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#1. In the war I was subject to military law, but subject to law nevertheless; now I am at the mercy of an arbitrary power. - Author: Victor Klemperer
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#2. Standards of beauty are arbitrary. Body shame exists only to the extent that our physiques don't match our own beliefs about how we should look. - Author: Martha Beck
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#3. Heydrich, Eichmann, and company therefore invoke the usual trick of argument for breaking a true continuum that lacks a compelling point for separation: choose an arbitrary dividing line and then treat it as a self-evident law of nature. - Author: Stephen Jay Gould
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#4. By combining a popular hatred of the class of entrepreneurs with the blow already given to social security by the violent and arbitrary disturbance of contract, ... governments are fast rendering impossible a continuance of the social and economic order of the nineteenth century. - Author: John Maynard Keynes
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#5. There had been something about the island that made the girls forget who they had been. All those rules and shalt nots. They were no longer waiting for some arbitrary grade. They were no longer performing. Waiting. Hoping. They were becoming. They were. - Author: Libba Bray
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#6. I look back, now, and I know that the naming moment, which seemed so insignificant then, which seemed to demand no more than an arbitrary and superstitious yes or no, was in fact a pivotal moment in my life. - Author: Gregory David Roberts
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#7. I wish to understand in such a way that everything that is inexplicable shall present itself to me as being necessarily inexplicable, and not as being something I am under an arbitrary obligation to believe. - Author: Leo Tolstoy
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#8. The idea that someone, man or woman, should receive any kind of extra attention or affection or popularity or respect or adulation, simply because of a quirk of genetics and some arbitrary male-media-defined subjective notion of 'beauty' seems to me inherently wrong and unacceptable. - Author: David Nicholls
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#9. Strength we think to be a virtue in government, but we do not find our defense against disintegration either in arbitrary or in very great power. Indeed, we are inclined to see in both these the symptoms of an already advanced decay - Author: Michael Oakeshott
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#10. I have been told by persons of experience in matters of taste, that the fashions follow a law of gradation, and are never arbitrary. The new mode is always only a step onward in the same direction as the last mode; and a cultivated eye is prepared for and predicts the new fashion. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#11. The calendar was a mathematical progression with arbitrary surprises. - Author: Paul Scott
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#12. If a single act of folly was more responsible for this explosion than any other it was the arbitrary and dangerous announced decision that the Straits of Tiran would be closed. The right of innocent, maritime passage must be preserved for all nations - Author: Lyndon B. Johnson
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#13. Much of the time life is a sort of rhythmic progression of three characters. If one tells oneself that life is like that, one feels it less arbitrary. - Author: Francoise Sagan
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#14. Suffering by nature or chance never seems so painful as suffering inflicted on us by the arbitrary will of another. - Author: Arthur Schopenhauer
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#15. The energic value of a cause is never abolished by positing an arbitrary and rational goal: that is always a makeshift. - Author: C. G. Jung
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#16. I don't concern myself with thinking ahead to the finished product. I focus more specifically on what the character is experiencing. Once you relieve yourself of the very arbitrary and always punishing pressure of what an audience is expecting you to do, acting becomes a lot more fun and pure. - Author: Jesse Eisenberg
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#17. If I don't know what's coming - that is, if I have no hard-and-fast image, as I have with a photographic original - then arbitrary choice and chance play an important part. - Author: Gerhard Richter
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#18. But in the present century, thanks in good part to the influence of Hilbert, we have come to see that the unproved postulates with which we start are purely arbitrary. They must be consistent, they had better lead to something interesting. - Author: Julian Coolidge
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#19. When our thoughts look real, we live in a world of suffering. When they look subjective, we live in a world of choice. When they look arbitrary, we live in a world of possibility. And when we see them as illusory, we wake up inside a world of dreams. - Author: Michael Neill
