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#1. The ultimate meaning of the Bible escapes human limits and calls us to a recognition that every life is holy, every life is loved, and every life is called to be all that that life is capable of being. - Author: John Shelby Spong
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#2. Suppose ... the body is a God in its own right, a teacher, a mentor, a certified guide? Then what? ... Are we strong enough to refute the party line and listen deep, listen true to the body as a powerful and holy being? - Author: Clarissa Pinkola Estes
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#3. Within the one Being that is God, there exists eternally three coequal and coeternal persons, namely, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. - Author: James R. White
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#4. If the public homage of a people can ever be worthy of the favorable regard of the Holy and Omniscient Being to Whom it is addressed, it must be that in which those who join in it are guided only be their free choice-by the impulse of their hearts and the dictates of their consciences ... - Author: James Madison
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#5. By walking in his spiritual life, the Christian will experience growing in his faith, becoming a holy person, understanding more the Word of God, being able to love one's neighbour more, to do acts of mercy and experience more the light of God. - Author: George Calleja
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#6. A lot of people think Heaven is sitting around on a cloud playing a harp all day, doing nothing except being holy - and they don't find it very appealing! Thank God that is not what Heaven is like! - Author: David Berg
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#7. Fear is at the root of so many of the barriers that women face. Fear of not being liked. Fear of making the wrong choice. Fear of drawing negative attention. Fear of overreaching. Fear of being judged. Fear of failure. And the holy trinity of fear: the fear of being a bad mother/wife/daughter. - Author: Sheryl Sandberg
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#8. A simple Bible reader and sermon hearer who is full of the Holy Spirit will develop a far deeper acquaintance with his God and Savior than a more learned scholar who is content with being theologically correct. - Author: J.I. Packer
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#9. O my God, teach me to be generous,
teach me to serve you as I should,
to give without counting the cost,
to fight without fear of being wounded,
to work without seeking rest,
to labour without expecting any reward,
but the knowledge that I am doing your most holy will. - Author: Ignatius Of Loyola
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#10. Angry obsessive thoughts about another weaken your state of mind and well being. If you must have revenge, then take it by choosing to be happy and let them go forever. - Author: Gary Hopkins
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#11. We must be holy without holiness. We must be whole, complete. That's being holy. Any other kind of holiness is false, a snare, and a delusion. - Author: Henry Miller
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#12. All pain we experience is intended to move us closer to the goal of being holy as He is holy. - Author: Jerry Bridges
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#13. I enjoyed being in 'The Ten Commandments.' That was a great experience - to suddenly become one of those holy people. I was holier than thou. - Author: Yvonne De Carlo
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#14. When we receive Holy Communion, we experience something extraordinary - a joy, a fragrance, a well-being that thrills the whole body and causes it to exalt. - Author: John Vianney
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#15. The burden of mankind is very heavy: When a cosmic or an earth-based disaster hits us in this chaotic universe, He must not only save the human race but he must also save all other living creatures! He carries the terrific burden of being the Holy Protector of existence! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
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#16. We ought to be afraid of being afraid, lest we should vex the Holy Spirit by foolish distrust. - Author: Charles Haddon Spurgeon
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#17. This doctrine of prenatal influence is now slowly being recognized, and science as well as religion calls out: 'Keep yourself holy, and pure.' So deeply has this been recognized in India, that there we even speak of adultery in marriage, except when marriage is consummated in prayer. - Author: Swami Vivekananda
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#18. Meditation is an excellent habit and tool for transformation, however your 'practice' should eventually evolve into your natural primary state of being. - Author: Gary Hopkins
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#19. The moment the Spirit has quickened us to life in regeneration our whole being sense its kinship to God and leaps us in joyous recognition. That is the heavenly birth without which we cannot see the Kingdom of God. - Author: A.W. Tozer
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#20. If the Holy Spirit is a person, and a Divine Person, and we do not know Him as such, then we are robbing a Divine Being of the worship and the faith and the love and the surrender to Himself which are His due. - Author: R.A. Torrey
