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#1. Nijel was one of those people who, if you say 'don't look now,' would immediately swivel his head like an owl on a turntable. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#2. It will be nearly impossible to slow warming appreciably without condemning much of the world to poverty unless energy sources that emit little or no carbon dioxide become competitive with conventional fossil fuels. - Author: Henry Sylvester Jacoby
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#3. If you look up the definition of greatness in the dictionary, it will say Michael Jordan. - Author: Elgin Baylor
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#4. My biggest thrill came the night Elgin Baylor and I combined for 73 points at Madison Square Garden. Elgin had 71 of them. - Author: Rod Hundley
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#5. As far as belief goes, postmodernism prefers to travel light: it has beliefs, to be sure, but it does not have faith - Author: Terry Eagleton
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#6. Coaching is easy. Winning is the hard part. - Author: Elgin Baylor
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#7. I wouldn't mind meeting a dashing thief," the woman's friend whispered. Hale winked at Kat.
Kat raised her eyebrows and whispered, "I'd like to meet one of those, too. - Author: Ally Carter
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#8. Not only do I admire Jordan's accomplishments and his phenomenal basketball ability, but also the way he has conducted himself on and off the court. I don't think there will ever be another player to have the same impact on the game of basketball as Michael Jordan. - Author: Elgin Baylor
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#9. I've developed a self-discipline since the time I was a child. - Author: George Hamilton
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#10. I wanted to the best player in the state - [the best] the area has ever seen. That's always been my goal. Guys like Elgin Baylor, Adrian Dantley and Dave Bing, it's tough to pass those guys. So I'm studying, working. My project's not over yet. Hopefully, I get there. - Author: Kevin Durant
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#11. I didn't exactly give you a choice, seein' as you were playing games, fuckin' another guy and I needed to stake me claim. I did, I'm here, I'm stayin'. - Author: Kristen Ashley
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#12. In prison we are their jailers On trial their judges Persecuted their punishers Dead their conquerors - Author: Eoin MacNeill
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#13. The true value of man is shown when with all freedom possible, he sets himself limits. - Author: Anonymous
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#14. Small mistakes, the lack of care, little accidents, and somewhere a tipping point is passed and things go badly wrong. Expedition history brims with tragedies built out of incremental missteps. - Author: Alan S. Kesselheim
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#15. Parantham finally realized that selecting a star on the map enabled a sub-menu with the unassuming option "Go to star". Choosing this did not change the map's viewpoint or magnification; rather, it caused the map to inquire politely, "Are you sure you wish to travel to this star? - Author: Greg Egan
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#16. 'Midnight Cowboy' is an exquisite piece of filmmaking. It's insane. - Author: Dito Montiel
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#17. Every time you compete, try harder to improve on your last performance. Give nothing short of your very best effort. - Author: Elgin Baylor
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#18. Children must early learn the the beauty of generosity. They are taught to give what they prize most, that they may taste the happiness of giving. - Author: Charles Alexander Eastman
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#19. Who do I think was the greatest? This might shock you: Elgin Baylor. He did so many great things. Nobody could guard him, playing in the forward spot. I'd love to see some of today's greats playing against Elgin. They couldn't guard him. Nobody could. - Author: Oscar Robertson
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