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Top 41 Quotes About Decision Maker

#1. The key is not to call the decision maker. The key is to have the decision maker call you. - Author: Jeffrey Gitomer
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#2. A well-rounded approach to Bible study recognizes that the Bible is always more concerned with the decision-maker than with the decision itself. Its aim is to change our hearts so that we desire what God desires, rather than to spoon-feed us answers to every decision in life. - Author: Jen Wilkin
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#3. The magic of "Musical Medicine" will come into its own. The application of such healing potencies will not be limited just to man's body and mind. It will be an agency for building and healing his soul as well. - Author: Corinne Heline
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#4. If I remember correctly, pages 26, 42, 58, 77, 91, 103 and 118, basically all the places in the script where one of my people has a speaking part, he or she screams. No words, just screams. So you should at least get the screams right. - Author: Viet Thanh Nguyen
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#5. If they had rankings in baseball, maybe I would have been able to do the math and figure out my chances of being a professional baseball player versus a tennis player. But that was the decision-maker for me, I just thought I was better in tennis. - Author: Jim Courier
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#6. In the case of maternal health care, you look at, well naturally, it's the mother who's the customer, who makes the decisions. But in truth, the mother in many areas, in certain parts of India, the mother has very little decision-making power at all. The real decision-maker is the mother-in-law. - Author: Jacqueline Novogratz
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#7. All products are a multiplication of time invested - Author: Sunday Adelaja
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#8. I think I can regard myself as a political decision-maker. - Author: Harri Holkeri
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#9. You have to hone your craft, but you also have to be born with a certain amount of talent, and I never took the talent for granted - I've always worked really hard to be as good as I could be. - Author: Diane Warren
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#10. I was reading five or six years ahead of my grade during public school. I was pretty bored. I made a contract with some of my teachers that if I didn't ask too many questions, I could work in the back of the room. - Author: Joshua Lederberg
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#11. The 1st question the effective decision-maker asks is: 'Is this a generic situation or an exception?' - Author: Peter Drucker
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#12. Screw the mid-life crisis
Go have a mid-life spa day
A mid-life quickie
A midlife tiramisu
But whatever you do
DON'T give in to mid-life blues! - Author: Sanjo Jendayi
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#13. I made the only decision I ever knew how to make,' Truman famously asserted in one of his carefully scripted reminiscences. What does that mean, exactly? Did Truman see himself as a professional decision-maker with a narrow specialty, the choice between destroying and not destroying Japanese cities? - Author: James K. Morrow
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#14. I said last week that the number on Jean's back does not matter. He stays effective as a runner, decision-maker and leader. - Author: Allister Coetzee
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#15. I am not a good decision maker; that's one of the things I don't like about myself. - Author: Ashanti
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#16. In my house I'm the boss, my wife is just the decision maker. - Author: Woody Allen
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#17. I just try to be the same guy I've always been. Calm, collected, and being a good decision-maker and delivering the ball to the right guys. - Author: Scott Tolzien
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#18. Every decision by every decision-maker needs to be informed by an understanding of how technology changes business processes. - Author: Pearl Zhu
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#19. And now, Irewen, I will ask what you hoped for all along. I have chosen you as my Protector. Will you allow me to be your Guardian? - Author: Andi O'Connor
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#20. Every dollar you spend . . . or don't spend . . . is a vote you cast for the world you want. - Author: L.N. Smith
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#21. Where the telescope ends the microscope begins, and who can say which has the wider vision? - Author: Victor Hugo
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#22. What you have in most education software is that they're catering to the decision-maker who makes the budget allocations, and that decision-maker has a lot of check boxes. Does it do this? Check. Does it do that? Check. They could care less about the end user experience. - Author: Salman Khan
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#23. I said on the equality side of it, that it is essential to a woman's equality with man that she be the decision-maker, that her choice be controlling. - Author: Ruth Bader Ginsburg
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#24. But the thing was:although I might not have been dying,I wasn't really living,either - Author: Robyn Schneider
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#25. He's not a bold decision maker like Newt Gingrich is. Every time I talk to him, he says 'well let me think about it.' - Author: Sheldon Adelson
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#26. I do not approve of naval historians who seek out flaws in the losers' battle plans and tactics. The way to profit from history is to put oneself in the shoes of the tactical decision maker as he confronts a many-faceted problem in an atmosphere of uncertainty. - Author: Wayne Hughes
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#27. - So, what do you do?
- Nothing.
- What kind of nothing?
- The nothing kind of nothing. - Author: Hallgrimur Helgason
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#28. Talent is helpful in writing, but guts are absolutely essential. - Author: Jessamyn West
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#29. I've always avoided those sorts of self-assessments because if you give yourself a 10 out of 10 people think you're a big head, if you give yourself a 6 out of 10 they think you're plagued with self-doubt, so I'm just not going to rate myself. - Author: Tony Abbott
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#30. I think, for me, humour needs to be used like a strong spice - sparingly. - Author: George Murray
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#31. On an important decision one rarely has 100% of the information needed for a good decision no matter how much one spends or how long one waits. And, if one waits too long, he has a different problem and has to start all over. This is the terrible dilemma of the hesitant decision maker. - Author: Robert K. Greenleaf
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#32. Asking for advice is an act of humility ... The act alone says, "I need you." The decision maker and the adviser are pushed into a closer relationship. - Author: Dennis Bakke
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#33. The free market is not only a more efficient decision maker than even the wisest central planning body, but even more important, the free market keeps economic power widely dispersed. - Author: Milton Friedman
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#34. What separates us from other camera companies is that the vision guy is the decision maker. That was one of my biggest advantages at Oakley, and it's the same at Red - I'm in the trenches, in the product development, and I make the final call. - Author: James Jannard
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#35. They would learn to evaluate a decision not by its outcomes--whether it turned out to be right or wrong--but by the process that led to it. The job of the decision maker wasn't to be right but to figure out the odds in any decision and play them well. - Author: Michael Lewis
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#36. As a decision maker, you rely on information being passed to you by the people who report to you. As the CEO, however, you cannot rely solely on this information. You also need to 'dip' down into your organization and learn directly from employees at all levels and virtually all skill sets. - Author: Scott Weiss
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#37. The question that faces the strategic decision maker is not what his organisation should do tomorrow. It is, what do we have to do today to be ready for an uncertain tomorrow? - Author: Peter Drucker
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#38. What is the role of the supervisor in the staff meeting - a leader, observer, expediter, questioner, decision-maker? The answer, of course, is all of them. Please - Author: Andrew S. Grove
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#39. Indian president does not determine policy. Here President is not the policy maker. In the name of the president, the cabinet takes the policy decision. - Author: Pranab Mukherjee
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#40. Fifty-fifty marriages are an impossibility. They do not work. They cannot work.
In marriage someone has to be the final decision maker.
Someone has to delegate responsibility, and God has ordained that this should be the husband. - Author: Wayne Mack
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#41. Want keeps pace with dignity. Destitute of the lawful means of supporting his rank, his dignity presents a motive for malversation, and his power furnishes the means. - Author: Jeremy Bentham
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