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#20. You can build a statistical model and that's all well and good, but if you're dealing with a new type of financial instrument, for example, or a new type of situation - then the choices you're making are pretty arbitrary in a lot of respects. - Author: Nate Silver
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#21. We know that sensory phenomena are transcribed in the photographic emulsion in such a way that even if there is a causal link with the real phenomena, the graphic images can be considered as wholly arbitrary with respect to these phenomena. - Author: Umberto Eco
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#22. I was struck by something rather obvious - namely, that any religious ritual is arbitrary unless one is able to see past it to a deeper meaning. - Author: Donna Tartt
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#23. Youth was so mercilessly hard in its decisions; it had its own unyielding standards and had not yet learned enough to know that time would prove them arbitrary. - Author: Winston Graham
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#24. Lesbian and gay people are a permanent part of the American workforce, who currently have no protection from the arbitrary abuse of their rights on the job. - Author: Coretta Scott King
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#25. The intelligent ruler makes the law select men and makes no arbitrary appointment himself; he makes the law measure merits and makes no arbitrary judgment himself. - Author: Han Fei
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#26. We crossed the Avenue Bosquet against the light and then we made an arbitrary left into the Rue Jean Nicot. Joe stopped at a tabac and bought cigarettes. I would have smiled if I had been able to. The street was named after the guy who discovered nicotine. - Author: Lee Child
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#27. Because there is no meaning to be found in the arbitrary nature of things., It's all random. Just as space is blue. And birds fly through it. - Author: Douglas Kennedy
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#28. Don't make a big distinction between fiction and non-fiction. These are arbitrary distinctions ... - Author: Farley Mowat
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#29. I use color in a completely arbitrary way in order to express myself powerfully. - Author: Vincent Van Gogh
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#30. Living is an arbitrary matter and I have every right to renounce it. - Author: Jerzy Kosinski
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#31. Hard times are purposeful, meant to refine and redirect us. They're not arbitrary or random, and they're definitely not cruel. - Author: Liz Curtis Higgs
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#32. It provides a convenient excuse for arbitrary decisions: asked why it rejected a student, a college can say that he or she looked wonderful on paper but didn't fit into the mix. The image of a fair but fickle process also pumps up the applicant pool: - Author: Daniel Golden
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#33. Science, like nothing else among the institutions of mankind, grows like a weed every year. Art is subject to arbitrary fashion, religion is inwardly focused and driven only to sustain itself, law shuttles between freeing us and enslaving us. - Author: Kary Mullis
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#34. One of the reasons why fundamentalists are so aggressive in trying to promote fundamentalism is because deep down they know it's arbitrary. If you're comfortable with your belief you don't need to convince other people to agree with you. - Author: Moby
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#35. To build a better world we need to replace the patchwork of lucky breaks and arbitrary advantages today that determine success
the fortunate birth dates and the happy accidents of history
with a society that provides opportunities for all. - Author: Malcolm Gladwell
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#36. Maybe being an adult wasn't crossing some arbitrary age line into wisdom. Maybe it was like anything else - training wheels and mistakes, trial and error, and now and again that feeling that you might have wings. - Author: Megan Crane
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#37. Art is not arbitrary. A fine painting is not there by accident; it is not arrived at by chance. We are sensitive to tonalities. - Author: Frederick Sommer
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#38. Jackson went from the professor's chair to the officer's saddle. He carried with him the very elements of character which made him odious as a teacher; but I never saw him in an arbitrary mood. - Author: Daniel H. Hill
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#39. [Since] a player controls every character, it is that player's intelligence that dictates the character's goals and actions, not an arbitrary number on a character sheet. Thus, in a sense, the player _is_ the character's "intelligence score"! - Author: Greg Stafford
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#40. Freedom under law is hard work. If rulers cannot be trusted with arbitrary power, it is up to citizens to raise their voices at injustice. - Author: Anthony Lewis
