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#1. Baldwin often times stumbles over the truth, but he always picks himself up and hurries on as if nothing had happened.

Winston Churchill

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#2. One of the things that's fascinating about making movies is a movie when it's done and you start showing it to people, it reveals its impact, which is often times not what you thought.

Peter Berg

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#3. Headline writing is tough because often times you are given a predetermined number of spaces and words depending on the layout and the type of the story.

Jennifer Lee

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#4. Often times, music is used to evoke an emotion and it's become a cliche, so I don't want to do that, and actually what I do, is that emotional intensity that has developed throughout the film, I allow it to get released by having that music at the end with the credits.

Asghar Farhadi

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#5. Happy Valentine's Day! And if this is news to you, my guess is you're probably alone. Valentine's Day is often times a, well, it's a manufactured day that really doesn't mean anything.

Jon Stewart

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#6. Often times I have been asked about the attributes for success, and I have said that you need two attributes for succeeding as an entrepreneur: one, courage, second, luck.

N. R. Narayana Murthy

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#7. We start our sometimes tedious, sometimes exciting, often times sad and stressful march to the grave the moment we're born, so it might as well be a march worth remembering.

Donna Lynn Hope

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#8. It's so easy to fall into a comfortable groove in life where you do the things that you like, and because of that, often times, we don't grow or change because we're not pushing ourselves.


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#9. Often times in physics we want to talk about empty space as a first step toward nothingness, but nothingness is far more profound than empty space. Nothingness is the absence of everything including space itself.

Rivka Galchen

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#10. Often times, if a character is pretty straightforward, he or she is not as interesting to portray.

Jonathan Jackson

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#11. Often times we call a man [or woman] cold when he [or she] is only sad.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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#12. Often-times the most difficult competition comes, not from the strong, the intelligent, the conservative competitor, but from the man who is holding on by the eyelids and is ignorant of his costs, and anyway he's got to keep running or bust!

John D. Rockefeller

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#13. Often times it's really hard for me to articulate why I connect to something.

Jake Gyllenhaal

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#14. Often times God demonstrates His faithfulness in adversity by providing for us what we need to survive. He does not change our painful circumstances. He sustains us through them.

Charles Stanley

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#15. Often times we feel like either we can't make a world of difference, or we feel that it's not going to change anything anyway. The truth is you can change someone's day, you can change someone's life, but you have to show up and do what you got to do to actually see any fruit coming from it.

Nick Vujicic

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#16. Often times, I'm surprised by what I'm writing or what I'm playing, and then that inspires me to keep going with it, so it ends up being a very adventurous process.

Marketa Irglova

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#17. I feel like it's always about embracing what it is that you think is wrong with you. It's often times your greatest 'flaw' which actually forays into what is also your greatest strength.

Olivia Thirlby

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#18. Often times, the more power and prestige a person achieves, the more arrogant a person can become.

John Ensign

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#19. I think the act of lying can be separated from the genre of memoir. Though often times, people are unaware of their own subjectivity.

Rob Roberge

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#20. The reality of what we really are is often times found in the small snips, way down at the bottom of things.

Jean Shepherd

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#21. Often times God wants us to sit before Him in quietness. He doesn't want us to do all the talking. As Is. 30:15 says "In quiet and confidence will be your strength."

Charles Stanley

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#22. Never permit yourself to indulge in cheap flattery, which often times means to merely satisfy the individuals vanity and sometimes to ingratiate the flatter into the good graces of the flattered.

Harold B. Lee

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#23. When you're honest with yourself, often times you betray someone else!

Eric Jerome Dickey

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#24. I would much rather sit, dimmed by inattention, and study the atmosphere and the silence and dance between people, but often times I'm not offered this privilege. The necessity for isolation, and the striving for attention is the only contradiction I find in being a writer and an actress.

Masiela Lusha

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#25. I find that fashion recently has been a little too hasty. Often times, it's put together quickly to catch the attention of the media, and I didn't want to do that.

Giorgio Armani

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#26. But often times, I feel like I'm so blessed, it's not fair. That what I'm doing is not contributing to the good of the world.

Ginnifer Goodwin

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#27. Often times it isn't the quality of your candidates, it's the quality of your interview.