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#21. No matter how many times I'd fantasized about being with a guy, being with Owen, it had never come close to the reality. I love, love, loved everything about this. Holy sexual paradise, Batman, I was so fucking glad I was gay! (Jordan) - Author: Eli Easton
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#22. The real work of this life is not what we do every day from 9-5 ... The real work is to be passionate, be holy, be wild, be irreverent, to laugh and cry until you awaken the sleeping spirits, until the ground of your being cleaves and the universe comes flooding in. - Author: Geneen Roth
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#23. If you wish to find the strength of being, read the Holy Bible. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#24. Matthew being a constant attendant on our Lord, his history is an account of what he saw and heard; and, being influenced by the Holy Spirit, his history is entitled to the utmost degree of credibility. - Author: Adam Clarke
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#25. Well, hell, Rico. You're wasting your time being a hotelier when you should be a saint. - Author: Maureen Child
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#26. Prayer is a fellowship with a Supreme Being. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#27. God does not have hands, we do. Our hands are God's. It is up to us what God will see and hear, up to us, what God will do. Humanity is the organ of consciousness of the universe ... Without our eyes the Holy One of Being would be blind. - Author: Lawrence Kushner
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#28. There is a difference in having head knowledge about the Holy Spirit and being surrendered to the Holy Spirit. - Author: Zach Williams
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#29. And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, 18. may have power, together with all the Lord's holy people, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, - Author: Anonymous
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#30. Being a Christian is more like having your soul possessed by a spirit than having your mind clothed with new beliefs ... It is like being haunted by the Holy Ghost. - Author: Peter Kreeft
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#31. Whenever you meet anybody, it is a holy encounter. The primary event is the energy field of presence between you and the other human being that arises. You enjoy it. There is deep joy in the meeting. - Author: Eckhart Tolle
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#32. When I lived in Cookham I was disturbed by a feeling of everything being meaningless.But quite suddenly I became aware that everything was full of special meaning and this made everything holy ... I observed this sacred quality in most unexpected quarters. - Author: Stanley Spencer
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#33. Beauty, the splendour of truth, is a gracious presence when the imagination contemplates intensely the truth of its own being or the visible world, and the spirit which proceeds out of truth and beauty is the holy spirit of joy. These are realities and these alone give and sustain life. - Author: James Joyce
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#34. You're a writer. And that's something better than being a millionaire. Because it's something holy. - Author: Harlan Ellison
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#35. God's great, holy joke about the messiah complex is this: Every human being who has ever lived has suffered from it--except one. And he was the Messiah. - Author: John Ortberg
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#36. The men know that black women are women at the very least; magical at their zenith and biblical at the core, being with a black woman was as sacred as dousing oneself in holy water. That - Author: Bernice L. McFadden
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#37. You can feel righteous fury in every frame of The Magdalene Sisters. The movie is both a masterpiece and a holy hell: Watching it, you feel you're being punished for a crime you didn't commit. Which puts you, come to think of it, in the same frame of mind as those poor Magdalene girls. - Author: David Edelstein
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#38. Apparently God takes reception of Holy Communion seriously. Apparently some things are more sacred than politics. Apparently it's all or nothing when it comes to being Catholic. - Author: Carl Olson
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#39. The first and fundamental principle of our holy religion" to be free "to embrace all, and every item of truth, without limitation or without being circumscribed or prohibited by the creeds or superstitious notions of men, or by the dominations of one another. - Author: Terryl L. Givens
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#40. There was good reason for the silence of the Holy Spirit as to how,when, in what form Christ ordained the apostles, the reason being to show the indifferency of all forms of words - Author: John Wycliffe
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#41. Being filled with the Spirit is simply this - having my whole nature yielded to His power. When the whole soul is yielded to the Holy Spirit, God Himself will fill it. - Author: Andrew Murray
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#42. The Catholic influence just comes from being raised Catholic, going to church every Sunday, being confirmed, going to church on holy days. So it's coming from where I am. It serves the purpose of having people who have a base or foundation where they know what's right. - Author: Craig Finn