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#41. If you punish him for what he sees you practise yourself, he ... will be apt to interpret it the peevishness and arbitrary imperiousness of a father, who, without any ground for it, would deny his son the liberty and pleasure he takes himself. - Author: John Locke
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#42. When you have trouble with things - whether it's figuring out whether to push or pull a door or the arbitrary vagaries of the modern computer and electronics industries - it's not your fault. Don't blame yourself: blame the designer. - Author: Donald A. Norman
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#43. Government is actually the worst failure of civilized man. There has never been a really good one, and even those that are most tolerable are arbitrary, cruel, grasping and unintelligent. - Author: H.L. Mencken
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#44. I think many of the boundaries that convention has placed upon us are arbitrary, so we can fiddle with them if we fancy. Gravity's hard to dispute, and breathing, but a lot of things we instinctively obey are a lot of old tosh. - Author: Russell Brand
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#45. [E]very man, everywhere, should be free to develop his talents to their full potential - unhampered by arbitrary barriers of race or birth or income. - Author: Lyndon B. Johnson
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#46. Fashion choices are never arbitrary. Even if you say you don't care, that's a decision. There's something you're trying to say. - Author: Felicity Jones
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#47. If you think success is about so many more things and is so much more arbitrary, then you can be much more open to the idea that you can be Ben Fountain and publish your great book at forty-nine. - Author: Malcolm Gladwell
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#48. It is not an arbitrary "decree of God," but in the nature of man, that a veil shuts down on the facts of to-morrow; for the soul will not have us read any other cipher than that of cause and effect. By this veil, which curtains events, it instructs the children of men to live in to-day. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#49. Resilience is a systematic adaptation of the oppressed self under the arbitrary imposition of the political order. Emancipation is the liberation of the self from the oppressive imposition of the political order upon the self. - Author: Bruno De Oliveira
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#50. By giving the government unlimited powers, the most arbitrary rule can be made legal; and in this way a democracy may set up the most complete despotism imaginable. - Author: Friedrich August Von Hayek
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#51. I know for a fact that a lot of my Christian friends have thoughtful reasons for interpreting the Bible the way they do and that the phrase "pick and choose" sounds far too arbitrary to describe the attentiveness and concern with which they approach the text. - Author: Rachel Held Evans
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#52. While this might seem a bit abstract, these numbers are not arbitrary. They are symbols, which represent pieces of paper, which represent pieces of gold. Gold doesn't represent anything; its value is inherent in its glitter. - Author: Colin MacLaughlin
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#53. Space in typography is like time in music. It is infinitely divisible, but a few proportional intervals can be much more useful than a limitless choice of arbitrary quantities. - Author: Robert Bringhurst
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#54. Chang despised authority on principle, for even when veiled by the rubric of practical necessity or the weight of tradition he could not see institutional power as anything but an expression of arbitrary personal will, and it galled him profoundly. - Author: Gordon Dahlquist
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#55. Net neutrality is the idea that Internet service providers (ISPs) should treat all traffic that goes through their networks the same, not offering preferential treatment to some websites over others or charging some companies arbitrary fees to reach users. - Author: Marvin Ammori
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#56. Terrorists can endanger some of us, but the war on terror endangers us all. How much more can the Constitution be diminished before it is completely replaced by arbitrary government power? - Author: Paul Craig Roberts
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#57. He regarded marriage as an arbitrary and essentially adversarial relationship, akin to the yoking of prisoners on the chain gang. - Author: T.C. Boyle
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#58. Humans were still just a bunch of bipedal apes, divided into arbitrary tribes that were constantly at war over their ruined planet's dwindling natural resources. - Author: Ernest Cline