Mark W. Boyer

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#28. I'm thinking of how unexpected and yet oddly preordained life can be. Events are upon you in an instant, unforseen and without warning, and often times marked with disappointment and tragedy, but equally often leading to a better understanding of the bittersweet truth of life.

Rob Lowe

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#29. I think often times on Joss Whedon's shows he can make you hate a character for a period and then love the character. He does it effortlessly.

J. August Richards

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#30. Musicians are affected by the audience just as much as audiences are affected by the musicians. The only problem is that often times musicians won't allow themselves to admit to that fact.

Hamid Drake

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#31. I happen to love a good run almost as much as sex. Like sex, there are often times I don't think I'm interested until I'm into it. Unlike sex, I do have to get out of bed and into the elements. I hate leaving bed.

Fran Lebowitz

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#32. In fact, it is often times a detriment for the Government to preemptively legislate on an issue before we can either define it or grasp its impact.

Steve Buyer

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#33. In the music business I am surrounded by people who don't view music as a sacred voice. They view music as something that they can use and exploit, often times lazily. They have no sense of the tradition, they have no sense of honor about those who came before and charted the path.

Billy Corgan

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#34. I think, often times, it's the audience that suffers when a show isn't given the opportunity to have a beginning, middle and end.

Khandi Alexander

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#35. I think often times when people choose to be part of a charity; it's usually because something is very personal.

Elizabeth Berkley

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#36. That is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do in my life, running through the jungle in heels. Because also, mud was often times three feet deep, and that was full on for sure.

Bryce Dallas Howard

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#37. Often times of crisis are times of discovery, periods when we cannot maintain our old ways of doing things and enter into a steep learning curve. Sometimes it takes a crisis to initiate growth.

Rachel Naomi Remen

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#38. Often times when you face such an overwhelming challenge as global climate change, it can be somewhat daunting - it's kind of like trying to lose weight, which I know something about.

Hillary Clinton

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#39. A normal way that the American free market system has worked is that we have a process of unwinding. It's called bankruptcy. It doesn't mean, necessarily, that the industry is eclipsed or that it's gone. Often times, the phoenix rises out of the ashes.

Michele Bachmann

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#40. Often-times, grass was more useful than gold. Man was more desirable than a beast. Chance was more seductive than knowledge, and eternal life was completely meaningless without love.

Amy Harmon

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#41. Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not; and often times we call a man cold when he is only sad.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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#42. For me rappers and dancers are poets and artists and often times the most interesting performances are given by them.

Ice Cube

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#43. At times as an actor, it's often times unclear as to what the directors envision for a project.

Carmen Ejogo

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#44. Truth is not a prerequisite for belief, whilst belief is often times a catalyst for searching for one's own truth.

S.R. Bakshi

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#45. "On what motivated Colorado voters: "Let's face it, the War on Drugs was a disaster. It may be well intentioned ... but it sent millions of kids to prison, gave them felonies often times when they had no violent crimes ... I was against this, but I can see why so many people supported it."

John Hickenlooper

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#46. I am living proof that uncertainty is vastly underrated and often times a blessing in disguise.

Tony Shalhoub

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#47. Well obviously, when you're in a band you have to diplomatic about things. Everybody wants to put in their two cents and while sometimes it works, often times it also doesn't, and a lot of times it leads to arguments, like when there's too many cooks in the kitchen.

Dino Cazares

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#48. There's often times a big difference between what you actually thought/felt in a situation and what you think you thought/felt. You have to do a lot of work to make your thoughts/feelings possible to be understood by other people. It's very draining, though also cathartic.

Marie Calloway

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#49. Successful people are often times highly motivated people.

Jon Jones

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#50. He explained that often times it's the love of something- like money, material, possessions, or power-and the fear of losing them, that command people to act. That love and fear are really the only two things that can forever alter a person, whether for the better or worse.

J. Saman

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#51. People can have the best of intentions when they tell their loved ones how they should be living their lives. But often times, when we are in struggle, we are seeking to be supported, not solved.

Jaeda DeWalt

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#52. Often times when I meet atheists and we talk about the god they don't believe in, we quickly discover that I don't believe in that god, either.

