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#1. I try to make the audience forget all their problems
for an hour and a half or so get them out of themselves, and space, and time, and consciousness. - Author: Rick James
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#2. I consider space to be a material. The articulation of space has come to take precedence over other concerns. I attempt to use sculptural form to make space distinct. - Author: Richard Serra
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#3. Spaces between the forms, or the negative shapes, play just as great a role as the positives and they enable you to check the accuracy of your drawing. The positives make the negatives and negatives make the positives. - Author: Stan Smith
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#4. Let's make beautiful music together, Emery Carmichael. - Author: Melyssa Winchester
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#5. If you live in a small space, you should do the things that make it feel luxurious. - Author: Emily Procter
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#6. Intent is not a thought, or an object, or a wish. Intent is what can make a man succeed when his thoughts tell him that he is defeated. It operates in spite of the warrior's indulgence. Intent is what makes him invulnerable. Intent is what sends a shaman through a wall, through space, to infinity. - Author: Carlos Castaneda
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#7. Ah, the Gods of little men which make them smaller still. - Author: L.G. Space
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#8. After you free yourself from the incredible expectations of love through the media from the time you were so high, you realise that it's the spaces between the notes that make music. - Author: Hector Elizondo
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#9. Nowadays, people send rockets into space, and I think it does make you question if there's a God. They can make babies in a dish now! Everything we're seeing goes against what people always believed in. - Author: Judy Parfitt
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#10. Open-plan offices have been found to reduce productivity and impair memory. They're associated with high staff turnover. They make people sick, hostile, unmotivated, and insecure. - Author: Susan Cain
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#11. The great thing about the dead, they make space. - Author: John Updike
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#12. By actively thinking about the implications a space has on its inhabitants, we can create great experiences for those who enter. Make Space is an articulate account about the importance of space; how we think about it, build it and thrive in it. - Author: James P Hackett
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#13. There is no such thing as an empty space or an empty time. There is always something to see, something to hear. In fact, try as we may to make a silence, we cannot. - Author: John Cage
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#14. you make me feel like myself again. Myself before I had any solid reasons to be anything else. Last night you gave me space to dream bigger than the single bed. You laughed in your sleep and I cried in mine and - Author: Yrsa Daley-Ward
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#15. The world itself looks cleaner and so much more beautiful. Maybe we can make it that way - the way God intended it to be - by giving everyone, eventually, that new perspective from out in space. - Author: Roger B. Chaffee
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#16. I'm even going to electrolyze my urine. That'll make for a pleasant smell in the trailer.

If I survive this, I'll tell people I was pissing rocket fuel. - Author: Andy Weir
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#17. Today, the only thing Hollywood swears by is space adventures because that's what goes over well. For my part, I trust my instinct and I make the films I believe in. If the public follows me, that's wonderful. If it doesn't follow, c'est la vie. - Author: Clint Eastwood
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#18. All I am, and all I love, is war. I don't know who I will be if I stop. The world, if it is to survive, needs a leader, not a warmonger. The world I want to make does not require me - Author: Kameron Hurley
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#19. If you try to make your circle closed and exclusively yours, it never grows very much. Only a circle that has lots of room for anybody who needs it has enough spare space to hold any real magic. - Author: Zilpha Keatley Snyder
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#20. She wonders how much space a person has left in her soul to change herself, once she gets older. What people does she still have to meet, what will they see in her, and what will they make her see in herself? Sami - Author: Fredrik Backman
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#21. I produce the way I would love to be produced: In ways to create the best conditions to make your movie, but also to create a space in which the director calls the shots. - Author: Alfonso Cuaron
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#22. Space is a harsh, inhospitable frontier and we are explorers, not colonisers. The skills of our engineers and the technology surrounding us make things appear simple when they are not, and perhaps we forget this sometimes. Better not to forget. - Author: Luca Parmitano
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#23. My childhood dreams were focused on being part of the effort to make humanity a multiplanetary species. - Author: Peter Diamandis
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#24. (Space programs are) a force operating on educational pipelines that stimulate the formation of scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians ... They're the ones that make tomorrow come. The foundations of economies ... issue forth from investments we make in science and technology. - Author: Neil DeGrasse Tyson
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#25. I think I need to continue to think and plan and marry all of the different things that we could do that make transportation in space from the earth to the space station, from the earth to the moon to space stations around the moon to visiting an asteroid. - Author: Buzz Aldrin
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#26. I don't have the educated knowledge of what textures, colors, shapes and spaces need to be put together to make something just right. I'm learning it by trial and error, which is something that's slow going. - Author: Evangeline Lilly
