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#1. I have family members who live in Africa. Because of the family that lives there, I know what is happening in these countries, and it seems so silly to me that diseases like malaria are so prevalent when they are entirely preventable. Yet children are still dying every 35 seconds. - Author: Katharine McPhee
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#2. Setting the intention to practice kindness toward one's partner or family members or friends does not preclude getting angry or upset. - Author: Sharon Salzberg
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#3. The quality of life depends upon the ability of society to teach it's members how to live in harmony with their environment-def ined first as family, then the community, then the world and its resources. - Author: Ellen Swallow Richards
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#4. Internal peace is an essential first step to achieving peace in the world. How do you cultivate it? It's very simple. In the first place by realizing clearly that all mankind is one, that human beings in every country are members of one and the same family. - Author: Dalai Lama
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#5. The most merciful thing that a large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it. Margaret Sanger - Author: Margaret Sanger
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#6. I've been blackmailed a billion times. I've been sued for ridiculous things. At one point in my life, I was an ATM machine. But I'm used to that. You don't get used to it, but I'm used to the fact that people will do this, even your own family members, and I don't hate none of them. - Author: R. Kelly
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#7. Every American should have a say in the memorials we choose to build in our nation. Family members have a special responsibility. - Author: Susan Eisenhower
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#8. I am neither Jew nor Gentile, Mahomedan nor Theist; I am but a member of the human family ... - Author: Frances Wright
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#9. Dog's owners don't call me. It's their neighbors or family members. We call them the whistleblowers, but it's more like the pack. It's making sure that one pack member gets in line. Before it was the owners, now it's the community. - Author: Cesar Millan
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#10. Individual abortion providers have been picketed at home and have received harassing mail and phone calls. Their family members have been followed where they work, their children have been protested at school, and their neighbors' privacy has been invaded. - Author: David S. Cohen
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#11. Our perception of celebrities in Hollywood is not the reality. The reality of our lives is so much like everyone else's life. We have family members we love, everyone gets up in the morning, they have three meals a day and they go about their business. - Author: Sissy Spacek
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#12. The senior members of the royal family work very hard and I don't think people quite realise that. - Author: Zara Phillips
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#13. You must remember, family is often born of blood, but it doesn't depend on blood. Nor is it exclusive of friendship. Family members can be your best friends, you know. And best friends, whether or not they are related to you, can be your family. - Author: Trenton Lee Stewart
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#14. With our close friends, family members, and lovers, we hope to create a special world, one in which we can expect to be treated fairly, with care, tenderness, and compassion. - Author: Sharon Salzberg
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#15. If you go to most third world countries, the older woman dispenses advice to the arguing couple while other members of the family, or even the village, sit around and listen. It is no big deal. - Author: Trisha Goddard
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#16. Like millions of others, I have been plagued by the devastating effects of cancer hitting not one, but multiple members of my family. - Author: Tom DeLonge
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#17. There are certain families who absolutely incorporate their nanny as part of the family, and there are other people, and there are codes for this, when they call in, they say, 'I am really not looking for a friend.' It is clear they will not be members of the family. - Author: Robert Klein
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#18. When you start to confuse Freddie Mac, Sallie Mae and Fannie Mae with members of your family, and you remember 2,000 stock symbols but forget the children's birthdays, there's a good chance you've become too wrapped up in your work. - Author: Peter Lynch
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#19. Friendless I can never be, for all mankind are my kindred, and I am on ill terms with no one member of my great family. - Author: Charles Dickens
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#20. Self-actualizing people have a deep feeling of identification, sympathy, and affection for human beings in general. They feel kinship and connection, as if all people were members of a single family. - Author: Abraham Maslow
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#21. Rarely do members of the same family grow up under the same roof. - Author: Richard Bach
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#22. Nick Dawson, a leader of the Society of Participatory Medicine, uses Evernote as his electronic medical record, pulling in data from sensors and sharing with providers or family members.64 - Author: Eric Topol
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#23. They call me one of the 4 Devas, but I don't have any members in my faction. My life is all you need. They serve no use at all. They just happen to be my family. -Otose - Author: Hideaki Sorachi
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#24. Happy is that family where both the husband and wife are mutual members of Christ's body - Author: William Gouge