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#59. Man, and in general every rational being, exists as an end in himself, not merely as a means for arbitrary use by this or that will: he must in all his actions, whether they are directed to himself or to other rational beings, always be viewed at the same time as an end. - Author: Immanuel Kant
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#60. The law is an artificial human construct, quite arbitrary, and of absolutely no use anywhere else but in a court of law! - Author: John Quincy Adams
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#61. The common view of marriage as a primitive institution implies in the man more than arbitrary superiority, such as he exercised over the child, which still remained free. The woman's slavery was assumed to be for life. - Author: Henry Adams
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#62. I am a mortal enemy to arbitrary government and unlimited power. I am naturally very jealous for the rights and liberties of my country, and the least encroachment of those invaluable privileges is apt to make my blood boil. - Author: Benjamin Franklin
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#63. It is a scholar's task to find patterns in nature or cycles in history. Initially, it's no different from finding portraits of animals and heroes in the stars. The question is, Have you discovered a preexisting truth? Or have you imposed an arbitrary meaning on whatever it is you're considering? - Author: Mary Doria Russell
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#64. Education is transformational. It changes lives. That is why people work so hard to become educated and why education has always been the key to the American Dream, the force that erases arbitrary divisions of race and class and culture and unlocks every person's God-given potential. - Author: Condoleezza Rice
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#65. Well, this whole question of how you work out the narrative is very mysterious. It's a good deal more arbitrary than most people who don't do it would ever believe. - Author: Joan Didion
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#66. I don't know who decided that skinny was more appealing than not skinny. It seems arbitrary. - Author: Gwyneth Paltrow
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#67. In times of political confusion, and under an arbitrary government, many will prefer to keep their capital inactive, concealed, and unproductive, either of profit or gratification, rather than run the risk of its display. This latter evil is never felt under a good government. - Author: Jean-Baptiste Say
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#68. The basic idea of arbitrary coherence is this: although initial prices (such as the price of Assael's pearls) are "arbitrary," once those prices are established in our minds they will shape not only present prices but also future prices (this makes them "coherent"). - Author: Dan Ariely
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#69. Thus the creation, which seems an arbitrary act, supposes laws as invariable as those of the fatality of the Atheists. It would be absurd to say that the Creator might govern the world without those rules, since without them it could not subsist. - Author: Charles De Secondat
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#70. Science fiction writers put characters into a world with arbitrary rules and work out what happens. - Author: Rudy Rucker
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#71. There's a point I set for myself, and it's an arbitrary point, when I think no matter happens, I'm going to finish that book. And that's when I get to page 100. I have to see it out. - Author: Joanna Scott
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#72. " ... arbitrary, capricious, an abuse of discretion, and as a matter of law, unsupportable." - Author: Luther L. Bohanon
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#73. Any argument where one supposes an arbitrary choice to be made an uncountably infinite number of times ... [is] outside the domain of mathematics. - Author: Emile Borel
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#74. We should try to achieve things for ourselves and not rely on former or past family glories with which we have no connection but the arbitrary nature of our birth. - Author: Shirley Franklin
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#75. There is something so arbitrary about prizes. - Author: Steve Toltz
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#76. Throughout history, fairly arbitrary lines drawn on maps have determined who prospers and who needs, who eats and who starves, who attacks and who is attacked, who lives long and who dies young. Oh, we have been slaves to those lines for so long ... - Author: Gavin De Becker
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#77. From the first dawn of life, all organic beings are found to resemble each other in descending degrees, so that they can be classed in groups under groups. This classification is evidently not arbitrary like the grouping of stars in constellations. - Author: Charles Darwin
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#78. Clocks measure arbitrary meters of time, but not its speed. Nobody knows if time is speeding up, or slowing down. Nobody knows what it is. How much time is there in a day? Not how many hours, minutes, seconds: how much TIME do we have?
