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Top 21 Old Sailor Quotes

#1. I muttered a swear word to myself. After I heard Angel cussing like a sailor when she stubbed her toe, my new resolution was to watch my language. All I needed was a six-year-old mutant with a potty mouth - Author: James Patterson
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#2. The gardener, an old sailor, made him a hammock and fixed it up for him in the branches of a weeping willow. And here for long hours he lay, hidden from anyone who might come to the vicarage, reading, reading passionately. - Author: W. Somerset Maugham
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#3. Customer service teams at many companies have already embraced social media, often out of necessity. - Author: Ryan Holmes
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#4. I had a dream about you. You were on a bike going 70 miles an hour, I could see you approaching my car in the mirror. You were trying to say something so, I jumped on the brakes as hard as I could, I guess I forgot I had tied your bike on my bumper. - Author: Georgia Saratsioti
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#5. Since I was a child, I hated having to deal with my hair. I hated having to change my clothes. As a kid, I had a sailor shirt and the same old corduroy pants, and that's what I wanted to wear everyday. - Author: Patti Smith
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#6. I grew up in a family business ... that really has provided the core of my belief in American small business, and in America's ability to grow and operate important businesses that can compete and be successful. - Author: Karen Mills
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#7. I consider the war of America against Britain as the country's war, the public's war, or the war of the people in their own behalf, for the security of their natural rights, and the protection of their own property. - Author: Thomas Paine
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#8. And there was this sweet-looking little old lady with her white hair in a bun and everything, the typical grandmother type, and she was swearing her head off. I guess Alzheimer's had brought out her inner sailor. - Author: Vivian Vande Velde
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#9. And he exercised uncommon tact with his men, meeting them where they stood, rather than demanding that they always be the ones accommodating themselves. I have learned over time that this quality is rare in any man, even more so in a leader. - Author: Geraldine Brooks
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#10. Christmas Eve, 1955, Benny Profane, wearing black levis, suede jacket,
sneakers and big cowboy hat, happened to pass through Norfolk, Virginia. Given to sentimental impulses, he thought he'd look in on the Sailor's Grave, his old tin can's tavern on East Main Street. - Author: Thomas Pynchon
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#11. Already 2008 has proved a tumultuous year in terms of global perceptions of China, and there are still 59 days to go until the Beijing Olympics. The tragedy of the Sichuan earthquake followed hard on the heels of the riots in Tibet and the demonstrations surrounding the Olympic torch relay. - Author: Martin Jacques
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#12. I'm at that place I grew up to leave. - Author: Adrian C. Louis
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#13. Help others get ahead. you will always stand taller with someone else on your shoulders. - Author: Bob Moawad
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#14. I'm never going to get used to hearing a woman talk like that."
"Shocking, is it?"
"Hard to shock an old sailor," he said. "But I'd love to see you try."
"Come upstairs," she said. "We'll see what I can do. - Author: Tiffany Reisz
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#15. I am fading away. Slowly but surely. Like the sailor who watches his home shore gradually disappear, I watch my past recede. My old life still burns within me, but more and more of it is reduced to the ashes of memory. - Author: Jean-Dominique Bauby
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#16. The Ancient Mariner would not have taken so well if it had been called The Old Sailor. - Author: Samuel Butler
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#17. He smiled down at her. Truly. I think a man may find happiness-or discontent- no matter if he has a full belly or not. - Author: Elizabeth Hoyt
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#18. It's an old sailor's idea that every ship has a rope with one end made fast to her bows and the other held by the loved ones at home. - Author: Bruce Chatwin
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#19. The male who'd just arrived laughed as he embraced Qhuinn. You have such a way with words, cousin. I would say ... trucker meets sailor crossed with a twelve-year-old. - Author: J.R. Ward
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#20. Going down in history is a dead end pursuit - Author: Benny Bellamacina
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#21. There was once an old sailor my grandfather knew, Who had so many things which he wanted to do That, whenever he thought it was time to begin, He couldn't because of the state he was in. - Author: A.A. Milne
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