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Top 100 Quotes About Black Woman

#1. Runes, runes, runes ... Runes. An inverted Algiz rune. The caption next to it said "Chernobog." The Black God. Right. Of course, it wouldn't be Chernobog, God of Morning Dew on the Rose Petals, but a woman could always hope. - Author: Ilona Andrews
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#2. The first black president was a hotter plot line than the first woman president. - Author: Tina Brown
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#3. am not a well-schooled woman. Instead, I have learned my lessons from experience, mistakes, and the heat of battle. If ever there was a shining alumnus from the school of hard knocks, it is I. My diploma can be found, printed in black and blue, at points of varying interest from head to toe. - Author: Chris Kreski
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#4. Whenever a conscious Black woman raises her voice on issues central to her existence, somebody is going to call her strident, because they don't want to hear about it, nor us. I refuse to be silenced and I refuse to be trivialized, even if I do not say what I have to say perfectly. - Author: Audre Lorde
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#5. There is a big risk for the Republicans in a race, especially with Hillary Clinton as a likely Democratic nominee in a contest that will focus on the possibility of the first woman president to be six months suspending up the nomination of a black woman, who is imminently qualified. - Author: Barack Obama
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#6. My mother was a stout woman with a man's name - Billie. She was plain-faced with honest eyes - no black grease by the lash line, no blue powder on the lids, eyebrows not plucked up high and thin. - Author: Charles M. Blow
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#7. The twenty-first-century successful black woman is brilliant and tenacious and not afraid to flex her intellectual, spiritual, or financial muscles. She has accomplished, earned, and owned more than black women of any other generation in American history. - Author: Sophia Nelson
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#8. it's just a shame how that Hurricane Katrina tore up New Orleans and Mississippi. They knew better than to name a storm after a black woman. "Katrina." Not only was that bitch black, but the way she tore shit up, "Katrina" must have been from the projects too! - Author: Ron'Netta LeDoux-Henderson
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#9. She watched the stream of hot black liquid fall, and felt suddenly, painfully alive to what she had risked in overthrowing her life for the man walking away into the night with another woman. - Author: J.K. Rowling
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#10. I invent her, then, as a woman emerging from the sea.
A tall man meets here on the black sand.
You've come back, he says.
Can barely see her in the sea-light.
They make love there, and become horses.
As night grows black they become weeds - Author: Maggie Nelson
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#11. The history of progress is written in the blood of men and women who have dared to espouse an unpopular cause, as, for instance, the black man's right to his body, or woman's right to her soul. - Author: Emma Goldman
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#12. What I am is a humanist before anything - before I'm a Jew, before I'm black, before I'm a woman. And my beliefs are for the human race - they don't exclude anyone. - Author: Whoopi Goldberg
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#13. But today when people talk about the history of Hopkins's relationship with the black community, the story many of them hold up as the worst offense is that of Henrietta Lacks - a black woman whose body, they say, was exploited by white scientists. - Author: Rebecca Skloot
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#14. There ain't nothin' like a Black woman. - Author: Tupac Shakur
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#15. You can wear black at any time. You can wear it at any age. You may wear it for almost any occasion; a 'little black frock' is essential to a woman's wardrobe. - Author: Christian Dior
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#16. Now Coraline," said Miss Spink, "what's your name?"
"Coraline," said Coraline.
"And we don't know each other, do we?"
Coraline looked at the thin young woman with black button eyes and shook her head slowly. - Author: Neil Gaiman
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#17. There are dozens of ways of failing to make money. It is one thing to fail to make money because your single talent happens to be a flair amounting to genius for translating the plays of Aristophanes. It is quite another thing to fail to make money because you are black, or a child, or a woman. - Author: Margaret Halsey
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#18. You can wear black in any moment of the day, no matter your age. You can wear black with almost any occasion. A black dress is essential for every woman. - Author: Christian Dior
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#19. Am I going crazy? Am I supposed to believe that God is a big black woman with a questionable sense of humor? - Author: William Paul Young
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#20. In my early days I was a sepia Hedy Lamarr. Now I'm black and a woman, singing my own way. - Author: Lena Horne
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#21. No intelligent black man or black woman in his or her right black mind wants white boys and white girls coming to their homes to marry their black sons and daughters. - Author: Muhammad Ali
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#22. Some nasty bitch of a woman from the coven of moral and ethical standards tried to fry Rache" the pixy said apparently proud of it. "I pixed the Tink-blasted dildo, and Rache's black-arts boyfriend blew her right out the front door. "Bam! - Author: Kim Harrison
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#23. Ultimately, when I deliver something, a lot of times it will be from a black woman's perspective, but other times it will be just from a satirical, goofy perspective. - Author: Jessica Williams
