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Top 34 Quotes About Bei

#1. We travel just to travel. - Author: Che Guevara
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#2. Your words bring me joy. Let the two of us unite to bring forth a world of peace and virtue. - Author: Liu Bei
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#3. Getting to the top should be a priority, but being aware of the reason for getting there should be the focus! - Author: Israelmore Ayivor
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#4. I don't think of writing my poems for China or for the world. I mainly think of a small audience of friends and people I know. I am writing for that small group. They are not necessarily going to be able to read it, but that's what I have in mind when I write. - Author: Bei Dao
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#5. You shouldn't never regret something that made you smile - Author: Bei Maejor
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#6. On a big film, there's almost no way you can meet everyone. On an indie, there are 30 people and no trailers to duck into. - Author: Aaron Paul
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#7. I didn't develop or build synths. I had my technicians modify them for my live stage performances. - Author: Gary Wright
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#8. Nothing is wrong - whatever is happening is just real life. - Author: Tara Brach
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#9. Only wisdom and virtue can truly win men's devotion. - Author: Liu Bei
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#10. Even if I was a bad right wing guy, to the extent of whether my arguments are right or wrong, they're right or wrong independently if I'm right or left. - Author: Bjorn Lomborg
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#11. Traitors! I shall oppose you in the name of the Han! - Author: Liu Bei
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#12. As a writer, the most important thing for me is to continue to write, no matter where I am. - Author: Bei Dao
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#13. After I have taught you the ancient arts, you will be able to see the past much better than any movie. - Author: Stephen Boston
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#14. Bei Dao became the most well-known name for me because of certain criticism of my work. Bei Dao was the name under which my work was criticized. So I became more well-known under Bei Dao than under the other names. - Author: Bei Dao
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#15. On the one hand poetry is useless. It can't change the world materially. On the other hand it is a basic part of human existence. It came into the world when humans did. It's what makes human beings human. - Author: Bei Dao
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#16. The northern people are riders and the southern people sailors; it is said quite true. - Author: Liu Bei
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#17. The world is older and bigger than we are. This is a hard truth for some folks to swallow. - Author: Edward Abbey
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#18. Freedom is nothing but the distance
between the hunter and the hunted - Author: Bei Dao
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#19. Being a poet in the States is quite different from being one in China, because in the States poetry depends on the universities for its support. They finance the poets and help them get published. That isn't so in China. But overall it is the same. You can't change society with poetry. - Author: Bei Dao
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#20. It is easy to find peace if you are kind, loving, and forgiving. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#21. Writing is the thing that sustains me and keeps me going. It is a form of self-preservation for me. - Author: Bei Dao
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#22. Thank you," I said with pride, tucking the money away in my bra.
"You are incredibly sexy right now," Travis said in my ear as we walked to the living room. - Author: Jamie McGuire
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#23. I love you too, bao bei, with everything I am, and I'll do it until the sun falls from the sky. - Author: Kristen Ashley
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#24. In the world I am
Always a stranger
I do not understand its language
It does not understand my silence - Author: Bei Dao
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#25. The era of the Single Savior is over. What is needed now is joint action, combined effort, collective co-creation. - Author: Neale Donald Walsch
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#26. Never do an evil act just because it is trivial; never leave a good act undone just because it's small. - Author: Liu Bei
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#27. Perhaps the final hour is come I have left no testament Only a pen, for my mother I am no hero in an age without heroes I just want to be a man. - Author: Bei Dao
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#28. Those who stand in the way of virtue shall fail! - Author: Liu Bei
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#29. The name Bei Dao was actually given to me with the help of friends. When we were publishing our unofficial magazine, Today, we wanted to avoid being harassed by the police so we were trying to think of names that we could use. It was done very casually. - Author: Bei Dao
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#30. Pathology is not a problem to be solved, but the soul's way of working on itself. - Author: James Hillman
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#31. I could accept my circumstances, my life, people, and even events around me, without giving my approval or releasing my control over such. I don't have to like what happened; I just need to accept that it indeed occurred. - Author: Sharon E. Rainey
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#32. Do no evilness because it is a small one; do not leave a small deed undone because it is just a petty one. - Author: Liu Bei
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#33. My father was a restaurant man, laundry man in his lifetime. And I've often wondered how and why did I become an actor? Where did I get the so-called talent to express myself? And I look back, and I see that my mother was very animated. I can remember that she used to, what she called 'bei zhu.' - Author: James Hong
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#34. All men have their appointed time; that's something no horse can change. - Author: Liu Bei
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