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Top 100 Quotes About Bad Actors

#1. In the eighth grade I found I had a voice for opera, so I followed that path a little, but my impulse has always been an actor. I have always liked cinema, and let's face it, opera singers are just bad actors! I didn't want to translate myself in that direction. - Author: Robert Davi
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#2. There's this list on Internet Movie Database that I'm on, and it's called 'Actors with High Body Counts.' I'm always playing the bad guy. - Author: Reggie Lee
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#3. [Washington, DC] feels like you're watching performance art. A lot of the time. I don't believe them, I don't believe what they say, I don't think they're being absolutely sincere. I think it's performance art. And most of them are bad actors. - Author: Kevin Spacey
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#4. Culture changes because of musicians and actors and actresses. There's a responsibility there. You may ignore the responsibility. You may choose to be a bad role model. But, you are a role model nonetheless. - Author: Kirk Cameron
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#5. All the screen cowboys behaved like real gentlemen. They didn't drink, they didn't smoke. When they knocked the bad guy down, they always stood with their fists up, waiting for the heavy to get back on his feet. I decided I was going to drag the bad guy to his feet and keep hitting him. - Author: John Wayne
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#6. In a movie, you need good actors, whereas in a book, you don't, unless you have a really bad imagination. In a book, your imagination will do the acting for you. Also, the process of revelation is often different. Tension is achieved in a different way. - Author: Yann Martel
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#7. Actors, it's very hard for them to make value judgments when they play characters. It's very dangerous if you start thinking of yourself as a bad guy. - Author: Stacy Keach
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#8. I feel bad for young actors who become huge stars too quickly, because you haven't had a chance to practice your craft a lot. - Author: Topher Grace
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#9. Actors do have good and bad sides. It's because the passage down the birth canal distorts the face. People born by caesarean section are more symmetrical. - Author: Richard Griffiths
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#10. Directing is like cooking, it's like cuisine. You cannot make a great dish with bad ingredients. I have great actors, and I'm putting them together. That's all I'm doing. - Author: Louis Leterrier
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#11. I don't think the concept of "directing actors" exists in the sense that if you get what you order from an actor you'll always get bad acting. Every actor is scared just like a regular person. - Author: Pirjo Honkasalo
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#12. Actors make bad lovers. Their most important kiss is for the camera. Not in a superficial way, in a really deep way. They can only give everything if they know someone is going to shout cut! - Author: Rupert Everett
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#13. Actors worry about bad breath, weight, receding hairlines and why their leading lady looks like their daughter. - Author: Matthew Ashford
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#14. Let me tell you a little secret: There are no bad actors. There are none. You have to find the right role. I never give up on people. For God's sake, look at me. - Author: Geneva Carr
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#15. I've said before that the common perception that all good actors should be good liars is exactly the opposite; only bad actors lie when they act. - Author: Rob Lowe
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#16. I'm not one of those actors who's very good at having a list of roles that I want to play someday - which is bad, because I really need to do it. I have people in theaters ask me what I want to do and I don't have an answer! - Author: Michael Cerveris
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#17. I always have to come back to shows to take out the improvements actors have put in. Laughs are addictive, and sometimes they're good laughs, and sometimes they're bad laughs. - Author: Scott Ellis
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#18. My co-stars aren't bad actors, but they're no Zach Braff. - Author: Zach Braff
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#19. For an actor, it is better to play well (or even not so well) in a bad film, than to not play at all. - Author: Emma Watson
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#20. Sometimes it's harder to play good tennis with a bad tennis player - the same way it's hard to be a good actor with a bad actor. It's just an unpleasant experience. - Author: Josh Lucas
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#21. When I was a waiter I was fired twice from the same restaurant. I guess I was that good of an actor but that bad of a waiter. - Author: Nathan Fillion
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#22. Being an actor, when you sign onto a project - whether it's good, bad, or indifferent - you kind of fall in love with it. You fall in love with the experience, you fall in love with the memories. - Author: Matthew Lillard
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#23. The public want actresses, because they think all actresses bad. They don't want music or poetry because they know that both are good. So actors and actresses thrive and poets and composers starve. - Author: George Bernard Shaw
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#24. Actors in general have some place in them that can be sensitive and easily damaged: not damaged in a bad way, but insecurity, because that's what it breeds, especially in females and female-lead types. - Author: Kaitlin Doubleday
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#25. There are plenty of bad actors and there are plenty of bad directors. There are actors who will always be bad and there are good actors who you cry for because they're being badly directed or the material isn't good enough. - Author: Mike Leigh
