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#1. And, in a funny way, each death is different and you mourn each death differently and each death brings back the death you mourned earlier and you get into a bit of a pile-up. - Author: Nigella Lawson
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#2. Don't wait untill problems pile up and cause a lot of trouble before trying to solve them. Leaders must march ahead the movement, not lag behind it. - Author: Mao Zedong
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#3. We must heap up a great pile of doing, for a small diameter of being. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
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#4. Sometimes I think the human heart is just a simple shelf. There is only so much you can pile onto it before something falls off an edge and you are left to pick up the pieces. - Author: Jodi Picoult
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#5. Her face is a map of remembered trouble and absorbed guilt, The green eyes look broken, as if their glass has shattered. A motorway pile-up of wrecked mascara. Lashes jeweled with tears. - Author: Glen Duncan
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#6. Peeta. How Foxface stole the food from the supply pile before I blew it up, how she tried to take enough to stay alive but not enough that anyone would notice it, how she wouldn't - Author: Suzanne Collins
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#7. The problems with lies is they start to pile up, one on top of another, until it's hard to find your way out from under the heap. - Author: Ellen Hopkins
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#8. I'm still a size 10, but it's the toning that's getting me down, and I think it can only get more difficult as I get older. Either one gets very thin and scrawny, or one puts on poundage; I'm definitely not going to pile on the pounds, so I can expect to end up scrawny. - Author: Kate O'Mara
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#9. It didn't make any more sense to me then than it does now, how life can pile troubles up on a man what don't deserve them, while letting some of the biggest jackasses and scoundrels alive waltz their way through long, untroubled existences. - Author: Caleb Carr
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#10. I'm really not big on nationalism, to be honest with you. I really don't think it gets people anywhere except near a pile of dead bodies. I'm Irish, yeah, but I don't need to get up on a soapbox about it. - Author: Dylan Moran
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#11. Your life is a book;
it begins the day you are born,
the chapters pile up as you grow,
and the book ends as you die. - Author: Matshona Dhliwayo
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#12. Go mortals, sweat, pant, toil, range the lands and seas to pile up riches you cannot keep; glory that will not last. The life we lead is a sleep; whatever we do, dreams. Only death breaks the sleep and wakes us from dreaming. I wish I could have woken before this. - Author: Francesco Petrarca
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#13. Not your distress. Never that. I loved - I loved being there. Next to you. The pile of limbs that was Us. Together in the same bed. Even if it meant waking up with a few new bruises. - Author: Julio Alexi Genao
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#14. I envy people who can think, 'No, I'm not going to work today' when they have a huge pile of deadlines stacking up. - Author: Julian Fellowes
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#15. ...a relationship is one of those things that builds upon itself, incident upon incident. Words and gestures and phrases pile up, and in the end, they either make something that's strong and pleasing, or they're a sort of ramshackle mess and you know it's time to walk away. - Author: Kylie Logan
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#16. On second thought
maybe it's the little problems
that pile up the worst.
Deeper and darker.
One after another.

Until there's no light at all. - Author: Madeleine Kuderick
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#17. She says I ought to throw out at least two books for every one I buy. I had new bookshelves put up in the cottage after moving in, but already the to-be-read pile is mounting on to floor of the spare room. - Author: Martin Edwards
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#18. That was the trouble with pride, and courage, and all those clench-jawed virtues bards love to harp on. The more you have, the more likely you are to end up bottom in a pile of dead men. - Author: Joe Abercrombie
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#19. She'd specifically told him that she only wanted sex. So unless they showed up at the market naked and fucked on a pile of tomatoes, letting him come along compromised her entire stance. - Author: Elle Kennedy
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#20. consider the common practice of setting up regularly occurring meetings for projects. These meetings tend to pile up and fracture schedules to the point where sustained focus during the day becomes impossible. Why do they persist? They're easier. - Author: Cal Newport
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#21. She sticks to the rules, because it's all she's got. It's like her feelings dried up and they were replaced with a pile of useless laws. Like my appendix. Don't know what I need it for, but it's still there. - Author: Monica Valentinelli
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#22. It is an old custom of these people to pick up a stone and toss it on the pile. Perhaps it is a symbolical lightening of the load they carry, perhaps a small offering to the gods of the trails. - Author: Louis L'Amour
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#23. The issue of who will throw the garbage won't be so trivial when no one is throwing it away, and it starts to stink. When the plates pile up in the kitchen sink, or when the bathroom is grimy and the shampoo ran out. No, it won't be funny then. - Author: Eeva Lancaster
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#24. Hating hard work can get to be such an obsession that you won't let it pile up. - Author: Herbert C. Brown
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#25. Each year we go to the Cannes film festival and I tend to have all my friends pile in the back of my car and we'll drive from London. The poor production company think they're only putting me up and suddenly they've got eight people sleeping on my hotel room floor. - Author: Jeremy Irvine
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#26. For much of my life I floundered under the excuse of "nobody's perfect," the liberating and over-used phrase that affords guys like me the freedom to pile up sins in a careless and unchecked way. Ironically, being perfect is precisely what we are called to be! - Author: Tarek Saab