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#43. She always imagined the Father, Son, Holy Spirit, and Blessed Mother as points of light in the center of her heart, and as she prayed, the light expanded, flowing through her body and soul, smoothing away knots of guilt and sorrow and fear until her whole being glowed with harmony. - Author: Mary Jo Putney
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#44. Nothing that man ever invents will absolve him from the universal necessity of being good as God is good, righteous as God is righteous, and holy as God is holy. - Author: Charles Kingsley
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#45. Consequently, Christian meditation is entirely trinitarian and at the same time entirely human. In order to find God, no one need reject being human personally or socially, but in order to find God all must see the world and themselves in the Holy Spirit as they are in God's sight. - Author: Hans Urs Von Balthasar
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#46. In the Holy Relationship, it's understood that we all have unhealed places, and that healing is the purpose of our being with another person. We don't hide our weaknesses, but rather we understand that the relationship is a context for healing through mutual forgiveness. - Author: Marianne Williamson
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#47. The call to "take the land" ... is not a call to a new political, cultural or geographical dominance. It is Kingdom of God territory. It is the will of the Eternal God being done on earth, as it is in heaven. - Author: Ken Baker
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#48. Our God is a three-part being (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). Mark T. Barclay-The Missing Red Letters - Author: Mark T. Barclay
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#49. The scriptures speak of His arms being open, extended, stretched out, and encircling. They are described as mighty and holy, arms of mercy, arms of safety, arms of love, lengthened out all the day long. - Author: Neil L. Andersen
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#50. In observing the Sabbath, man was culturally structuring his time in accordance with a holy pattern. This was part of his cultural commision, along with the task of being an architect of space by tending the Garden. Space and time were thus consecrated by man's original culture. - Author: Kenneth A. Myers
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#51. The greatest gift we have ever received, and ever will or could receive, is the Spirit of God Himself. He enters the essence of our human form and changes us from within. He fills us with joy, love and peace. He subdues our passions and transforms our very being into the likeness of Christ. - Author: David Paul Kirkpatrick
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#52. Without holiness on earth we shall never be prepared to enjoy heaven. Heaven is a holy place. The Lord of heaven is a holy Being. The angels are holy creatures. Holiness is written on everything in heaven ... How shall we ever be at home and happy in heaven if we die unholy? - Author: J.C. Ryle
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#53. Spiritual life doesn't make you a good person; you ARE a good person, you are a holy being when you are born. What spiritual life does is remind us that this is who we really are. - Author: Jack Kornfield
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#54. Dance is holy, sexual, and it's a way of being very powerful and a little dangerous without being violent. - Author: Eve Ensler
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#55. Often, people get a temporary high, a fleeting sense of belonging and well-being from the illusion of strength that comes from attaching themselves to gurus, without realizing that the energy they associate with the so called holy person comes from within themselves. - Author: Indu Muralidharan
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#56. We were friends. It was as big a deal as being in love." She tried to think of a way to make Amelie understand. "It was a revelation, being friends like that. God, it was holy to me. But it wasn't being in love. - Author: Marisa De Los Santos
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#57. Here lay Cain's fatal mistake: "He was rejected, not because he was a sinner, but because, being a sinner, he had dared to approach a holy God without blood." - Author: Charles Henry Mackintosh
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#58. I don't belong to a religion. Religion's the reason the world's falling apart ... " That's what religion does. It points a finger. It causes wars. It breaks apart countries. It's a petri dish for stereotypes to grow in. Religion's not about being holy," Shay said. "Just holier-than-thou. - Author: Jodi Picoult
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#59. USAGE, n. The First Person of the literary Trinity, the Second and Third being Custom and Conventionality. Imbued with a decent reverence for this Holy Triad an industrious writer may hope to produce books that will live as long as the fashion. - Author: Ambrose Bierce
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#60. We adorn graves with flowers and redolent plants, just emblems of the life of man, which has been compared in the Holy Scriptures to those fading beauties whose roots, being buried in dishonor, rise again in glory. - Author: John Evelyn