This day? - Author: David Mitchell
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#79. Habit is altogether too arbitrary a master for me to submit to. - Author: Johann Kaspar Lavater
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#80. Inflation is the fiscal complement of statism and arbitrary government. It is a cog in the complex of policies and institutions which gradually lead toward totalitarianism . - Author: Ludwig Von Mises
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#81. I have lived with my husband more than I have with my parents ... I live beside him, and know his worries, his hopes, and his dreams for his nation. We believe that things happen by design, not in an arbitrary way. And we believe it is our duty to make things happen. - Author: Mozah Bint Nasser Al Missned
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#82. A part of us resists all of this and wants to make it sound as if it's much too religious, an arbitrary thing that we have to do with our life. This is nonsense. This is the real fun. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#83. Freedom is the emancipation from the arbitrary rule of other men. - Author: Mortimer Adler
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#84. The power to determine the quantity of money ... is too important, too pervasive, to be exercised by a few people, however public-spirited, if there is any feasible alternative. There is no need for such arbitrary power. - Author: Milton Friedman
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#85. Democracy is about non-arbitrary decisions. Democracy is about spreading decisions; it is not about destroying processes. - Author: Rahul Gandhi
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#86. It's all arbitrary. Had Faye attended a different school. Had her parents moved away. Had Peggy been sick that day. Had she chosen a different boy. And on and on. A thousand permutations, a million possibilities, and almost all of them kept Faye from sitting here in the sand with Henry. - Author: Nathan Hill
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#87. The arbitrary power of the Government is unlimited, and unexampled in history; freedom of the Press, of opinion and of movement are as thoroughly exterminated as though the proclamation of the Rights of Man had never been. - Author: Arthur Koestler
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#88. I think the superstar thing is completely arbitrary. It's all about who had a movie that did well one weekend. Then, if you have a movie that doesn't do well the next weekend, then, all of the sudden, you've fallen from whatever. So it doesn't really mean anything for me. - Author: Channing Tatum
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#89. The birth of science rang the death-knell of an arbitrary and constantly interposing Supreme Power. - Author: Annie Besant
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#90. Whenever legislators endeavor to take away and destroy the property of the people, or to reduce them to slavery under arbitrary power, they put themselves into a state of war with the people, who are thereupon absolved from any further obedience. - Author: John Locke
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#91. Conformity is not an admirable trait. Conformity is a copout. It threatens self-awareness. It can lead groups to enforce rigid and arbitrary rules. - Author: Alexandra Robbins
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#92. I devised a somewhat arbitrary way out of my own difficulties that evening. - Author: Dorothy Dunnett
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#93. Exactly. It all just seems so arbitrary and political and" - come on, Blake, finish strong, puritanical, pathological, perforated, Panamanian - "weird. - Author: Veronica Rossi
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#94. The danger to a free society is not the guns owned by the citizens but an unconstrained government ... An armed society is a self-governing society, just as a disarmed people are vulnerable to arbitrary power of every kind. - Author: Llewellyn Rockwell
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#95. It is true, indeed, that the national domain is ours. It is true it was acquired by the valor and with the wealth of the whole nation. But we hold, nevertheless, no arbitrary power over it. - Author: William H. Seward
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#96. Atheism may be defined as the mental attitude which unreservedly accepts the supremacy of reason and aims at establishing a lifestyle and ethical outlook verifiable by experience and the scientific method, independent of all arbitrary assumptions of authority and creeds. - Author: Madalyn Murray O'Hair
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#97. Music, I regret to say, affects me merely as an arbitrary succession of more or less irritating sounds. Under certain emotional circumstances I can stand the spasms of a rich violin, but the concert piano and all wind instruments bore me in small doses and flay me in larger ones. - Author: Vladimir Nabokov
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#98. There can be no greater stretch of arbitrary power than to seize children from their parents, teach them whatever the authorities decree they shall be taught, and expropriate from the parents the funds to pay for the procedure. - Author: Isabel Paterson
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#99. There was no single gay point of view. Like skin color or gender or any of those arbitrary, sometimes artificial, difference sexual orientation didn't make us all the same. But it did affect us. It had to. - Author: Kelly J. Cogswell
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#100. The press doesn't just cover presidential campaigns, they influence them by making arbitrary decisions about who is 'top tier' and merits coverage. - Author: Mark McKinnon
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