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#27. For we are all bound in stories, and as the years pile up they turn to stone, layer upon layer, building our lives. - Author: Steven Erikson
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#28. I wear a pedometer, a little device that counts every step. It works as a goad, because you walk additional distances to pile up the numbers. The average person walks 2,000 to 3,000 steps a day. I walk 10,000 steps a day. I have lost a lot of weight as a result. - Author: Roger Ebert
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#29. The feelings pile up, threatening to crack-up my chest wide-open .. - Author: Gayle Forman
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#30. The Gasman leaned over and examined the tangled pile of stereo guts spread out on the kitchen table. "It looks like a robot came in here and threw up," he observed - Author: James Patterson
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#31. The palimpsests of molecules need not be overwritten, for machines make once-ephemeral words persist: they collect in gutters; they pile up and require sweeping; they hang in air like morning fog. - Author: Dexter Palmer
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#32. The things we do pile up on us, weigh us down. Or hold us in place, at very least. - Author: James Sallis
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#33. I have learned ... that memories aren't things that have to pile up and overwhelm you. They're just colors ... that shade all the new things you feel. - Author: Ben Monopoli
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#34. What happened was I saw this ad for a yogurt plant for sale. It was in my junk mail pile, and I threw it into the garbage can. And then about half an hour later, with the dirt on it, I picked it up from the garbage can, and I called out of curiosity. - Author: Hamdi Ulukaya
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#35. I wake up every morning and have a pile of problems. - Author: Sergey Galitsky
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#36. Nature does not pile up 1000 hogs, then hope for the best. - Author: Joan Dye Gussow
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#37. On the first day I got my wheelchair, I was also given all my clothes for the next day, a little pile on the chair. I was so proud of myself for getting it all on - the socks and everything. Dressing is a struggle, and it can take up to an hour and a half. - Author: Michael Graves
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#38. The past is our ultimate privacy; we pile it up, year by year, decade by decade, it stows itself away, with its perverse random recall system. - Author: Penelope Lively
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#39. All right," Spook said. He reached to the ground, scooping up a pile of ash. "Let's just rub this into your clothing and on your face ... "
Breeze froze. "I'll meet you back ath the lair," he finally said. - Author: Brandon Sanderson
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#40. Mind, Sancho, I do not say that a proverb aptly brought in is objectionable; but to pile up and string together proverbs at random makes conversation dull and vulgar. - Author: Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra
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#41. A divorce is much like a ten-car pile up. It affects not just two drivers but a whole slew of perimeter vehicles that get caught in the chaos. Not even innocent bystanders come out unscathed. - Author: Tez Brooks
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#42. When you grow up with a name like Brad Thor, people expect you to be 6-foot-4 and a pile of muscles. - Author: Brad Thor
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#43. I keep my stand-up comedy notes in a pile on my desk. I don't organize my act. I keep myself in a state of confusion. It stresses me out, but I prefer creative chaos. - Author: Joy Behar
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#44. This is how it's done, you pile one thing on top of the next and you keep it up and keep it up - sometimes the galleon sinks in a typhoon, you don't get your slab of granite that year - but you stick with it and eventually you end up with something sooo big. - Author: Neal Stephenson
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#45. Where is this?" I asked. It wasn't a continent I recognized. David looked up from gathering a pile of laundry. "Oh. Um, that's Middle Earth. - Author: Rachel Hawkins
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#46. I grabbed a pile of dust, and holding it up, foolishly asked for as many birthdays as the grains of dust, I forgot to ask that they be years of youth. - Author: Ovid
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#47. Do not work primarily for money; do your duty to patients first and let the money follow; our life is short, we don't live twice; the whirlwind will pick up the leaves and spin them, but then it will drop them and they will form a pile. - Author: John Hersey
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#48. To pile up honey upon sugar, and sugar upon honey, to an interminable tedious sweetness. - Author: Charles Lamb
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#49. My adolescence was a kind of motorway pile-up. I wish I had known that one day the geek would inherit the Earth. - Author: Peter Capaldi
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#50. The church is like manure. Pile it up, and it stinks up the neighborhood. Spread it out, and it enriches the world. - Author: Luis Palau
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#51. In Mexico, dishes pile up in the sink just as fast as in the States, goddamn it. - Author: Jason R. Koivu
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#52. Nancy, every place you go, it seems as if mysteries just pile up one after another. - Author: Carolyn Keene
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#53. The days pile up and weigh small decisions down, don't they? That decision not to visit. The first few days slide by easy enough; anger and youth power them along. But then they pile up like unrecycled trash. - Author: Hugh Howey
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#54. The only way to find out if you can write is to set aside a certain period every day and try. Save enough money to give yourself six months to be a full-time writer. Work every day and the pages will pile up. - Author: Judith Krantz
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#55. As Dave was ruffling my hair and Greg was slapping me five we heard the sound of sneakers skidding to a halt on the slick hospital floor. I looked up in time to see a three-J pile up.