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#27. It keeps startling me that at the beginning of this 21st century, at a time when we can ... explore the depths of the seas and build an international space station, we have not been able to make childbirth safe for all women around the world ... This is one of the greatest social causes of our time. - Author: Thoraya Obaid
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#28. I always liked paintings to be walls rather than windows. When we see a painting on a wall, it's a window, so I often put my paintings in the middle of the space to make a wall. - Author: Pierre Soulages
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#29. Here is an unbroken space in which a woman and a man may with the full sanction of society, practically make love to each other with their eyes, their fleeting touch, and the display of their bodies. Emblem of marriage, indeed. - Author: Laurie Viera Rigler
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#30. Sometimes I park in handicap spaces while handicapped people make handicapped faces. - Author: Denis Leary
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#31. My house is small, but you are learned men And by your arguments can make a place Twenty foot broad as infinite as space. - Author: Geoffrey Chaucer
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#32. He had no more imaginary space, nowhere he could escape to, no more expectations, all he could do was make himself available to the present moment, to what was immeasurable, the terrible profusion of moments that make up a day. - Author: Laurence Cosse
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#33. I do think that we have this incredible opportunity because being on-line - the Internet is a relatively new space - we do have this incredible opportunity to change that dynamic, to make sure that women are present in all sorts of spaces, not just women-only spaces. - Author: Jessica Valenti
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#34. Making a self can be like writing, and now I think writing can be like home: a space you make that you dwell in and roam through for hours every day, a space that's absolutely yours. - Author: Jane Alison
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#35. You have to make a space in your heart, in your mind and in your life itself for authentic human connection. - Author: Marianne Williamson
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#36. I'm making the music I want to make, in my own space, and it's just incredible to be able to continue to do that. - Author: Solange Knowles
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#37. the presence of buildings around a park is important in design. They enclose it. They make a definite shape out of the space, so that it appears as an important event in the city scene, a positive feature, rather than a no-account leftover. - Author: Jane Jacobs
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#38. A garden should make you feel you've entered privileged space
a place not just set apart but reverberant
and it seems to me that, to achieve this, the gardener must put some kind of twist on the existing landscape, turn its prose into something nearer poetry. - Author: Michael Pollan
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#39. My limitations make space for the gifts of other people. Without the grace of our limitations we would be isolated, dry, and insufferable creatures indeed. - Author: Joan D. Chittister
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#40. In this space, in this moment, we are who we want to be. I am lucky, because for me that doesn't take much courage. But for others, it takes a world of bravery to make it to the clearing. - Author: David Levithan
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#41. Once in awhile, you do encounter bad acquaintance, mean people, toxic aura. Don't let them rent space in your heart and mind. Don't let anyone make you so upset that you become someone you don't even recognise. - Author: Rita Zahara
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#42. Small spaces allow me the intimacy, but make it more of a challenge for the more theatrical pieces. - Author: Karen Mason
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#43. 82/ The truth is that writing is simply not reliable. You can't count on it to be there just because you've made time for it. In fact, making space might make it disappear. - Author: Kim Addonizio
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#44. There was certainly a space I felt for me, don't complain about it not being there, make it. - Author: Erol Alkan
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#45. Space, space: architects always talk about space! But creating a space is not automatically doing architecture. With the same space, you can make a masterpiece or cause a disaster. - Author: Jean Nouvel
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#46. Life can be less mysterious than we make it out to be when we try to think about how it would be on other planets. And if we remove the mystery of life, then I think it is a little bit easier for us to think about how we live, and how perhaps we're not as special as we always think we are. - Author: Chris Adami
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#47. There's a big gaping hole in the EDM space for songwriting. It's one thing to learn how to be a great sound designer and become big just on sound design. Especially if you're in the dubstep category, it's like, how much fatter and more interesting can you make those drops. - Author: Steve Aoki
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#48. The people talking on their cell phone and following GPS instructions to where grandma's house is saying I don't need space - excuse me, that's how you know where grandma lives, and when to make the left turn. - Author: Neil DeGrasse Tyson
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#49. I don't have space to enter into the examples or the history of this, so I'm left with having to make the bold statement that culture is extinct. - Author: Vivienne Westwood
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#50. We have our little space and our little time. We need to use it as best we can. We need to make memories, even if only for ourselves. - Author: Neville Stocks
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#51. Sometimes when you think you need space to sort out how you feel, you really don't. You're just scared, so you ran. Running is never the answer. Make yourself stay and work through it. - Author: J.C. Isabella
