How certain human beings are able to create works of art is a mystery, and why they should wish to do so, at a great cost to themselves usually, is another mystery. Works are not created by one's life; every life is rich in material. - Author: Elizabeth Hardwick
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#99. God is the great comprehensive a priori integrity of Universe within which human beings find themselves to be operating. - Author: R. Buckminster Fuller
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#100. It's very important for us to see that science is done by people, not just brains but whole human beings, and sometimes at great cost. - Author: Alan Alda
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