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#26. Actors are the best and the worst of people. They're like kids. When they're good, they're very very good. When they're bad they're very very naughty. - Author: Kenneth Branagh
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#27. I understand that anything actors are doing, good or bad, is motivated by fear. - Author: Baz Luhrmann
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#28. Part of you wants to look over at the people watching and say, "Not bad, huh? Me and Clint Eastwood." But you have to get past that and just be an actor. - Author: Gary Cole
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#29. I can't say that I haven't done some bad acting in my time. I have. Usually that involves what we actors call 'indicating,' when you twirl your mustache. - Author: Billy Campbell
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#30. Oh, man, pop singers are terrible actors. We're all bad. - Author: Graham Parker
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#31. Part of the reason why so many actors lose the plot when they go over to America is that they become part of an industry, so that's why they don't want to play weak, bad or vulnerable guys - because that's not sellable; that diminishes their profit margin. - Author: Peter Mullan
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#32. The Welsh are all actors. It's only the bad ones who become professional. - Author: Richard Burton
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#33. When I'm working, it's those actors (you know who you are) who sit around moaning that their trailer isn't big enough, or how bad their facilities are. I can't be doing with any of that, I just like to get on with it. - Author: Anna Friel
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#34. I'm a theater actress and I thrive on working with other actors, and you can't be even a smidge bad, when you're acting with Charlie [Sheen]. He's just so natural, so present and so good that you have to step up to his level, or else. - Author: Daniela Bobadilla
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#35. There's no such thing as good voices. Because there's no such thing as bad voices. There are only good actors and bad actors ... - Author: Bob Bergen
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#36. I like to take chances. The actors I admire are the ones who aren't afraid to make themselves nasty, bad or even goofy. I've never shied away from controversial characters. - Author: Matt Dillon
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#37. I was a terrible actor, and that's why I got the job: I would allow myself to be so bad that I lowered and got down to WWF standards. - Author: Kurt Fuller
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#38. I've always played the guy with the gun and the knife. That's how many actors start out, playing the bad guy. - Author: Benicio Del Toro
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#39. We're one of the forces that causes actors to fasten seat belts before they take off chasing the bad guy in the car ... or removes some of the cigarette smoking on television. - Author: Gerald McRaney
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#40. Every time something bad happens, like we lose a day because of weather or an actor gets injured or anything else happens, the schedule has to change. It's the most challenging Tetris puzzle. - Author: David Benioff
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#41. Some of them will, but most of them are willed. Some of them are genuine, but most of them are bad actors. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#42. I think there were bad actors in the government and bad actors in the finance, mortgage, markets industries that need to be called out and held accountable. - Author: Hillary Clinton
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#43. In my game, you get brokenhearted a bit. You do a play, get a bad review in the papers ... actors are sensitive; you think of all the work you've done, and it breaks your heart, but you learn to shrug it off and to carry on. - Author: Phil Daniels
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#44. The fact is, as actors, everything we do, bad or good, is a contribution. To me, it is a positive thing to give people as wide a range of human behavior with some sense of understanding of that behavior or some clue to it. - Author: Grace Zabriskie
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#45. It seems like they never say anything bad about actors, they just pump them up. - Author: Casey Affleck
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#46. Though many corporations honor commitments to reduce dangerous pollution, some cut corners and cheat. The marketplace doesn't always have mechanisms to correct bad actors. - Author: Frances Beinecke
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#47. An actor cannot say no, it's against his job. If he wants the part he has to say yes. [But] it's very bad for you to say you can do something and then not do it, so you have to manage to do it. - Author: Olivier Martinez
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#48. To me if there's an achievement to lighting and photography in a film it's because nothing stands out, it all works as a piece. And you feel that these actors are in this situation and the audience is not thrown by a pretty picture or by bad lighting. - Author: Roger Deakins
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#49. When you see a bad romantic comedy, you see the script, the director, and the actors trying to create this warmth and this pathos and this feeling that you care about them. That cannot be manufactured - it's either there or it isn't. - Author: Jeff Garlin
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#50. I think everything keeps changing. There was a time when television was a bad thing for actors and it meant that you could only do television, and now we see everyone does television. - Author: Dylan McDermott
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#51. Being an actor is a lot more involved than many people realize; there are hundreds of ways to play any character. Even for a stylized bad guy, there are 4 or 5 different personalities I can play off the top of my head without thinking - better and more experienced actors can do dozens or hundreds. - Author: Conan Stevens
