Top 19 Quotes About Cheap Girl

#1. There are some people who will never see you as being good enough. That is their short-coming not yours. Be merciful enough to yourself to cut them out of your life.

Steve Maraboli

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#2. I like to give stuff away for free and play shows for cheap and not rely on music as a job.

Girl Talk

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#3. I'm normally a burger and chips girl - such a cheap date.

Sheridan Smith

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#4. Absolutely. No more pretending!

Dana Burkey

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#5. There are two types of girls: those that can make cheap clothes look expensive and those that make designer clothes look cheap.

Lauren Santo Domingo

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#6. I think this is one of the major challenges that we face in the U.S. The major incidents in the U.S. have not conformed to our stereotype of an established terror organization attacking a major iconic landmark.

Bruce Hoffman

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#7. She looked at her hand: Just some hand, holding a cheap pen. Some girls' hand. She had nothing to do with that hand. Let that hand do whatever it wanted to.

Cynthia Voigt

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#8. Cheap, sentimental things

Edith Grossman

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#9. I decided that giving a girl a ring when you're not in a serious relationship is sort of like giving a guy a blow job when you have no real feelings for him. It makes everything feel a little cheap.It cheapens the giver and the recipient.

Emily Giffin

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#10. As soon as people see my face on a movie screen, they knew two things: first, I'm not going to get the girl, and second, I'll get a cheap funeral before the picture is over.

Lee Marvin

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#11. ... it struck me that maybe the young girl had just been a prostitute. I felt a momentary sigh of gratitude, and then the awareness stopped me cold, the walls pulsed in on me. How cheap was I?

Colum McCann

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#12. The transmission systems are still regulated.

Kenneth Lay

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#13. A lot of women these days, a lot of young women don't want to call themselves feminists. You have this cheap, hideous 'girl power' sort of fad, which I think is pretty benign at best, but at worst, I think it's a way of taking the politics out of feminism and making it some kind of fashion.

Ani DiFranco

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#14. I still have a problem with nuns. I follow them around like a kitten with a ball of yarn. After a while, all my characters become very close friends.

Meg Tilly

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#15. For you I'll always be Alison who slept around. That Australian girl who had an abortion. The human boomerang. Throw her away and she'll always come back for another weekend of cheap knock.

John Fowles

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#16. This is the only part of myself that is truly mine, and now yours.

Melissa De La Cruz

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#17. Ever since I was a girl, I have written about one to five pages every day - on napkins, on scrap paper, in notebooks and tablets, on the walls in my room as a teenager, and in orange paint on the cheap white plastic blinds in my room.

Roseanne Barr

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#18. So computer companies, listening to their existing customers, didn't

Kevin Maney

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#19. People can only be found in what they do.

Timothy Findley

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