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#2. My mind id more problem/solution orientated. Mad at me? Scream at me. Punch me if you're up for it. Please don't smile at me sweetly, act like nothing is wrong and then leave me disillusioned. - Caleb

C.J. Roberts

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Astrid Lindgren

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#4. I would caution anyone who thinks the solution is to get out to realize that Iraq will be our problem, whether we're there or not, for years to come. It will not be Vietnam; it will not let us go home and lick our wounds.

George Packer

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#5. The problem was Le Corbusier was a genius and an enormous artist, but he tried to resolve problems to which there is no solution. So the idea to demolish the centre of Paris in order to adapt it to the car - he drew it! - is something not even the most bloody dictators conceived.

Leon Krier

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#6. Every problem has in it the seeds of its own solution. If you don't have any problems, you don't get any seeds.

Norman Vincent Peale

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#7. In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem, government IS the problem. It isn't so much that liberals are ignorant, it's just that they know so much that isn't so.

Ronald Reagan

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#8. My solution to the problem would be to tell the North Vietnamese Communists frankly that they've got to drawn in their horns and stop their aggression or we're going to bomb them into the stone age.

Curtis LeMay

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#9. No matter what kind of problem I've run into, there's always been a solution for it. Now, obviously, there will be a point where there aren't any more solutions, and I'll have used up my time. We all do.

Dick Cheney

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#10. The solution to our drug problem is not in incarceration.

Barry McCaffrey

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#11. I hope to see an integrated solution created to deal with both the local pollution problem and the global climate change problem.

Ma Jun

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#12. Sometimes the only solution is figuring out a bigger problem to focus on.

Dane Cook

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#13. Making changes isn't about stopping the problem, it's about starting the solution.

Bill Crawford

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#14. If you're not stubborn, you'll give up on experiments too soon. And if you're not flexible, you'll pound your head against the wall and you won't see a different solution to a problem you're trying to solve.

Jeff Bezos

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#15. It is my belief God sends the solution first and the problem later, replied Dr. Javid.

Malala Yousafzai

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#16. When, in his first inaugural address, Ronald Reagan famously said government is the problem, not the solution, he established the Republican mantra that has not changed in all the years since. It was a clever bit of rhetoric, but it has turned too many Republicans into economic simpletons.

David Horsey

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#17. Automatic paper towel dispensers are a solution to something that was never a problem in the first place.

Demetri Martin

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#18. Regardless of the problem, as long as our solution requires someone else to change, we will never know the power and promise of self-determination.

Bill Crawford

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#19. The solution to the problem of life is seen in the vanishing of this problem.

Ludwig Wittgenstein

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#20. The reason, simply put, is that seeking control is not the solution to the human condition but is part of the problem.

Skye Jethani

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#21. You are confusing two notions, "the solution of a problem" and "the correct posing of the question". Only the second is essential for the artist.

Anton Chekhov

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#22. All personal achievement starts within the mind of the individual-knowing your problem is the first step in finding the solution.

Napoleon Hill

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#23. I remember a huge tiredness coming over me, a kind of lethargy in the face of the tangled mess before me. It was like being given a maths problem when your brain's exhausted, and you know there's some far-off solution, but you can't work up the energy even to give it a go.

Kazuo Ishiguro

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#24. Be solution oriented not problem oriented.Problems is limited but solutions are unlimited.

Mohammed Sekouty

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#25. Design is a response to a specific problem. You are given a problem to solve, and then you let the problem itself tell you what your solution is.

Chip Kidd

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#26. So that is the design process or the creative process. Start with a problem, forget the problem, the problem reveals itself or the solution reveals itself and then you reevaulate it. This is what you are doing all the time.

Paul Rand

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#27. The depth of any story is proportionate to the protagonist's commitment to their goal, the complexity of the problem, and the grace of the solution.

Steve House

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#28. Americans have a tendency to believe that when there's a problem there must be a solution.

Henry Kissinger

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#29. Don't talk about the problem. Be a part of the solution.

Chris Vonada

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#30. You may be smart, talented, and hardworking but if you do not know about an opportunity, you do not get that opportunity. At our offices, we are solving this problem for millions.

Sharad Vivek Sagar

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#31. Every problem contains the seed of it's own solution.

Norman Vincent Peale

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#32. Can you think of any problem, in any area of human endeavour, on any scale, from microscopic to global, whose long-term solution is in any demonstrable way aided, assisted, or advanced by further increases in population, locally, nationally, or globally?

Albert Allen Bartlett

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#33. I believe anything has to be possible. You have to be able to face any problem that comes along and unravel it into a solution.

Jon Oringer

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#34. A possibility thinker notices a problem just long enough to get excited about the solution.

Alan Cohen

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#35. You'll never find the solution if you don't see the problem.

Gilbert K. Chesterton

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#36. Too fearful to intervene and hold back the tormenter, she was pleading instead with the victim to be more submissive. It was a solution that would resolve the conflict while entrenching the problem. Aedan didn't have the words to understand, but he could feel the wrongness of it.