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#61. Believers saw it as a holy battle, a spiritual warfare at its height. Believers saw themselves in a spiritual war with demons and did not see flesh and blood. When being persecuted they had pity and love for the persecutors. - Author: Greg Gordon
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#62. The Godhead consists of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The Father is a material being. - Author: Orson Pratt
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#63. In these days of intellectual awakening and steadily asserting public opinion, the holy places of the Hindus, their condition, and method of work have not escaped tile keen eye of criticism; and this city, being the holy of holies to all Hindus, has not failed to attract its full share of censure. - Author: Swami Vivekananda
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#64. Sanctification is the work of the Holy Spirit in us whereby our inner being is progressively changed, freeing us more and more from sinful traits and developing within us over time the virtues of Christlike character. - Author: Jerry Bridges
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#65. It is less injury to Him to deny His being, than to deny the purity of it; the one makes Him no God, the other a deformed, unlovely, and a detestable God. He that saith God is not holy speaks much worse that he that saith there is no God at all. - Author: Stephen Charnock
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#66. The pursuit of a greater self is a holy-being. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#67. We don't become saints by our actions. We are made saints by the immediate supernatural action of the Holy Spirit alone who works this change deep within our inner being so that we do, in fact, become new creations in Christ (see 2 Corinthians 5:17). - Author: Jerry Bridges
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#68. Am I becoming more and more in love with God as a holy God, or with the conception of an amiable Being who says, "Oh well, sin doesn't matter much"? - Author: Oswald Chambers
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#69. Most powerful of all powers in its holy insinuation is _being_. _To be_ is more powerful than even _to do_. Action _may_ be hypocrisy, but being is the thing itself, and is the parent of action. - Author: George MacDonald
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#70. Repenting and coming unto Christ through the covenants and ordinances of salvation are prerequisite to and a preparation for being sanctified by the reception of the Holy Ghost and standing spotless before God at the last day. - Author: David A. Bednar
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#71. While I stood there I saw more than I can tell and I understood more than I saw;
For I was seeing in a sacred manner the shapes of all things in the spirit, and the shape of all shapes as they must live together like one being....And I saw that it was holy - Author: Black Elk
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#72. Look what is happening in the world - we are being conditioned by society, by the culture we live in, and that culture is the product of man. There is nothing holy, or divine, or eternal about culture. - Author: Jiddu Krishnamurti
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#73. Then she spotted in the corner, glowing wonderfully, a Wurlitzer jukebox. ' Holy shit!' It was like being on a commuter train through the Bronx and seeing among the piles of crushed cars a pasture with a lone white horse. - Author: Garth Risk Hallberg
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#74. Come see the violence inherent in the system, HELP I'm being repressed! - Author: Monty Python And The Holy Grail
Quotes About Being Holy #23510
#75. My hope lives not because I am not a sinner, but because I am a sinner for whom Christ died; my trust is not that I am holy, but that being unholy, He is my righteousness. - Author: Charles Haddon Spurgeon
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#76. I am inclined to think that the authority of Holy Scripture is intended to convince men of those truths which are necessary for their salvation, which, being far above man's understanding, can not be made credible by any learning, or any other means than revelation by the Holy Spirit. - Author: Galileo Galilei
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#77. And even now we labor in our residual gloom, until in your only Son we become your righteousness; for that righteousness is like God's high and holy mountains, while your judgments, which were all the being we then had, are like the deep. - Author: Augustine Of Hippo
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#78. I believe that one of the reasons for crime, perversion, and the evils of modern mankind is that we have lost belief in the certainty of God being just, holy, and righteous, and that He will judge the world. - Author: Billy Graham
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#79. The kind of work we do does not make us holy, but we can make it holy. However "sacred" a calling may be, as it is a calling, it has no power to sanctify; but rather as we are and have the divine being within, we bless each task we do, be it eating, or sleeping, or watching, or any other. - Author: Meister Eckhart
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#80. The spiritual life is a gift. It is a gift of the Holy Spirit, who lifts us up into the kingdom of God's love. But to say that being lifted up into the kingdom of love is a divine gift does not mean that we wait passively until the gift is offered to us. - Author: Henri J.M. Nouwen