"What the hell is this?" Jesse asked.
"Back the freak up off our woman," Josh ordered. - Author: Kelly Oram
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#56. But I'm also feeling all that I have in my life, which includes what I have lost, as well as the great unknown of what life might still bring me. And it's all too much. The feelings pile up, threatening to crack my chest wide open. - Author: Gayle Forman
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#57. He was a big talker, someone who liked words for words' sake, the sound of them, the way you can pile them up in your mouth and make a poem if you speill them out the right way.
p92 - Author: Frances O'Roark Dowell
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#58. Happy you poets who can be present and so present by a simple flicker of your genius, and not, like the clumsier race, have to laya train and pile up faggots that may not after prove in the least combustible! - Author: Henry James
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#59. If it's your wish, I will follow you everywhere even if your throne crumbles, and your shiny crown turns to rust. Even if the bodies pile up endlessly, above the bottomless pile of corpses. Beside you as you lie softly down I will be until I hear the word "Check mate!"- Sebastian - Author: Yana Toboso
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#60. KILKENNY STUDIED THE street outside. The bulk of the outlaws seemed to have holed up in the livery stable and they were putting up a hot fire. Others had taken positions behind a pile of stones beyond the street and still others in the bunkhouse. There was no way to estimate their numbers. Some - Author: Louis L'Amour
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#61. Mistakes quickly pile up and coalesce into a reputation, and a reputation is hard to shake. - Author: Ken Baumann
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#62. Her son must have folded her up, shoved her in, fired up the stove, and burned her into an ashen pile, ideal for fertilizer. That's why our tree kicked ass. - Author: Trinie Dalton
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#63. You pile up enough tomorrows and you'll be left with nothing but a bunch of empty yesterdays. I don't know about you, but I'd like to make today worth remembering. - Author: Meredith Willson
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#64. All of Dad's relationships ended exactly the same: subpoena, beep of a moving van backing up the driveway, pile of his clothes burning on the front lawn. - Author: Christopher Titus
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#65. We cant go around picking up every pile of dust in the place just in case it turns out to be Gregor in the morning.
-Pg.242- - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#66. Well, 45-odd years of doing it, so we all pile up the things we like about directors and the things we don't like about directors. And sometimes they're very similar. - Author: Dustin Hoffman
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#67. The Taboo crowd was certainly less precious. They were happy to end up in a pile of vomit and booze at the end of the night. It was antifashion, in a sense. They were just as obsessive as the New -Romantics but they acted like they didn't care. - Author: Boy George
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#68. It's funny how love can fit inside a brown cardboard box. With relationships, people often think that things pile up. But when it ends, they're surprised how few these things turn out to be. Or at least, how few things they are willing to let go of. - Author: Juan Miguel Sevilla
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#69. Scatter abroad what you have already amassed rather than pile up new wealth. - Author: Muhammad Ali
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#70. As crimes pile up, they become invisible. - Author: Bertolt Brecht
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#71. Hello, friends," said Princess Winter. Ryu dropped his newest stick onto the pile, then sat down, chest high as though he were showing her proper respect. Scarlet scowled. "Suck-up." Winter - Author: Marissa Meyer
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#72. There am I. I cannot leave. I have nothing to complain about. I do not suffer excessively, for I do not suffer consistently, it does not pile up, at least I do not feel it for the time being, and the degree of my suffering is far less than the suffering that is perhaps my due. - Author: Franz Kafka
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#73. If your body is a temple, you can pile up too much deferred maintenance. - Author: Chuck Palahniuk
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#74. Hurt shouldn't pile up like this inside of someone. No one should suffocate beneath pain on top of pain. You should have time to breathe, time to scream it out until it doesn't exist anymore. - Author: Sharde Richardson
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#75. The entire life and work of Jesus is one great argument why we should listen to his word. Page after page of the New Testament Gospels pile up reasons to turn off the television and listen to Jesus. - Author: John Piper
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#76. I never pile a plate to the point where it overflows. I'd rather have a small plate with small portions and then get up for more if I'm still hungry. - Author: Rachel Nichols
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#77. What was worth saving? Not as much as you'd anticipated, once you got into the spirit of paperlessness. Pile up those mine carts with fool's gold. The thing that's worth keeping is the thing you do next. - Author: Nick Paumgarten
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#78. Q: Bury deep, Pile on stones, Yet I will Dig up the bones. What am I? A: Memories - A FOLK RIDDLE - Author: Jennifer McMahon
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#79. This was typical of Gran. She always found her granddaughter too thin. That gave her an excuse to pile up the food on her plate and to treat her to homemade sweets almost every day too. Not that Sofia minded of course. - Author: Effrosyni Moschoudi