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#24. And like a drowning woman who chooses the black sea instead of rescue, she did not take it. - Author: Tess Gerritsen
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#25. It is not the intelligent woman v. the ignorant woman; nor the white woman v. the black, the brown, and the red, it is not even the cause of woman v. man. Nay, tis woman's strongest vindication for speaking that the world needs to hear her voice. - Author: Anna Julia Cooper
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#26. I'm a woman of color. I've lived in black neighborhoods all of my life, and most of the time I get hit on in my neighborhood - and mostly by black men. And so I wanted to have my specific experience and my perspective on street harassment out there. - Author: Tatyana Fazlalizadeh
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#27. [H]umans tend to start the process of change by acknowledging themselves thus blacks asserted black pride and black is beautiful; women declared I am woman, I am strong:;; men are saying I am man, I am okay. After a quarter of a century of male bashing, that's not a bad start. - Author: Warren Farrell
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#28. Gazing into the mirror, I saw myself as I was-a black silhouette in the room, a woman whose darkness had completely leaked through. - Author: Sue Monk Kidd
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#29. When a woman dresses up for an occasion, the man should become the black velvet pillow for the jewel. - Author: John Weitz
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#30. In the late 1990s, I wrote a book from the point of view of a young black woman who has barricaded herself in her college dorm room, pursued by a man, either real or imagined, who finally materializes as the father she has never known. - Author: Susan Shreve
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#31. To misbehave us to denounce the social norms that limit individuals based on who they are. That to make history is to upset patriarchy, a system that is intent on controlling and marginalising others. - Author: Malebo Sephodi
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#32. 'I Spy' represents the absence of the tension of the black man or black woman or anyone of that color walking in, so that the white racist person can become entertaining to a viewer. - Author: Bill Cosby
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#33. I make films about black women and it doesn't mean that you can't see them as a black man, doesn't mean that he can't see them as a white man or she can't see them as a white woman. - Author: Ava DuVernay
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#34. You would never expect a black woman to be the hero. - Author: Sanaa Lathan
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#35. Even if you meet the perfect person, it ain't gonna be at the perfect time. You're married, they're single. That's right. You're Jewish, they're Palestinian. You're a Mexican, they're a raccoon. You're a black woman, he's a black man. - Author: Chris Rock
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#36. If you're gay and you can't hold hands, or you're black and you can't catch a taxi, or you're a woman and you can't go into the park, you are aware there's a menace. That's costly on a psychic level. The world should be striving to make all its members secure. - Author: Tony Kushner
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#37. On Tuesday, Utah Candidate Mia Love became the first black Republican woman elected to Congress. She's also a Mormon. Yeah, a black female Republican Mormon. Even unicorns are saying, 'Not buyin' it.' - Author: Jimmy Fallon
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#38. Shirley Chisholm is another one [political hero]. She was a dynamic speaker, and the first black woman to run for President. - Author: Donna Brazile
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#39. When I was at Baylor, I wasn't fully happy because I couldn't be all the way out. It feels so good saying it: I am a strong, black lesbian woman. - Author: Brittney Griner
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#40. ... is inhabited by a Mrs. Buckle,four children,a fat black woman, and myself and a man. - Author: Robert Gould Shaw
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#41. Two people will never be President in my lifetime. A woman and a black. - Author: Charles Evers
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#42. I felt like I was being attacked, personally attacked - our community was attacked. Now, I gotta get in their face. I'm proud to be a woman. I'm proud to be a black woman. And I'm proud to be gay. - Author: Wanda Sykes
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#43. I feel the feminist movement has excluded black women. You cannot talk about being black and a woman within traditional feminist dialogue. - Author: Katori Hall
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#44. I think everybody has the ability to fall in love with a man or with a woman or a white person or a black person or a Jewish person or a Protestant person or whatever. - Author: Ally Sheedy
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#45. I can only approach it as a woman. Masculinity has been depicted in very black-and-white terms. There never seems to be a wide range of emotional definitions of men. - Author: Collier Schorr
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#46. I'm not black on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and a woman on Thursday, Friday and Saturday - Author: Gloria Steinem
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#47. As a strong and proud and intelligent Black man I have no problem expressing my respect for and adoration of the Black woman. Simply put, I love you. I love the Black woman. - Author: Runoko Rashidi
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#48. If you think about it, I made history. Not only was I the first black British woman to be nominated for an Oscar, I was the first black British person. - Author: Marianne Jean-Baptiste
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#49. Evidence tells that black and Latina woman are more accepting of curves, and that's a good thing. - Author: Lori Lansens
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#50. If you see a black woman with an overweight white man, you know she got effed up credit! - Author: Chris Rock