Rob Bell

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#53. I would definitely write to the kid that I was before, to embrace the moment. I think that often times when you're coming of age or growing up you look forward and you work really hard instead of sitting back and relaxing and enjoying the moment.

Sean Mackin

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#54. I think often times if a guitar riff is centered around the chorus or if it follows the chorus, then it often times turns into the actual hook.

Ryan Tedder

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#55. We are too solicitous for government intervention, on the theory, first, that the people themselves are helpless, and second, that the Government has superior capacity for action. Often times both of these conclusions are wrong.

Calvin Coolidge

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#56. Often times, we think of girls as soft and vulnerable. And we don't really think of them as possibly being the solutions to some of the world's toughest problems, but they really are.

Queen Rania Of Jordan

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#57. People ate everyday, and often times they didn't pause when standing in the fresh produce section of the grocery store to realize the magnitude of God's earth that feeds them.

Cindy Woodsmall

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#58. Internet marketing entrepreneurs have truly opened my eyes to just how important a quick turnaround time can be. Often times, an interview they conduct with me today is online by the next morning. The interviewee is then able to start making money less than 24 hours after the initial interview.

Marc Ostrofsky

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#59. Often times some may find that negative observance of others may in fact derive from inward flaws of themselves.

Calvin W. Allison

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#60. When you first start off trying to solve a problem, the first solutions you come up with are very complex, and most people stop there. But if you keep going, and live with the problem and peel more layers of the onion off, you can often times arrive at some very elegant and simple solutions.

Steve Jobs

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#61. Often times in order to capture your dreams, it will require you to chase your fears.

Neil Patel

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#62. I've worked with a lot of people on music and often times those things don't work out.

Joaquin Phoenix

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#63. Often times at a concert, I just close my eyes. Music is very transportive and visual for me like that.


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#64. Often times, people don't realize how much their childhood still affects them when they are an adult. Or other people don't realize the affect things still have on those they know. Other people might even say, "Get over it" or "Move on." But it's usually simply not that easy.

Lisa Bedrick

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#65. Often times the public school teachers are ridiculed or they are made to feel inferior but this is really undeserved.

Peter Agre

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#66. Often times the best military leaders were soldiers.

Jim Caviezel

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#67. Money almost always ends up disappointing.
Buying things to give lasing satisfaction is an illusion. Money can't buy happiness. The people with the most money are often times the MOST miserable people.

Lisa Bedrick

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#68. If you read any of the biographies on J. Edgar Hoover, you find that they contradict each other more than they agree. Often times, they're often told from a political perspective.

Clint Eastwood

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#69. Often times you may find yourself in a relationship with a guy who looks like he is a mature adult, but then you find out that he's just a selfish baby underneath that wonderful expensive cologne.

Osayi Emokpae Lasisi

Often Times Quotes #1151195
#70. Often times, political games prevent senators from even beginning to debate some of the most important issues.

Michael Bennet

Often Times Quotes #1153636
#71. Often times people make questionable decisions. And even though they already taste the fat regret sandwich headed their way, they do it with a smile.

Tessa Bailey

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#72. Think back to yourself at age 18. I know I was mighty different than the Patti I am today. As we grow up, we grow out of our haircuts, our apartments and - often times - our romantic decisions.

Patti Stanger

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#73. I think that often times Hollywood panders to the cliches of small town life, specifically Southern small town life, and I think that this movie does the opposite.

Josh Lucas

Often Times Quotes #1171214
#74. Often times, I just do a job and tell my agents, 'I'm in lockdown now.' I won't talk to anybody about anything else in the meantime, and I think that's generally the way to go because I also like to have a gap in between jobs.

Domhnall Gleeson

Often Times Quotes #1184589
#75. Often-times it's madness, not genius that moves the world forward. Who else but the mad would reach so far, stretching for the impossible and, in so doing, prove the impossible possible!

James Rollins

Often Times Quotes #1218101
#76. Wisdom comes from not only in the understanding that often times we say no to things too easily and quickly, but also in knowing that that 'no' for the sake of your physical and mental wellbeing can also be a reasonable and grounded decision for which you shouldn't feel the need to feel guilty.