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#80. I added a fucked-up thought to another fucked-up thought and I created a pile of shit. - Author: Katie McGarry
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#81. Together, joined in effort by the burden, they staggered up the last steep of the mountain. Together, they chanted One! Two! Three! and crashed the log on to the great pile. Then they stepped back, laughing with triumphant pleasure ... - Author: William Golding
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#82. Life's the sum total of all our small mistakes, little tragedies, bad choices. Addition on top of addition. They pile up and pile up until the cost of keeping up appearances is too high and the weight is just too much. Then: collapse. - Author: Lauren Oliver
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#83. She was on the verge of losing when a white smoke shot up from the pile. With no wind to disperse it, the smoke became an unbroken thread rising straight towards the sky. The pile must have caught fire somewhere, but still there was no sign of flames. - Author: Haruki Murakami
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#84. It's dangerous because my thoughts get away from themselves. Mixed with emotion, they pile up like the garbage that surrounds me. They stack layer upon layer, deeper and deeper, month after month- crushing, festering, smoldering. One day something is certain to combust. - Author: Camron Wright
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#85. I knew that I would know more dead people. The bodies pile up. Could there be a space in my memory for each of them, or would I forget a little of Alaska every day for the rest of my life? - Author: John Green
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#86. We have dreamt of every woman there is, and dreamt too of the miracle that would bring us the pleasure of being a woman, for women have all the qualities - courage, passion, the capacity to love, cunning - whereas all our imagination can do is naively pile up the illusion of courage. - Author: Jean Baudrillard
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#87. Always, you wake up to an unpleasant memory and an unpleasant body and your spirit is reduced to a pile of dirty ashes residing somewhere inside of your ass. You've gotta face the music, which is a beautiful island outside, but you can't even bear to look out the window. - Author: Anthony Kiedis
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#88. I'm not an educated man, but I've read some history. Every kingdom comes up bloody. Every castle is built on a pile of bones. When I came out here, LA was nothing. Back east I was a gangster, out here I'm god. - Author: Mickey Cohen
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#89. As time goes on and the horrors pile up, the mind seems to secrete a sort of self-protecting ignorance which needs a harder and harder shock to pierce it, just as the body will become immunised to a drug and require bigger and bigger doses. - Author: George Orwell
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#90. Here is a story of a young prince who suddenly sees that the ambitious world is a big game of king
of the mountain, a boy scrambling up a pile of sand to call out, "I am king"; then another
throws him off to make his momentary claim, then another and so on. - Author: Rumi
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#91. When the world changed, people were different. Towns closed, cities were boarded up, communities abandoned, their governments collapsed. They seemed to have no qualms that were obvious to you or me about walking away from what they called a useless pile of rubbish, and never looking back. - Author: Alexis Wright
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#92. 50 told me go head and switch the style up and if they hate, let 'em hate, watch the money pile up. - Author: Kanye West
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#93. In the same vein, tally up the sum total of your earned income so far, subtract your savings, and compare the difference to your pile of stuff. Was it really a good deal? - Author: Jacob Lund Fisker
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#94. We live in a modest system, a galaxy called the Milky Way. If we named every star in the Milky Way and put them in the Hollywood telephone directory and stacked those telephone directories up, we'd have a pile of telephone directories 70 miles high. - Author: John Rhys-Davies
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#95. I tossed it on a pile with the coat, my stiff-with-cold jeans and the expensive scrap of silk that had been wedged up my ass for the past half hour. - Author: Karen Chance
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#96. There wasn't much to coo at when driving along a post-apocalyptic motorway. A stalled vehicle here, a mini pile-up there. - Author: Wayne Simmons
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#97. Ignore insults and provocations from the enemy, it's psychological warfare. Ignore the same from team mates if they accuse you of camping: as soon as your kills begin to pile up, they'll shut up. - Author: Alberto Tabone
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#98. Meg lit the gas burner, above which a pan sat in readiness. "The soup is all homemade." "Meg, it's Heinz tomato." Sanne held up the empty tin she'd spotted in the recycling pile. "To which I have added extra pepper and a spoonful of Bovril, thus rendering it homemade. - Author: Cari Hunter
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#99. If you pile up too many tomorrows, you'll end up with a lot of empty yesterdays. - Author: Elia Gourgouris
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#100. You had a pile of rocks, and you cleaned them up pretty and made a necklace. Meg got jewels, and she hung herself with them - Author: Gayle Forman
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