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#52. Wait." Amber jumped up wide-eyed. "Is she a - "
"A ghost " I smirked. "Amber you're a necromancer in a show about raising the dead. What did you expect Eerie sounds produced by a computer and a few Hollywood actors in bad makeup Please don't tell me you've never seen a real ghost. - Author: Jayde Scott
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#53. I know all actors are different, but I've never sat down and asked the writers, 'Where are we headed? Am I good or bad?' - Author: Blair Brown
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#54. We start off wearing frilly shirts and britches and being good guys and the heroes. And then as time goes on, every English actor ends up playing bad guys. That's what we do. - Author: James Purefoy
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#55. There are certain things that cut right to the bone, but as an actor you have to because you get turned down for things all the time. I have a friend who was told he didn't get a job because he was too hairy. I've never heard anything that bad, but you have to get used to that sort of thing. - Author: Max Irons
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#56. Actors like to play bad guys because they're more fun. They also win more awards. - Author: Dean Norris
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#57. Someone asked me if I was a method actor - I loved that! I needed to know what it felt like to lose everything just to do the Bad Day video! I could really feel the angst! - Author: Daniel Powter
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#58. When actors get a bad name for diva behavior - I've never seen it. Because my experience with people who are really famous actors is that they work really hard. - Author: Hayley Atwell
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#59. If I work with a bad actor, my reaction is to immediately become worse than they are. - Author: Michael Caine
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#60. There are three things that are important for a film. Number one is story, number two is story, number three is story. Good actors can save a bad script and make it bearable, but good actors can't make a bad script good - they can just make it bearable. - Author: Mark Strickson
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#61. The actors are different, although I didn't set out to be different. My inspiration came from people like Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence and Will Smith. The genre is what it is. My inspiration was drawn from great movies like 48 Hours, Bad Boys and Rush Hour. - Author: Tracy Morgan
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#62. I'm probably my own harshest critic. If I get a hundred good reviews and one really bad one, it's that one out of a hundred that I remember. I think we actors are hard on ourselves, and I don't know why that is. - Author: Tim Daly
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#63. God writes a lot of comedy ... the trouble is, he's stuck with so many bad actors who don't know how to play funny. - Author: Garrison Keillor
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#64. I do think musical-theater actors can get a bad rap, and I see why. There is a certain slickness - there's nothing better than an amazing musical, but an okay musical can be one of the worst times you've ever had. - Author: Laura Benanti
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#65. I've done stuff to pay my dues and that's what actors are supposed to do, because I was a really bad actor when I was 18 or 20. - Author: Rachael Taylor
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#66. John Doyle just knows how to feed actors, and what comes out of us, good, bad, right, wrong, doesn't matter. There's no fear or censure. He opens up the creative goo and all of the actor vessel stuff. He knows how to do it. It's just incredible. - Author: Patti LuPone
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#67. Actors don't necessarily want to be famous or rich or anything else. It's a very bad gamble if that's what you're after. - Author: Jeff Goldblum
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#68. An actor alone is a bit naked. Like when you do something in front of your mirror, you're usually really bad, because you're looking at yourself. - Author: Clemence Poesy
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#69. I'm not one of these actors who can make a bad script good. Some actors, a script can be terrible, and they can bring something to it and make it really special. I can't. - Author: Eddie Marsan
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#70. Being misunderstood is not a bad thing as an actor. I know the truth. - Author: Christian Bale
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#71. I'd always envied actors who got to play real people or got to do research. I've always just had these scripts where, I mean not in a bad way, but it was right on the page. - Author: Luke Wilson
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#72. If the goal is to get the best artists, actors, and filmmakers in the world to create the best movies, Hollywood does a decent job. And I think no one would disagree with me that it also makes a ton of bad movies and employs a bunch of hacks. - Author: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
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#73. Only bad actors memorize lines. Good actors are perpetually writing them as they act. - Author: Mark Helprin
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#74. I've always had, like, from the age of about 11, I've had such an intolerance for bad behaviour of actors that I don't think I was ever going to be that person. - Author: Daniel Radcliffe
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#75. Acting is a win-win situation. There is no risk involved. That's why I get tired of hearing actors who try to make out that there's a downside to it. Fame is an odd thing. It bugs you a little bit, but it's really not bad. - Author: John Corbett
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#76. Washington is no place for a good actor. The competition from bad actors is too great. - Author: Fred Allen