Jonathan Renshaw

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#37. he presented me with a mathematical conundrum," he said. "It's a famous one, the P = NP problem. Basically, it asks whether it's more difficult to think of the solution to a problem yourself or to ascertain if someone else's answer to the same problem is correct.

Keigo Higashino

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#38. A turbulent history has taught Chinese leaders that not every problem has a solution and that too great an emphasis on total mastery over specific events could upset the harmony of the universe.

Henry Kissinger

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#39. When facing terrorism, especially in the wake of awful events, there is a tendency to despair, to see in the battle a problem without a solution.

Rich Cohen

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#40. However much a president wishes it, a national problem cannot be knocked out with a single punch. A president must work with the problem as much as against it, turn it into a solution if she can.

Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo

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#41. Grief. Death was not an intellectual conceit. It was an existential black hole, an animal riddle, both problem and solution, and the grief it inspired could not be fixed or bypassed like a faulty relay, but only endured.

Noah Hawley

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#42. There easy answer to the evil and suffering problem and no easy road to its solution. But Christ tackled the matter radically and realistically by winning the allegiance of a few men and women to a new way of living...They were to be the spearhead of good against evil.

J.B. Phillips

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#43. I don't think it's right that I'm part of the problem. I can't be part of the solution if I'm part of the problem

Haruki Murakami

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#44. Decision making and problem solving are not the same. To solve a problem, one needs to find a solution. To make a decision, one needs to make a choice.

Michael J. Marx

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#45. Once again, when you fully understand the neural circuitry of the brain's reward center to seek survival and emotional rewards, it becomes easier to see how diets are part of the problem, and by themselves are never the solution.

Scott Abel

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#46. All progress is precarious, and the solution of one problem brings us face to face with another problem.

Martin Luther King Jr.

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#47. The problem is that we attempt to solve the simplest questions cleverly, thereby rendering them unusually complex. One should seekthe simple solution.

Anton Chekhov

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#48. I remember that through all chaos or problems, there is a solution. So I separate myself for just a moment, whether that means zoning everyone out or taking a little walk to get some fresh air. I take this time to clear my head, breathe and reassess the problem and how I'm feeling.

Allison Holker

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#49. Whatever your problem is, if you may think it rightly, the solution will appear on the horizon like a shining sun!

Mehmet Murat Ildan

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#50. Think of the solution, not the problem

Terry Goodkind

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#51. At a given instant everything the surgeon knows suddenly becomes important to the solution of the problem. You can't do it an hour later, or tomorrow. Nor can you go to the library and look it up.

John W. Kirklin

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#52. In human affairs every solution serves only to sharpen the problem, to show us more clearly what we are up against. There are no final solutions.

Eric Hoffer

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#53. The war made possible for us the solution of a whole series of problems that could never have been solved in normal times.

Joseph Goebbels

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#54. Time itself is the solution to all problems.

P. V. Narasimha Rao

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#55. If you believe in the problem, then for the sake of balance you have to believe in the solution.

Jennifer Adele

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#56. With violence, as with so many other concerns, human nature is the problem, but human nature is also the solution.

Steven Pinker

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#57. The universe is so well balanced that the mere fact that you have a problem also serves as a sign that there is a solution.

Steve Maraboli

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#58. We fail to see the gospel as the solution to our greatest problem-our guilt, condemnation, and alienation from God. Beyond that, we fail to see it as the basis of our day-to-day acceptance with Him. As a result, many believers live in spiritual poverty.

Jerry Bridges

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#59. This is the problem for which revolutionary theory has yet to find the right solution, if there is one. The difficulty is that the economic interests of the two classes are antagonistic.

Garet Garrett

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#60. Never advise a man against his wife or a wife against his husband. When they come together again you will be the archenemy. When they separate, the fault will all be yours

Bangambiki Habyarimana

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#61. Buddhism teaches us that happiness does not come from any kind of acquisitiveness, be it material or psychological. Happiness comes from letting go. In Buddhism, the impenetrable, separate, and individuated self is more of the problem than the solution.

Mark Epstein

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#62. If you're in government, the right thing to do is be focused on solving real problems and asking what's the best solution to a particular problem.

Julius Genachowski

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#63. If God is your problem, only God is your solution.

Tony Evans

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#64. A simple solution to a problem could be as complex as a problem to a simple solution.

Andrew King

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#65. PREFACE PROBLEM: Nobody reads prefaces.
SOLUTION: Call the preface Chapter 1.
RESOLUTION: Throw away Chapter 1 and call Chapter 2 Chapter 1.

Gerald M. Weinberg

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#66. I don't have any solution, but I certainly admire the problem.

Ashleigh Brilliant

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#67. War is never a lasting solution for any problem.

A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

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#68. Suppose cats became philosophers, they would see a cat universe and have a cat solution of the problem of the universe, and a cat ruling it. So we see from this that our explanation of the universe is not the whole of the solution.

Swami Vivekananda

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#69. Every problem can be solved, you just have to work hard enough, or sometimes be lucky enough to find the solution.