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#25. Chaos limits the free-flow of love and becomes a roadblock to what family members want most and sadly, it becomes the normal for the family. - Author: David W. Earle
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#26. There's nothing quite so irritating to an author as a family member's easy confidence that, of course, the book will come. - Author: Carolyn Hart
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#27. Most performers spend half their earnings taking care of family members. - Author: Martha Reeves
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#28. Oh - oh, why is it that the members of a family feel privileged to treat one another with a cruelty they would not exhibit to the merest stranger? - Author: Fannie Hurst
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#29. Mothers and daughters can stay very connected during teenage years. In the middle of your life, you can become very alone. Even though you're connected deeply to other family members, lovers, husbands, friends. - Author: Holly Hunter
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#30. Can we allow our hearts to treat our people as members of your great family. - Author: Khem Veasna
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#31. I took time off from school and traveled to Italy when I was 19, living with my extended family members. I must have slept in 30 different houses those months, taken in by people who'd never even met me. - Author: Christina Perri
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#32. Don't get mad at me cause I call something a 'nothing thing'. I mean it's nothing in terms of the majority of people ... I'm not that concerned with my son. I'm more concerned with all people. I look at all people as brothers and sisters. I have no priority for members of the family. - Author: Jacque Fresco
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#33. People think I'm so confident. Close family members can see through that. - Author: Katie Price
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#34. We use tools such as email, not just as a way to keep in daily touch with family members who live in other cities, but also as a way to keep in touch with staff and members of the public. - Author: Tipper Gore
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#35. It is not earthly rank, nor birth, nor nationality, nor religious privilege, which proves that we are members of the family of God; it is love, a love that embraces all humanity. - Author: Ellen G. White
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#36. Members of your family might say they are working hard all day long, while you are off at school or clarinet lessons, but the only way to know this for sure is to follow them at a discreet distance. - Author: Lemony Snicket
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#37. People from the past, have a tendency to walk back into the present, and run over the future. - Author: Anthony Liccione
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#38. One of my hardest parts of my job is to console the family members who have lost their life. - Author: George W. Bush
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#39. When I look back I can tell that after I started having a family, I certainly wanted to make games that could be played with all the family members. - Author: Shigeru Miyamoto
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#40. I believe that the members of my family must be as free from suspicion as from actual crime. - Author: Julius Caesar
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#41. Sometimes the best way to keep peace in the family is to keep the members of the family apart for awhile. - Author: Franklin D. Roosevelt
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#42. We are members of God's family. One faith, one hope and one baptism. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#43. The red tape for family members who want to speak to a loved one is a reality, ... The warehousing of prisoners is a reality ... All of this needs to be looked at, not just medical care. - Author: Christopher Bullock
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#44. The speaker says one of the blessings of the family of God is that the enthusiasm of children influences their elders while experience seasons the younger members. - Author: Matt Chandler
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#45. Kids leave us and go off on their own lives. Family members tell us what they think of us. Animals can't do that. They really are blank canvases, and we can project anything we want onto them. So the relationship is very pure and simple. - Author: Jon Katz
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#46. The fact is, most people come to faith through the influence of family members, small-group Bible studies, or a conversation with a friend after a church service: Christians intentionally talking about the gospel. - Author: J. Mack Stiles
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#47. All the old houses that I knew when I was a child were full of books, bought generation after generation by members of the family. Everyone was literate as a matter of course. Nobody told you to read this or not to read that. It was there to read, and we read. - Author: Katherine Ann Porter
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#48. No one ever said, 'Be a doctor.' But because so many members of my extended family - aunts, uncles - were doctors, there was this expectation that I'd probably be a physician. - Author: Elizabeth Blackburn
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#49. Any of you who have members of your family in the lifestyle, we have a member of our family that is [lesbian]. This is not funny. It's a very sad life. It's part of Satan, I think, to say that this is gay. - Author: Michele Bachmann
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#50. I've always noticed that Old Families, like plumbers and barbers and possibly drummers and detectives, seem to have some kind of reciprocity arrangement in the South. Members of the freemasonry could move anywhere ... and still operate cozily in the local Old Family top drawer. - Author: Celestine Sibley
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#51. The Bible says that Christians are the salt of the earth and the light of the world. On the job, in the grocery store, even among unsaved friends and family members, God's people are there to bring seasoning to an unsavory situation. - Author: Joyce Meyer