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#51. Because I am a one-legged, black, short, woman I had to spend every day of my life pushing against what society told me I should be. I had to sell my value every day of my life. Confidence is what enables us to push back on reality. Once you get good at that, you can use it to live your joy. - Author: Bonnie St. John
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#52. My role is to embody the Black Opium woman - I suppose you have to be the living embodiment of all the intangible things the brand stands for. - Author: Edie Campbell
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#53. It was a figure of a whale, with a white triangle that was supposed to be its spray. The spray moved up and down above the blowhole. On top of the spray sat a black-haired woman. - Author: Paul Fleischman
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#54. I write because I am a Black woman, listening attentively to her people. - Author: Maya Angelou
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#55. Here I am, the artist, the person, the black woman, and the stereotype. I'm using myself and it has nothing to do with my muses or other women. It has to do with me. You see parts of my body moving, very collage like, flashing, and not speaking, just laying on a couch, looking out at the viewer. - Author: Mickalene Thomas
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#56. The two of them walked toward the road and the stone marker. Behind them, other cars were pulling out. A woman began screaming abruptly. Unconsciously, Garraty and McVries drew closer together. Neither of them looked back. Ahead of them was the road, wide and black. - Author: Stephen King
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#57. tall gray-faced black woman in her thirties - Author: Russell Banks
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#58. The double jeopardy of being black and female in a racist and sexist society may well make one less afraid of the sanctions against success. A non-subservient black woman is by definition a transgressive- she is the ultimate outsider. - Author: Mamphela Ramphele
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#59. As a grown woman, I saw the first black president reach down a hand and touch the face of a child like I once was, lifting his eyes toward a better future. But I have never, ever, in all my years seen a leader so committed to delivering that better future to America's children as Hillary Clinton. - Author: Donna Brazile
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#60. The black woman had had to struggle against being a person of great strength. - Author: Dorothy Height
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#61. I don't do drugs. Because my grandmother raised me. I think like an old, black, Southern woman. If I'd have done coke, I'd probably be cooking pancakes. - Author: Paul Mooney
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#62. A woman can plan. A woman thinks she needs a man for nothing in this world but soon realizes she is wrong. The same way every black- owned business has to acquire goods from a white distributor, women have to do business with men, be it professional or personal, to achieve too many of our goals. - Author: Eric Jerome Dickey
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#63. Give me a black man, a white woman, a giraffe, a zebra anything but another white man! That last one f***ed up my roof! - Author: Chris Rock
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#64. My absolute favorite growing up was 'Super Friends.' The assemblage of so many mighty heroes in one place was, to me, mind-blowing. It was Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Aquaman, and then sometimes Hawkman and some other, lesser heroes. - Author: Michael Ian Black
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#65. I certainly know about the oppression and prejudices of being black and a woman and from the South. - Author: Clarice Taylor
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#66. Blackness is a state of mind, and I identify with the black community. Mainly, because I realized, early on, when I walk into a room, people see a black woman, they don't see a white woman. So out of that reason alone, I identify more with the black community. - Author: Halle Berry
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#67. I am a huge fan of the Black woman. I never hesitate to recommend her when times are bad or things go wrong. - Author: Nikki Giovanni
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#68. I don't see a white woman. I see a black woman, even though my mother is white. Knowing that has made my life easier, I think. - Author: Halle Berry
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#69. Women are not equal with men, that's sure. When the woman is in danger she always looks to the man for help. We are superior by nature. The black or white woman needn't worry in life because the world is ruled by the white man. - Author: Muhammad Ali
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#70. I laughed. "What the hell are you learning from Ebony?" "How to be a strong black woman?" I - Author: Adrianne Brooks
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#71. The little woman, wearing a pink and black zigzag-striped pantsuit over a black turtleneck, resembled a skinny zebra who'd OD'd on Pepto-Bismol. - Author: Vonnie Davis
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#72. I wish I could be the black woman Soderbergh, and put the camera on my shoulder and shoot beautifully while I directed. - Author: Ava DuVernay
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#73. I'm a black, gay woman. I think the only way to make the GOP hate me more is if I sent them a video of me rolling around on a pile of welfare checks. - Author: Wanda Sykes
Quotes About Black Woman #30719
#74. What we hope to achieve is a society that doesn't value a white man because he's a white man, but also doesn't value a woman because she's a woman, or a black because he's a black. - Author: Elizabeth Edwards
Quotes About Black Woman #22105
#75. They allow us to disrespect our Black woman. A lot of these things would be considered criminal if it were to be carried out in the streets. That's like when they tell you after you buy your VHS and you rent movies they tell you not to copy the movies. - Author: Afrika Bambaataa