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#81. I believe that He was made man, joining the human nature with the divine in one person; being conceived by the singular operation of the Holy Ghost, and born of the blessed Virgin Mary, who, as well after as before she brought Him forth, continued a pure and unspotted virgin. - Author: John Wesley
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#82. As your congressman, I hold the Holy Bible as being the major directions to me of how I vote in Washington D.C. - Author: Paul Broun
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#83. Successive American presidents have turned a blind eye to piles of evidence that Saudi money is being used to foment holy war against America. - Author: Stephen Kinzer
Quotes About Being Holy #557968
#84. As you submit to God more and more, you will get accustomed to being nourished by the power of truth. He is so holy that He cannot lie. God reveals His truth to His people through the Holy Spirit. - Author: Monica Johnson
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#85. One will develop ruchi (liking) for chanting of the holy names, when one has compassion for each and every living being. - Author: Lokanatha Swami
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#86. Come see the violence inherit in the system!! Help Help I'm being oppressed!! - Author: Monty Python And The Holy Grail
Quotes About Being Holy #527954
#87. Don't ever be ashamed of being thought of as being tied to Holy Scripture. Don't ever be ashamed of exalting Holy Scripture. You're following in the steps of Jesus who bound himself to the Word of God, and insisted by his obedience to fulfil what was written of him. - Author: J. Alec Motyer
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#88. A being who can create a race of men devoid of real freedom and inevitably foredoomed to be sinners, and then punish them for being what he has made them, may be omnipotent and various other things, but he is not what the English language has always intended by the adjective holy. - Author: John Stuart Mill
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#89. Although a man may wear fine clothing, if he lives peacefully; and is good, self-possessed, has faith and is pure; and if he does not hurt any living being, he is a holy man. - Author: Denis Diderot
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#90. The very way that you think is a crucial component to your overall health and well being. Living towards the negative will only foster conflict and a sense of lack, while living towards the positive will create more opportunity for you to experience harmony and abundance. - Author: Gary Hopkins
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#91. We despise the grace of God when we observe the Law for the purpose of being justified. The Law is good, holy, and profitable, but it does not justify. To keep the Law in order to be justified means to reject grace, to deny Christ, to despise His sacrifice, and to be lost. - Author: Martin Luther
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#92. The Koran shows every sign of being thrown together by human beings, as do all the other holy books. - Author: Christopher Hitchens
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#93. O darkness, the sky is a gloomy precinct Whose door you close, and whose key the soul owns; And night divides itself in half, being diabolical and holy, Between Ilis, the black angel, and Christ, the starry Human Being. - Author: Victor Hugo
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#94. An all-loving god would surely not damn his children to an eternity of torture simply for being born into a culture that believes in the wrong deity, follows the wrong holy book or attends the wrong type of church services. - Author: Armin Navabi
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#95. The saints show us that being a baptized Christian means living as a new creation, rejoicing in a life radically different from the status quo of the world. All the holy people, whose lives fill this book, show readers how to let the grace of God in the sacraments create their lives anew. - Author: Stephen J. Binz
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#96. Ah, there is nothing more beautiful than the difference between the thought about sinful creatures which is natural to a holy being, and the thought about sinful creatures which is natural to a self-righteous being. The one is all contempt; the other, all pity. - Author: Alexander MacLaren
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#97. The fact of simultaneously being Christian and having as my mother tongue Arabic, the holy language of Islam, is one of the basic paradoxes that have shaped my identity. - Author: Amin Maalouf
Quotes About Being Holy #405109
#98. I realize that it isn't very fashionable to talk about some things being holy; nevertheless, if we ever want to rid ourselves of personal and corporate emptiness, brokenness, loneliness, and fear, we have to allow ourselves room for that which we can not see, hear, touch , or control. - Author: Fred Rogers
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#99. Tongues are a miraculous manifestation of being filled with the Holy Ghost. - Author: Sunday Adelaja
Quotes About Being Holy #390997
#100. When the God enter into your house, he not enter looking like the God. He enter looking like human being. God enter my life looking like Maggie. "Holy cow," Maggie say, laughing. "I - Author: Thrity Umrigar
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