Forrest Curran

Often Times Quotes #1240194
#77. Often times, "shame" is the word that best describes reality.

Carroll Bryant

Often Times Quotes #1246787
#78. Often times people complain about the lack of time in television, but I have to say, you don't have any more time to film in feature films then you do in television. It's just a question of how many scenes you'll be doing in the course of a day.

Andre Braugher

Often Times Quotes #1260544
#79. Most people who think they can't live up to the great painters of the past, often times have a group of people they think they're better than.

Laura Owens

Often Times Quotes #1331953
#80. I find people who want to help other people to be the most interesting. I come from a family of teachers, and my friends are teachers, often times in very difficult school situations.

Jesse Eisenberg

Often Times Quotes #1347926
#81. Acting is very competitive. There are few good scripts out there and the ones that are good are very competitive. You look at your options and often times they're not too appealing.

Matt Dillon

Often Times Quotes #1353847
#82. Though ambition itself be a vice, yet it is often times the cause of virtues.


Often Times Quotes #1418542
#83. Same thing, like my commercials are often times really funny because I tend to find 30 seconds is a really good amount of time to tell a joke.

Alex Winter

Often Times Quotes #1447794
#84. It's a terrible thing to make films that are never seen or experienced by audiences. Often times nobody knows about them, even though they are great films. They are not promoted and that's really sad.

Kate Del Castillo

Often Times Quotes #1504280
#85. In such a person, sadness breeds purpose; finding inspiration in the darkness and often times, I believe, they will impress a hell onto their own lives in order to re-create it, that others might suffer the experience from the comfort of their armchairs. - Quote from Her Past's Present.

Michael Poeltl

Often Times Quotes #1524283
#86. The more limitations you put on a character, often times the better a character you'll make them, the more interesting the story becomes because the character can't simply wave a hand and make something happen. They have to work within the framework.

Brandon Sanderson

Often Times Quotes #1539925
#87. Every child should have a caring adult in their lives. And that's not always a biological parent or family member. It may be a friend or neighbor. Often times it is a teacher.

Joe Manchin

Often Times Quotes #1562407
#88. The person who runs FEMA is someone who must have the trust of the president. Because the person who runs FEMA is the first voice, often times, of someone whose life has been turned upside down hears from.

George W. Bush

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#89. If only they could listen with their hearts & not their minds, maybe then they would understand that often times it's the emotions not spoken that are longing to be heard.

Christine Upton

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#90. You don't have to be a professional to express an experienced opinion. Often times, the professionals are silent ... or biased ...

Garrett McCoy

Often Times Quotes #1642425
#91. From my experience and observing a lot of other people that often times that only happens - a transformational experience or shedding of the skin - happens when we are at the end of our road and there is pain involved. We have to change or we continue to live in that almost intolerable pain.

Ray McKinnon

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#92. I think there's a misconception, often times, I think society portrays truckers as people who can't get a better job or maybe uneducated, and I think that's a really unfair assessment.

Michelle Monaghan

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#93. Illnesses are often times a reflection of an emotional place that needs healing or attention.

Tom Shadyac

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#94. Often times, being in a popular thing means that you have to compromise your own acting.

Jesse Eisenberg

Often Times Quotes #1735817
#95. Offensive operations, often times, is the surest, if not the only means of defence.

George Washington

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#96. Often times it is difficult to rely on your judgment when the focus on your true objective is out of alignment.

Mark W. Boyer

Often Times Quotes #1787354
#97. I'm the kind of person where you're never done, you just keep perfecting and perfecting and perfecting, or trying to fix things that drive you crazy. Often times when you watch a film, "if I could just get through this minute, I'll be fine." So I think I'm just hard on myself.

Cary Fukunaga

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#98. Often times I'm confronted with a quote that I don't remember saying. So, on one hand it's very flattering, it is just so surreal.

Will Ferrell

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#99. One of the strengths of the DC Universe has been the strength of the rogues' gallery. Often times they're as famous - if not more infamous - than our heroes.

Jim Lee

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#100. Where commerce and capitalism are invloved, often times, morality and honor sink to the bottom-Oliver Goldsmith paraphrased

Oliver Goldsmith

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