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#52. Members of weakly religious families get, of course, no religious training from any source outside the family. - Author: Gregory Bateson
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#53. Maybe she didn't know exactly how to be a consort, but she knew the members of a team functioned better with acknowledgment. And these people were all part of her team now - part of her family. - Author: Nalini Singh
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#54. Bringing all 45 members of my crazy family together, and watching them argue is super awesome. It's good to do it just once a year. - Author: Milla Jovovich
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#55. The overall goal [of counseling] is to help family members become 'systems experts' who could know [their] family system so well that the family could readjust itself without the help of an expert. - Author: Murray Bowen
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#56. Wherever the citizen becomes indifferent to his fellows, so will the husband be to his wife, and the father of a family toward the members of his household. - Author: Wilhelm Von Humboldt
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#57. We had visceral, rich memories of dull, interminable hours. Then a day would pass in perfect harmony with our projects, our family members, and our coworkers, and we couldn't believe we were getting paid for this. - Author: Joshua Ferris
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#58. My charity is in the business of helping firefighters in any way that we can. For instance, after 9/11 we were the second-fastest charity to raise and distribute money to the widows and surviving family members of the 343 firefighters who died that day. - Author: Denis Leary
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#59. Hour after hour, they shouted at me, accused me, insulted me and members of my family. - Author: Sam Sheppard
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#60. Family members have a personal stake in honoring and mourning their dead and objecting to unwarranted public exploitation that, by intruding upon their own grief, tends to degrade the rites and respect they seek to accord to the deceased person who was once their own. - Author: Anthony Kennedy
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#61. I was not very keen on joining the family business ... there were 14 family members working together, and it worried me that I would not have enough individuality. - Author: Uday Kotak
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#62. I assume the closest members of my family don't actually want to kill me, but the truth is that I have shamed and hurt them; they have to deal with the outrage that my public statements cause, and undoubtedly some members of my clan do want to kill me for that. - Author: Ayaan Hirsi Ali
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#63. You can't just cast aside family members because they seem uninterested in you. You've got to make the effort, because they're family. - Author: J.D. Vance
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#64. [The Bytyqi Brothers were] American citizens and we have been seeking answers to why no one's been held accountable for these atrocities. [Family members] expect our government to do everything we can. - Author: Ben Cardin
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#65. The family is constantly changing, as each member changes. Some changes we recognize as developments, and the pleasure they bringusually makes us more adaptable. Some changes threaten, or disappoint other members, who may try to resist the change, or punish someone for changing. - Author: Terri E Apter
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#66. The only reason i love the courage of these individuals is that they take their family members as astray chicks, and the reason i don't want to belong to this category is because those chicks are far more important to me than trivial wealth and fame. - Author: Michael Bassey Johnson
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#67. For me, I have gay family members, and I have a lot of friends in the LBGT community. - Author: Ashley Wagner
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#68. If minutes were kept of a family gathering, they would show that "Members not Present" and "Subjects Discussed" were one and the same. - Author: Robert Breault
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#69. I have many friends and family members who have served (or are currently serving) in our nation's Armed Forces. I have such a profound respect for what they do day in and day out. - Author: Karl Malone
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#70. Dogs aren't like family members, they are family members. - Author: Frank DeCaro
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#71. Kids across the country have grown up accepting the idea that no one can harm your family if at least one of its adult members is in the shower. No one knows why. - Author: Sloane Crosley
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#72. Patience with family members and others who are close to us is vital for us to have happy homes. - Author: Joseph B. Wirthlin
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#73. As a layperson, I consider myself fairly well-educated in terms of politics. My family always has been really interested in politics, and various members of my family have a hand in politics in upstate New York. - Author: Reid Scott
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#74. I talked to members of my family, and did some personal research that didn't really have anything to do with the time and place I was writing about, but that gave me a feeling of the experience of being black in a time and place where it was very difficult to be black. - Author: Octavia Butler
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#75. This is the problem with being Indian. It's hard to be one of the family members. Everybody is white usually [in the movie]. - Author: M. Night Shyamalan