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#52. Paintings are seldom guilty and often framed for crimes they did not commit. Some cover holes-holes in walls, holes in lives. Some make holes-in wallets, holes in hearts ... in negative space. - Author: Marilyn Manson
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#53. Here's what I've learned about "soon"; it's short for "someday." We make space in our lives for what matters, now. Not in promises and soons, but on mantels with sterling frames, in shelves we clear to make room for our now. Everything else i talk. - Author: Stephanie Klein
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#54. Silence ... leads us to make a gift of self rather than a selfishness that has been gift-wrapped ... Silence does not mean running away but rather recollecting ourselves in the open space of God. - Author: Madeleine Delbrel
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#55. I believe in the city as a natural human environment, but we must humanize it. It's art that will re-define public space in the 21st Century. We can make our cities diverse, inspirational places by putting art, dance and performance in all its forms into the matrix of street life. - Author: Antony Gormley
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#56. Because you make a world that didn't exist before, and you can go into that world deeper and deeper. It's unbounded out there. One film takes you into one area, another film takes you into another area. There could be trillions, zillions of worlds that exist in the big space. - Author: David Lynch
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#57. God's mercy is so great that you may sooner drain the sea of its water, or deprive the sun of its light, or make space too narrow, than diminish the great mercy of God. - Author: Charles Spurgeon
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#58. I believe that the time has arrived for medical investigation of the problems of manned rocket flight, for it will not be the engineering problems but rather the limits of the human frame that will make the final decision as to whether manned space flight will eventually become a reality. - Author: Wernher Von Braun
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#59. I've been quite happy. Look, here are my proofs. Remember that I am indifferent to discomforts which would harass other folk. What do the circumstances of life matter if your dreams make you lord paramount of time and space? - Author: W. Somerset Maugham
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#60. We make a space inside ourselves, so that being can speak. - Author: Martin Heidegger
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#61. Ghost Dog: In the words of the ancients, one should make his decision within the space of seven breaths. It is a matter of being determined and having the spirit to break through to the other side. - Author: Jim Jarmusch
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#62. And God stepped out on space, and He looked around and said: I'm lonely - I'll make me a world. - Author: James Weldon Johnson
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#63. Na Arean sat alone in space as a cloud that floats in nothingness. He slept not, for there was no sleep; he hungered not, for as yet there was no hunger. So he remained for a great while, until a thought came to his mind. He said to himself, I will make a thing. - Author: Carl Sagan
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#64. I do sit down every day and make myself write. I want 2,000 words every day or 3 single-space pages a day. I think if you are on a deadline, you have to be disciplined. If you turn things in late, you will find yourself without a contract. - Author: Michelle Moran
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#65. Well, the human genome has massive redundancy - that means that two per cent of the DNA does all the work of instructing the ribosomes that build the proteins that make up the cells of your body. Ninety-eight per cent of your DNA just sits there doing nothing. Taking up space in the gene. - Author: Ian McDonald
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#66. To make up a dance, I still need, as I needed then, a pot of tea, walking space, privacy and an idea. - Author: Agnes De Mille
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#67. And when the sun sets ... then the night magic spreads out above your head; worlds and universes a-borning and a-dying - stars and planets and galaxies. And the bigger the telescope they can make, and the farther into the beyond they are able to penetrate, the greater grows the mystery. - Author: Paul Gallico
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#68. There's nothing like space and the ability to make unlimited amounts of noise at any time, especially in San Francisco. - Author: John Vanderslice
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#69. Black trauma is never given space to heal because we have to make sure the white people who hurt us don't feel too bad about it. Even as victims, we're told to care about the feelings of those who harm us. - Author: Luvvie Ajayi
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#70. The car is the most regulated thing in the world. It's more complicated to make a car than it is to send a rocket to space. - Author: Henrik Fisker
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#71. However small your garden, you must provide for two of the serious gardener's necessities, a tool shed and a compost heap. A wire bin takes up negligible space and can be concealed by shrubs, or you can make a small pit into which you sweep leaves and clippings, but try not to fall into it. - Author: Ann Scott
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#72. I can't wait to design the performance. I want to make a moment that is about much more than me. Performing in space is such an honor. I want to challenge myself to come up with something that will not only bring everyone together but will also have a message of love that blasts into the beyond. - Author: Lady Gaga
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#73. Sometimes the best way to uncover a new goal or dream is to step back, make space, and allow what's next to find you. - Author: Cheryl Richardson
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#74. It's the space you put between the notes that make the music. - Author: Massimo Vignelli
