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#1. Don't worry about her!" Troy shouted from behind her. "She's in good hands!"
Elena's mom looked aghast. But she still drove away.
"I'm sorry," Troy said. "Did I make that worse? I meant the hands of the line. - Author: Rainbow Rowell
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#2. Surely there is something in madness, even the demoniac, which Satan flees, aghast at his own handiwork, and which God looks on in pity.. - Author: William Faulkner
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#3. College visit for the weekend," Wall said. "'Bama." "Oh." Max tried to nod knowingly. "Sure. Go Gators." They all looked at him as if he'd kicked the Pope in the junk. "Max," Audie said, aghast, "it's Roll Tide. - Author: Gina Damico
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#4. Dark trees leaped across his vision like aghast dancers in the nacreous light. - Author: Stephen R. Donaldson
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#5. Pale beauty stands aghast," he said, "at the vulgar ugliness of men. - Author: Tanith Lee
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#6. abandonment of spiritual values which makes us stand aghast.' The Mir answered: 'Neither could you provide entertainment for your people, nor could you bind them to your person. To call them "my people - Author: Idries Shah
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#7. Having spent a substantial part of my career parodying religious figures from my own Christian background, I am aghast at the notion that it could, in effect, be made illegal to imply ridicule of a religion or to lampoon religious figures. - Author: Rowan Atkinson
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#8. Miss Drew, entering her classroom, was aghast to see instead of the usual small array of buttonholes on her desk, a mass of already withering hothouse flowers completely covering her desk and chair. William was a boy who never did things by halves. - Author: David Miller
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#9. Build a house?" exclaimed John.
"For the Wendy," said Curly.
"For Wendy?" John said, aghast. "Why, she is only a girl!"
"That," explained Curly, "is why we are her servants. - Author: J.M. Barrie
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#10. I only raped her once," he explained. Yossarian was aghast. "But you killed her, Aarfy! You killed her!" "Oh, I had to do that after I raped her," Aarfy replied in his most condescending manner. - Author: Joseph Heller
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#11. You read too many books." "No such thing!" I cried, aghast. - Author: Kylie Scott
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#12. They're tracking the energy abnormalities, above and beyond what runs through Henrietta, and right now, they point right at him." He looked at Ronan.