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#76. I have learned so many things from my mother about the right upbringing, the right values, value for money, value for elders, for family members. I think these things only a parent can teach you. - Author: Karisma Kapoor
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#77. Do not put your trust in rivers, men who carry weapons, beasts with claws or horns, women, and members of a royal family. - Author: Chanakya
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#78. There is an interconnectedness among members that bonds the family, much like mountain climbers who rope themselves together when climbing a mountain, so that if someone should slip or need support, he's held up by the others until he regains his footing. - Author: Phil McGraw
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#79. It is of great significance if there is a person who truly prays in a family. Prayer attracts God's Grace and all the members of the family feel it, even those whose hearts have grown cold. Pray always. - Author: Thaddeus Of Vitovnica
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#80. If you're not comfortable with public speaking - and nobody starts out comfortable; you have to learn how to be comfortable - practice. I cannot overstate the importance of practicing. Get some close friends or family members to help evaluate you, or somebody at work that you trust. - Author: Hillary Clinton
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#81. What we must do is start viewing every cow, pig, chicken, monkey, rabbit, mouse, and pigeon as our family members. - Author: Gary Yourofsky
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#82. And having a strong family, you know we've lost some members of our family and had some setbacks, but I think a good family and kids all those things I thought at one time ... you got to be kidding me ... Those things are so important they enable you to go on. - Author: Brett Favre
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#83. That was the thing about weddings: they forced family members to deal with one another, like it or not. - Author: Jamie Brenner
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#84. As much as I liked and admired the various members of the Kennedy family, my first loyalty was to Jackie. - Author: Pierre Salinger
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#85. I like having a beard. My beard changes my face shape and allows me to see in it family members who I love and can't see otherwise. - Author: Douglas Coupland
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#86. There is a spirit in every home, a sort of composite spirit composed of the thoughts and feelings of the members of the family as a composite photograph is formed of the features of different individuals. - Author: Laura Ingalls Wilder
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#87. There are so many battles worth fighting for. The ones not worth fighting are the insecure battles that rage in another person's mind. - Author: Shannon L. Alder
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#88. I have really fond memories of Texas. By the time I was eight, we started to go back to Chile very regularly, and many family members came to visit us because we couldn't go visit them. - Author: Pedro Pascal
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#89. Historically, there would always be people among the general population who had family members, friends, cousins who'd done time or who'd been in prison. - Author: Hank Azaria
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#90. I do not think it is selfish to want to donate a kidney "only" to family members. - Author: Mallory Ortberg
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#91. If you want to make a positive impact, no matter how far-reaching, start at home. Treat your family members like treasures. - Author: John C. Maxwell
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#92. Humans have a fraught relationship with beasts. They are our companions and our chattel, our family members and our laborers, our household pets and our household pests. We love them and cage them, admire them and abuse them. And, of course, we cook and eat them. - Author: Jeffrey Kluger
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#93. I think family is very important in West Virginia and has long been so because the mountains made travel difficult in the past, and family members had to depend on each other. - Author: David Selby
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#94. I have Muslim members of my family. I have lived in Muslim countries. - Author: Barack Obama
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#95. I've spent a great deal of time over the past decade as a caregiver for various family members. It gives me a perspective on the struggles that many New Yorkers face with illness, disability, health care, insurance difficulties, and trying to work with and also take care of family members. - Author: Wendy E. Long
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#96. According to FBI statistics for 2008, only 22 percent of murder victims were killed by strangers. More than 30 percent were slain by family members, boyfriends, and girlfriends. Nearly half of all murders were committed by friends, neighbors, and casual acquaintances. - Author: Alafair Burke
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#97. Twenty years is, after all, a long time. We are not the same people we were. Old friends, lovers, even family members: they are strangers who happen to wear a familiar face. We have no right to claim to know anyone after such a distance. - Author: Graham Joyce
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#98. On every level - as individuals, and as members of a family, a community, a nation, and a planet - the most mischievous troublemakers we face are anger and egoism. - Author: Dalai Lama XIV
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#99. There are lots of people in the Silicon Valley who are interested in working at a fast-moving, dynamic company like Google. Not just my family members. - Author: Susan Wojcicki
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#100. Men are naturally unequal. They are unequal members of one family, in which one can be brilliant, another mediocre, and another an imbecile. Hereditary substance is a mystery. - Author: Tutea Petre
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