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#77. Every industry, there are rogues and bad actors. There could be rogues and bad actors in journalism. Rogues and bad actors in medicine. Rogues and bad actors in the legal community. - Author: Anthony Scaramucci
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#78. When I was a teenager, the actors I was really into were Mickey Rourke and Sean Penn. I saw 'Rumble Fish' on my 16th birthday, and around the same time, it was 'Falcon and the Snowman' and 'Bad Boys' from Sean Penn. - Author: Aidan Gillen
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#79. Well, I've always been a character actor, you know, and you always get your share of character actors who are bad guys. So it never surprises me. And if it's good writing, you can find your way into the part well enough. - Author: Colm Meaney
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#80. With a book I am the writer and I am also the director and I'm all of the actors and I'm the special effects guy and the lighting technician: I'm all of that. So if it's good or bad, it's all up to me. - Author: George R R Martin
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#81. I have never wanted to be typecast, one of those actors who plays a variation on a one-note theme. So just as I enjoy playing a wide variety of characters, from good to bad to ugly to cute - so I have enjoyed of late working in film and television, as well as in theatres of various sizes and shapes. - Author: Ian McKellen
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#82. Great powers reserve the right to police bad actors in their neighborhoods. - Author: Thomas P.M. Barnett
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#83. Most actors want the audience to like them, and that leads to bad acting. - Author: Lee Daniels
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#84. All that day she felt as if she were acting in a theatre with better actors than herself, and that her bad performance was spoiling the whole affair. - Author: Leo Tolstoy
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#85. As actors you're always afraid to go too far but Lasse Hallstrom wants you to go too far. He wants you to do it wrong, to be over-the-top, and that's so freeing to be able to think 'Now I can try and be bad'. There's no pressure on you and you don't feel you can make a mistake. - Author: Channing Tatum
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#86. I know from my own experience that great films and great actors can have a really big influence on you. There is a place for art in the world, and if you're lucky enough to be good at something and to keep being given work, it's not such a bad thing. - Author: Sally Hawkins
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#87. I think there are three types of actors. There are the ones that do the ego thing, which is "I'm never going to look bad in a movie, ever." This is mostly the action film dudes, like, "Nah, hell no. He ain't punchin' me! I'd whoop his ass!" - Author: Michelle Rodriguez
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#88. If my life were still a movie, this is the part that would end up on the cutting room floor. We were all just fill-ins for a long-running soap opera. The actors changed, but the story seldom did. Certainly not the action. - Author: Charles Martin
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#89. Just look at the messages today's media are sending everybody, from TV and commercials to actors and singers. Kids are just drowning in that 24-7 and it's getting really bad. - Author: Evan Rachel Wood
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#90. Regardless of what level the actor's at, you always learn something. And you can learn something from bad actors as well, who I've also worked with in the past. - Author: Reece Thompson
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#91. You can't put a title card at the head of the movie and say, "Well, we really had a bad problem. You know, the actor got sick and it rained this day and we had a hurricane." - Author: George Lucas
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#92. I love bad movies, whereas going to the theater for me is a painful experience. I think it's really hard to sit and watch actors do something live and have it not go well. - Author: Zoe Kazan
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#93. Honestly, all of 'Breaking Bad' was the best television experience of my entire life - the writing, the crew, the other actors. - Author: Mark Margolis
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#94. Thats the worst thing, I don't really care if people say I'm a bad actor, I can like work on that, but if they just say that he's ugly thats just like oh.. really? - Author: Robert Pattinson
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#95. I've always thought of acting as a tool to change society. I watch a lot of actors and I see panic in their eyes because they don't know why they act and I know why I act. Whether I'm a good or a bad actor, I know why I do it. - Author: Andy Serkis
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#96. I do think there are some actors that can get away with trying to be funny, and they're still funny because they're just likeable, and you want to see them. Me, though, when you see me trying to be funny, it's like the worst thing in the world. It's needy, it's cloying, it's manipulative - it's bad. - Author: Constance Wu
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#97. The job is nothing but a twenty-ring circus-with a whole lot of bad actors. - Author: Herbert Hoover
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#98. I know actors who court personal publicity because they believe no publicity is bad publicity. - Author: Kevin Whately
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#99. I think you always feel like you're about a hair's breadth away from being a bad actor anyway ... It's not too hard to let the rope go slack, so to speak. - Author: Alden Ehrenreich
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#100. Some people think it is difficult to be a Christian and to laugh, but I think it's the other way around. God writes a lot of comedy, its just that he has so many bad actors. - Author: Garrison Keillor
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