Gansey, who had looked aghast at the idea of the Gray Man having to abandon his books, frowned even deeper. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
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#13. It's political, sir. Apparently he wants a return to the values and traditions that made the city great, sir."
"Does he _know_ what those values and traditions _were_?" said Vimes, aghast. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#14. When I'm gigging, there's an uneasy shift when I pull a puppet out. People look at me aghast and I feel I have about 20 seconds to win them over. You even get the prejudice among other people in your own profession. - Author: Nina Conti
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#15. You must never believe what the newspapers say. I stand aghast at the impudence of the lies they contain, things not only false in fact, but absolutely impossible. - Author: Anna Brownell Jameson
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#16. Aghast, Yasmeen gaped at her before looking to the duke. It's worse than I thought. Not just the Horde, not just the police- you're keeping company with someone who has principles. - Author: Meljean Brook
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#17. AGHAST (AGHA'ST) adj.[either the participle of agaze,(see AGAZE) and then to be written agazed, or agast,or from a and gast, a ghost, which the present orthography favours; perhaps they were originally different words.]Struck with horrour, as - Author: Samuel Johnson
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#18. When I get a new script my mom will read them and just be aghast. I think it's hysterical. - Author: Alia Shawkat
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#19. Which reminds me, there's a vampire hand in your freezer's ice maker." Seeing my aghast expression, she added, "Don't worry. I double-bagged it. - Author: Jim C. Hines
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#20. I'm afraid I've already found my Ever After, Hort," said Sophie.
"What? With who?" Hort asked, aghast.
"On my own," she said, her voice sure and clear. "I'm happy on my own."
And for the first time, she knew it was true. - Author: Soman Chainani
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#21. Get the point?" I asked, offering the boys a triumphant smile.
Gabriel, Zeb, and Dick stared at me, aghast.
"What? Sarcastic postkill comeback. Isn't that what you're supposed to do in situations like this?
Too harsh? - Author: Molly Harper
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#22. Extra lessons with Snape?" said Ron, sounding aghast. "I'd rather have the nightmares! - Author: J.K. Rowling
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#23. Beeches stood aghast in pools of shed leaves. Silver poplars looked like moonbeams. - Author: Ali Shaw
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#24. Necklace. The parchment curled, blackened, and took flame. Theon was aghast. "Have you gone mad?" His father laid a stinging backhand across his cheek. "Mind your tongue. You are not in Winterfell now, and I am not Robb the Boy, that you should speak to me so. I am the Greyjoy, Lord Reaper of Pyke, - Author: George R R Martin
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#25. When the demon was muscling for action she was like the princess in the fairy tale from whose mouth toads fell. The small part of her which remained outside the dominion of her temper stood aghast but inefficient as one after the other the reptiles showered forth. - Author: Elizabeth Goudge
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#26. Ah, dream too bright to last!
Ah, starry Hope! that didst arise
But to be overcast!
A voice from out the Future cries,
"On! on!" - but o'er the Past
(Dim gulf!) my spirit hovering lies
Mute, motionless, aghast. - Author: Edgar Allan Poe
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#27. As a child, my wife hated her school and wished she could leave. Years later, when she was in her twenties, she disclosed this unhappy fact to her parents, and her mother was aghast: 'But darling, why didn't you come to us and tell us?' Lalla's reply is my text for today: 'But I didn't know I could. - Author: Richard Dawkins
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#28. It was a matter of survival for the local people, but it was the most violent scene I have ever witnessed. The people in my group, feeling helpless, were all spellbound and aghast at the same time. I became a vegetarian shortly after that. - Author: Wendie Malick
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#29. I am a witness to nations and people deprived of their freedom. I was there. I watched that great Iron Curtain drop around nations which formerly had prized their freedom - good people. I was aghast as these were written off by the stroke of a pen. - Author: Ezra Taft Benson
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#30. At daybreak, on the bleak sea-beach,
A fisherman stood aghast,
To see the form of a maiden fair,
Lashed close to a drifting mast. - Author: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
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#31. They put arsenic in his meat And stared aghast to watch him eat; They poured strychnine in his cup And shook to see him drink it up. - Author: A.E. Housman
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#32. In that dark hour I was aghast to realise that something within me, long sickening, had quietly died. I suddenly knew I had no desire or tenderness or esteem. Nothing remained except the chill bonds of law and duty an custom. - Author: Evelyn Waugh
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#33. The girls looked aghast. I watched them cast baleful looks their mother's way, and saw, in their silky, seamless faces, the thick patina so many years of privilege had left behind. Suddenly I was enraged - enraged at both of them for not knowing what these privileges had cost. - Author: Jennifer Egan
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#34. Sara!" she cried, aghast. "Mamma Sara!" She was aghast because the attic was so bare and ugly and seemed so far away from all the world. Her short legs had seemed to have been mounting hundreds of stairs. - Author: Frances Hodgson Burnett
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#35. August stared at her, aghast. "Did I know that kissing you would bring your soul to surface? That - THAT - would have the same effect as pain or music? No, I must have missed that lesson."

She stared at him, agape. "August, was that sarcasm? - Author: Victoria Schwab
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#36. FORTY-SEVEN We found Diva in a shriek of Divas, in the lobby of the President hotel. The three of them stopped, staring at us with well-practised aghast. Didier was in a rumpled, white linen jacket and - Author: Gregory David Roberts
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#37. Only the forest." Blessing's voice is dismissive.

"How can you say only the forest?" I ask, aghast. "No forest is only a forest. - Author: Ashlee Willis
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#38. He says it harshly, savagely, but he does not say the word. Like a little boy in the dark to flail his courage and suddenly aghast into silence by his own noise. - Author: William Faulkner
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#39. I remember when I first started, the first movie I wrote that didn't get made I was aghast. 'Wait a minute, that's not how this is supposed to work. You write a move and it gets made!' - Author: Scott Aukerman
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