Laurie W.J.N.

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#70. Censorship, in my opinion, is a stupid and shallow way of approaching the solution to any problem.

Dwight D. Eisenhower

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#71. Institutions will try to preserve the problem to which they are the solution

Clay Shirky

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#72. The solution to any problem -work, love, money, whatever -is to go fishing, and the worse the problem, the longer the trip should be.

John Gierach

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#73. -Every problem has a course and a cause. Every cause has effect. Every effect has a consequence, every consequence a solution

Ikechukwu Joseph

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#74. Do not wait for the government to provide solutions to the people when you can be their answer

Sunday Adelaja

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#75. A woman's heart is such a complex problem - the owner thereof is often most incompetent to find the solution to this puzzle.

Emmuska Orczy

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#76. There is no way to help a learner to be disciplined, active, and thoroughly engaged unless he perceives a problem to be a problem or whatever is to-be-learned as worth learning, and unless he plays an active role in determining the process of solution.

Neil Postman

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#77. Customers won't care about any particular technology unless it solves a particular problem in a superior way. And if you can't monopolize a unique solution for a small market, you'll be stuck with vicious competition.

Peter Thiel

Problem Solution Quotes #176485
#78. Fiction is a solution, the best solution, to the problem of existential solitude.

Jonathan Franzen

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#79. The freedmen were not really free in 1865, nor are most of their descendants really free in 1965. Slavery was but one aspect of a race and color problem that is still far from solution here, or anywhere. In America particularly, the grapes of wrath have not yet yielded all their bitter vintage.

Samuel Eliot Morison

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#80. A safe and inclusive society is worthless if a person cannot speak their mind. Censorship and manufactured outrage are the problem and not the solution.

Carmine Savastano

Problem Solution Quotes #178897
#81. Design may be the logical solution to a problem, but it's never a formula. Design grows out of clarity of purpose.

Millard Sheets

Problem Solution Quotes #180931
#82. The only solution to the violence problem in America is a return to traditional parental involvement. This should be encouraged by every elected official. Also, the abandonment and neglect of children by their parents should have civil consequences.

Bill O'Reilly

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#83. I cannot conceive of a politically feasible solution to this problem which will overdo cutting the deficit, where overdoing means harming the economy. It might be technically possible, but it is not realistic.

Alan Greenspan

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#84. Johannes had once said that violence and cruelty were just a stupid person's way of making himself felt, because it was easer to use your hands to strike a blow than to use your brain to find a logical and just solution to the problem.

Anne Holm

Problem Solution Quotes #186302
#85. Not only is privatizing Social Security not the solution to Social Security, it would exacerbate the problem.

Shelley Berkley

Problem Solution Quotes #189473
#86. If God, as some now say, is dead, He no doubt died of trying to find an equitable solution to the Arab-Jewish problem.

I. F. Stone

Problem Solution Quotes #191942
#87. People mistake their love of the technology for it being a solution. Social media is the problem, not the solution, in crisis management. It's a problem if you use it to communicate in areas where you're dealing with incredibly intense emotions and very deep conflicts.

Eric Dezenhall

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#88. People in distress will sometimes prefer a problem that is familiar to a solution that is not.

Neil Postman

Problem Solution Quotes #193018
#89. If you don't want to have to kill or capture every bad guy in the country, you have to reintegrate those who are willing to be reconciled and become part of the solution instead of a continued part of the problem. And then, above all, the resources.

David Petraeus

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#90. It is my belief that God sends the solution first and the problem later.

Malala Yousafzai

Problem Solution Quotes #203429
#91. It's like, what if you get a set of tires that aren't balanced right or a driveshaft that's vibrating. That could create a problem. You try to think of every possible scenario of what can make you uncomfortable and try to come up with a solution for it.

Tony Stewart

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#92. If you have a problem and you can't find a solution, you meet again tomorrow and you keep talking until you find a solution. You can disagree with behavior or a particular position, but you do not resort to calling an opponent worthless.

Kofi Annan

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#93. I believe that in the future meditation could be as commonplace in schools and society as eco-awareness is now. It interests me that an ancient cure may be the solution to a modern problem.

Paul McCartney

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#94. You won't find a solution by saying there is no problem

William Rotsler

Problem Solution Quotes #209418
#95. Do not run away from the problem.Face it, it'll go away.

Abhishek Kumar

Problem Solution Quotes #210580
#96. Our political problem now is "Can we, as a nation, continue together permanentlyforever
half slave, and half free?" The problem is too mighty for me. May God, in his mercy, superintend the solution.

Abraham Lincoln

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#97. Design is a solution to a problem. Art is a question to a problem.

John Maeda

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#98. Many people see technology as the problem behind the so-called digital divide. Others see it as the solution. Technology is neither. It must operate in conjunction with business, economic, political and social system.

Carly Fiorina

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#99. Suicide is a very permanent solution to what is usually a temporary problem.

Richard Winters

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#100. We are either part of the problem, or part of the solution...what are we doing each day to try and solve the most troubling human problems?

Tim Spiess

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