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#76. After using a paint chart from a local DIY superstore to identify the skin tone of his penis as midnight chocolate, Miriam stayed down on one knee and offered him the citizenship he had always wanted and the middle-aged white woman he would grudgingly accept. - Author: David F. Porteous
Quotes About Black Woman #249303
#77. I've learned that I'd rather wait for you than be with any other woman when you're all I can think about. - Author: Lilly Black
Quotes About Black Woman #306107
#78. I am convinced that the Black man will only reach his full potential when he learns to draw upon the strengths and insights of the Black woman. - Author: Manning Marable
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#79. The Black Man grinned at her with his jackal mouth, and his scarlet eyes knew all the secrets of woman-blood. - Author: Stephen King
Quotes About Black Woman #296545
#80. Black people don't know what white people are talking about when they talk about a Sister Souljah moment. I tell them it's the moment you meet a proud, beautiful black woman you can never forget. - Author: Sister Souljah
Quotes About Black Woman #290590
#81. How can you be more subject; black woman in a white man's world? - Author: Maureen Duffy
Quotes About Black Woman #282845
#82. So, I've never been politically correct, even before that term was available to us, and I have really identified with other people who don't want to be read as just a black poet, or just a woman poet, or just someone who represents a cause, an anti-Vietnam war poet. - Author: Diane Wakoski
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#83. I didn't want to, even in my imagination, even for a second, to conflate this sophisticated woman with my mother, a woman so frugal and clueless that she had once given me - to have! to know! to wear! - her stretch black lace underwear that had shrunk in the dryer, though I was only ten. - Author: Lorrie Moore
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#84. The man will wait in front of the altar in his black suit. The woman will walk up the aisle in her white gown. The vow, the ring, the kiss.... All kind of romance. A gate to happiness. They call it marriage. - Author: Yuli Pritania
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#85. Democrats do have a historic race going. Hillary Clinton vs. Barack Obama. Normally, when you see a black man or a woman president an asteroid is about to hit the Statue of Liberty. - Author: Jon Stewart
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#86. I wonder who really is the change candidate? It can't be both of them [Hillary Clinton & Barak Obama]. What would be a black man and a woman - how could that be different than the 43 other Presidents we've had? - Author: Jon Stewart
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#87. [Apostol Paul's] views were translated as, "Your rule is to be kind to black people; you don't beat them." It's very much the way we treated women in the 14th and 15th centuries. A woman was not human, and you should be kind to your wife like you are to all dumb animals. That was the mentality. - Author: John Shelby Spong
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#88. A woman drew her long black hair out tight, And fiddled whisper music on those strings, And bats with baby faces in the violet light Whistled, and beat their wings, And crawled head downward down a blackened wall. - Author: T. S. Eliot
Quotes About Black Woman #251844
#89. New Jersey Mayor Corey Booker last night personally rescued a woman from a burning building. Or as Fox News reported it, 'black man loots house, steals white woman.' - Author: Bill Maher
Quotes About Black Woman #19127
#90. I am a strong, black, lesbian woman. Every time I say it, I feel so much better. - Author: Brittney Griner
Quotes About Black Woman #247429
#91. I was not allowed to be an individual. I was black and I was a woman - and I was a black woman. - Author: Shola Lynch
Quotes About Black Woman #242259
#92. There's something very sinister about a woman who is predatory but has an absurd voice working as a disservice to her. - Author: Claudia Black
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#93. In the middle of the night she woke up dreaming of huge white heads like turnips, that came trailing after her, at the end of interminable necks, and with vast black eyes. But being a sensible woman, she subdued her terrors and turned over and went to sleep again. - Author: H.G.Wells
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#94. Affirmative action makes employers think, 'Black woman nuclear physicist? Hah! Probably let her into Harvard 'cause they were looking for a twofer. Bet she got C's in high school practical math. Give her a job in personnel.' - Author: P. J. O'Rourke
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#95. Sometimes in the black culture, being raised as an independent woman is misconstrued as someone who doesn't need a man. I think that's wrong. I think we all need someone. - Author: Boris Kodjoe
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#96. I am a human being; I am a woman; I am a black woman; I am an African. Once I was free; then I was captured and became a slave; but inside me, I have never been a slave; even today, inside me, here, and here, I am still a free woman. - Author: Manu Herbstein
Quotes About Black Woman #213535
#97. My mother's favorite photograph was one of herself at twenty-four years old, unbearably beautiful, utterly glamorous, in a black-straw cartwheel hat, dark-red lipstick, and a smart black suit, her notepad on a cocktail table. I know nothing about that woman. - Author: Amy Bloom
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#98. It is frustrating to be a Black woman in the entertainment industry. - Author: Dionne Warwick
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#99. In Los Angeles on Black Friday, a woman pepper sprayed Wal-Mart shoppers who tried to cut in line. The police acted fast by immediately hiring her to get rid of peaceful protesters outside banking institutions all across the United States. - Author: Craig Ferguson
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#100. I don't carry myself as a black person but as a woman that belongs to everybody. After all, it's the general public that made me - not any one particular group. So I don't think of myself as belonging to any particular group and never have. - Author: Eartha Kitt
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