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#75. The hardest thing is to make this little space for yourself where you can think and not get inundated with other stuff coming in. - Author: Catherine Yass
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#76. There was room for all of us in that drainpipe even with the snake there. But if you're not wanted, there's no amount of space that will make a difference. - Author: Holly Goldberg Sloan
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#77. Long scenes of emotion are quite difficult - you've got to build up to them and make sure you're in the right emotional space. - Author: Holliday Grainger
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#78. What my work is, is my approach to it. It's the practice. And my work is about the effort that I make to get there. And I think if there's anything artistic, it's in that middle space. - Author: Anna Deavere Smith
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#79. There are many people talking about access to space and, 'How can we make that cheaper? How can we turn that into a Southwest Airlines versus the big airlines?' - Author: Buzz Aldrin
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#80. I'm appreciative that somehow I've always found a way through the years to capture a new fan base and continue to remain relevant in some space and still make a living doing what I love - to me that's all that matters. - Author: Justin Smith
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#81. You're about to walk on stage and play together for the next few hours so you want to feel connected and make sure that everyone is in the same head space; a good head space. - Author: John Petrucci
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#82. The cemetery is an open space among the ruins, covered in winter with violets and daisies. It might make one in love with death, to think that one should be buried in so sweet a place. - Author: Percy Bysshe Shelley
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#83. The mind-sets, views, and affective relations of human beings living in a shared world make a difference in what each of us thinks is possible, fitting, or just. A vast revolution can occur in that tiny space. - Author: Jill Stauffer
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#84. Well, I'm guessing hat in about two centuries or so, humans will discover zero space and make transponders. Whatever they are. But in the meantime, I'm going to have a sandwich."

-Animorphs #5, The Predator page 34 - Author: K.A. Applegate
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#85. You cannot just be working in a vast, air-conditioned loft space and think you are going to make a decent painting. Francis Bacon had a special studio built, and he felt completely emasculated in there. I have to be somewhere comfortable. - Author: Peter Doig
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#86. With 'Acid Rap,' I allowed myself to be really open-minded and free with who I allowed into my musical space. I wanted to make a cohesive product, but I also just want to make a bunch of dope songs inspired by whatever sounds I liked. - Author: Chance The Rapper
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#87. How could I make anyone understand? He was still with me. He was the negative space. - Author: M. Pierce
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#88. I call our world Flatland, not because we call it so, but to make its nature clearer to you, my happy readers, who are privileged to live in Space. - Author: Edwin A. Abbott
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#89. What's the name for the space between stars?"
"No such name."
"Make one up."
I thought about it. "The soul asylum."
"That's another way of saying heaven, Agnes. - Author: Hannah Kent
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#90. I had always planned to make a large painting of the early spring, when the first leaves are at the bottom of the trees, and they seem to float in space in a wonderful way. But the arrival of spring can't be done in one picture. - Author: David Hockney
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#91. Scientific advancement carries risk. It always has. Space programs, genetic research, medicine - they all make mistakes. Science needs to survive its own blunders, at any cost. For everyone's sake. - Author: Dan Brown
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#92. In Russia, we had tough times. Only one puck, I always wanted the puck, so I learn how to keep it and make space and get puck when other guy has it. - Author: Pavel Datsyuk
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#93. Structure influences behavior. Design spaces that make you feel "you are welcome here and that you came to the right place." - Author: Peter Block
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#94. When you dance, you measure distance as if it's a solid thing; you make precise judgments every time two bodies exist in relation to each other. So I knew right away the definition of the space between us. - Author: David Levithan
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#95. I think we always view people who make us feel uncomfortable and appear to intrude on our middle-class cozy space, we view them with, if not hostility, at least suspicion, discomfort, embarrassment. - Author: Ian Anderson
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#96. If you can imagine a thing, conjure it up in space then you can make it ... The universe is real but you can't see it. You have to imagine it. Then you can be realistic about reproducing it. - Author: Alexander Calder
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#97. Scott Doorley and Scott Witthoft in their book Make Space, - Author: Greg McKeown
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#98. If someone wears something you like, you make comments on it. And if someone wears something we don't like, we make comments on it, too. That's just what guys do, what teammates do. Besides that, we don't really compete in that space. - Author: Dwyane Wade
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#99. Yet another proposal would have us rocket the waste into the sun, but, as you're probably aware, about one in ten of our space shots doesn't quite make it out of the earth's gravitational field. - Author: David R. Brower
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#100. Why are we now going into space? Well, why did we trouble to look past the next mountain? Our prime obligation to ourselves is to make the unknown known. We are on a journey to keep an appointment with whatever we are. - Author: Gene Roddenberry
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